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Soldiers from Samoa WW1

Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Having already published a book on the soldiers from Fiji in WW1- Qaravi Na'i Tavi- and with one on the Tonga soldiers in publication- Koe Kau To'a Na'anau Poletau, I am about to start to writing one about the soldiers from Samoa. I have all the names, I think, but have very few photographs.

If anyone has information about or photographs of any of these men, either in military uniform, or as young men in the period 1910 to 1930, could you plese contact me?

Also if you know of any others who served between 1914 and 1918. I am particularly looking for anyone who may have served in the German forces.

Maloga Ah Mu;
Ernest Tanu Allen;
F K Allen;
Robert Houghton Allen;
Joseph Bernard;
Joseph Betham;
Charles William Blacklock;
John Douglas Blacklock;
Colin Kenneth Bleazard;
Alfred George Carne;
Harold Charles Carne;
Eric Ernest Chatfield;
Archibald Claxton;
Reginald Moetaa Doughty;
Edmund Duffy;
Robert Easthope;
Francis Foster;
Henry Ernest Foster;
Philip Paul Frendo;
Albert Fruean;
Bernard Gurr;
Stanley Gurr;
Frank Harder;
John Harder;
P Harder;
Clarence Walter Hills;
Oliver Sharman Huckett;
Crossfield Hunkin;
George Hunkin;
Hudson Oliver Johnson;
Charles Kenison;
John Kenison;
Robert Kennison;
Hans A Krupe;
Livi Leaumoana;
Charles Louis McFarland;
Roland Marquardt;
Frank Meredith;
Oscar Meredith;
Thomas Meredith;
H W Moors;
Kaintoka Moors;
Solf Parker;
K Partsch;
Joseph Edward Paul;
Manuel Paulon;
R J Purcell;
George Railey;
Samuel Sailele Ripley;
Frank Roberts;
Jack Robust;
James Stowers;
Robert Stowers;
William Frederick Stowers;
Albert Swenki;
James Swanney;
Herbert Edmund Tattersall;
Henry Trood;
Frederick Ulberg
Edward Westbrook;
Allan Williams;
John Henry Wilson;
William Woods
Arthur Yandall;
Jersey Bazzett Yandall;

The above served in the Australian, British, NZ and American forces.
Christine Liava'a

Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Alofaz Christine!

How goes the "bricks"?*giggles*

Well, I haven't forgotten...let me know what/whom you've gotten asfaras pixturs, then with my contacts I can see if I can round up the rest, okkkk?

Good to see ya still krackin' the whip!*smile*


Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Hi,I have information for James Swanney. He is my grandfather who served in WWI for the NZ army. I am interested in keeping contact with anyone who knew my grandfather as I am proud for his service.

Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Hi Christine,

Sorry but I don't have any photos or information, I am actually trying to find photos or some more information on my grandmothers father - Robert Joseph Stowers, I am assuming that this is him listed with his two brothers James and William.

I was just hoping that you may have more information on them.


Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Hi There

I am aware my great great uncle served in the war his name is robert easthope. Do you have any photos of him so I can confirm if its him or not?

Look forward to hearing from you


Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Robert Easthope,born about 1886, was the son of Robert Easthope the owner of the International Hotel, Apia.

Robert junior served as an engineer on troopships during WW1

In the Samoa Times of 28 Dec 1918 he is mentioned as being 2nd engineer on board the troopship "Virginian".
When he served on board the " Kansan" earlier, she was torpedoed. After the war he served on board the "Alaskan" as 2nd engineer.

According to the 1918 draft documents in the USA, he was born in NZ.His mother was Mrs Mary Easthope of Vauxhall St, Devonport, Auckland. His residence was New York.

By 1920 he was married to Laura B Easthope who had been born in Nova Scotia, Canada.

He applied to be naturalised as an American citizen.
No photo unfortunately.

Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Wow! thanks so much! Im sure thats him. But his mothers name was sinafea ? and his sister was Maryanne. Do you have any other info on him? did he have any children?

He also had a younger brother John who served in the war too.

Thanks again

Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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Aisha, Did you get my letter with the Easthope information?

Re: Soldiers from Samoa WW1

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I have now published this book. It is called Le Fitafita mai Samoa. It now contains information about 4 men from Samoa who served in the German army as well as those who served on the Allied side.
The book is available from
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