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Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840 (m) Zelia Ingersoll?

Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840 (m) Zelia Ingersoll?

Dwight Marvin (View posts)
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Surnames: Hoxie, Ingersoll
Can anyone identify Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840? He married
Zelia Ingersoll, the daughter of Samuel Ingersoll Abigail Matthews
of Sussex Co., NJ.

Re: Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840 (m) Zelia Ingersoll?

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The only "Captain" Hoxie I know of was John Hoxie, a Texas Ranger probably born about this time. (??) Captain is a rank in the Texas Rangers. Family history says he went to Nome, Alaska (from Texas?) during the Yukon gold rush and owned a saloon with Wyatt Earp (1898?)

My mother (Doris Pomeroy - mother was Florida Hoxie whose father was C.D. Hoxie of Concord, MI) said he was her Great-uncle. I also think he was the one that she said called all of his dogs "Captain"; maybe because of his being a Ranger??

His being a Ranger was documented in a book I read as a cchild about the Hoxies. It was a family tree in book form. It started with Ludwig Hoxie in Sandwich, MA in 1643. Ludwig came from Holland, but I think he sailed from tthere and was English or scottish living there (a Separatist/Pligrim) or that was taken from a ships log. Sometimes ships sailed from England and stopped in Holland before crossing the Atlantic (for provisions, trade goods, passengers??).

I read a blog here that said the name came from Hawk's eye (eye pronounced long E; means island in ancient celtic, like Chelsea meaning Chells eye - SEE: the novel "London" by Edward Rutherford).

Hope this helps.

Eli Goldsmith

Re: Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840 (m) Zelia Ingersoll?

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Surnames: Hoxie, Hoxsie, Hauksie, Hoxsey
I have heard about this so called book "Hoxies in America" multiple times; I imagine there is a Hoxie out there that might know the whereabouts? I am trying to pickup some of the scraps that my grandfather started related to our family heritage.



Re: Captain Hoxie, b abt. 1840 (m) Zelia Ingersoll?

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Rick, Sorry about the delay. I believe the book is still available at Amazon or one of the online stores. If memory serves, it was $35.

I may have read one of the messages on this site that someone (a lady) has them for sale. ???

Sorry I don't remember more recent events all that well - only long-term.

Also, I read somewhere on line that a person "thinks" that Hoxie (frim Hawks/Hauks Eye) and all similar names,e.g., Hawkshaw, are all the same name.

I considered this and have arrived at a thesis that while they may be RELATED as a family, they do actually denote the Hawk family living in different parts of a particular area. Hawkseye=the Hawk (family or tribe) that lived on or near an Island; Hawkshaw=the Hawk (family or tribe) that lived by or near a copse or small forest.

There is simply too much difference in meaning to ascribe a DIRECT descendancy of any fmaily line; however, if one goes back to pre- or immediate post-Roman times - that is Celtic/Bryhonic (sp)times it may be ALL ONE LARGE family/clan as I stated earlier, and which I think may have some merit.

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