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Heyden's from Jarmen, Germany

Heyden's from Jarmen, Germany

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William Heyden==I attempted to send an E-Mail
to you at It was returned so I
am not sure if it got through to you. If you
did not receive it please send me your complete
E-Mail to and I will get
in touch with you again. Thanks...Harlan

Heyden Family from Pommern

Cary Christopher (View posts)
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I have a long list of the descendants of Claus Heyden of Spantekow and Iven, Kreis Anklam, Pommern. He was a vollbauer (full farmer) at these villages, born about 1673. He fathered about 12 children by two wives. Some stayed at Krien/Crien, others moved elsewhere. If you look on a map you will find Jarmen is only about 20 miles away from Jarmen. Contact me if you'd like add'l info.

Heyden from Jarmen and Krien/Crien

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Dear Cary Christopher. You certainly have
traced your line back a long distance (1673)
I would certainly be interested in your Claus
Heyden 1673 line. I have JOACHIM HEYDEN b
1748 in Weitin, Mecklenburg-Stelitz and m
Margaretha Dammanns Oct 2225, 1771. Child:
Jochim Ernst Heyden b Oct 18, 1774 m. Anna
Sophia Eichler Dec 3, 1790 in Weitin. Child:
Jurgen Jacob Heyden b Dec 8, 1793 in Weitin
m. Luise Euphrosine Carline Liese Aug 19, 1816
in Jarmen. Child: Carl Christian Friedrich
Heyden b June 5, 1823 in Jarmen m Maria
Christina Caroline Koehn Aug 18, 1844. Son:
August Johann Heinrich Heyden b Sep 20-, 1844
m. Emma Willamenna Strelow Oct 29, 1871 in
Jarmen. August (Henry) immigratead to Chicago,
IL in 1872 Son: Emil Fredrick Albert Heyden
b Sep 18, 1873 in Chicago, IL. Married
Belva Lockheart Smith Mar 13, 1901 in
Burton, NE. Son: William Lloyd Heyden b 1902
m. Margaret Elizabeth Painter Jan 10, 1923
Thanks so much for your help.
Harlan Heyden

Heyden Family in Pommern

Cary Christopher (View posts)
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Sorry about the delay, Harlan, but here is the info I could put together on the Heyden family of Krien, Iven and Spantekow, Kreis Anklam, Pommern (just a short distance from Jarmen and Mecklenburg):

Heyden baptisms at Krien (1718-1728):

Jochen Heyden, born 1715, died 1776, son of
Claus Heyden and Maria Salchow
Niclas Heyden, born 1718, same parents
Hans Jochen Heyden, born 1719, son of
Michel Heyden
Anna Catharina Heyden, born 1719, daughter of
Hans Heyden
Daniel Heyden, born 1719, son of Claus Heyden
and Maria Salchow
Dorothea Heyden, born 1720, died 1794, dau.
of Hans Heyden
Rosien Heyden, born 1721, dau. of Martien
Ilse Heyden, born 1721, daughter of Claus
Heyden and Maria Salchow
Martien Ditloff Heyden, born 1723, died 1789,
son of Martien Heyden
Maria Heyden, born 1723, died 1788, dau. of
Hans Heyden
---- Heyden (name not legible), born 1723,
son of Claus Heyden and Maria Salchow
Christian Heyden, born 1724, died 1803, son
of Claus Heyden and Maria Salchow
Philip Heyden, born 1725, son of Hans Heyden
Ilse Marie Heyden, born 1725, died 1729,
dau. of Martien Heyden
Marentz Heyden, born 1726, dau. of Philip
Marie Dorothie Heyden, born 1726, dau. of
Juergen Heyden
Regine Dorthie Heyden, born 1727, dau. of
Martien Heyden
Jacob Heyden, born 1728, son of Claus Heyden
and Maria Salchow
Also: Jochen Heyden's daughter appears as a
godparent to Dorothea Heyden's baptism in
1718, and Juergen Heyden is a godparents to Jochen Salchow's child's baptism in 1719.

Also appearing as godparents as Jochen Salchow's twin children born in 1726 are:

Marie Heydens from Strippow (a nearby village), Martien Heyden, Johann Niclaus von Scheven, and Jochen Heyden from Demmin.

Here are some other births from another baptism register from Krien which may be of interest to you:

Christian Heyden, born 1677, son of Claus Heyden (possibly the father of the Claus Heyden listed above)
Leta Heyden, born 1693, died 1756 at Krien,
daughter of Claus Heyden and Isle Witten
Johann Tobias Heyden, born 1702, son of Jochen Heyden.
Philipp Heyden, born 1695, son of Claus Heyden and Isle Witten.

Plus there were other children of Claus Heyden and Ilse Witten. Here is Claus Heyden's death entry at Krien:

Claus Heyden, witwer (widower) and vollbauer (farmer), in der erste Ehe mti Ilse Witten 6 Jahre gelebt und 4 Kinder gezeugt: 2 Soehne und 2 Toechter, eine Tochter tot; in 2 Ehe mit Maria Salchow, die 1 1/2 Jahre vor ihm gestorben, 43 Jahre mit ihm gelebt und 7 Kinder gezeugt, davon 6 Soehne und 1 Tochter, 3 Soehne tot. Gestorben am 15/9/1758, 88 Jahre alt und 14 Tage.

Maria Salchow, des diesigen Vollbauern Claus Heydens Ehefrau, gestorben am 31.3.1756, 71 Jahre und 7 Monate alt. Hat 7 Kinder und 12 Enkel.

I have additional information on the families of Claus Heyden's children if you'd like. Let me know.

