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Samuel Thomas

Samuel Thomas

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Surnames: Thomas, Spencer and Woodlief
I am looking for the marriage of Samuel Thomas and Mary Spencer. One child was John Thomas who movved to Amelia County and maybe Nottoway County. Thanks for any assistance. John Thomas

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Brian Thomas (View posts)
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Did this John Thomas marry and Elizabeth Maust? Was John Thomas born in 1798? If so, I have some info for you!

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Surnames: Thomas
I have some info on several John Thomases from Gloucester Co., VA. The line I am speaking of moved from Gloucester to Amelia Co. and them likely on to Bedford Co. VA. There were three John Thomas and nephew named Samuel. I would like to share info. Please feel free to contact me at (use John Thomas in the subject line).

Bobby Thomas,
Wake Forest, NC

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Surnames: Thomas

There were two John Thomases; 1)John Thomas, Sr., b. 1690 in Gloucester Co., VA; 2)John Thomas, Jr. (son of John Thomas, Sr.) had a brother named Samuel Thomas who had a son named John Thomas. So he makes for a third John Thomas from that area.

John Thomas, Jr. move from Gloucester Co., VA to Nottoway Parish Amelia Co., VA. Then some time between 1762 and 1766 he moved to Bedford Co., VA. I have more detail and source info if you'd like.

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Thanks for the data. I would love to have the material you have on the Thomas line. I have been looking for any connection to a Thomas line. The locations fit and we have a Samuel in our lines. Thanks again John Thomas

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I forgot you may contact me at

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Surnames: Thomas
Hello John,

I got the following information from Mary Jane Stokes (a Virginia Thomas line researcher). All credit goes to her. She has provided references to the original source documents where she found the data. However, as you will see by her notes there is still much research that needs to be completed (particularly on the John Thomas, Jr. line). I hope this helps. If you would like to correspond with Mary Jane Stokes let me know and I can provide her e-mail address.


There are other pieces of information I would like to share with you to help in this search. For many years, my husband and I searched Amelia County records both in Amelia and in the Virginia State Library. I was looking for the father of my ancestor HENRY THOMAS who was first in Amelia County in 1748 on a tithable list. He was alone, however, and not with any other Thomases. So I cannot connect him the the JOHN THOMAS of BEDFORD COUNTY. But let me share with you what I found about the different John Thomases of Amelia. This is quite lengthy and also talks about some of the other Thomases in Amelia County: Samuel, John, William, Edward.....possibly there is something in the following information in witnesses or neighbors which might ring a bell. I hope that this helps - don't hesitate to ask questions about any of it or ask about anything else. I enjoy trying to put this puzzle together and possibly you can help me find my Henry's father someday.

Three JOHN THOMASES OF NOTTOWAY AREA OF AMELIA CO. (West of Blackstone, Virginia near Nottoway Courthouse)

In a discussion of the John Thomases in this area, we need to be aware that there were at least three John Thomases here: John Thomas, b. 1690 Gloucester Co.,(Abingdon Parish Records, Gloucester Co., Va) moved to Amelia to possess a Land Grant on the Little Nottoway River in 1739, his son John Thomas Jr., b. in Gloucester Co. (1713-1726?) and his nephew John (son of Samuel) born in 1762 in Amelia County. It is important that we keep these three Thomas men separate as it will later prove to be helpful in the search. On the Amelia tax list in 1754, there is a John, Jr. counted in the area below Deep Creek in Nottoway Parish. He could have been listed on that same tax list before that as "John" only without the Junior. Otherwise, there is no distinguishing between John #1 and John #2 in the records making it difficult to tell the difference from 1739 to 1764. However, we can surmise some things from the age of John #1 (b. 1690) and decide that he was too old to have done some of the things that probably should be attributed to the second John. The information here includes only a little about John #3 as he was born in 1762 (son of Samuel, nephew of John #2, and grandson of John #1) and is not a factor in this discussion. He is identified to separate him from the two John Thomases that are of an earlier generation. It is of great importance to find these wills for John Thomas Sr and Jr. somewhere in Amelia County.

