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francis marion abbott

francis marion abbott

charlie (View posts)
Posted: 945983565000
i need info on francis marion abbott from pound va. born circa 1875-1880. married martha ann branham. migrated to ohio late 1800's,early 1900's. any info would be nice.

Francis Marion Abbott

Lori Webb (View posts)
Posted: 946975188000
Hi I just Wanted to know if you knew who your Francis Marion's Father Was and where he was born it may be possible that were related that's why i asked .I have three francis marion Abbott's in my line so this is why i am repling to your message the first was born in Ga in1836 the second was Also born in Ga on Aug 14,1861 the third i do not have a place of birth for. please e-mail me at thanks Lori Webb


Elaine Weber (View posts)
Posted: 948347764000
I have serveral Marions in my Abbott line as well. I've been poking around different genealogy sites for several months now on the name Marion Abbott. I know that the George Abbott of Rowley had descendants with the name Marion. One, if I recall, was a William Marion Abbott born around 1881 in VA and then moving to the
Carolinas. My line is traced to a William Abbott of NH and then Ontario, Canada. His son Aaron, had a daughter named Marion and another son, David, named his oldest boy Marion. Hope this helps.

More on William Abbott?

Warren Abbott (View posts)
Posted: 948878831000

I'm a decendent of David Abbott. Do you have any information on William Abbott and/or his wife, Abigail Griesham[sp?]?


William Abbott/Abigail Griesham

Elaine Weber (View posts)
Posted: 948902797000
I have information on their children but have hit a wall when it comes to finding the names of their parents. I noticed you used an alternate spelling of Gresham. Where did you see it spelled that way?
I would be interested in any info you may have on David and his descendants. I have some info, but am missing the descendant info on certain names.
I am a descendant of Aaron Abbott, David's brother. You are missing one child in your response to Bob Abbott
Amos Abbott was also a son of William and Abigail. Bob and I are both looking all over the place for info on William and Abigail. Please email me directly and we can share info.
Also, David and Martha Abbott were close with Aaron and his child Marion Abbott Wood and her husband Perry Wood. I have tons of info on Martha, including her parents and back.



Francis Marion Abbott

Lori Webb (View posts)
Posted: 948965230000
Hi Elaine, it's kind of neat that your name is elaine because that is my daughters middle name.But anyway would you possibly have a Walton Abbott in your family history or know anything about him like who were his parents i know he came from nc to sc he met my ggrandmother there her name is Catherine ogelsby they married in crawford co ga 11-7-1826 they had three son's Cuthbert Abbott b 1828,Decalb Abbott b1829 Francis Marion Abbott b 1836 he moved to shelby co Texas Also he named his son Francis Marion Abbott.Also Cuthbert named his last son after his brother Cuthbert married Sarah Vele 12-21-1853,Decalb Married Melvina Busbee in crawford co ga if our abbott lines link or you have info to share please e-mail me at thanks lori webb

David Abbott info

Warren Abbott (View posts)
Posted: 948976318000

Chris Marchand, my 1st cousin once removed, created the following Abbott tree, which has lots of interesting information.

Some of the names and dates are incorrect, but I have not yet had a chance to send the corrections to Chris. I don't know if that spelling for Abigail is correct, but that is what Chris had. I doubt it, since most others are Grisham, Gresham, Grissom ...

Chris has a Marion A. (Miron) listed as the oldest son of David, but my father says that his relatives always called him Miron. Not to be confused with Myron Walter, who is my Grandfather.

Anything that you can add will be greatly appreciated.


My father has wonderful photos of Martha and David Abbott, and a photo of their children as adults. As soon as I get them scanned in, I will e-mail them to you.


Elaine Weber (View posts)
Posted: 948990068000
So you are a cousin of Chris. The info on the website regarding William and Abigail came from me.

The oldest boy was named Marion but while in school another child had the same name and Marion didn't like that person, so he started going by Miron. Marion is a family name since David's brother Aaron Abbott had a daughter named Marion.

I would love to see those photos. I have one photo of David and Martha Abbott. I also have photos of David's brothers Amos and Aaron and a third that has not yet been identified. I also have photos of Martha's half brother, John Wood, as well as some other siblings. Martha was the daughter of a Mary Bruner and a Reeves. Mary's first husband died and she married a William Wood. I am a descendant of William Wood, which means I'm related by blood to both David and Martha.


Some Wood info

Warren Abbott (View posts)
Posted: 949046253000
That's interesting. I'll have to tell my father, who just turned 80 on Sunday.

In Chris' tree, he lists the second husband of Celathial Abbott (my gg-GF) as Sylvia Doane, but my father says that her name was Sylvia Wood. Maybe you are related to her and their children, Roy and Cecil Abbott.



Elaine Weber (View posts)
Posted: 949075717000
No, her last name was Doane. There was a family scandal regarding that because she and Celethial were first cousins, once removed. Sylvia was the daughter of Florence Abbott Doane. Florence was the daughter of Aaron Abbott (my gg grandfather).
Aaron was the brother of David Abbott, Celethial's father.
But I am related to Sylvia via Aaron Abbott. My great grandmother was Marion Abbott, the daughter of Aaron, and Marion and Florence were sisters.

The confusion may be with Martha Abbott. Although her maiden name was Reeves, she was raised by a William Wood since her father had died. William and her mother had several children, including my gg grandfather John Wood, Martha's half brother.

There was another sister in LA around that time. Does you dad remember anything about Aunt Bell Fowler? She was Marion and Florence's sister.

My great grandfather Perry Wood and Marion Abbott Wood lived in Crowley from around 1900 to 1916. He managed one of the boy's rice plantations. Does your father recall them by any chance? My Grandmother would have been a small child.

Chris' site is full of mistakes. I wish he'd kept track of who gave him certain bits of info, because he has a great clue for me regarding John Wood's wife, but he doesn't recall who gave him those sets of names. Oh well.

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