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Allor family in Detroit, MI area

Allor family in Detroit, MI area

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James/Jacques Alard and his wife, Mary G. LaForest, were the ancestors of all Alards who came to Detroit in the mid 1700's that were of French Canadian descent. The name was corrupted into Allor in the 19th century. I have many Allors in my data base. I would very much like to share data with you.
Michael LaForest

Allor family

Leo F. Allor (View posts)
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Is it true that the family name was corrupted from allard into Allor? My grandparents were George and Catherine. From stories heard that they came in from Montreal. His wife Catherine was of English decent, she died in March 1961. Most of my relatives are either dead or gone and its hard to garner info. Would appreciate input. Leo

Allor family name

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Yes, Leo, In the case of the French Canadian name, Alard, it was corrupted into Allor. They are near phoenetic equivalents. As the "official" language of our young nation emerged as English, names were anglicized as well and Alard became Allor to the 'English ear'.
If you can give your Allor ancestry back to the turn of the 20th century, maybe we can help you further. Lemme know.
Mike LAForest

Allor family

Leo Allor (View posts)
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Our name at the turn of the century has been Allor. Gravestones from 1834 still have the same names in St. Clair Shores Michigan. Cemetary is located in the 12 mi rd and Jefferson area. Cemetary prior to that one is located 1/2 East of that location in Lake St Clair. It is still intact with tombstones visible in the shallow water when clear. Sorry for the lapse in responding. Leo

Re: Allor family in Detroit, MI area

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I am Linda (Harvell) Hoover
I was born Allor then adopted.
I am looking for Tracy R She had posted a message looking for siblings. We may be the ones she is lookig for.
do you know her e-mail address? would not work.
My e-mail is

Re: Allor family in Detroit, MI area

Douglas Thomas Allor (View posts)
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Michael LaForest:
My name is Douglas Thomas Allor and I was born in 1963 in Grosse Pointe. My father, born in 1941, and my grandfather, born around 1915 are both still living, both bear the same name as I. I am fairly sure that I too am a descendent of James/Jacques Alard and Mary G. LaForest. My grandfather is not close with his relatives so I do not know much of the family tree. I am interested in the information that you have compiled. Please respond.

Re: Allor family

p kotes (View posts)
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Re: Allor family in Detroit, MI area

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Hi, My name is Tammie (Allard). My grandparents and most great grandparents also lived in Grosse pointe, Detroit, St. Clair shores. James Allard and Mary LaForest are my 4th or 5th Great grandparents. James Alard father is Peter Alard. My linage starts with Edward William Allard who is my Grandfather who once lived in Grosse Pointe with my Grandmother Theresa Sara (Allard) Trombley. They lived on Hill rd in Grosse Point. Our family linage goes back to France, from there to Quebec/Charelsbourge Canada to Grosse Point.

Re: Allor family in Detroit, MI area

Michael LaForest (View posts)
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Hi Tammie!
Below I am posting an ahenantafel chart of my Allor / Allard line beginning with Cora Allor and going to Pierre Allard (#32).
Number 1 on the chart below is my grandmother; #2 is her father; #4 is his father; #4 is his father, #8 is his father, and so on. Do you have a copy, or access to, a copy of Denissen?

I would like to correspond with you a bit as I am gathering as much information as possible about this Allor family. I would like to know the names of the children of each of your Allor ancestors and their spouses names if you know them. I will be happy to copy my data base on this family and send it to you if you are interested. We also share common Trombley and LaForest ancestors, and at least a dozen more surnames. Anxious to hear from you. You can respond to me directly if you like at: <>
Mike LaForest


1 Cora Matilda Allor. Born on 5 Jun 1886 in Macomb Co., MI. Cora Matilda died in Grosse Pte., MIchigan, on 18 Mar 1958; she was 71. (Lived at 102 Muir Rd., Grosse Pte. Farms, MI)

On 28 May 1910 when Cora Matilda was 23, she married George William LaForest, in Grosse Pte., Michigan.

2 Joseph Hubert Allor. Born on 9 Nov 1860 in Macomb Co., MI. Joseph Hubert died in Grosse Pte. Farms, MI, on 7 Mar 1942; he was 81. (Lived at 314 Reno Lane, GPFarms., MI)

On 6 Nov 1883 when Joseph Hubert was 22, he married Marie Louisa Socia/Saucier, in Roseville, Macomb Co., MI.

3 Marie Louisa Socia/Saucier. Born on 12 Aug 1865 in Macomb Co., Michigan. Marie Louisa died in Macomb Co., MI, on 8 Dec 1941; she was 76.

Buried Holy Sepulchre Cem., Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

4 Jacques Alard. Born on 3 May 1832 in L’Anse Creuse, Macomb Co., MI. Jacques died in Macomb Co., MI, on 13 Jun 1920; he was 88.

On 28 Feb 1854 when Jacques was 21, he married Marie Freton, in Macomb Co., MI.

5 Marie Freton. Born on 14 Mar 1838 in Macomb Co., MI. Marie died on 14 Dec 1876; she was 38.

Died in childbirth.

6 Alexander Socia/Saucier. Born on 14 Mar 1818 in Macomb Co., MI. Alexander died in Macomb Co., MI, on 21 Oct 1897; he was 79.

Died of cerebral hemorrage. Will dated 30 March 1891.

On 31 Jan 1843 when Alexander was 24, he married Veronica Florence Ellair.

7 Veronica Florence Ellair. Born on 3 May 1826 in Detroit, MI. Veronica Florence died in Lake Twshp., Macomb Co., MI, on 23 Jan 1911; she was 84.

Died of ‘valvular disease of the heart’.

