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Perthshire Patons

Perthshire Patons

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Trying to track down the illusive ancestors of....

Robert Paton b 9 Nov 1839, Ontario, Canada to

Peter Paton b. 3 June 1803, Auchtergaven (Bankfoot), Perth, SCT...emigrated pre 1839 and married Ann Hay b 12 Aug 1800, Tippermuir (Tibbermore), Perth, SCT.

Peter was the son of Andrew PATON and Anne UNKNOWN, but may also have been a PATON.

Ann was the daughter of Robert HAY and Elizabeth HENDERSON, both of Perth, SCT.

Does any of this look familiar to anyone?

Holly Paton

Re: Perthshire Patons

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Hi Holly. Peter Paton, brother of Robert born in 1839 was my great grandfather. I was in Collingwood, Ontario this summer and the library has quite a bit of info on New Lowell and on Robert Paton, his wife was Amelia A. Dewar, born April 7, 1845 and died June 3, 1919. They are buried in the New Lowell Cemetery. I'm not sure of any of his direct sons/daughters. Can you tell me how you are connected to the Patons? I was certainly glad to get the name of Andrew Paton, my great great great grandfather. I am still searching for more info. My e-mail will be up and running on August 26. Hope to hear from you. Thanks a bunch. Joan

Re: Perthshire Patons

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You still there? Let's connect.

Re: Perthshire Patons

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Hi Holly Yes. I'm still here and still doing some research. Still looking for any information on Ann Hay who married Peter Paton of Perthshire, born 1803. Do you have anything on Ann's marriage to Robert Christie in Scotland in 1829, a birth of a child, Thomas in 1830. Have no info on what happened to Robert, only that Ann came to Canada in 1831 with her parents and siblings, and no mention of a child coming with her. Thomas did come to Canada at some point, married and had a child Andrew who in 1860 was living with Peter Paton and Ann Hay. Just trying to establish for certain that Andrew was a grandson. Nice to here from you. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Re: Perthshire Patons

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Hi Joan,

Looking through some stuff here I find:

Ann came with her parents and sibs to Toronto in 1831, and on 14 June 1832 gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth Christie, who was baptized 8 Jul, 1832 at St. Andrew's Church, Toronto.

I see Andrew Christie with Peter and Ann on the 1861 and 1871 census. Andrew was 4 in 1861, 16 years younger than their youngest, so a grandson would be a good guess.

Elizabeth seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

If I come across anything new, I will let you know.

Good to hear from you,

No wait! Just did a search in ancestry - came up with this...

Thomas Christie b 28 Nov 1857. Our 1861 census is given as one of the source docs. Other info is:

Marries 10 Mat 1879 in TO, to Ann Jane Kintrie (her parents were Alexander Christie and Mary McKennie Christie).

children .. Annie, Luna, John, Margaret.

1901 living in Sunnidale.

nothing on Thomas's parents.

There is also contact info for a current relative.

Do you have this already? If not just do a 'search all records' for Andrew Christie with a birthdate of 1857. There are 2 of them - one with a father, Duncan, and the other is ours. The first hit I got was the family tree.


Re: Perthshire Patons

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Thanks Holly for the quick reply. Do you know who Elizabeth's father was? Scottish records indicate that an Ann Hay married a Robert Chistie is 1829. But I do not know for certain if that person is the Ann Hay who married Peter Paton. Some of the info is mind-boggling. I have Andrew being born Nov. 1857 and that would match with him being 4 in 1861. Do you have any info on when Peter Paton came to Canada. I was not able to find anything definitive on his arrival. Have you been able to find out when Andrew died. I know his wife passed away in 1931. Just trying to tie a few loose ends together. I amy pretty stubborn and don't give up too easily. Let me know if you have any other info or ideas on this puzzle.


Re: Perthshire Patons

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What I have comes from a family tree given to me by a cousin. It has NO sources, and I have been unable to verify.

It says Peter Paton married Ann Hay in Toronto on 29 Apr 1834.

I can verify that Ann came to Canada (Toronto) with her parents in 1831.