Also, one John is referred to as being married to Sarah in 1749 and another "John and his wife Elizabeth" sold 267 acres of land from the original land grant on the Little Nottoway River in 1754. (Amelia Co. DB 5, p. 117-118.). There may be a clue here. Could John #1 have died before 1754 leaving the land on the Little Nottoway River to his son John, Jr.? Could John #1 have died sometime between 1749 and 1754? Since there is no will showing when he died, there's no way to know this. In addition, in the year 1754, John, Jr. was counted on the tithable list in that section of Amelia. There was no John, Jr. on the list before that. These are the questions that need to be answered in the future in order to track down Henry Thomas. Could this John #2 have been the father of our Henry Thomas? John #3, b. 1762, son of Samuel Thomas may at some later time be referred to as John, Sr.

a. John Thomas #1 (John Thomas, Sr. b. Glo. Co. 1690. moved to Amelia Co. in 1739 on Little Nottoway R.)

In a discussion of this John Thomas, we find that he patented 400 acres on the North side of Little Nottoway River, that he may have taught some children, and that he witnessed many deeds for his neighbors of the area. We can note that the names on these deeds are people whose families also patented land in the nearby area such as Thomas Gunn, Samuel Jordan, Henry Tomlinson, John Mitchell, William Pittmann, Sr. and Charles Irby. This John Thomas was married to Sarah. To separate this John from John, Jr. in the records, it might be well to remember that he was born in 1690 and he was getting up in age in the 1760's. We don't know when he died - there seems to be no will for him in Amelia County. At least, at this time, we have not found it. He never sold his land but similar land was sold by a John and Elizabeth his wife in 1754.

In 1739, JOHN THOMAS WAS GRANTED 400 ACRES IN AMELIA ON THE NORTH SIDE OF LITTLE NOTTOWAY RIVER BETWEEN ANDERSONS & BATTS'S LINES. Note that some of the neighbors near the John and Samuel Thomas grants were the following people. These are very important names as they appear over and over in the county records for that area of Amelia Co. in the Nottoway Parish. They will also tend to identify the location of John and Samuel as they appear in the records.
John Thomas 1739 400 acres
William Batts 1739 452 acres
William Batts 1731 230 acres
Edward Cox 1739 280 acres
Anthony Haynes 1748 ...791 acres
William Cryer 1739 700 acres
Peter Wynne 1751 526 acres
Thomas Chappel 1739
Isham Epes 1745 `1993 acres
Samuel Jordan 1739 1360 acres
Samuel Jordan 1748 400 acres
William May 1745 452 acres
James Thweatt 1730 360 acres
John Morgan 1756 636 acres
John Taylor 1736 454 acres
Thomas Taylor 1735 404 acres
James Anderson 1735 150 acres
Robert Mitchell 1732 1000 acres
Samuel Thomas 1755 470 acres
Alexander Bolling 1745 276 acres
Matthew Smart 1733 300 acres
Abraham Cocke 1733 1000+ acres
Francis & John Wallice 1741 400 acres
John Tomlinson 1745 354 acres
William Burge 1738 380 acres60
(See Land Office Patents and Grants, Land Office, Thomas, Virginia State Library)

Note the names above which are in the entries below. This would pretty much locate the John Thomas below as being the same one living on the Little Nottoway River in 1742.

John Thomas also assisted in carrying out some road orders in that area of the Little Nottoway River. In Court held August 15, 1740, John Thomas, along with Samuel Jordan and Charles Irby was appointed to view the road "Charles Irby, Samuel Jordan John Thomas appt. to view where road may be cleared from Brunswick Co. to Prince George Co. Report that beg. Great Nottoway, to which Brunswick Co., has already cleared a road, thence along road already cleared, & then to div. Line between this & Prince George Co., according to how Thomas Jones shall mark it. John Leverett, Surveyor, & same hands employed on his road to do this. Also, in the same court order, John Thomas was appointed to clear the road from Jordan's bridge best way into Mr. Cock's road; Thomas & James Anderson, Thomas Taylor, & John Thomas & all other male tithables to assist.

In 1742, John Thomas was an appraiser for the estate of David Templeton TEMPLETON, DAVID. est. I & A, r. Nov. court 1742, Appr. Samuell Jordan, John Thomas, Thomas Taylor. Adm. Abraham Cocke. Value 25/2/5 /14.