Heyden's from Pommern

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Dear Gary Christopher,
Thank you so very much for all of the information
that you sent on the Heyden families of Pommern
Seems that Christian Heyden born 1677 might be
the father of Claus Heyden and Maria Salchow,
with children: Jochem 1715-Niclas 1718-Hans Jochem 1719-
Michel-Anna Catherina 1719-Daniel 1719-
Ilse b 1721-Christian b 1724 -Jacob 1728.
I fine Claus Heyden and Isle Witten and also
Claus Heyden and Maria Salchow which may be a
second marriage? Additional information would
be appreciated on Claus Heyden's children.
Thanks so much. Harlan Heyden

Heyden Family in Pommern

Cary Christopher (View posts)
Posted: 963535651000
If I understand correctly, any child of Claus Heyden was born about 1670. He was married to (1) Ilse Witten for 6 years, then (2) Maria Salchow from 1713 to 1757. My guess (at this point it's only a guess) is that Claus Heyden's father is actually Claus Heyden (senior), the father of Christian Heyden born 1677 at Krien. All told, Claus Heyden has 13 children (8 sons, 5 daughters) by his two wives.

The records of Claus Heyden's (1670-1758) descendants that I have documented, in no specific order, are as follows:

Jochen Heyden (1715-1776) married (1) Beat Zander (year unknown, she died before 1760); (2) Marie Dorthie Wodrich married 1760. Children of Beat Zander wife #1:

Jochen Heyden (1741-1745)
Michael Christian Heyden, (1743-1745)
Catharina Dorothie Heyden (1756-1757)
Caspar Heyden (1748-1774)
Johann Martin Wilhelm Heyden (1751-1778)

Children of Marie Dorthie Wodrich,wife #2:
Catharine Dorthie Heyden (1761-?)
Johann Tobias Heyden (1763-1763)
Ilsabe Beat Heyden (1764-?)
Michel Juergen Heyden (1766-?)
Maria Dorthie Heyden (1769-1826)
Catharine Elisabeth Heyden (1772-?)
Jacob Heyden (1728-1783) married Regine Wodrich in 1760. Children:

Beat Dorthie Heyden (1761-?)
Johann Gottlieb Jacob Heyden (1764-1794)
Marie Heyden (1766-1791)
Johann Juergen Heyden (1768-1769)
Catharine Sophie Heyden (1770-1770)
Johann Christian (1771-1814)
Catharine Sophie Heyden (1774-?)
Christian Heyden (1724-1803) married twice. Wife (1) was Cathrien/Catharina Gensse or Gentze (1728-1764) married 1749. Wife (2) was Catharina Maria Mittelstaedt, married 1765. Children of both:

Christian Heyden (1750-1750)
Christian Heyden (1752-1753)
Jochen Erdmann Heyden (1754-1774)
Christian Heyden (1756-1775)
Johann Peter Heyden (1758-1815, my ancestor)
Johann Caspar Heyden (1762-?)
Jacob Friedrich Heyden (1764-?)
Ilsabe Dorthie Heyden (1766-?)
Johann Jacob Heyden (1767-?)
Christine Marie Heyden (1770-1832)
Ilsabe Beat Elisabeth Heyden (1773-?)
Christian Heyden (1776-?)
Marentz Dorthie Heyden (1781-?)
Additional info on Johann Peter Heyden:

Johann Peter Heyden (1758-1815), married 1780 to Catharina Maarie Krasemann. Children:

Johann Peter Heyden (1780-1781)
Marie Dorthie Heyden (1784-?)
Johann Joachim Heyden (1784-?)
Christian Christoph Heyden (1786-?)
Johann Daniel Christian Heyden (1788-?)
Beat Christine Friederice (1790-1846), one of my ancestors
Heydens without proven connections:

Maria Heyden, born about 1697 at Strippow (near Krien), died 1759 at Krien. Wife of Jochen Salchow. Don't know how she's related.
Various baptism and marriage records actually indicate that Claus Heyden (1670-1758) to be a vollbauer from either Iven or Spantekow. These are two parishes within five kilometers of Krien. I HAVEN'T HAD THESE PARISHES SEARCHED YET. PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT so we can discuss this further.

Cary C.

Heyden's from Jarmen

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Dear Cary Christopher,
Thank you so much for all the information that
you have sent me on my Heyden family. I really
do appreciate all of this information. My first
Heyden is Joachim Heiden b about 1746 in Weitin, Mecklenburg
Stelitz, Neubrandenburg, Germany. He married
Margaraetha Dammann(s) Oct 25, 1771 in Weitin.
Information was from Evanglisch Lutherische
Landeskirche, Meclenburg. Mechlenburgishes Kirchenbuchamt
Schwerin, den 26, Januar 1899. Mecklenburgisches
Kirchenbuchamt I.A. Roesel.
Joachim Heiden in 1789 a farmer in Weitin.
Weitin is a small farm village with 400
inhabitants in 1959 at the west side of
Cary I will write you at your other
address also. It seems that Jochem Heyden (1741- 1745)
child of Jochem Heyden (1715-1776) and married
Beat Zander might be the father of my
Jochim Heyden who married Margaretha Dammann(s).
Thanks so much.
Harlan Heyden

Heyden Family from Pommern

Cary Christopher (View posts)
Posted: 963659702000

There are many resources available to you for confirming the parentage of Jochem Heyden. I'd be glad to share this info with you if reach me at

Plus I'm very experienced at reading old German handwriting. Drop me a line on email!
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I've posted a new Heyden query. Please see the message board.

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I've posted a new Heyden query. Please see the message board.

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