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I am trying to find out information on my ancestors. They were from Prussia. On the 1870 census, my gg grandfather stated his was a US citizen but his parents were foreign born in Prussia. My gg grandfather's name was Philip Gottheimer he would have been born in 1844.
I have been trying to find information about this family. I know they were Jewish (German Jews?) He married my gg grandmother, Isabelle Baswitz. Her parents were Maurice Baswitz and Minna Brun. I found him on the 1870 census in Omaha Nebraska. My grandmother Hattie Gottheimer was born about 1882 in Omaha. The Gottheimers and the Baswitz must have met in Nebraska, however, I could not find the Baswitz on the 1870 census for Nebraska. Can anyone gear me in a right direction? Thanks for your help. Gerry


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My 4x great grandfather was Berton Gottheimer from Prussia, who came to England via Dublin in the 1830s. I've found out quite a bit about the family in England, but nothing in Prussia. Have you discovered anything there? It seems to be a fairly uncommon name.


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Surnames: Gottheimer
I know that there is only a slim chance of you still being at this e-mail address, but I too am researching Berton and Lisser Gottheimer in the UK and in Prussia. Is it possible you could tell me what your link is. I am guessing it is through Maurice or Abraham/Albert, as Lavinia did not marry, or so I believe.

I would love to hear from you and if you have a Gedcom file that would be wonderful.


Martin Hedges

I am in the UK by the way


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Surnames: Gottheimer/Grant
Yes, Martin, you're right, it's through Maurice. My grandfather was Eustace Panmure Grant b1870 d1916, who married my grandmother Lydia Ellen Page in 1907. My mother Marjorie Lydia was born 1909 in Bournemouth. I did quite a bit of research about 10 years ago, but have since been heavily involved in local history, so rather neglected the family until I came across your reply last night.
How are you connected, please? Was it by any chance through my paternal grandfather Joseph Foster marrying Kate Hedges?
Hope you get this OK.
Kind regards,
Jonathan Foster (also in UK)


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Thanks for replying and that's great. I have a whole load of questions and some material that you might not have. The Hedges connection is fascinating but it was through a completely different route that I came to you. Is yours the Waltham Abbey site? In which case I will private mail you there.




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I am related to Baswitz of Frankfurt an der Oder. Is this the same family? My cousin in Israel has a lot of info on the Baswitz family.


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Yes, to the above query!!! I have a Baswitz family tree and it is one and the same as the Baruch Meyer Baswitz of Frankfurt am Main. My great-great great grandfather, great-great grandmother, and a great grandmother are all listed on the family tree dating back to the late 1600s and 1700s through the 1800s, right next to the trunk/base of the tree near Meyer Hirsch Baswitz name.

Erich Gottgetreu, the journalist' mother Elsabeth Baswitz is also a direct descendant from the same family tree. He had a copy of the family tree also when he left Germany pre-WWII. He passed away in 1981, but wrote of having a bronze art bust of Baruch Meyer Baswitz in his study, and of the famous Roedelheim Mazor that Baruch and Wolf Heidelheim are remembered for.

Please let me know more if you have additional information; my children and I would love to learn more of our ancestral tree.


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P.S. to Judith, forgot to add my aunt is Gerry Scoffield (now Anderson) and my late mother (Gerry's sister,) was a geneologist that was able to find an original of the Baswitz family tree during her lifetime, that is now all broken up in brittle pieces and in the possession of one of my brothers. My mom made me a copy while she was still alive, which I've since framed and keep on the wall at my home. There's many family names on there, but some of the dates are missing. Baruch Meyer Baswitz dob and dod and his wife Clara Benedictus are very legible, as most of the names. Some are not as clear to read though because it is a print of the old original.


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Hi Jade

I am related to the 9 children and descendants of Max Baswitz and his wife Caecilie Weiss, one of whom was indeed Elsbeth Baswitz Gottgetreu. Caecilie was the sister of my great-grandmother, Clara Weiss Nathan. So I don't really know about the Baswitz line upwards, as I am not related.

However, I am in touch with one of Elsbeth's 2 grandchildren - Peter Reich (my 3rd cousin), who was born in England but lives in Israel.

Peter (and his sister Evelyn, who still lives in London), are the only grandchildren of Elsbeth. Her brother Erich Gottgetreu and her sister Eva Gottgetreu Potter never had children.

Last year my husband and I visited Israel and stayed with Peter and his wife for 3 days of our 3 week trip. We met their 4 children and most of their 14 grandchildren. It was wonderful.

Peter was very close to his uncle Erich and his wife Sonja. Upon Sonja's death, Peter inherited Erich's vast collection of documents and photos. Peter has posted the entire Baswitz tree, together with photos, on, but you will probably have to be "invited" by him to view it, I am not sure. I am sure he will be delighted to hear from you. You can e-mail him at He is always delighted to hear from other Baswitz descendants.

Both Peter and I are in touch with Barbara Roterud of Oslo, Norway. She is the granddaughter of Benno Baswitz, another of Max/Caecilie's 9 children.

Both Barbara and Peter have originals of the famous Baswitz tree, and you will find Max/Caecilie on it. Barbara emailed me the tree in pieces, as she has the entire tree framed. I should tell you that there are a few errors on the tree, mainly for dates.

You probably know that the Baswitz family were printers, that the original surname was BASCHWITZ, and that they were from Frankfurt an der Oder. Hermann Baswitz, who did the tree, lived in Berlin, and was another of the 9 children of Max/Caecilie.

You can also see the Baswitz members that I am related to on my tree on with Peter's photos.

Peter is observant, so he does not use the computer on Shabbat.

If you send me your e-mail address, I can also forward it on to Peter.

Kind regards (from Hawaii)

Judith Elam


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BTW, I forgot to mention, I think Peter may have that bust you talk about. He also has written numerous Baswitz biographies, eg

Finally, please note the family hails from Frankfurt an der Oder (near Poland), NOT Frankfurt am Main - completely different place!
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