In 1743, Abraham Cocke was appointed suveryor of road from John Thomas' to bridge to the Nottoway & to the Ridge Path near the race path & has agreed that it should go through his field by his peach orchard. Persons to clear are Henry & Williamn Batt, Edward Cox, Laughland Flyn, William Cross & sd. Cox's male tithables. Arthur Leigh to continue as Surveyor from Thomas' to main Nottoway, the same hands as before, excepting those on Cock's, & others convenient (Court Order Book 1, Amelia Co. Va. P. 236).

Then in 1743, John Thomas was also an appraiser for estate of Moses Raney (Rayney). RAYNEY, MOSES.. Est I & A d. Feb. 10, 1743, r. Feb court 1743. Appr. John Thomas, William Cross, Laughlin Finn. Value 19/7/4. 62

In 1745, John Thomas was a witness to a deed of gift for his neighbor, Samuel Jordan. In the same year, John Thomas was witness to a deed of Mortgage between Samuel Gunn and Samuel Jordan.

Deed of Gift. Samuel (x) Jordan, Gent., to son Samuel Jordan of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Va. D. Jan. 9, 1745. Consid: Natural love and affection and better maintenance and preferment. Wit: Richard Elam, John (x) Freeman, & John Thomas. 450 acres bounded in part by S/S of the Little Nottoway (River) at a certain lick and small distance below mouth of small run called Jordan's Little Run, cor. of James Anderson, Sr., cor. Of Thomas Anderson, and the River. 63

Deed of Mortgage. Thomas Gunn to Samuel Jordan. D. Nov. 14, 1745. Consid. 21 lbs, 6 shillings, 7 pence. Witness: Robert (x) willis, James (X) Stephens & John Thomas. 198 acres in fork of Nottoway (River) being land deed to sd. Gunn by Edward Thweatt, & bounded as by said deed. Also 2 feather beds & furniture, & 10 head neat cattle now belonging to Thomas Gunn. 64

Then in 1746, John Thomas was paid out of the estate of Moses Rainey for teaching 3 children for 8 months. RAINEY, MOSES. Est. settlement r. March 20, 1746. Adm. Abram Cocke. Settle and examined by George Currie, Charles Irby. Value 28/19/0. names mentioned in acct: Clement Read, Esa. (lawyer's fee), Samuel Gordon, Frederick Jones, Thomas Taylor, Henry Tomlinson, Samuel Jordan, Major Richard Jones, John Wallice, ...(illegible) Price of Prince George Co., Va., John Thomas (for teaching 3 children for 8 months), Dennis Burch. 65

Then in 1748, John Thomas was a witness for Henry Tomlinson.
TOMLINSON, HENRY. d. Feb. 23, 1748, p. March 16, 1749. Wit. John Thomas, Peter Wynne, Susannah (x) Taylor, Ex. friends Thomas Taylor and Rubin Baird. Leg: wife Jane Tomlinson half my personal est. bro. William Tomlinson 2/3 my remaining est. and also 400 acres in Lunenberg Co., Va. on Twitties Creek; bro. James Tomlinson remainder of my estate; my personal est. to be sold; no appraisal be made, but inventory be taken immediately after my death. 66

TOMLINSON, HENRY. Est. inv. ret. by Thomas Taylor, ex.r. May 18, 1750. Slaves: Negro man Joe, Negro girl Sue. (Will book 1, Amelia County, Virginia Wills, 1735-1761, Bonds 1735-1754 p. 9-62)

Then, in 1749, John Thomas and Charles Irby were witnesses for John Mitchell (a neighbor) when he bought 285 acres in Fork of Nottoway River from the Clark brothers of Essex County, Virginia.
Deed. Robert Clark & John Clark of Essex Co. (Va.) & John Clark of Essex Co., (Va. ) & Thomas Clark of Middlesex Co. Va. to John Mitchell. D. Feb. 15, 1749. Consid. 100 lbs. 285 acres in fork of Nottoway River, adj. line of Finney, Bolling, Thweate, Dendy, Hubbard, & dividing line of Samuel Smith & John Mitchell, being part of pat. to Thomas Clark d. Aug. 20, 1745. Wits: Charles Irby, John Thomas, Crispin Shelton & Thomas Buford.67

Also in 1749, John Thomas and Sarah were witnesses for Wm. Pittman.
Deed. William Pittman, Sr. of Nottoway Parish to William Riddle of Nottoway Parish. D. Feb. 3, 1749. Consid: 5 lbs. 228 acres L/S Forked branch of Little Nottoway River adj. Abraham Cock's line, being land pat. to Charles Williamson on Jul. 10, 1745 & by him conveyed to William Pittman by deed d. Jane. 27, 1745. Wit: Sarah Thomas, Charles Irby, & John Thomas. Possession obtained by William Riddle on Feb. 3, 1749 in presence of some wits. Deed ordered rec. on March. 19, 1749.

