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William WHITE and Family

William WHITE and Family

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I am looking for information on the William WHITE FAMILY.

William WHITE was born in 8 Oct 1808 or 1809. Mary was born on 7 Jan 1819. There children are Sarah born 1 Mar 1850, Alma M. 5 Jan 1852, Phebe born 2 Nov 1855 Utah, and Joseph 7 Apr 1859 Utah.

I have located the WHITE family in 1860 Census in Tooele County Utah. The dates of birth are correct with the two youngest children. The names of the other children match too.

I am the great granddaughter to Phebe WHITE. I am looking for more information on this family. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Susan Miller

Re: William WHITE and Family

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Surnames: White, Nelson, Case, Pilkington
Hi Susan,
You are very lucky that your family didn't move around too much so they were fairly easy to find in Census records and someone had posted their family tree.

William White b. 9 Oct 1808, Bristol, Bucks, Pennsylvania. Source: Anderson Family Tree,

William married Mary Mccabe on Oct. 25, 1844 in Warren, Ohio.
Source: same as above.

Mary Mccabe was born 7 Jan 1819, Franklin, Warren, Ohio. Source: same as above.

In 1850 they were living in Huntersville, Hardin, OH.
William White, b. PA, 40, miller
Mary, wife, b. OH, 30.
Susan White, b. OH, 15.
William White, b. OH, 13.
Deborah White, b. OH, 12
I think these three children are William's siblings or children from another marriage.
Sarah, b. OH, 6/12ths.
Henry Martin, laborer.
Ambros White, b. OH, 4.
Amanda White, b. OH, 2.

Ambrose White b. 8 Oct 1846 in Oregon, Seneca, Ohio. Source: Anderson Family Tree.

Ambrose did not appear on the 1860 Census nor any others. He could have died in Ohio or in Utah or along the trail.

Amanda White b. 6 Feb. 1849 in Oregon, Seneca, OH. Source: Anderson Family Tree.

He didn't appear on the 1860 Census nor any other Census. He could have died in Ohio or Utah or along the trail.

In 1860 the family was living in Tooele, Tooele, Utah Territory.
William White, b. PA, 52, farmer.
Mary, wife, b. OH, 39.
Sarah, b. OH, 10.
Alma M., b. OH, 8.

William White died 22 Feb 1863 in Brigham City, Box Elder, UT. Source: Anderson Family Tree.

You should have original sources for all facts. I lot of mistakes are made by copying other's work. Utah didn't require death certificates until 1904. You can search for William's death cert (if there was one) at .

In 1870 Mary, Pheabe and Joseph were living in Moroni, Sanpete, Utah Territory.
Mary White, b. OH, 50, keeping house.
Pheabe, b. UT, 14.
Joseph, b. UT, 11.

In 1880, Mary and Joseph were living in Moroni.

Mary White died 9 April 1889 in Moroni. Source: Anderson Family Tree. You should look for her death certificate in the Utah Archives.

Now info on the children:
Sarah Ann White b. 1 March 1851 in Orange, Cuyhoga, Ohio. Source: Schaefer-Armstrong Tree,

I don't know how to look up birth dates in Ohio. Do a Google search for Ohio Birth Records.

Sarah married Richard Pierson Pilkington on 25 Oct. 1872, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT. Source: Schaefer-Armstrong Tree.

I'd contact the Salt Lake City County Clerk Recorder to see if they have the record. The marriage records for this county in archives start in 1887.

Richard Pierson Pilkington b. 22 July 1840, Bedford, Bedford, Pennsylvania. Source: Schaefer-Armstrong Tree.
I don't know about birth records in Pennsylvania. I'd do a Google search on Pennsylvania Birth Records.

In 1880 Richard and Sarah were living in Kelly, Warren, Illinois with the Steward family.
Richard Pilkington, brotherlaw [to David B. Steward], b. PA, 39, miner.
Sarah A., sisterlaw, b. OH, 29.
Harry, nephew, b. UT, 6.
William, nephew, b. NV, 2.

In 1885 the Pilkington family was living in District 46, Hyde, Dakota Territory.
Pilkington, Richard P. b. PA, 44, blacksmith.
Sarah A., b. OH, 34.
Harry, b. UT, 11, farmer.
William, b. NV, 7, farmer.