I cannot verify that her father died of cholera on 16 Aug 1832, buried the same day. Or that her mother died of cholera on 23 Jul 1832, buried the same day. Or that her sister Margaret also died in Jul 1832 of cholera. Or that Ann was married first to John Christie of York County, Ontario.

I am inclined to agree with you about Robert, and feel that he might have died in Scotland, or during the emigration process - but then I should not have found Ann listed as one of Robert Hay's children in the immigration records. So maybe John in York County is right. But I cannot find it in the Ontario marriages. In fact, I find no Christie-Hay marriage there.

If it was Robert and he died in Scotland, with Ann pregnant with Elizabeth - it is entirely possible she would have emigrated with her parents...and Scottish women were known to use both their married and maiden names. Then it would also have made sense that Thomas was left behind.

The immigration records for this are seem now to be online, and I have no access to the films, just the indexes on ancestry.

I can't even verify Elizabeth's existence.

Most annoying.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Where do you tie into the family? Maybe I have something you CAN use.

Happy hunting,

Re: Perthshire Patons

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Hi again Holly. So much disconnected info. I too found that Ann married Peter Paton in 1834. Peter and Ann Paton were my great grandparents. My mother was the daughter of Peter Paton and Sarah Pifer. My mother' father was the son of Peter Paton and Margaret Allison Orr. I probably made assumptions about some of this info. I do know that Andrew's parents were Thomas Christie and Margaret Dunn. The 1891 census indicates that Thomas was born in Scotland. That is why I thought that possibly the Scottish marriage register which indicates that a marriage took place between an Ann Hay and a Robert Christie might have been the Ann Hay that later married Peter. Since I can find no info on Thomas or Margaret Christie i.e. when they died or if they left their son with his grandparents for some other reason, I might just have to let it be. It is very hard to get justifable information. I'll keep looking. Have a great weekend and keep in touch. I really enjoy talking to others who may be connected to my family.

Re: Perthshire Patons

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Since we are both from Peter and Ann Hay, I am wondering if you have gone back much further. I was intially a bit befuddled to find Peter's parent's listed as Andrew Paton and Ann Paton. I recently read an article on Scottish naming traditions and learned that normally the 1st son was named for the father's father, the second for the mother's father, the third for the father etc - same with girls. Then I discovered a family member - but couldn't tell how close - until I found that both his first son and Andrew's first son were both called James, so I am assuming they were brothers and their father was James.

For what it's worth (you may have better success than I fleshing this out) here's what I think:

James PATON and Janet UNKNOWN
Andrew (1778)
John (1777 - 1851)

John married Jeanne probably STUART
James 2 Feb 1804
William date unknown - moved to England and married an English girl

Andrew married Ann PATON
James c 29 Jun 1794
Janet and William (twins) 1796
Andrew c 12 Jan 1800
Peter 3 Jun 1800
John 9 Jul 1809

All of these guys were born on or near the family farm, Belstane, by Auchtergaven (now Bankfoot), Perthshire, Scotland.

Do you have this, or can you add to or correct it?


Re: Perthshire Patons

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We seem to be pretty much on the same page as far as the Patons go. I have the same info only Peter born June 3, 1803. You have had better luck in going back even further than I had. In following through the generations, the name Thomas and Christie are used several times, one of my mother's uncles was Thomas Christie Paton. Somehow the name Christie had considerable significance to this line of the Paton family. One of my mother's brothers was Peter Christie Paton. As I mentioned, the scottish birth and marriage records indicate that a son, Thomas was born to Robert and Ann Christie, she was Ann Hay in June 1830. Is this the son of our Ann Hay Paton, I don't know for sure as I can find no record of a child coming to Canada with Ann Hay, she has used her maiden name and travelled with her own family. It may always remain a mystery. If you care to share, how are we connected? One thing I do know is that Ann Hay was a sister to Robert Hay, who was an MP for Simcoe for several years. I was in touch with a member of Robert's family but unfortnately, she knows nothing about any of Robert's siblings. I think that somewhere out there there has to be someone who could fill in the blanks. It would be nice. Keep in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.
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