Then in 1750, John Thomas was the appraiser for the estate of William Wynne.
WYNNE, WILLIAM. Est. I&A ret. and r. Jan. 18. 1750. Appr. John Thomas, Thomas Taylor, John Taylor. Adm. Peter Wynne. Value 7/11/5.

b. John Thomas #2 (John Jr.) (born Gloucester Co. - ? 1713-1726 - moved to Amelia Co. 1739 with parents Sarah and John Thomas of Glo. Co.)

We begin the time line of John, Jr. here because it is the most logical place to begin. On a time line, his birth may be somewhere between the years of 1715 to 1725 making him the right age for the following entries. We give him that birth date because we know that his father, John, was born in Gloucester Co. in 1690, would be about 20 in 1710, would be having children about that time. We know that Samuel Thomas was born around 1730 and Samuel was his younger brother. Further substantiation of this birth date can probably be found in the records of Gloucester County in Abingdon Parish (See Abingdon Parish Gloucester Co.). This John Thomas may not have been responsible for all the deeds below but they are listed here as the most probable place.

John Thomas entered a petition sometime between 1746-1751 to keep an ordinary at his house. "On the petition of John Thomas ordered that a licence be granted him to keep an ordinary at his house giving security whereupon he together with Peter Wynne his security entered into and acknowledged their bond for his keeping the same as law directs." It was renewed in 1750.

It is not known which John Thomas this was but it seems very likely that it is John, Jr. (#2) for several reasons. Considering the repeated association with Peter Wynne, who may be a family member of the Samuel Thomas family, (John's uncle) it would definitely be one of the John Thomases in the Nottoway section of the county. It was most likely John, Jr. as John, Sr. would have been 60 years old at this time. The age of sixty is a little old to be opening an ordinary. This is certainly not John #3, son of Samuel as he was not born until 1762. Peter Wynne is associated somehow with the Thomas family and was also a neighbor in the early days near the Nottoway River (See land grant map). We are not sure if John Thomas Sr #1 is still alive at this point.

John Thomas, Jr. was counted on the Amelia Tax List below Deep Creek in the Nottoway Parish in 1754.

John Thomas and his wife Elizabeth on Little Nottoway River sold 267 acres of his 400 acre grant in to John Nuckolls in 1754. Note that the description of this land fits into the description of the original grant so it is definitely the same piece of land. The 267 acres is described as being more on the River side and to the north. This left John Thomas 133 acres in that same area. Could this be John, Jr. because of the fact that his wife is Elizabeth and the first John Thomas is known to have been married to Sarah? Maybe by this time, John, Jr. had possession of this land on the Little Nottoway River and the original John (his father) had died. Since there is no will for either that we know of, that could have happened.

Then in 1762, a John Thomas bought 100 acres on Lazareta Creek from James Overstreet.
Deed: James Overstreet of Amelia Co., to John Thomas of same. D. J. 26, 1762. Consid: 11 lbs. 100 acres S/S Lazareta Creek in Amelia Co. adj. lines of Greffay & Seaton with all woods etc. Possession obtained, J. 26, 1762 Lazareta Creek is a tributary of Little Nottoway River (to the North) and runs from the present day Nottoway courthouse parallel to 460 to Crewe Virginia. It is certainly in the Nottoway Parish area of Amelia County and in the area of the John Thomas #1 and #2. Might it be possible that our Henry was the son of this John Thomas of Lazareta Creek and that Henry's son John may have been born on Lazareta Creek in Amelia County? This particular John Thomas at this time fits the time period and place very well. However, this is only a educated guess based on the process of elimination. A concentrated search on this John Thomas remains to be finished. This John Thomas then moved to Bedford Co. according to the next deed but shows no Elizabeth as wife in either deed.

