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European Origin

European Origin

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Would like to know what country Vent originated. I think its German or Austrian but not sure. I know there is a town called Vent Austria

Origin of Vent's

Henning Vent (View posts)
Posted: 980626590000
The issue of origin of "Vent" as a name remains mystery to me despite tracing down my father's folks to German/Danish areas around Eckernfoerde, Rendsburg, Flensburg.
The Vent's there were guildsmen, organists,
teachers, fishers, dating from mid-1600's. The name was found in various census, etc.
documents as Wendt, Vendt, Vent. The problem is complicated by the existence of low-German, and the change of the territory and language boundaries between Germany (Prussia) and Denmark in the 19th century.

origins of "Vent"

Henning Vent (View posts)
Posted: 980627068000
Follow-up on same subject - around
northern Germany, southern Denmark (i.e. Schleswig-Holstein area) there were
Wendisch tribes co-existing with Angles
and Jutes. The Wends were driven out of
the area by around 1000 a.d., even as
the Angles-Saxons and Jutes had migrated to England. However, there are still towns in
the Schleswig-Holstein area whose names
reflect Wendish influence,- Windeby, e.g. and people with that background may have been called "wends" - such that an ancestor Hans Wendt in 1660 lived in Rendsburg as
a town scribe, guildsman and towncouncillor.

Vent Name

Freda Vent (View posts)
Posted: 980766129000
MY name is Freda Married to J.J. Vent. Looking for Vent ancestors. Please reply.

Freda Vent

Nephews Aunts

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I happen to be one of your relatives. I am your long lost nephew Little George of Dallas,Texas. Hey Aunt Freda, how are you doing? Tell Uncle Jay and Jamie I said hello!Did you read the reply from Henning Vent to my request on Vent origins from Europe its pretty interesting. e-mail-

Nephews Aunts

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I am your long lost nephew Little George of Dallas Texas,not an ancestor but a living breathing relative. How are you doing? tell Uncle Jay and Jamie I said Hello. Did you read the reply Henning Vent gave to me on the European origins of Vent? Its pretty interesting. Anyway, good to taslk to you and take care.

Vent Origin

Pam Dickey U.E. (View posts)
Posted: 984571071000
I have traced my ancestor back to 1738 and have a document that states that "he came to the Americas from Germany". His name was Adam Vent born 1738.

Re: European Origin

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Surnames: Vent, Vint
I have discovered that certainly in Scotland, Ireland and England the names Vint and Vent are often interchangeable ie in one set of records the person is recorded as Vent and then in another as Vint. This does not help greatly with origins although Vint is the predominant form in the UK. for further discussion on the name Vint see
happy hunting

Re: origins of "Vent"

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You know this makes sense as Vent and Wint is not found much anywhere. You can barely find it in a phone book but Wendt would be pronounced VENT. I'm checking on this but darn it i'm having a devil of a time finding out when adam vent came to the USA he's got to be in the records and i bet i'm not finding it because it's spelled wrong.

Re: origins of "Vent"

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Btw i took german and Wendt if i remember things right is VENT..
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