In 1900 the family was living in Highmore, Hyde, South Dakota.
Richard P. Pilkington, b. PA July 1840, Married 28 yrs, blacksmith.
Sarah A., b. OH, March 1851, gave birth to three children but only two alive in 1900.
William R., b. Nevada, 22, single, salesman.
John E. Waring, boarder.

In 1910 Richard And Sarah were living in Highmore, Hyde, SD.
Only new fact is that Richard does not have an occupation.

A Richard P. Pilkington
Died: 23 May 1914, Hyde Co. per death cert #39462
Source: South Dakota Death Index 1905-1955.

In 1930 Sadie and William are living in Highmore, Hyde, SD.
Sadie Pilkington, head, b. OH, 79, widow, no occupation.
William R., b. NV, 52, single, bobhauser? garage.

A Sarah A. Pilkington
Died: 17 Nov 1945 in Hyde Co.
Source: South Dakota Death Index 1905-55.

A William R. Pilkington
Died: Nov. 2, 1944 in Hyde Co.
Source: same as above.

An Alma Moroni White (son) was born 13 June 1847 in Scott, Van Wert, Ohio.

Alma married Rose Rhoda Wickham in 1868 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.
Source: Anderson Famiy Tree.

In 1870 their family was living in Moroni, Sanpete, Utah Terr.
Alma White, b. OH, 19, farmer.
Rose, wife, b. England, 23.
Rose, dau, b. UT, 4.
Sarah A., dau, b. UT, 5/12ths.

In 1880 the family was living in Moroni.
Alva White, b. OH, 27, laborer.
Rose, b. England, 30.
Rosella, b. UT, 14.
Sarah Alice, b. UT, 11.
Abbenza, dau, b. UT, 8.
Ka [page ripped], dau, b. UT, 6.
Alpha, son, b. UT, 4.
William, b. UT, 2.

The Utah Archives doesn't have these early birth certificates for this county. I'd contact the Sanpete County Clerk Recorder.

In 1900 they were living in Mount Pleasant, Sanpete, UT.
Alma M. White, b. OH June 1848, marr 32 yrs, sawyer.
Rose, b. England, May 1847, had given birth to 13 children but only nine alive in 1900.
Alma M., son, b. UT Aug 1875, day laborer.
Joseph, b. UT Nov 1880, day laborer.
Leona, b. UT, Oct 1883
Royal, son, b. UT Sept. 1888.
Daisy, b. UT June 1891.
Rose Andersen, dau, b. UT April 1868, divorced, had given birth to three children but one alive in 1900.
Myrtle Andersen, granddau, b. UT May 1887.

In 1920 the family was still in Mount Pleasant.
Alma White, b. OH, 72, laborer tanner, divorced.

Mrs. Rose White, head household, b. England, immigrated 1870 and naturalized in 1880.
Alma Jr., b. UT, 45, single, laborer farm.
Joseph, b. UT, 39, single.
Daisy, 28, b. UT, single.

Roy White, b. UT, farm laborer.
Gabrella, wife, b. Italy
Fontella, son, b. UT, 11.
Berkley, son, b. UT, 9.
Mersilla, dau, b. UT, 7.
Owen, b. UT, 5.
Lola, b. UT, 1.

In 1930 Alma White was living in Mount Pleasant, b. OH, 82, divorced.

An Alma M. White
Born: abt. 1848
Died: 8 Jan 1932, Sanpete Co. per state file #: 1932000088.
Source: Utah Death Registers 1847-1966.

An Alma M. White
Born: 13 June 1847, Scott, Ohio
Died: 8 Jan 1932, Mount Pleasant, UT
Buried: Mount Pleasant City Cemetery
Source: Sexton Records/Grant & Utah Cemetery Inventory.

You can request a copy of Alma's obituary from a volunteer at .
Scroll down to Statewide and choose one.

A Phoebe White was born November 3, 1855 in Provo, Utah and she married Christian Nelson. Source: Miller Family Tree,

In 1880 their family was living in Nez Perce, Idaho.
Christian Nelson, farmer, b. Denmark, 31.
Phoebe, wife, b. Utah Terr, 25.
Mary, b. Utah Terr, 7.
Tilda, b. Utah Terr, 5.
Rinaldo, son, b. OR, 3.
Jane, b. ID, 5/12ths.

