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I don't find any information

I don't find any information

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My grandfather's 2 brothers Ivan and Franc Vucajnk immigated from Slovenia to US about 1920's (the ship departed from Trieste,Italy),they were around 20 years old and they both setteled down in Brookly,New York,family told me that they lived there all their life.Franc got married with Lena oder Lenka,she was also a slovenian immigrant.They had 2 sons,their names are unknown to us,but one son was an american soldier in Europe in world war II.

I would be glad to find out some information about those ancestors and their living descendants today.


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You should post your query on Slovenia's Ancestry board.
Quick look in Slovenia's phone book


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Well I am from Slovenia and I live in Slovenia,but I'm asking about finding any information about Vucajnk family in USA and if there are some descendants today in USA. Everywhere i type surename Vucajnk there's no information of ancestry at all.


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You still should post a query on Slovenia's board. I suppose the American family changed the spelling of the surname. Not an easy one to pronounce for them. Do you know what state?
I was not able to see an attachment if there was an attachment in your original query.

a few questions...

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Surnames: Vucajnk
Slovenia was not formed until approx 1990/91. What country would Franc & Ivan have been born in? Yugoslavia, Austria/Hungary, etc? Census records from 1920, 1930 would not show the country, Slovenia, as it didn't exist when these two immigrated to the US.

Can you provide an American pronounciation of last name? There are only a few people in the US census with last name of Vucanjk. Name was probably shortened or changed to something more "American" (change in spelling to reflect pronounciation).

Are you saying Franc/Frank married a woman named Lena & his brother, Ivan, married a woman named Lenka?

For your information, the latest census available in the US is 1930.

Can you be more specific than "were around 20 years old" and "immigrated...about 1920's"?

To do a proper search in the US census & other information contained in [& other paid subscription services] one needs: full name, date of birth, place of birth. With "difficult" searches such as yours any information you have could prove helpful. At least you have a location in the US where they lived, that should help some once we figure out their ages & place of birth. But, the last name is going to be a problem. Any idea what kind of work these two did? Were they, perhaps, trained in a skill such as stone mason, brick layer, shoemaker, etc that they could have pursued in the US?

Would be glad to try to help you but you have to provide other information first.

Re: a few questions...

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Thank you very much for your help.

This week I'll try to get their birth certificates at local church, so that I'll provid the exact information.Slovenia at that time was under Austria.

Franc (american Frank) was married with Lenka, Ivan did not get married.Franc was a tailor in US, I'll try to find out where he learnt that profession.

Also I'll provide an American pronounciation of last name.

But when the Vucajnk family sent packages to former Yugoslavia they always wrote Vucajnk in address, well that address was lost.

Re: a few questions...

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Surnames: Vucajnk, Doszpoly
What a speedy reply!

Don't need to know where Franc learned to be a tailor but his occupation is useful information. He probably continued to be a tailor when he got to the US as that was a good trade to have.

If you cannot find exact date of birth, just get as close as possible. If the church has the names of the parents, be sure to get that information also. It was quite common to name your children after your parents.

When I did a search for Vucajnk on, a lot of variations came up but only 5 with the exact spelling came up in the US. They were all for NY passenger immigration records, which I don't have access to, but none of the first names were even close to Franc or Ivan.

I would guess when the Vucajnk's sent packages back to home they would have used the "old" spelling of the name so that everyone would know who they were; that's what I'd do.

Maybe another poster would know what Vucajnk might have been changed to. Immigrants seemed to change their last name to match the pronounciation. Since I cannot pronounce Vucajnk I don't have a clue.

Just because I'm big into genealogy & a curious person, what nationality is Vucajnk? Looks Hungarian to my untrained eye. My grandma was Hungarian & I can barely pronounce her maiden name [Doszpoly], lol. I'm only 95% sure that's the correct spelling as she spelled it several different ways.....she was a child when she came to the US.

You can email me direct if you'd like when you get further information. If you send an email please write something in the subject line about genealogy so I'll know it's not junk mail & don't delete it in error.




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I see that it's been a couple of years since this post, but perhaps someone will still be looking... In searching for my family I have come across a great variety of spellings of the name within just two generations. Among them are; Vukajanec, Vukojanec, Wukojanec, Vokojenc, Vukojanc, Ukojanc, Ukayance, Ukajanc, Vorgethanz, Vokien, Wokojanz, Wokojanc, etc... My name is Wokojance, which is the name of about 50 persons in the U.S., all coming from Johann, whose family was from Zuzemberk, Slovenia and who emmigrated in 1899. It looks likely that Vucajnk could be of the same family line as my own. Looking forward to making a possible connection.


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please contact me on e-mail
I have the exact information about Wucajnk family (date of birth, census..etc.).
So that i can see if there are any conections.

Re: a few questions...

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Slovenia most certainly DID exist in 1920 and 1930! After the end of WW I, 1918, a new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was formed. What was called Krain (and part of Kustenland and a small piece of Western Hungary became Slovenia.

You are, however correct, in that the country would not be found in census records..... but the mother tongue, Slovene, would be found in those records.

This WW II US Draft Registration is found

Name: Frank Wucajnk
Birth Date: 13 Jul 1893
Birth Place: Loce, Yugoslavia
Residence: Kings, New York
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