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Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

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Surnames: Collins, Colin, Marron, Arballo, Cosio, Garcia, Robinson, Arce
Greetings to all . . . I am a newbie at genealogy research. I just recently started to look up my g-grandmother's family in Baja California (they were all over the peninsula) through the book "Guia Familiar de Baja California" by Pablo L. Martínez. I've run into a few dead-ends, though. Here is my long-winded summary of what I have:

Collins and Robinson have interesting origins . . . apparently, John Collins and Peter Robinson were both English sailors on a whaling ship in the early 19th cent., and when they docked somewhere in BC Sur, they and a few other fellows deserted their crew. They all assimilated into Californio society; becoming Catholic, taking on Spanish names, and marrying Californian women. The former, born in London on June 24, 1796, was baptized as Juan Bautista Montaño (but mostly used the name Juan Colin), married Maria Loreto Marrón, had kids from around 1825 to 1853, and died in Miraflores in 1866. The latter became Pedro Róbinson, and married Vicenta García (no record of her family so far...and García must be one of the most common names anywhere, so I don't know where I'm going to find anything there...).

I haven't found any parents listed for Loreto Marrón, but I think she might be the daughter of Guadalupe Marrón and Thomasa Arce (whose names are also given as José María Marrón and Tomasa Velásquez), because Martínez says that that couple was the source of the Marrón surname, and they came earlier than the "Egyptian" Francisco Marrón (who didn't get married until 1834). Their other daughter Alvara Marrón was born in 1799 and baptized at La Purísima, and I think Loreto was also of that generation, so they might be sisters . . . but it's still pretty unclear.

My gg-grandmother (born in Santiago in 1879) married into the Collins family, and her parents were Loreto Arballo and Valentina Cosío (both from Santiago) . . . I don't know anything more about either of their families.

One of the confusing things about this book is that there are a lot of people who are given multiple names or spellings of their names in their respective entries . . . and I hate it when something like a dozen people have the exact same name, live during the same time period, and I can't tell who's who . . . (I found about 11 different 19th cent.-era guys named Francisco Cosío this way!)

This message is getting really long, so I'll end it here. I hope something here looks familiar to somebody out there.

--jessica, who is also new to this website/message board, and hopes she is following protocol properly...

Re: Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

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This is what I have found.

Descendants of Juan Collins

Generation No. 1

1. Juan1 Collins was born June 24, 1796 in Londrés, Inglaterra, and died 1866 in Miraflores. He married María Loreto Marrón.

Children of Juan Collins and María Marrón are:
+ 2 i. Manuel2 Collins Marrón.
+ 3 ii. Samuel Collins Marrón, born Bet. 1852 - 1857 in Miraflores, Los Cabos, B.C.S., México.

Generation No. 2

2. Manuel2 Collins Marrón (Juan1 Collins) He married Antonia Gavaráin Acavedo, daughter of Domingo Gavaráin and Sacramento Acevedo.

Children of Manuel Collins Marrón and Antonia Gavaráin Acavedo are:
+ 4 i. Columba3 Collins Gavaráin, born in Miraflores, Los Cabos, B.C.S., México.
5 ii. Amelia Collins Gavaráin. She married Daniel Márquez.
6 iii. Sacramento Collins Gavaráin. She married Anastasio Márquez.
7 iv. María Collins Gavaráin. She married Catarino Ojeda.
8 v. Gudelia Collins Gavaráin. She married Antonio Collins Peralta.
9 vi. Nicolás Collins Gavaráin.
10 vii. Juan Collins Gavaráin. He married Victoria Acevedo Collins.
11 viii. Cecilia Zoraida Collins Gavaráin.
12 ix. Antonia Collins Gavaráin.

3. Samuel2 Collins Marrón (Juan1 Collins) was born Bet. 1852 - 1857 in Miraflores, Los Cabos, B.C.S., México1. He married (1) Jesús Villavicencio Carrillo October 4, 1881 in San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México2, daughter of José Villavicencio Arce and Rosa Carrillo Marrón. She was born 18483. He married (2) Emilia Wilkes Ceseña May 9, 1894 in San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México4, daughter of Francisco Wilkes and María Ceseña. She was born 1859 in San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México4.