Then, in 1766, four years later, John Thomas sold this 100 acres to John Skarratt (Sharrott). An interesting entry shows that John Thomas has moved to Bedford County (Amelia Deed Book 9 page 141). There is no question that this John Thomas is the same John Thomas who bought the land on Lazareta Creek. John Skarratt is most likely his father-in-law and this might be the John Thomas married to Elizabeth Skarratt Thomas. However, there is no mention of Elizabeth Thomas in either deed.

This indenture made and indented this 38th day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty Six (1766) between John Thomas of the County of Bedford and Parish of -- Planter of the one part and John Skarrott of Nottoway and County of Amelia Planter of the other part witnesseth that the said John Thomas for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen pounds current money of the colony of Virginia the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge and myself therewith fully satisfied contended and paid have given granted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and so by these presents fully freely and absolutely give grant bargain sell and convey and confirm unto the said John Sharrott his heirs Ex. Adm or assignees one certain tract or parcell of land containing by estimation one hundred acres (100 acres) more or less lying on the branches of Lazarater Creek in Nottoway Parish and County of Amelia and bounded as follows: beginning at Guffey's Corner black oak then down the South Fork to Bruce's (Brice's) line them along Bruce's line to Hugh Leightons line then along Leightons line to Guffey's line then along Guffey's line to the first stations. Together with all and singular the houses, orchards, gardens, woodlands, him the said John Sh(k)arrott his heirs...from me the said John Thomas my heirs...Signed Sealed & Delivered In prsence of Thomas Overstreet, Thomas Hudson, William Casey. Teste T. G. Peachy.

In conjunction with the previous mention of Elizabeth Thomas, we found the following will of John Skarratt d. Apr. 26, 1773. Could it be that Elizabeth Thomas was Elizabeth Skarratt Thomas, the daughter of John Skarratt and possibly the wife of John Thomas #2? She could not be the wife of John Thomas #3 (son of Samuel) as he was only 11 at this time.

SKARRATT, JOHN. (Also SKARRAT) of Nottoway Parish. Will d. Apr. 26, 1773. pro. (no date given). Wit. Jeremiah Walker, Charles Anderson & Lucy Anderson. Ex. Wife Margaret. Leg: Lend wife Margaret, etc. est. for life; at wife's decease, lend ent. est. to daughter Elizabeth Thomas for her life; at her decease, to go to my g'son Charles Thomas. At decease of my wife, rem est. (except land & plant.) be sold & money equally div. between the rest of the children of my dau. aforesd., my grandson Charles excepted. 74

Could those presently unidentified children include our Henry? Note that John Skarratt talked of "the rest of the children of my dau. Aforesd (Elizabeth)" who would have been the brothers and sisters of Charles.

The next research will take into account the children of Elizabeth Skarratt Thomas if possible and the location of the land of John Skarratt. What happened to the 100 acrees that John Skarratt bought from John Thomas in 1766?

In 1773, a John Thomas witnessed a deed for a piece of land lying on the line of Amelia and Dinwiddie Counties. These names and areas are not the same as in the area of the Little Nottoway River. However, that is an area which is not far away from the Nottoway area of Amelia County.. There's a chance that it could be John #2 (John, Jr.) as the only other John would be John #3, son of Samuel, b. 1762 (Who was too young to be witnessing deeds in 1773; also not a member of the Henry Thomas family).

At this time, we note three other names in conjunction with John Thomas: Edward, Mark, and possibly Henry since these people are not accounted for in the records of either Samuel or William Thomas.

c. John Thomas #3

This John Thomas was born in 1762, son of Samuel Thomas and Susanna Woodlief Thomas. He is not a part of our branch of the family.

3. Samuel Thomas of Jordan's Run in the Fork of the Nottoway, 1751-56, Amelia County, Virginia.


This grant There is more information about Samuel Thomas than for John or William. The Samuel Thomas grant was one parcel west of the John Thomas grant with only the Samuel Jordan grant (1739 - 1360 acres) separating the two. Samuel Thomas was married to Susannah Woodlief.

In 1760, Samuel Thomas was mentioned in the estate sale of Richard Burge.

