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Tecumseh and the Ice Family

Tecumseh and the Ice Family

Susan Palma (View posts)
Posted: 968953276000
I am searching for information on Tecimseh son of Mary Ice and a Shawnee Indian chief. Mary was caputured and adopted by the Indians. Any info........would be nice.

Tucumseh to Susan

R. Lowe (View posts)
Posted: 970013609000
I have read many books on this and have found nothing.
My fouth Great Gramma was Priscilla Ice daughter of William - Mary was his sister.
Too bad they couldn't do DNA to prove or disprove this.
Good Luck!
R. Lowe

Re: Tucumseh to Susan

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Surnames: Cross/Barker/Edgell/Trader/Tecumseh/Galloway/Bayles/Ice/Chief Pucksinwah"Hardstriker"
Dear R. Lowe,
Funny you should mention about DNA testing. They proved that Shawnee Chief Pucksinwah/Hardstriker`s adopted son Bluejacket was really of native american bloodline-(not adopted white) through DNA test last year! (He may have been Hardstriker`s son through previous union).
I will be content not to have Tecumseh`s bones disturbed again (as they are buried in secret location only known by few). I am the present holder of our Shawnee Sacred Stonehead Peacepipe/warclub. Tecumseh was presented our Ancient Sacred Stonehead peacepipe warclub in 1791. Ottawa Chief Noonday retrieved Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandpa Tecumseh`s one feathered fur hat & the Ancient Sacred Peacepipe/Warclub on the battlefield Oct. 5th 1813.It was presented to Tecumseh`s son Paukeesaa/ Cat Pouncing. It was quietly passed down through our family through (Elias Edgel & Matilda Trader/Edgell, to their daughter Mary Ann Edgel/Barker who married David Barker, who passed it to their daughter (my dad`s mom) Zania Bell Barker/Cross, who married Wm. Wesley Cross, (my Grandma" Zainy" passed it to their oldest daughter Olive Cross/Cox who married Shawnee blood Neil Cox.Aunt Olive & her newborn son died in 1918 flu epedemic. They had daughter Genevive Cox / Rodgers who later married tribal blood Elmo Rodgers. My first cousin Genevive`s oldest son Neil Rodgers was presented Sacred Stone from my Uncle Neil Cox, & Neil Rodgers presented it to me in 1991. Tecumseh was presented in 1791 & 200 years later the honor was bestowed on me, & I was presented our Algonkian Nation/Shawnee Tribe Kispokothe Sept`s Ancient Sacred Stone. Tecumseh predicted that his 7th generation would be rounding up our tribes-I have met many of our tribal bloodline through researching my ancestry. Sincerely, "ShawneeMary"

Re: Tucumseh to Susan

Posted: 1034209684000
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Surnames: tompkins
i am trying to find out any info on tucumseh
waas told that he waas family
he had a son named joseph.
need lineage line to freestone co. texas
if possible
if not anything to where i can start

Re: Tucumseh to Susan or Bonnie

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Surnames: Cross/Barker/Edgell/Trader/Ice/Galloway/Bayles
Dear Bonnie,
Have you found out anymore since 2002?
I have new e-mail, was buckeyeweb, but now is currently I have met many of our Tecumseh through internet. John Mathew has Ice ancestry site, you can contact him at and you could be in contact with many related to Tecumseh.Perhaps this will help you find your connection.
Sincerely, ShawneeMary

Native American Heritage

Posted: 1111947990000
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Surnames: Murray (Murry), Terrill, Galloway, Lamberson, Long, Hough
Dear Shawnee Mary Cross: What interesting reading!!
I have just found in last two weeks my grandmother's grandparents, James Murry (Murray) and Emiline (Emily) Terrill, m 24 Jan 1850 in Howard county MO, and Emily's parents, Fountain Terrill of KY and Rebecca Galloway of OH, dau of Major James Galloway. I have read several accountings of Tecumseh and Rebecca Galloway, pro and con on their relationship and safe passage to the Galloways granted by Tecumseh. I solicit your comments on it.
I have always been told by my father, I am now 68, that his heritage was Cherokee. We were taught by Dad to count to ten in Indian. I just found out today, not Cherokee language counting. I am attaching a picture to this msg of Grandma taken many years ago, note heritage... Appreciate yr comments and any others reading this. Thanks Bob Long

Re: Native American Heritage

Mary Cross (View posts)
Posted: 1112771695000
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Surnames: Cross/Barker/Ice Barker/Edgell/Trader/Ice/Galloway Stone/Standingstone
Dear Bob Long,

