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James Carnes of Maryville, Tennessee

James Carnes of Maryville, Tennessee

Marilyn Baker (View posts)
Posted: 953590492000
My g.g.grandfather was James Carnes. His son
and my g. grandfather, William Henry Carnes
was born Aug. 11, 1854 in Maryville, Tennessee
and died in Missouri in 1932. Does anyone
have information about this family?

Family tree

Carmon Carnes Macejak (View posts)
Posted: 954689126000
I understand that my Carnes family orgin is Carnes Tn. Named after the Carnes plantation. My g.grandfather and his 6 boys came to Tx. and lived in Brown County. My grandfather was E.J. Carnes. See Nona Carnes Rippetoe Bernard.

Carnes of Maryville, Tennessee

Marilyn Baker (View posts)
Posted: 954786651000
Thanks, Carmon, for the information. My
g.g.grandfather James Carnes was living in
Maryville, Tennessee when his son, my
g.grandfather, William Henry Carnes was
born. Do either of those names appear in
your family tree?


Brenda Carnes (View posts)
Posted: 955294802000
Marilyn, I found a new piece of information that might help you. My grandfather, Walter Jennings Carnes (Spanish Am. War vet) was born 10/2/1877 in Sevier county died July 12, 1954 in Knoxville. He married my grandmother Rhoten Vany Wear on March 3, 1901.

His father was John Carnes (Civil War Vet) and his mother was Mary Fox.

Carnes of Tennessee

Marilyn Baker (View posts)
Posted: 955302725000
Thanks for the information, Brenda. I've
learned that my g.grandfather William Henry
Carnes had a brother named Walter. Also had
a brother named Ed and one named James. They
had a sister named Mary. Do any of these
names appear in your family tree? If my great
grandfather was born in 1854 in Maryville,
Tennessee and your grandfather Walter was
born in 1877 in Sevier County just a short
distance away it seems likely to me that they
are connected. My g.g.grandfather's name
was James Carnes. What do you think?


Brenda Carnes (View posts)
Posted: 955304699000
Marilyn, I agree with you. At that point in history, the same names reappear in families around here, with children being named for uncles, grandparents, etc. Now new borns are being named Cody, Caitlin, or for rock stars.

That's how my Grandmother got her crazy name: Rhote Vany Wear Carnes. She was named for her uncle Rhoten. Lord knows where he got his crazy name. Sounds like a European family name.

If my grandfather, Walter Jennings Carnes, was any example of the blood line that might include your ancestors...well, he was said to be the most handsome bachelor in the county. My grandmother's elderly cousin told me a few years ago at a funeral about how handsome he was when he rode up on his Roan horse for the wedding. And how beautiful my grandmother was in a white cashmere dress.

The family legend is that Wear Women (my granny being one, for sure) were all strong women who married worthless men. Pappy Carnes tied the mules up to the hedge one day when he was plowing took off for the Army and the Spanish American War. He didn't like farming. I don't know how he liked war.

He talked her into selling the 110 acre farm that she inherited (all 12 of the Wear children inherited 110 acres adjoining one another in Wears Valley which is very close to Dollywood is incredibly valuable today). He moved her to the city of Knoxville. He worked as a carpenter. And she ended up in a rental house and later living off the charity of her oldest bachelor son until her death.

I remember my Pappy Carnes as always having peppermint candies in his old wool dress coat pocket. He wore the coat over his overalls. He walked with a cane told me one Christmas that he had seen the reindeer on the roof. Of course, I was awe struck.

If I find new information, I will let you know.

Unfortunately, I don't even know which side John Carnes fought on in the Civil War. Rhote's father, Thomas Jefferson Wear, stayed neutral and killed 53 black bear one year to help feed the community which was badly raided of food by the Union. I don't know if John Carnes knew Jefferson Wear, before the wedding of their children.

If I learn more, I'll let you know. But I don't know where I would find out more.

Where do you live? If you ever make a trip to Dollywood or Gatlinburg, you can visit the cemetery where most of these people are buried since the Civil War. It's Shiloh, just outside of Sevierville.

Good luck,


Carnes of Tennessee

Marilyn Baker (View posts)
Posted: 955309216000
What great family stories. I wonder if your
grandfather looked anything like my g.grand-
father. I've always thought our Carnes men
were handsome. Most of them had the most
beautiful deep blue eyes and bushy eyebrows.
Several of them had olive skin tones. I would
love to have inherited either the beautiful
blue eyes or the dark skin.
William's brother James had a motor company
in Neosho, MO. His brother Ed lived in
Farmington, Ark. and was married to someone
named Abbith. They had two sons named Claude
and Clyde and a daughter that died as a child.
William's sister Mary was married to a Boyd
we think. We're not sure about that fact.
I have some neat family stories, also, but
they're too long to include here. We're about
17 hours from Maryville, Tennessee.
Thanks again for your help. I really
appreciate it.


Brenda Carnes (View posts)
Posted: 955639366000
YES!!! Beautiful blue eyes, bushy brows, and olive skin. You are describing my father, Henry, his brothers, as well as their father Walter Jennings Carnes. Lots of Boyds around here. Boyd's Creek is a landmark community in Sevier County.

Did all of your have a way with the ladies?? All these Carnes men had women buzzing like flies. My father's brother, Sam, was a close look alike to Clark Gable.

Got to be related!


Brenda Carnes (View posts)
Posted: 955639793000
I went to and entered William Henry Carnes, indicated "exact phrase". It pulled up that name in the mid 1800s.

Try it see if it's anything to help you.



Brenda Carnes (View posts)
Posted: 955639938000

Give me a list of children names for William Henry approx. ages. I'll ask around...maybe an elderly cousin will recall something.

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