In 1770, Samuel bought 167 acres adjoining his land from Thomas Walker. 76

1770, Thomas Walker sold Samuel Thomas 167 acres. Amelia DB 11, pp. 174-175.).

Althanatious who died sometime around 1810 had no children. He left his estate to his nephew Samuel, son of Joshua Thomas, and nephew Samuel,son of Spencer Thomas. Woodlief Thomas died around the same time and his son is Samuel (Amelia Will Books). Due to the proven family line of this Samuel, we have decided he is not our family line. However, we believe that he might be the uncle of the John Thomas of Lazareta Creek - possibly the great uncle of our Henry.

4. William Thomas of Nottoway Parish near Blackstone in Amelia, now Nottoway, County, Virginia. Land grant 1746. WILLIAM THOMAS WAS GRANTED 400 ACRES IN AMELIA COUNTY ON MINGOES BRANCH.77

> This land was eventually taken into Camp Picket (Fort Pickett) outside of Blackstone. The information concerning the graves of this family are in the Nottoway Library or courthouse. The land is near Wellville on Route 460 with a small portion of it being still on private property outside of the boundaries of the former Fort Pickett along State Route 634 as it goes south from Wellville on Route 460. The land would begin approximately ? mile south from the intersection of Bus. 460 and Route 634. It would extend on both sides of the road approximately ? mile to the west and about ? mile to the east.

William Thomas was born, possibly 1724 in Gloucester county, Virginia78. He is probably the brother of the Samuel Thomas who also patented land in Amelia County. William Thomas first showed up on the Amelia County, Virginia Tax Lists of 1736-1764. He was first counted in 1744 in the area between Deep and Cellar Creeks (h) on Charles Irby's list. 79 William continued on that list in 1746 along with John, Athanatious and Samuel.

In June 5, 1746, William patented 400 acres of land. It might be that William was living with John Thomas until he received his grant in 1746 since he appeared on the same tithable list earlier than 1746. John Thomas received his grant in 1739, seven years before William. So, both were born or came from somewhere other than Amelia County since it was not a county until 1735. A list taken by Abraham Green, Amelia microfilm reel #55, Library of Virginia 1736-1771 contains all people living in the southern 2/3 of Amelia Co. prior to 1735 (Prince George Co) and there are no Thomas families living in that area.

William Thomas' land was denoted as being adjacent to George Ford along Mingoes Branch later in a deed of Richard (x) Hudson and Mary (x) his wife of Nottoway Parish to Charles Williams of same, 200 acres adjacent to the lines of George Ford, Mingoes Branch and line of William Thomas being part of a patent of 400 acres to William Thomas dated June 5, 1746, Witnesses John Durham, George Hightower and David Thomas.

Then in 1747, William Thomas sold Richard Hudson 200 acres.
Deed. William Thomas of Raleigh Parish to Richard Hudson of Raleigh Parish. D. May 16, 1747. Consideration: 11 lbs. Wit: None. 200 acres N/S Wingo's (Mingo's) Horsepen Branch, being part of a larger tract pat. to said Thomas (See patent dated June 5, 1746).80

Then in 1751, William Thomas was a witness for Peter Wynne of Nottoway Parish.
Deed. Peter Wynn of Nottoway Parish to William Maynard of Nottoway Parish. D. Oct. 30, 1751. Consid: 57 lbs. 200 acres L/S Johnny's Branch of Little Nottoway River & below Stainback's spring branch, adj. Smith's line, being part of 586 acres pat. to Peter Wynn on Apr. 10, 1751. Wits. Hugh Martin, Robert Woodlief, and William Thomas.83

In 1759, William Thomas appraised the estate of Reverend John Ornsby.
ORNSBY, REV. JOHN. Est. I & A d. May 15, 1759, r. May 24, 1759. Appr. William Thomas, Frederick Foorde, Christopher Haskins. Adm. Samuel Tarry. Slaves: men Harry and Will. Value 171/3/9.81

Ornsby was located adjacent to an Edward Thomas whose land patent was not far away. (See Index Edward Thomas)

In 1761, a deed of Charles William and Frances his wife of Amelia County to George Lewis of same. D. March 24, 1761. Consideration 80 lbs. 200 acres in Amelia Co. adjacent lines of George Ford, William Thomas, and Thomas Hood.

