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WYRICK Family Crests (German English)

WYRICK Family Crests (German English)

John W. Wyrick (View posts)
Posted: 967809693000
I am researching the Wyrick family crests..... I do know we have 2 one from England where a member of the family was knighted and one from Germany that predates the Englishone where the family controlled a barony in SE Germany near Munich and the Austrian border.....the only problem i have is visualizing the crests in color all i've read about is descriptions of a gules(red) and Argent(white) blazoned crest on the german one. If anyone can hepl please do so. Thanks to all of my kin out there!

Wyrick/Wirick/Weyrich Family Crest

Chuck Wirick (View posts)
Posted: 967887597000

I, too, am attempting to research the Weyrich Coat of Arms. I am dealing with a professional researcher in Germany. He claims that he has found three Coats fo Arms: one is of Nobility; and the other two are Civilian. I have checked this gentlemans references, and they check out good. But, I am always hesitant to send money overseas. This gentlemans charge is $160, U.S. currency. I had asked him how he can verify if they are the real thing, and he said it would take additional research. If I knew somehow that they were the legitimate Famiily Crests, I would not hesitate to spend the money! Anyway, do you have any other info on the crests that you are researching? Any help or collaboration that you can give is much appreciated.

Chuck Wirick

Coat of Arms

John Wyrick (View posts)
Posted: 967901059000
I have been told that we have a Coat of arms for a knighthood in England as well as Germany. I was described the one in germany but i wish to have a picture. The one from germany is red and white with a Lion in the middle. But the person didnt tell me which way the lion faces or which place the colors go.

family crest

james wyrick (View posts)
Posted: 968413333000
The lion faces left below a knight's head at
the top.

coat of arms

Posted: 968951178000
Edited: 1034989010000
I recently visited Frankenmuth, Michigan with a lot of German history. In a small store call Gramma's House I was able to obtain a history of the Wyrick name through Germany. I was shown the Coat of Arms, but did not purchase it. The source of the information came from the Historical Research Center, Deerfield Beach, Fl. If you would like more information you may want to contact Gramma's House in Frankenmuth, Michigan or contact the Historical Research Center


Shoshana Wyrick (View posts)
Posted: 970269907000
Hello, I am just beginning my research on the Wyrick name. I am still in the US and looking for any clues that would tell me where the Wyrick Family originated. (Before US) It sounds as if you are much farther along than I. When asked where my family orriginated from, I have now idea. I am looking forward to exploring. I am excited about the crest possibilities. I hope you will share what you have learned.
Thank you in advance.

wyrick info; (View posts)
Posted: 972267777000
john; do you have an email or address for grandma house or the research center? mary r

reply to meesage #171

Posted: 972331223000
Edited: 1034989010000
I tried to access but could not access the website. you may try contacting the Historical Research Center 632 South Military Trail Deerfield Beach,FL 33442 or call 1-954-421-8713 or call 1-888-253-8343 for gramma's house in Frankenmuth Michigan

thanks (View posts)
Posted: 972360253000
thank you very much for the info;; mary r


Chris Wyrick (View posts)
Posted: 973874197000
The only thing i know about the name Wyrick is it is German.If you can send me some more info on the wyrick family name,crestetc... send it to my e-mail address its Thank you
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