In 1900 the family was living in Cottonwood, Whitman, Washington.
Christian Nelson, b. Denmark June 1848, immigrated 1865, naturalized before 1900, farmer.
Phoebe, b. UT Nov 1855, she gave birth to 11 children and all alive in 1900.
Renaldo, son, b. OR Nov 1877, farm laborer.
Katie, b. ID, Nov 1879, single.
Effie, b. ID Dec 1881, single.
Alice, b. ID Sept. 1883.
Mabel, b. ID, Sept. 1885.
Fannie, b. ID, May 1888.
Chrissie, b. ID April 1890.
Edith, b. WA, Sept. 1894.
Fred, b. WA Oct 1897.

The Washington State Digital Archives has great birth, marriage and death records.

In 1910 the family was living in St. John, Whitman, WA.
Christian Nelson, b. Denmark, 64, imm 1854, naturalized, marr 39 yrs, retired farmer.
Phoebe, b. UT, 55, gave birth to 11 children but only 10 are alive in 1910.
REnaldo, b. WA, 31, single, no occupation.
Christin, son, b. WA, 18, single.
Edith, b. WA, 16.
Freddie, b. WA, 12.
Dora Jacobi, granddau, b. WA, 15.

In 1920 the family was living in Saint John. Christian died after the 1910 Census and before the 1920 Census. I didn't find him in the Washington State Digital Archives. I'd do a Google search on the Whitman Washington Clerk Recorder and ask if they have his death record.

In 1920 Phoebe and children were living in Saint John.
Phoebe Nelson, b. UT, 64, widow, no occupation.
Renaldo, b. WA, 42, single, farmer wheat.
Chrissie L., b. ID, 28, single, farmer wheat.
Freddie, b. WA, 22, single, laborer farm.
William W. Case, sonlaw, b. WA, 32, laborer lumber yard.
Mable M. Case, dau, b. ID, 32.
Orlan W. Case, grandson, b. WA, 8.

In 1930 Phoebe and Fred were living in Saint John.
Phoebe Nelson, b. UT, 75, widow.
Fred, b. WA, 32, single, farmer.
Gust Guslgvadin, hired man.

Their neighbors were Samuel, Mary and children Nelson.

A Phoebe Nelson
Age: 81
Died: Colfax, Whitman, Washington, 11 Nov 1936
Father: William White
Spouse: Christian Nelson
Source: Washington State Digital Archives

Contact the Whitman County Genealogical Society, for a copy of her obituary. They do charge a fee.

A Joseph White b. 9 April 1859 in Camp Floyd, Utah, Utah. Source: Anderson Family Tree,

Joseph married a Mary Ann Ames on 17 Dec 1880 in Moroni, Sanpete, Utah. Source: Robinson Family Tree,

I'd contact the Sanpete County Clerk Recorder and ask about their marriage license. The Utah Archives records start in 1890.

In 1910 Joseph and family were living in Battle Ground, Custer, Idaho.
Joseph White, b. UT, 51, farmer, marr 30 yrs.
Mary A., wife, b. UT, 48, had given birth to nine children but only eight alive in 1910.
J. Orlando, son, b. UT, 27, farmer, single.
Okey Burdette, son, b. UT, 12.
William Lisle, b. UT, 9.
Samuel Earl, b. UT, 5.

In 1920 the family was living in Battle Ground.
Joseph White, b. UT, 60, stokman @ ranch.
Mary, b. UT, 58.
Orlando, son, b. UT, 34, single, general farmer.
Oakie B., son, b. UT, 22, single, laborer stock ranch.
Lyle, b. UT, 19, laborer stock ranch.
Earl, b. UT, 15.

A Joseph White
Born: 9 April 1859
Died: 25 Nov 1927, MacKay, Custer, ID per death cert #060298.
Source: Idaho Death Index 1911-51.

You can contact the South Custer County Historical Society, PO Box 355, Mackay, 83251 and ask if they have a volunteer to copy an obituary for you.

Now you can work on the next generation. You'll need access to Census records. Most libraries provide this access to HeritageQuest if you have a library card. You can look up the info while at home.

Some of the larger U. S. Libraries also have other genealogy resources. You'll learn more too if you join a local genealogical society. Successful Searching!

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