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Forsee, Foesee'

Forsee, Foesee'

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The Foesee' / Forsee's were French Hugenots who came to Manakin Town in Powhatan County, VA. I don't know when and have not been able to find ship records. My ancestors spelled the name Foesee'. The furthest back I can go is to Francis Foesee' whose will was dated 1798-ish. Don't have it in front of me. The name has many spellings and variations, making the name they arrived under very difficult to research. Forsee seems to be the favored spelling that the family went with. There is a great web site for the Sublett/Soblet family which has some info on the the Foesee'/Forsee's because they intermarried. Again, I do not have the web address in front of me, but it easy to find under "Ancestors of Pierre Soblet." Email me if you need the actual site address and I can look it up.

Forsee Genealogy

Susan Forsee McKnight (View posts)
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Liz, I am responding to you Nov. 2000 posting on the Forsee surname board. I am the 4-5 granddaughter of Francis Forsee, b 1752, son of Stephen, b 1710, d 1773, son of Jean Farcy (John Forsee),Huguenot minister. I would appreciate any web sites that you know of with Forsee info. The story in our family is that they came in through Canada, thus no ship records. Thanks for your help.

Susan Forsee McKnight
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Hi Susan - Got the message. The Forsee's are a bit confusing to me. In our family it is spelled Foesee' with an accent and I can only go back to James Foesee' who had James Fontaine Foesee' as son. James Fontaine Foesee' married Caroline Sublett (Soblet) Aug-26-1820 in Powhatan Co. Their child Mary Elizabeth Foesee' married Albert Perry Elam also of Powhatan. James Fontaine Foesee' was my ggg grandfather. I have wills from James Fontaine and Francis and a Rebecca. Dates on wills are early 1800's and one very late 1790's. The difference in spelling of the name has kept me from trying to go back further as I haven't been able to find an older Foesee' and am not sure where to begin for an older Forsee, Farcy or whatever. Your dates are preceeding mine. This is a good sign for me. The only website I explore is's the Sublett web site. The webmaster appears to have made some changes lately but the Forsee's come in under the "pink" column. My ggg grandmother is #289. You need to access this portion by starting with Descendants of Louis... Another Stephen is directly under her box as her 1st cousin, but his dates are much later than your 1725 Stephen. A namesake probably. Write me personally. I'm interested if you have my next generaton back but with Forsee as the spelling. Liz


Susan Forsee McKnight (View posts)
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Liz, if you will send me your e-mail I will try to give you what I have. It is not documented, but I do have some references.
My e-mail is

Regards, Susan

Re: Forsee

brenda (View posts)
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My mother is a Forsee. Her family is from Columbia MO. Jesse Forsee, Fred, Wm, and then Joseph. I would appreciate any info you want to share. thanks
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I think I may know your grandfather....Joe Forsee, Ashland, MO just south of Columbia. My husband is from the Tennessee Forsee branch. We lived in Columbia for a few years and met up with Joe and wife Anita....I keep in touch via email often. We've shared whatever info we had. He's a neat guy and count him a friend.

Let me know if it's the same Joseph as yours.
Thanks - Lori


Lori (View posts)
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My mother is a Forsee, whose father is Jesse Forsee, his father Fredrick Forsee, son of William Forsee, son of Joseph Pruitt Forsee.
Sounds like the same Forsee's. I would be happy to share any info with you. My e-mail address is


Forsee Clan

Susan Forsee McKnight (View posts)
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Lori, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you getting me in touch with Joe Forsee in Ashland. He was the gentleman who use to call my father whenever he was in Dallas. Joe and I have been corresponding for several months now thanks to you and he has been invaluable on my genealogy research. Plus thru the postings we are finding more and more Forsee's to add to our list. Joe is out of Joseph Pruitt Forsee's brother. Thanks again for everything. Susan Forsee McKnight


JOE FORSEE (View posts)
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Brenda, send me an email
I was born in columbia in 1964
Im joe forsee from sedalia mo.
sister is brenda
brother is steve
dad is dudley
my late grandfather is hubert h forsee from centraila mo.
send me an email cuz lol
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What is your mother's name and do you have dates for Joseph Pruitt, William, Fredrick and Jesse Forsee? Where did Joseph Pruitt live or originate? My Forsee's came from France and landed in VA, then moved on to Tennessee.
Daniel Pierre Forsee
James Daniel Forsee
Sub Forsee
James Hudson Forsee
Subby Lonzo Forsee
Gary Randal Forsee(My hubby)

I can't get beyond Daniel Pierre, but I think he must have had siblings. If I could figure that out maybe the mystery would be solved about his parentage.

You can email me at
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