More About Samuel Collins Marrón:
Occupation: Criador de Ganado4
Residence: San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México4

Child of Samuel Collins Marrón and Jesús Villavicencio Carrillo is:
13 i. Rita3 Collins Villavicencio, born September 3, 1884 in San José del Cabo, B.C.S., México5.

Generation No. 3

4. Columba3 Collins Gavaráin (Manuel2 Collins Marrón, Juan1 Collins) was born in Miraflores, Los Cabos, B.C.S., México. She married Guadalupe Verduzco Castro, son of Luis Verduzco Acevedo and Antonia Castro Ojeda. He was born 1869 in Miraflores, Los Cabos, B.C.S., México6.

Children of Columba Collins Gavaráin and Guadalupe Verduzco Castro are:
14 i. Antonio4 Verduzco Collins.
15 ii. Luis Verduzco Collins.
16 iii. Gudelia Verduzco Collins. She married Victorino Martínez.
17 iv. Leandro Verduzco Collins.
18 v. Francisca Verduzco Collins.
19 vi. Guadalupe Verduzco Collins.


1. Guia Familiar De Baja California, 380, 385, 438.
2. Guia Familiar De Baja California, 380.
3. Guia Familiar De B.C., p. 380
4. Guia Familiar De Baja California, 385.
5. Guia Familiar De B.C., p. 438
6. Guia Familiar De B.C., p. 987

Hope this helps,

Luis Gonzalez.

Re: Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

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Classification: Query
Hello and thankyou for all the information posted.
I am inquiring of this family line;
Joaquina Poyorena, Carrillo, Cosio or Cossio, Vogorina who had a sister by the name of Angela (b 1885 d. 1972). Her mothers name was Adelina Carrillo or Cassio and fathers name was Joseph Poyoreno or Ynovente Vogorina. She was born in Mexico in the year 1875 and died in Ca in 1940. Is there any additional information on this family. She had a daughter by the name of Emma with one named Lucero that was born in El Cajon Ca in 1897 I think. and then married a Ygnacio Mansir at which point she had 7 additional children?
Such as where they are from, additional family ect and information of the origon of the names.

Can you please explain the relation of your info to mine

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Classification: Query

I'm glad the info I added help. To try to help you better, can you somehow link your info in relation to the data I posted.

Thanks, and good luck

Luis Gonzalez.

By the way, my homepage's address has changed, it is now

Re: Can you please explain the relation of your info to mine

Roxanne Arispe (View posts)
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Yes Hello;
I will do my best to do this correctly.
Am daughter of Carolyn Gutierrz and Newel Dickison, adopted by her brother Thomas Arispe and his wife Naomi Fernandez, daughter of Emma Poyorena Lucero Gutierrez and Delfino Gutierrez, daughter of Reumaldo Jose Lucero and of Joaquina Poyorena/Vogorina/Carillo/Casio, daughter of Adelina Carrillo and Ynocente Vogorino. It is told that there are Sena in there somewhere and and Yorba as well, Presentation Martinez and Conception Lucero on Reumaldo Jose Lucero side of family. All from Mexico moving into Ca. Joaquina married after having Emma from Lucero, to John Mansir and had 7 children.
So I am looking for additional information on this family line. Also am interested in what the names mean and what the family was all about, ranchers, farmers, family history, where they came from etc. If you can help it would be deeply appreciated. Joaquina also had a sister by the name of Angela Poyorena Fickas b 1885 d 1972

Re: Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

greg cosio (View posts)
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Surnames: cosio
my name is greg cosio. my computer is down but my tree is long. francisco cosio was married to tomasa cesena in 1789,miraflores baja california. i have many leads. call me any time after 5 pm. my number is 626 448-8575.

Re: Collins/Colín, Marrón, Arballo, Cosío, García, Róbinson, Arce...

