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Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

John Earp (View posts)
Posted: 965649633000
I am trying to find out if i am related in any way to Wyatt. I live in a small town in Wales, in the U.K.
I am 50 years old and i have always wondered if i am related

RE:Wyatt Earp

Joy Canady-Bartel (View posts)
Posted: 965719454000
Wyatt earp was born 3/19/1848 his father was
Nicholas Porter Earp 9/6/1813 to 11/12/1907 calif
Wyatt had a few wives Urilla Sutherland married in 1870
also married a lady by the name of Josephine.
Please check out website
or University of Kansas City. Hope some of this helps you out.
Have a good day...

Would have to be very distant

John Edwin Earp (View posts)
Posted: 965796720000
The genealogical records show that Wyatt's ancestors came from England to Virginia in the late 1600s, I believe. So could be very, very distant, or perhaps your branch of the Earp family moved back to the U.K. from the U.S.? That would be an interesting twist. Funny thing is, I have never met a single person with the last name "Earp" who has not said they were or thought they might be related to Wyatt. By the way, how do you pronounce the name? Arp or Erp? Just curious.

God bless,

John Earp
Ypsilanti, Michigan

prononce it erp

daniel p. earp (View posts)
Posted: 965857244000
Mr John Earp

regarding the relationship to wyatt i was told that when i was in grade school and nobody new who wyatt earp was then. he did have a tv show. have a watch with wyatt name on it. dont know much or very little about my dads side of the family. know that wyatt died in 1929 and my grandfather went to the service. i dont know my grand fathers name day died in 1950 when i was 11 years old he had three sister . hellen bobby and teddy ???? i know thats is confusing but all my dads side of the family are gone. one thing is dad daniel earp was borned in gaston oregon.?

anay help would be appreciated mr John

god bless you also sir


daniel p. earp

Wyatt Earp

Sammy Earp (View posts)
Posted: 972746257000
hello me and my granddad have traced our Earps line back to 1600's in Melbourne. Derbyshire England with a Thomas Erp Snr. and a Thomas Erp Jnr.Wyatts ancestors according to a couple of sources came from Derbyshire or Staffordshire..But as anybody have connections to either derbyshire or staffordshire .from Sammy

history of Thomas Earp Sr and Jr

stacie erp (View posts)
Posted: 973618922000
i have also traced my earp line back to Thomas Earp,Sr and JR....i cant find anything as far as wives and children on either one of you have that information?? also Thomas Earp's father was a man named John Earp...B) 1600 in Shafford England...any information you would have on any of these 3 men would be greatly appreciated..thanx...stacie erp

Thomas Jr/Sr spouses, children

Liz Clark (View posts)
Posted: 973667235000

According to a Pedigree Chart which I found on, Thomas Earp, b. 1650 in England, d. 1720, Fairfax, VA was married to M. Peddicord, b. 1654 England. His father Thomas Earp, b. 1625 England, d. 1700, Derby, Derbyshire, England married (unknown) around 1629.

Thomas Erp of Melbourne

Sammy (View posts)
Posted: 973678907000
Our Thomas Erp Snr died 1719 in Melbourne,Derbyshire, England his wife was Ann (don't know surname).. Thomas Erp Jnr.born abt: 1670 died 1737 Melbourne. his first wife was Mary Chambers and his second wife was Mary Hill..Both Thomas's are mention in the 1665 population census of Melbourne. we have no idea were both Thomas's were born ..Our Thomas's don't seem to be the ones mentioned as being connected to Wyatt Earp.... Thou several sources say that Wyatt's anncesters came from around Melbourne.derbyshire, England (see our little web page address if require more info:please use e-mail on page..Sammy aged two..

Thomas Erp

Sammy (View posts)
Posted: 973679384000
Hello Stacie
Forgot to mention a Martha Erp died 14th January 1703 in Melbourne, England not confirmed but may be Thomas Erp Snr. mother?
Sammy not 2 till 29th November

Thomas Earp Sr, Jr

stacie erp (View posts)
Posted: 973686859000
thank you so much for your reply, from records of genealogy that someone else has done...this is what i have found on Thomas Earp Sr and Jr.
Thomas Earp Jr
b)1655 Baroney of fews, Ireland
d) Perricork, Maryland
married a Mary Peddicord
Joseph,John, and Joshua (some show Jushua others dont)
from some documents its been stated that maybe Thomas Earp Jr and his mother booked passage to the US and later worked for the money that someone paid for their passage.From these reports ive found that his mother and him landed in Charlston SC in 1669.How many of these facts are true or fiction i have no idea. Any information you could find for me would be greatly appreciated.
His father...Thomas Earp Sr.
b)1631 in Lurgen, Ireland
d) abt 1700 in Derbyshire, England
could Martha possibly be the wife of Thomas Sr and the lady that traveled to America with Thomas Earp JR?? will have to find a way to figure this out.
John Earp (father of Thomas Earp Sr)
b) 1600
d)? in Shafford. England
all ive been able to find on him is that his child was Thomas Earp Sr.
Im still new to this and really dont know how to go about looking up records. Most information that i have is what someone else has already done on the Earp family. Any insights you can give me on this hobby that seems to be racking my brain and giving me headaches everyday, but i find it so addictive, would be appreciated.
thanx, stacie
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