William Thomas was a witness for Thomas Hooud (X) (also Hood) in 1764.
HOOUD, THOMAS (x). (Also Hood) Of province of Virginia. Will d. Apr. 7, 1764, pro. Sept. 27, 1764. Wit. William Thomas, Henry Lewis, Francis Lewis Ex. wife Mary hood, Charles Williams. Sec. John Lewis. Leg: wife Mary, plantation where I live for widowhood or life, then to son Nathaniel Hood, after wife's death, rem. of est., after debts, be div. between "the rest of my children (no names given) except my son John, whom I give one shilling sterling." 100 acres land adj. Cocke's road to be sold for ready money.82

In 1768, William Thomas was the surety for the marriage of Isham Rees and Rhoda Thomas. p. r-1.84

William Thomas died in Amelia County in 1772 leaving an itemized account of his estate 85 appraised by William Cryer, George Hightower, and John Wynne. On the list we find a mare & colt, 11 head of cattle, 14 head of hogs, 1 horse, one iron pot & hooks, one side saddle, one gun, three bells, four chairs, two quart jugs, one box, one bed & furniture, three sides of leather, wash basin & bole, one spinning wheel, a parcel of pewter, money scales & looking glass, parcel of feathers & one blanket, 1 chest, parcel of feathers bedstead & hide, loom, bars, & boxes, eight tubs, one pot, hooks, frying pan & water pail, two old sifters, one pepper box & candle wick, nine geese, parcel of old iron, old saddle and one old table. There are no slaves or parcels of land included in this appraisal. This gives us an interesting picture of colonial life. Mentioned was the spinning wheel and the loom, something that many homes of that time owned. They spun flax as well as wool. Flax made linen and wool made, of course, woolen garments. Flax and wool were combined to make "linsey-woolsey".

However, there was another William Thomas who continued to witness deeds and a marriage after this William died. He was also an adjacent landowner in 1778. Note also that Ann Thomas below married Wiley Ward, a witness along with Atha. Thomas.

Deed: Anthony Haynes of Amelia Co. to Richard Taylor of Prince George County, Va. July 5, 1777. Consid. 1000 pounds. 770 acres in Amelia County on N/S Tomohitton Swamp, adj. Lines of William Cryer, Charles Barker, and William Thomas, being same land pat. To Anthony Haynes the elder, dec'd. late of Dinwiddie Co., and who bequeathed this land to his son, Anthony. The adm. assigned the pat. 1740 to said Haynes. Wit: Atha. Thomas, John Treder & Wiley Ward (Deed Book 12 p. 167 Amelia Co.).

Deed. P. 317. John Worsham of Amelia Co. to Jonathan Bailey of Dinwiddie Co., Va. D. apr. 20, 1778. 220 acres Amelia Co. adj lines of Haymes,(sp) Richard Hudson, and William Thomas, with all houses, orchards, (Amelia Deed book 12, 13, 14, McConnaughey p. 101-102).

After William died, David Thomas sold 150 acres of that land to William Thomas. So we might assume from that information that William had at least two sons, David and William (Amelia Deed Book 2). That would explain the continuation of William Thomas after the death of William Thomas in 1772.

In 1778, Wiley Ward married Ann Thomas of Nottoway Parish who writes her own consent. Wit. to consent was William Thomas and John Worsham. Sur. John Worsham. p. w-2.86

5. Other Thomas Families in the Nottoway Parish Area including Edward Thomas.

In 1746, an Edward Thomas patented 168 acres between Butterwood & Tomahitton Swamps adjoining Ornsby, Poythress in Prince George County. "Beginning at Eatons Corner.along Ornsbys line Poythress line thence along his line North 26 degrees east ten poles to his Fishers line thence along his line west 26 degrees no. to Eatons lin the beginning.

Notice here the name ORNSBY. This name (Ornsby) will be mentioned again in conjunction with William Thomas of Mingoes Branch . William Thomas was an appraiser for the estate of Reverend John Ornsby in 1759. What was the connection between the Ornsby family, Edward Thomas, and William Thomas? Geographically, Edward Thomas land grant was in Prince George County along the Tomahitton Swamp. This is not far from the land grant that William Thomas got in 1746. There is a connection here with this family. There needs to be further research done in the area of the Edward Thomas grant which is now in what would be Dinwiddie county which had previously been Prince George County. Just as William Thomas's land near Blackstone was taken into Ft. (Camp) Pickett, so was the grant land of Edward Thomas. We again must look in the records of the Library at Nottoway Courthouse to find the folder of graves for Camp Pickett to locate any people who may have been buried in that section.

