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de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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Surnames: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe, Liardet
Looking for ANY info on the de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe families of Salon de Provence, my Great grandmother was known as Countess Felicite Perpetue Catherine de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe,b.1768
she married John William Tell LIARDET; her father was
Andre Auguste de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe, he was Naval officer & the first mayor-consul of Salon-de-Provence;also was in The Conspiracy of the Mantuanos of 1808. his brother is named as: Jean Honoré Robert de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe.

Any help would definitly be Awesome

Re: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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You must be a relative of mine then - although I don't recognise your photo, because she's also my 4 x great grandmother - not great-grandmother - that would make you born in the 19th century! My family, the Kellys, have done an awful lot of research on the family tree and my brother is doing more. I live in Geneva so am going to see what I can do in respect of the Liardets (from Lausanne) and the Lamanon d'Albe connections.

Re: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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Surnames: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe.
Hi, I think your brother Richard emailed me.
Félicité Perpétue Catherine de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe; is also my X4 Great Grandmother,I have a copy her baptism record & parents marriage record.

My family descends from the Liardet/Wright lineage; the daughter of Félicité Perpétue Catherine de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe; whose family history I have; going back to the 12th century, Ive also got the Liardet family history; going back to the 1600's in Switzerland.

Félicité Perpétue was born in Salon-De-Provence,Bouches-du-Rhône,France - her husband John Robert William Tell Liardet was born in London; his Father John came frm Vevey,Vaud,Switzerland to London as a tutor to the Dysart family, his wife was Marie Salomé Kuchl.
So if you come from the same family; I'd say we probably are related!

Re: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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Classification: Query
Surnames: de Lamanon d'Albe, Liardet, Broad, Duigan, Evelyn
Have just found your account of the Liardet line in your family and of Perpetue de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe, who is also my 4x great grandmother. My line goes on through Lenonora Liardet and Charles Broad to their daughter Mary my great grandmother, who married James Duigan in 1855. They married in Melbourne but then lived most of their lives in Wanganui New Zealand.

I have scraps of information and would be most interested in sharing what I have and would love to be able to see some your information, which sounds more detailed and goes further back. My line is also connected with John Evelyn from the 17th century. I have a copy of that descent, but nothing going as far back as the Liardets in the 16th century or Catherine Perpetue to the 12th. A miniature of this lady sat in my grandmother's then my mother's cabinet all my early life but don't know who has it now. We were told variously of her escape from France 10 hidden in a dung cart 2)with her face stained dark using walnut juice!

I am trying to get all this information recorded while it is accessible and I am still able to do it (I'm 71).

Hope to be in touch and shall

Re: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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Classification: Query
Surnames: d'Albe, Liardet,Evelyn,Prideaux
My line is also connected with John Evelyn & the Prideaux family.
My grandparents also settled in Wanganui - that is where my father was born.
I have various info on the Liardet Lines - (going back to 1600 from Israel Liardet)

I believe Lenonora Liardet was the daughter of Wilbraham & Carolina Liardet; I descend from Carolinas older sister: Louisa Liardet & John Wright (Great grandson of Capt Fortunatus Wright)

Perpetue Felicite Catherine de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe; comes from one of the most truly illustrious lineages i've ever seen - dating right back to the Pharaohs of Egypt & also the Caesers of Rome - most was sourced from the works of reknown genealogist/historian Christian Settipani, other info was found at the History & Culture museum of France + various other places (the Lourve etc)

If you would like to contact me or share some info feel free to email me at
please do keep in touch.

The House of Nicolay

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Nicolay, Nicolai, Nickolay
I apologise for interrupting this thread, but it was interested to note that not only do you have a real apetite for finding out about your family, but you mention Christian Settipani. Are you in direct contact with him?

I have been conducting my own family research for just over a year and have been very lucky so far. However, I have reached an 'impasse' and cannot as yet find an earlier reference than circa 1300 in Italy (from where the first Nicolay left for France).

I would be grateful for any advice.

Re: The House of Nicolay

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Nicolay,Vintimille,Forbin-Janson,Beaufort and Bonneval
Your family seems to have had an alliance with mine at some stage
(Vintimille, de Forbin-Janson, Beaufort and Bonneval)

I have found your surname along side some of my surnames;

Provencal French families is speciality of another great French genealogist called Sebastien Avy.
I will consult Sebastien Avy - he is in contact with Christian Settipani.

are these your people?

the name of a French family of Vivarais which came rapidly into legal prominence at the end of the 15th century.
Jean Nicolay (d. 1527), son of a bailli of Bourg Saint-Andeol, became councillor at the parlement of Toulouse and afterwards at the Grand Council, chancellor of the kingdom of Naples, Maitre des Requetes, and, finally, first president of the Chambre des Comptes of Paris (1506).
This last post was filled continuously up to the Revolution by his descendants.
Antoine Chretien de Nicolay (1712-1777) became marshal of France in 1775.
His brother, Aymar Chretien Francois Michel (1721-1769), bishop of Verdun, was first almoner of Marie Josephe of Saxony, wife of the dauphin Louis (d. 1765), and her influential counsellor.

See A. de Boislisle, Pieces justificatives pour servir a l'histoire des premiers presidents de la Chambre des Comptes (1873), and Histoire de la maison de Nicolay (1875)

Re: The House of Nicolay

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Classification: Query
They are indeed. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I am a member of the English branch, which began with the arrival of Gaspard de Nicolay Nicolay from the Duchy of Saxe-Gotha in 1736 with his family. Gaspard was my Great (x6) Grandfather. He was attendant to Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha (mother of King George III) when she came to marry Frederick Prince of Wales.

I have a lot of information regarding the family in England from that point onward - some of which makes extraordinary reading. However, my main focus is to find the direct lineage back from Gaspard (& Saxe-Gotha) into France.

Re: The House of Nicolay

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Classification: Query
You may find this interesting. It's the Wikipedia page that I am working on with other members of the family. We hope that we can create the definitive work.

sometimes the link doesn't work, but you can Google 'Nicolay Family' and it comes up as the first result.

I hope we can help each other in the future.

Re: de Paul de Lamanon d'Albe

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Liardet
I have seen your message on the d'Albe, Liardet and Duigan families and would be pleased to help you fill in some of the gaps. I'll need to know where you fit in the family line.

You can contact me at

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