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Steffey-Bedford Rural Retreat VA

Steffey-Bedford Rural Retreat VA

Lynda King (View posts)
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Per family Bible GGparents were Jacob P Steffey 10/22/1847-02/28/1918 Sarah Ellen Steffey(maiden) Steffey 07/06/1851-06/27/1922.GGGparents were David 04/27/1816 (born) and Rebecca Cormany Steffey who married on Oct 02, 1836. Per bible David Rebecca were Sarah Ellen Steffey Steffey's parents. Does not show in David Steffey pedigree. Did the person who did David Rebecca unaware they had a daughter named Sarah?? In same bible reference to John Franklin (Steffey???) born Sept 26, 1817. Was he Jacob P. Steffey's Father? Thanks for help.

John Wesley Steffey

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Do you have any record of a John Wesley Steffey in
your family bible? I need to know who his parents
were. He was from Rural Retreat, Wythe Co.
Thank you for your time.

David Steffey

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(1) 1 David Steffey
Birth: 27 Apr 1816, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 24 Oct 1855, St. Paul Cemetary, Rural Retreat, Virginia
Father: Johann (John) Steffey (1745-1836)
Mother: Rosanna Phillippi (1780-1835)

Spouse: Rebecca Cormany
Birth: 18 Apr 1817, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 31 Jan 1890
Marr: 2 Oct 1836

Children: John Franklin (1837-1910)
Stephen Josiah (1839-)
Malinda (1843-1917)
Peter T. (1845-1909)
Martin B. (1846-1915)
Mary E. (1849-1861)
Sarah Ellen (1851-1922)
Alexander Aaron (1853-1855)

(2) 1.1 John Franklin Steffey
Birth: 26 Nov 1837, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 24 May 1910, Rural Retreat, Virginia
Burial: Mountain View Cemeterey Rural Retreat, Virginia

Spouse: Lucretia Jane Buck
Birth: 5 Nov 1844, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 26 Aug 1905, Rural Retreat, Virginia
Marr: 5 Aug 1860, Wythe County, Virginia

Children: David (1867-1932)

(2) 1.2a Stephen Josiah Steffey*
Birth: Dec 1839, Wythe County, Virginia

Spouse: Sarah M. Umbarger
Birth: Wythe County, Virginia
Death: Wythe County, Virginia
Marr: 1865

Children: James Albert (1869-1950)
Simon David (1870-)
Cora I.

Other Spouses Catherine Rosenbaum

(2) 1.2b Stephen Josiah Steffey* (See above)

Spouse: Catherine Rosenbaum
Marr: 17 Dec 1875, Smyth County, Virginia

Other Spouses Sarah M. Umbarger

(2) 1.3 Malinda Steffey
Birth: 5 Jan 1843, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 24 Dec 1917, Wythe County, Virginia
Burial: Mountain View Cemeterey Rural Retreat, Virginia

Spouse: Calvin S. Lindsey
Marr: 9 Oct 1861, Wythe County, Virginia

Children: Virginia Alice (1862-1940)
Sarah R (1864-1938)
John David (1867-1936)
Mary C. (1869-1870)
Minnie L (1872-1948)
Josie J (1874-1877)
Ella Paulina (1876-1961)
Martin Luther (1880-1962)
Effie May (1885-1912)

(2) 1.4 Peter T. Steffey
Birth: 5 Feb 1845, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 23 Mar 1909, Wythe County, Virginia

Spouse: Mary Ellen Keesling
Birth: Mar 1850, Cedar Springs, Virginia
Death: 1929
Father: John Keesling
Mother: Mariah Painter
Marr: 3 Jan 1868, Wythe County, Virginia

Children: Jacob E. (1871-1938)
Thomas Franklin (1873-1959)
Lucy Elvira (1875-1962)
Stephen Josiah (1879-1956)
Mary Ellen (1881-1886)
Elbert Mack (1883-1965)
Worley Crockett (1886-1971)
Ovella L (1888-)

(2) 1.5 Martin B. Steffey
Birth: 28 Feb 1846, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 12 Jan 1915
Burial: Mountain View Cemeterey Rural Retreat, Virginia

Spouse: Margaret Ann Steffey
Birth: 22 Jul 1845, Smyth County, Virginia
Death: 11 Mar 1920
Father: Francis Steffey
Mother: Catherine Goodman
Marr: 11 Sep 1866, Smyth County, Virginia

Children: Robert Kent (1867-1912)
Stewart Gilbert (1869-1950)
Frederick Otto (1872-)
Ocie M. (1878-)
Roberta F (1879-1951)
Irvin Harvey (1884-1934)
Henry G (1886-1890)
Dorthy Grace (1888-1958)
Marissa A (1890-)
Oscar (1892-)

(2) 1.6 Mary E. Steffey
Birth: 3 May 1849, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 12 Sep 1861
Burial: St. Paul Cemetary, Rural Retreat, Virginia

(2) 1.7 Sarah Ellen Steffey
Birth: 6 Jul 1851, Wythe County, Virginia
Death: 27 Jun 1922