In association with this land grant, we find the following deed: William Glascock of Dinwiddie Co (VA) to John Jones, Jr. "of the county".
D. Dec. 13, 1773. Consid. 185 pounds. 600 acres lying in the counties of Amelia and Dinwiddie, adj. Lines of John Lewis, Haynes and Goodwyn, crossing Butterwood Swamp, and lines of Bunt, Henry Lewis and Steger, with all woods, underwoods, et. Wit: John Worsham, John (X) Thomas & Abram (X) Grant. Rec. Dec. 23, 1773 (DB. 12 p. 180 Amelia Co.).

This particular entry is close to the Edward Thomas entry of above (Dinwiddie) and it is witnessed by John Thomas. Would this be an associated John Thomas of Amelia County or is there a John Thomas in the Edward Thomas family? Again, we need to research this further.

Henry Thomas appeared on the Amelia Tax list in 1764 in the middle part of Nottoway Parish on Captain John Winn's list. Which one of these families did he come from? Was this John Winn a relative of Peter Wynne? John, Mark, William?

Mark Thomas was a witness for Rowland Cornelius in 1766.

CORNELIUS, ROWLAND. Will d. Jan. 22, 1765, pro. May 23, 1765 & Sept. 26 1765. Wit. Joseph Gray Mark Thomas. Ex. Henry Ward, Daniel Jones, Thomas Lowrey. Leg: wife Rebekah Cornelus, entire est. for life or widowhood, then to be sold & money equally div. between children Rowland Cornelius, William Cornelius, Benjamin Cornelius, Jesse Cornelius, Judith Brandley & Betty Burbridge (WB 2x, p 17 Amelia Co.).

It is not known what connection there was between Mark Thomas and the Cornelius family or others on this list.

6. Summary of Nottoway Parish Findings in 1998

We have found 3 Thomas land grants in Amelia County: Samuel, William, and John. Through the Woodlief Thomas branch, all of the family of Samuel Thomas has been accounted for and there is no Henry in that branch. William Thomas appears to only have had two sons and a daughter, Rhoda. There are some more interesting entries concerning William Thomas, the Worsham family, and the marriage of Ann Thomas to Wiley Ward. There appears to be no Henry Thomas in that family. This leaves one family - the John Thomas, Jr. family who lived in that Nottoway Parish for during the years that Henry would have been there. We might surmise that the John Thomas who bought land on Lazareta Creek in 1762 may be the person for whom we are searching. He may also be the same John Thomas who was married to Elizabeth Skarratt.

A fourth nearby land grant for Edward Thomas was found in Prince George (Now Dinwiddie County in 1746. There seems to be some connection between this Edward Thomas and the other Thomases over in Amelia County. First, we find that he is very close to William Thomas is geographical area (see Illustration # ) and he has a connection with the Ornsby Family as does William Thomas. This Edward Thomas gives us another avenue to research and we will continue to look for his records in Dinwiddie, Prince George, and Amelia since three counties were involved with this land.

I hope that this information will help you in some way. Let me hear from you again and maybe I can send you more information if you think this helps.

Mary Jane Thomas Stokes

Re: Samuel Thomas

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I can't help on your Thomas, but your research was very interesting. Several of the names are of my ine.Jordan, Green and Stokes. You mentioned you had address for Mary Jane Stoke. I would like to get in touch with her. Will you please send her email address? Mine is

Re: Samuel Thomas

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I'm very interested in learning more regarding William Thomas, the son of John Thomas, b. 1690. My Samuel Thomas' (b. 1759) mother, Charity Haymes, as a young teen, is living within two miles of William's property. My working theory at this point is, Charity married one of William's sons.

Is anyone else researching William's children?

Understanding Mrs. Stokes feels there may be a connection with Edward (of Prince George County) and William Thomas, or at least worth exploring further, I would agree. Their proximity of one another is too coincidental to ignore.
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