8 Joseph Alard. Born on 29 Jul 1795 in Detroit, MI. Joseph died in Macomb Co., MI, on 18 Jun 1878; he was 82.

On 6 Oct 1818 when Joseph was 23, he married Magdelene Tremblay.

9 Magdelene Tremblay. Born on 31 Oct 1798 in Detroit, MI. Magdelene died in Macomb Co., MI, on 8 Aug 1881; she was 82.

10 Hubert Freton. Born on 6 Oct 1798 in Macomb Co., MI. Hubert died in 1871; he was 72.

On 21 Aug 1833 when Hubert was 34, he married Genevieve Peltier, in Detroit, MI.

11 Genevieve Peltier.

12 Jean Baptiste Socia/Saucier. Born on 25 Dec 1783 in Detroit, MI. Jean Baptiste died in Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co., MI, on 12 Oct 1853; he was 69.

On 25 Nov 1806 when Jean Baptiste was 22, he married Helena Yax, in Detroit, MI.

13 Helena Yax.

14 Joseph Ellair. Born on 11 Jun 1775 in Grosse Pte., Mchigan. Joseph died in Detroit, MI, on 11 Nov 1842; he was 67.

On 4 Feb 1812 when Joseph was 36, he married Florence Girardin.

15 Florence Girardin. Born on 5 Feb 1794 in Assumption, CANADA.

16 Jacques Alard. Born on 14 Oct 1746 in Charlesbourg, Quebec.

Received an 1811 land grant on Lake St. Claire, Erin Township, Macomb Co., MI

On 7 Feb 1780 when Jacques was 33, he married Madeline Genevieve LaForest, in Detroit, MI.

17 Madeline Genevieve LaForest. Born on 17 Jun 1764 in Detroit, MI.

18 Francois Tremblay. Born on 18 Dec 1771 in Grosse Pte., MI.

On 4 Feb 1799 when Francois was 27, he married Marie Louise Crequy.

19 Marie Louise Crequy. Born on 31 Oct 1779 in Detroit, MI. Marie Louise died in Macomb Co., MI, in Jan 1849; she was 69.

20 Julien Freton. Born on 13 Jul 1760.

On 20 Jan 1783 when Julien was 22, he married Therese Billiau.

21 Therese Billiau. Born on 21 Apr 1769 in Assumption, CANADA. Therese died in Detroit, MI, on 10 Jul 1805; she was 36.

22 Isaac Peltier. Born on 17 Sep 1778 in Assumption, CANADA. Isaac died in Assumption, CANADA, on 23 Oct 1824; he was 46.

Isaac married Genevieve Ballard.

23 Genevieve Ballard. Born on 7 Sep 1783 in Detroit, MI. Genevieve died in Detroit, MI, on 23 Oct 1824; she was 41.

24 Joseph Marie Saucier. Born on 17 Feb 1740 in Riviere Ouellet, Quebec. Joseph Marie died in Detroit, MI, on 16 Aug 1789; he was 49.

Settled on a farm in Grosse Pointe on Fox Creek before his marriage to Mary G. Tremblay.

On 10 Aug 1767 when Joseph Marie was 27, he married Mary Genevieve Tremblay, in Detroit, MI.

25 Mary Genevieve Tremblay. Born on 19 Sep 1748 in Baie St. Paul, Quebec. Mary Genevieve died in Detroit, MI, on 16 Feb 1786; she was 37.

26 Pierre Yax. Born on 7 Apr 1763 in Grosse Pte., Mchigan. Pierre died on 21 Nov 1826; he was 63.

On 2 Jun 1783 when Pierre was 20, he married Mary Joseph Freton, in Detroit, MI.

27 Mary Joseph Freton. Born on 20 Dec 1764. Mary Joseph died on 28 Apr 1818; she was 53.

28 Alexander Blondin dit Ellair. Born on 20 Apr 1739 in Terrebonne, Quebec. Alexander died in Grosse Pte., Mchigan.

Alexander married Mary Joseph Gastinon dit Duchesne.

29 Mary Joseph Gastinon dit Duchesne. Born on 11 Dec 1744 in Detroit, MI. Mary Joseph died on 2 Nov 1813; she was 68.

30 Jacques Alexander Girardin. Born in 1770. Jacques Alexander died on 26 Mar 1806; he was 36.

On 27 Jan 1790 when Jacques Alexander was 20, he married Josette Drouillard.

31 Josette Drouillard. Born on 23 Oct 1773 in Assumption, CANADA. Josette died on 23 Jan 1814; she was 40.

32 Pierre Alard. Born on 1 May 1716. Pierre died on 27 Dec 1759; he was 43.

On 5 Nov 1743 when Pierre was 27, he married Marie Angelique Bergevin, in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada.

33 Marie Angelique Bergevin. Born on 10 Oct 1722 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

34 Guillaume LaForest. Born on 7 Apr 1725 in Baie St. Paul, Quebec, CANADA. Guillaume died in Detroit, MI, in 1779; he was 53.

Came to Detroit (Fort Ponchartrain) in 1750 with his sister, Marie Judith Tremblay.

On 23 May 1746 when Guillaume was 21, he married Mary Margaret Tremblay, in Baie St. Paul, Quebec, CANADA.

35 Mary Margaret Tremblay. Born on 25 Mar 1725 in Baie St. Paul, Quebec, CANADA. Mary Margaret died in Detroit, MI, on 15 Aug 1768; she was 43.

Re: Allor family in Detroit, MI area

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Hi Tammie
You and I share James Alard as a gggg Grandfather. I am great grandson of William January Allor. Also on my Fathers side Starr is a ancestoral name huh!! John
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