I have to agree with you that your Grandma has the Native American Tribal look! ;) She resembles a first cousin very much. She probably is Shawnee.....and probably Cherokee and othe tribeal ancestry as well.
Personally speaking, I am Tecumseh`s 4 Gr. Granddaughter, (7th generation). I am the Holder of our Algonkian Nation Shawnee Tribe Kispokotha Sept`s Ancient Sacred Stonehead Warclub since presented in 1991. This piece was Tecumseh` personal favorite. My Vision Quest of rounding up our Tribal people has been a lifelong passion. I have always been interested in genealogy since early youth. I recently turned 49, and 40 years ago I was twice born of the Spirit, Y`shua is our Great High Chief, & soon coming Savior. Our Ancients worshipped Yo-He Wah, = YHWH, =Yahweh, as did our Ancient Hebrew Tribal Ancestors. Although I have Algonkian Nation Ancestry from both my parents, I am Powhatan, Shawnee, Cherokee, Creek, Wyandot, Seneca, Dakota, Delaware, Kanaway, Kickapoo, Muskogee, and Hebrew & other Tribal background as well.
All of this fits into Prophesy, so many of us finding our Native Tribal Roots. The Elhiea = Aliyeh = ingathering of the scattered tribes is presently taking place, and the ingathering of the "lost tribes", of the Hebraic tribes are returning to our Ancient homelands. In Holy Prophetic Scriptures in Jeremiah 31 (regather) & Ezekiel 36:24 (from all countries) it speaks of this ingathering that will eclipse the time when the Hebrew tribes made Exodus out of Egypt!
I believe that the language was the Algonquian Tongue (language) which was what our Woodland tribes spoke, there were different dialects spoken among our Algonkian Nation.
For further reading on this subject of Tecumseh may I suggest "TECUMSEH AN INDIAN MOSES" by Wm. H. Van Hoose, & A SORROW IN OUR HEART ; THE LIFE OF TECUMSEH by Allan W. Eckert, & PANTHER IN THE SKY by James Alexander Thom, & TECUMSEH, & TECUMSEH`S LAST STAND by John Sugden, & Tecumseh Shawnee rebel by robert Cwiklik.
Another great & helpful book I would recommend is INDIAN BLOOD ; FINDING YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTOR (VOL.1, 2 ,& 3) BY Richard Pangburn which lists surnames that you can connect your ancestors surnames with, a wonderful sourcebook.
I believe that you can find some of these at your local library, & if they don`t have what you want you can have them do an interlibrary loan for you. I hope that this response has been helpful and you can reach me at my current E/dress.

Re: Native American Heritage

Posted: 1141719567000
Classification: Query
i am adopted half native american, from a parent, whom i inherited a somewhat rare form of epilepsy from. i have a twin sister who also lived in fairfield county, ohio and has been seen for many years by my friends who've thought she was me. i'm 47 right now 48 this year.
when i was very young mom took us over to shawnee, ohio and right before we got there i asked her this, "i'm shawnee, right?", and she said, "yes, that's right." i remember saying makoce shawnee alot at that age as well.
in elementary school we had a new classmate by name of belinda baer whom we were told was an indian. it was the '60's. some boys were making life hard for her because they said their parents said bad things about indians. the teacher in educating them that not all indians were alike but some were good people began to talk about famous chiefs of ohio among the shawnee. she said a girl in the class was a descendant of one such famous chief. if i remember right she said it was tecumseh. what i've read on the net though leads me to believe he died without any children. his first wife died in childbirth and rebekah did not marry him. would you be interested in sharing your genealogy with me. it's very important to the treatment of the epilepsy my son and i have, and future generations that i gather all family medical history on the individual i inherited it from. the neurologist said that person would be full-blooded as that's the only way i could pass it to a male child. he further said that person would probably not be able to maneuver through life or hold down a job. do you know of anyplace where a person might be able to find out about twin indian girls given up or taken for adoption, born 1958 or thereabouts, possibly adopted in 1962? thanks, i look forward to your reply.

Re: Tucumseh to Susan

Dana Cash (View posts)
Posted: 1150408957000
Classification: Query

I hope you get this message. You may be as close as I have come to finding out the truth. My mother told me over and over when I was little that Chief Tecumseh was my great, great, great, great (it must be more great's than that, but what does a child remember???) grandfather. I would love to try and establish the connection. I know it was on my mothers side of the family. Her mother's maiden name was Byers. Can you help me?

- Dana

Re: Native American Heritage

Valerie Estorga (View posts)
Posted: 1153418968000
Classification: Query
Surnames: maisonville
Page 236
"In the year 1787 the Spanish government, to protect the settlements against the hostile incursion of these Indians, invited a band of 1200 Shawnese and 600 Delawares to remove from the Miami country in Ohio to Upper Louisiana, which invitation the Indians were not slow to accept. The French, for whom they always had a strong attachment, had been driven out of Ohio, and some of the traders had sought refuge in the country beyond the Mississippi. These the Indians were ready to follow. They were placed under the direction of Louis Lorimier, and were distributed along the frontier from the Meramec to the Arkansas. They lived in villages, some of a half dozen families, others of a much larger number. One, known to the French as Le Grand Village Sauvage (the big Indian village), was situated not far from the present town of Uniontown, in Perry County, and contained at one time as many as 500 inhabitants. This was a Shawnee village, and a sister of the great chief Tecumseh resided here. She was a famous beauty, remarkable for her intelligence, and while on a visit to some of her tribe near New Madrid, was wooed and won by a French Creole, Francois Maisonville. They were married according to the Indian custom. At about this time Tecumseh visited Upper Louisiana to induce the various tribes to join in the war against the whites and hearing of the marriage of his sister, became greatly incensed, and forced her to return to her old home. She remained for a few months, but before the end of the year returned to her husband. They lived happily together for many years, and reared a family of five or six children."

Antoine Francois Maisonville Rivard dit Loranger-Laculotte - born about 1755-died after 1819-, living in Apple Creek village MO by 1782, husband 1782 of Menewalaukoose, brother in law of Tecumseh & Cheeseekau, father of Francois MaisonvilleRivard dit Loranger-Lacullotte born about 1791-died about 1856 - from Apple Creek village MO, son of Menewaulakoose & Antoine Francois Maisonville, nephew of Tecumseh, nephew & son in law of Cheeseekau, husband before 1811 of Teciekeapease aka Genevieve Marie Cheeseekau, father of Francois Jr 1811, Modest 1819 & Angelica Maisonville/1826-all 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek

The above information is from the Missouri Genelogy that have the documented records. There's more information however this is a portion of my line. Francois was my gggggggrandfather we know he was married to Tecumseh's sister I was wondering if you have any information on the above.
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