Lynda (View posts)
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the names Cosio and Garcia are both on my grandmothers side of the family. Her grandparents where Carmen Cosio and Pedro Garcia. They had 2 sons and 3-4 daughters. I was communicating with an individual who claimed to be related and mentioned egypt also (Marron). Let me know what you think. Oh! yes it is crazy with the names. I was told that the wife's maiden name is mention last for respect for her family . That means Pedro Garcia Cosio would of been the correct way to address a man. My mother says some of the males in the family where address as Dons. Such as Don Pedro. I started this a while back and I'm still in the same place. How ever the stories I've read lately seem to match. Good Luck!

Re: Can you please explain the relation of your info to mine

Rondi (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Poyerena, Cosio, Sepulveda, Warner, Ochoa, Diaz, Alvarez
Hi, Roxanne,
I'm not a descendant but am researching Baja California genealogy. I have the following information from Baja California records published by Pablo L. Martinez and David Piñera. Some information is also from
Joaquina Poyerena/Pollerena was born 5 Dec 1877 in Real del Castillo, Baja California Norte, daughter of Inocencio/Jose Inocente Poyerena and Adelina Cosio.
Her sister Angela was born 26 Sep 1884 in Ensenada, Baja California Norte. Other siblings were Reyes, Maclovia, Evarista, Gabriel, Aurelia and Elias.
Inocencio Poyerena was born 1836/1840 at Rancho Los Verdugos, Alta California, son of Juan de Jesús Poyerena and Joaquina Sepulveda. He was a resident of Real del Castillo (a mining town) by 1873 when he married Adelina Cosio, 6 August 1873 there. He was a farmer.
Juan de Jesus Poyerena was born 15 April 1792 at the San Diego Presidio, Alta California, son of Pedro Poyerena and Rosalia Ochoa. He married Joaquina Sepulveda 14 July 1824 at Misson San Gabriel, Alta California.
Pedro Poyerena was born in Villa de Sinaloa, Mexico, and was buried 21 July 1818 at Mission San Gabriel. Rosalia Ochoa was born in Loreto, Baja California and was buried 26 January 1849 at Old Plaza Church, Los Angeles.
Joaquina Sepulveda 29 July 1806 at San Gabriel or Los Angeles, daughter of Juan Jose Sepulveda and Mariana Diaz Lorenzana.
Adelina Cosio was born 1857/1861 at San Francisquito, Los Angeles, and died after 27 May 1899. She was daughter of Francisco Cosio and Soledad Warner.
Francisco Cosio came to Santo Tomas, Baja California, from Alta California around 1857. He married Soledad/Rita Warner.
Soledad Warner was daughter of Tomas Warner and Maria de los Reyes Alvarez.
Tomas Warner was born in England about 1807. He died 10 December 1871 at Rancho La Grulla, Baja California Norte. He is supposed to have arrived in Baja California around 1850, but there are several things that are not clear. He became a Mexican citizen, owned Rancho La Calentura, and was Presidente Municipal of the Ensenada area.
As for Romualdo Jose Lucero, I have a Romualdo Lucero son of Jose Lucero and Presentacion Martinez living in Ensenada in 1904. Do you think this is the same Romualdo?
It would be great if you could provide dates and places for the people you mention, it would make it easier to determine the relationships.
I hope this helps!

Re: Can you please explain the relation of your info to mine

Norreen Wright (View posts)
Posted: 1067161793000
Classification: Query
Surnames: NOT MY TREE --Rondi
Hi Rondi, it is also a mystery to me . It looks all very interesting but has nothing to do with my family tree. I posted a message looking for my mother's grandparents Edna Kelly and John Rolfe, somehow the postings have been mixed up. Best of luck in your research

Re: Can you please explain the relation of your info to mine

Roxanne Arispe (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Yes this is the line. I do not have anything much different.
Next Question: How would I contact relatives down in Baja, do I have any? Who else up here in the states.
I am starting from nothing much to go by. And a novice at that.
Thankyou for all you help.
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