Spouse: Jacob P. Steffey
Birth: 22 Oct 1847, Smyth County, Virginia
Death: 26 Feb 1918
Father: Francis Steffey
Mother: Catherine Goodman
Marr: 18 Jul 1872, Smyth County, Virginia

Children: Manettie B (1873-1878)
Helena Alice (1873-1961)
David Francis (1877-1952)
Clara Jane (1880-1937)
Sarah Virginia (1882-1964)
Lawrense M (1885-1961)

(2) 1.8 Alexander Aaron Steffey
Birth: 20 Oct 1853
Death: 22 Jul 1855


Lucretia Jane spouse of (2) 1.1
Rebecca spouse of (1) 1
Mary Ellen spouse of (2) 1.4
Calvin S. spouse of (2) 1.3
Effie May child of (2) 1.3
Ella Paulina child of (2) 1.3
John David child of (2) 1.3
Josie J child of (2) 1.3
Martin Luther child of (2) 1.3
Mary C. child of (2) 1.3
Minnie L child of (2) 1.3
Sarah R child of (2) 1.3
Virginia Alice child of (2) 1.3
Catherine spouse of (2) 1.2b
Alexander Aaron (2) 1.8
Clara Jane child of (2) 1.7
Cora I. child of (2) 1.2a
David (1) 1
David child of (2) 1.1
David Francis child of (2) 1.7
Dorthy Grace child of (2) 1.5
Elbert Mack child of (2) 1.4
Frederick Otto child of (2) 1.5
Helena Alice child of (2) 1.7
Henry G child of (2) 1.5
Irvin Harvey child of (2) 1.5
Jacob E. child of (2) 1.4
Jacob P. spouse of (2) 1.7
James Albert child of (2) 1.2a
John Franklin (2) 1.1
Lawrense M child of (2) 1.7
Lucy Elvira child of (2) 1.4
Malinda (2) 1.3
Manettie B child of (2) 1.7
Margaret Ann spouse of (2) 1.5
Marissa A child of (2) 1.5
Martin B. (2) 1.5
Mary E. (2) 1.6
Mary Ellen child of (2) 1.4
Ocie M. child of (2) 1.5
Oscar child of (2) 1.5
Ovella L child of (2) 1.4
Peter T. (2) 1.4
Robert Kent child of (2) 1.5
Roberta F child of (2) 1.5
Sarah Ellen (2) 1.7
Sarah Virginia child of (2) 1.7
Simon David child of (2) 1.2a
Stephen Josiah (2) 1.2a
Stephen Josiah child of (2) 1.4
Stewart Gilbert child of (2) 1.5
Thomas Franklin child of (2) 1.4
Worley Crockett child of (2) 1.4
Sarah M. spouse of (2) 1.2a

Michael Steffey

Ken Berry (View posts)
Posted: 959539036000
Would your Steffey Family Bible list the children of Michael Steffey (died in Rural Retreat in 1814)?

Jacob Steffey

Posted: 962365139000
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I have been reading the postings in search of information about Conrad Steffey/Steffy/Stiffey and other variant spellings.

I saw your reference to a Jacob Steffey. I have a Jocob Steffey b. abt 1846 and am wondering if he is connected to your line.

My Jacob's father was Conrad Steffy. Both were born in Pennsylvania but Conrad's father was born in Virginia. Would there be any reference to a Conrad in your family? I have no idea when my Conrad moved to Pennsylvania.

The 1860 census shows:

Conrad Steffy age 45 laborer born PA
Sarah age 38
Isaac L. age 16
Jacob age 14
Edward age 10
Sarah A. age 8
James age 3

Judging by the parents' ages, there are probably older children that I have yet to find!

I cannot find him in the census index for 1850.

If you have any link with the family I would love to hear from you.


John Wesley Steffey

Joyce McDonald (View posts)
Posted: 963499578000
This was my Great-Great Grandfather. I did about 8 months of traveling and research last year for a reunion we had. I have all marriage lic. back as far as the 1700's when the Steffeys came to America from Switzerland. If you would like more information please contact me. I have a copy of his marriage lic. along with his brothers Pleasant J. Steffey. These 2 brothers married sisters.

Re: John Wesley Steffey

Posted: 991942215000
Edited: 993959161000
I am the ggranddaughter of John Wesley Steffey who married Hannah Nichols. Their son George Steffey was my grandfather. George married Virginia Nichols. Their son who is my father was Charles McCoy Steffey who married Hazel Marie Fife in Pike Co., Ky. Are we looking at the same John Wesley Steffey?

Re: John Wesley Steffey

Posted: 1065490898000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Steffey / Lamb
John Wesley Steffey & Hannah (Nickels) Steffey were my great grandparents. Their daughter Martha (Steffey) Lamb was my grandmother. Her oldest son Bob Lamb was my father. I am his youngest child. We resided in Pike Co., Ky. Any infomation you have would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Steffey-Bedford Rural Retreat VA

Posted: 1065761489000
Classification: Query
from my information sarah ellen steffey had a brother john franklin but i have him born on nov 26 1837 i hope this helps

Re: John Wesley Steffey

Posted: 1489351161000
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Surnames: Steffey
I would appreciate this info so much. Carol
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