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Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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Surnames: Lewis, Mitchell
I am searching for information concerning the Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky. I am particularly interested in finding information concerning Henry Lewis and Ollie Mitchell Lewis. Henry is the grandson of Elijah Gilbert Lewis. Ollie Mitchell's Family is unknown. It is said her mother was Cherokee and that her mothers name was pronounced similarly to chi-qua-way-way but that is uncertain at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Lewis Family married MORRIS of Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky

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Surnames: Lewis, Morris, McCurdy, Berkett, Burnett
Been researching James M Lewis (forever), told to be born on 18 Feb 1800, KY
(possibly in Boonesboro, Clark, KY). [Seems in 1800 that would be Madison County, now Clark County, KY]

I have a date of marriage as 12 Nov 1826, marrying either a Katherine Berkett/Burnett or McCurdy. If they married in Crawford County, Arkansas the records would've been destroyed by fire in 1870's. I suppose it's possible they were married in Hardin County, Kentucky before moving to Arkansas around 1830.

First daughter born in 1847 and 1850 census finds her Catherine alone with three children and haven't found where he was living after that. He may've died as late as 1858 (unfounded) but family lore states 1853. A fifth child was born "M.J." Melissa J. MAXWELL, about 1854. I say "about" because I'm working purely on memory ;-D

It's possible his son James Boone "J.B." aka: Boone was born in 1849, married a Mary A or C Morris, daughter of Elijah "Elza" MORRIS born 1849, Elizabethtown, Hardin, Ky. I get the Mary C from a possible military record for James Lewis, Private, record on gwinifred tree: Benjamin Harrison Lewis.

More of the names we've come across in your post seem familiar; Henry C and Elijah or Eliza Lewis.

Notes added 11/29/12.

Re: Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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I have recently found after a lot of research The Lewis Family's line that I descend from. Here is the following information that I have obtained. I hope that this will possibly help you in your research. If you would like any further information please let me know.

Henry C. Lewis
Harlan County, Ky. (1899-1994)

Robert F. Lewis
Harlan County, Ky. (1870-1961)

Elijah Gilbert Lewis
Harlan County, Ky (1849-1916)

Abner Lewis,Jr.
Knox Co.- Harlan Co.(1816-1860)

Abner Lewis
Virginia-Harlan Co. (1774-1850)

Wilson Lewis
Virginia (1755-1808)

Benjamin James Lewis
Possibly born Wales (1726-?)

Re: Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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Surnames: Lewis, Ortiz, Wood, Salas, Evans
I have an ancestor that came out of Kentucky in the early 1800s and cant find any information on who his family were. All the information I know about him comes from a brief bio about one paragraph long about the history of New Mexico:


Biography of George W. Lewis (Taken from History of New Mexico, 1895)

George W. Lewis, a native of Kentucky, descended from two of the noted families of the South, the Lewis' and the Woods. When a young man he came with Kit Carson to NM and for a number of years he was engaged in trapping beavers in the Rocky Mountains. At one time he was made a prisoner by the authorities at Santa Fe. After his release, he settled here and gave his attention to prospecting, mining and speculating, and at times helped the inhabitants in fighting the indians, who frequently made savage attacks upon the settlers. And here he met and married Miss Marcelina, the daughter of Don. Juan Antonio Salas, at the time Quartermaster of the King's Command at Santa Fe. In 1860 Mr. Lewis was killed in Memphis, where he took part in a fight, dying at the age of 65. His widow, who had 13 children, was an Ortiz.


This is all I know about him, and some of this information could be slightly incorrect, as there were a lot of spelling errors, and I wouldnt be surprised if some of the dates are slightly off. What he would have been doing at his age in Memphis away from his wife and children getting into fights, I have no idea. The only thing that I could think of is that he may have been involved with the civil war (though the North wouldnt have needed volunteers of his age in the early stages of the war... though the South may have), but New Mexico was a Union territory from what I understand.

Anyways, George had thirteen children, among them Charles W Lewis of New Mexico, which this book goes on to say:


Biography of Charles W. Lewis (1895)

It is now the privilege of the biographer to present a resume of the life of one of New Mexico's prominent native sons, son of George W. Lewis, a man who descended from distinguished ancestors, who has spent his whole life in this territory and who has figured conspicuously in its affairs.

Charles W. Lewis was born at Peralta, Valencia County, New Mexico, July 16, 1844. He was educated in the Christian Brother's School in St. Louis, and returned to engage in mercantile pursuits, nine years in Peralta and twenty in Albuquerque, doing both a retail and wholesale business. He also became largely interested in the raising of cattle and sheep, and had acquired a vast landed estate. At one time his sheep numbered 68,000 and his broad acres stretched away for miles and miles. He purchased the whole of the M. Montanzo Grant, and owned 67,000 acres. It is located in the Rio Puerco Valley, 18 miles west of Albuquerque. Mr. Lewis owns a valuable mining-property 21 miles southwest of Albuquerque.


Charles would die in 1901 from an accident, and would eventually have a building named after him and put on the national registry of historic buildings in Albuquerque.

So there is a little of the family history to sort of put things into perspective, but uncovering the Lewis family of Kentucky has been my brick wall for ages, and I have no records of a MR. Lewis and Mrs. Wood Lewis from Kentucky, let alone a couple of that name with a George W. Lewis as a son.

There does seem to be some speculation that the parents are a Henry Lewis and a Mary Wood, OR a Washington Lewis, and a ______ Wood. Since the article suggest that George comes from prominent families, maybe he is a distant niece of Meriwether Lewis. At this time I have yet to find a complete family tree of Meriwether Lewis that could suggest anything of the sort, so I am leaving it up to the readers of this message boards to hopefully come up with something.

In any case, thank you for your time, and please feel free to respond to me on this site, I check it regularly.

Re: Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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Surnames: Lewis, Wood, Evans, London, Jarvis, Ballard
Tha is quite a story! The Lewis, Wood, Evans surnames interest me as BH Lewis of of Crawford County, Arkansas married Rose WOOD (1st) from from Bonham, Texas, my great grandparents, and he lived out his life in Escalon , Stanislaus County, California.

Their known emigration from KY seems it could be to NC, possibly, to Crawford County, AR to OK, TX, CA or Livingston County, Kentucky. The Lewis' of Washington County Arkansas could be directly related but are also connected to North Carolina including Ballard/Jarvis family of White River and Cranberry Baptist Church.

I would only ask of you to add the sources of your material, bio, if available.

Re: Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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Surnames: Lewis
The sources come from a book called "History of New Mexico" written in 1895. They were typed out and kept in family papers all of these years, but a quick search in google books will show you these bios. There is also another book called "An Illustrated History of New Mexico" from 1891 I believe that also has a similar bio on Charles W. Lewis. This too can be found chez google.

Re: Lewis Family of Harlan Kentucky

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Am tracing the Dr. Milton Henry Lewis family originally from Harlan Co. He later moved to Pineville, Ky.

would appreciate any info.

F H. Parsons
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