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Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn

Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn

Robert Chalwell Jr. (View posts)
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Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn
My name is Robert Chalwell Jr, I was born on the island of St. Thomas to Lorraine Stephens and Robert Chalwell Snr.
Recently, I have grown interested in learning more about my families history in the B.V.I, but also the history and progression of slavery in the B.V.I. I am willing to accept any information on these topics. I am presently living in San Francisco California and would love to be in contact with other family members in the states. Thank You.

Penn family

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Surnames: Penn
Hi, I just met two young people who are Penn's... they did not know each other. They are very interested to find out more about the Penn family of Tortola. Do you have any information that would be helpful? I would really appreciate it. Thanks nadine


Richard Bond (View posts)
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Surnames: Penn

The Penns were Quakers and are related to the family of William Penn founder of Pennsylvania the connection is much clearer than Pickering of Tortola to Pickering of Salem Massachusetts.

Member Of The Penn Family

Valerie Hunt (View posts)
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Surnames: Penn
Hi Nadine,
I hope what info I am about to give you will help will give light to thoes that are seeking info like myself.My grandmoter is Martha Elizabeth Penn Roebuck her sisters were Irene and Easter Penn and brothers were Hugo, Joe , Mack, Zefinia, Edward,and Christian that I know of their were more, but my grandmother is 87 years old and can not recall to much they were all born in the B.V.I and some went to St. Thomas at a young age. I had a cousin by the name of Ivy Penn who was Hugo Penn's daughter andther are still childern and grandchildren in Tortola who still live there that belongs to my Uncle Hugo. My mother was Alice L. Penn Hunt died June 27, 1998. That is all that I can tell you for now.

Re: Penn

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Hi, I just came across this post and even though its about 10 years later just wanted to let you know I am a Penn from Tortola living here in California also,

Re: Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn

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I am interested in the same. I am a Charleswell. My father Lencito Charleswell was born in Long Look Tortola to Pedrito Charleswell. However, I am told that the Surname was originally Chalwell, and was modified to Charleswell when they intially migrated to neighboring St Thomas VI.

Re: Penn family

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Hi, I'm interested to find out information about Maria Penn DOB;1912 Tortola BVI. Her spouse was Joseph Hendricks DOB:1912 from the Island of Jos Van Dykes BVI. They have I believe three daughters; Beryl Hendricks DOB;1938 St Thomas USVI, Berenice Hendricks DOB:1940 St Thomas USVI and step daughter Dorothy Sewer DOB 1936 St Thomas USVI.

In addition I'm interested to find information about Luciara Christopher DOB; 1877 Tortola BVI.

I really appreciate any information about my families.

Re: Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn

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We may be related I have cousins with Penn and lettsome as their last names. I'm very interested in learning about my family history as well

Re: Member Of The Penn Family

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My name is Rosanell Rodriquez-McDowell the Great granddaughter of Rachel Augusta Hodge-Penn and HUGO PENN.

My grandmother Iris Leotine Penn-Donovan (married to William E. Donovan) both deceased. She is the 1st child of Hugo and Augusta. Auntie Ivy Penn-Christopher died. Her children and I communicate often. Their other siblings consist of Haran Penn (STT,VI), Norris "Ottley" (STT,VI), Audrey Rabsatt (BVI), Irad (NY), Ivy deceased; and One other sister, forgot her name (Grassy) BVI.
Iris and Willie has 7 children, Edmund, Mona, Evanson, Juel, Denise, Eleanor and Earl Donovan. 10 grandchildren, 16 great grands.

Feel free to contact me.

Re: Surnames: Chalwell, Stephens, Lettsome, Thomas, Penn

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Keeping History and Family together and alive.



The following comprise a genealogy of the Skelton family. The known ancestors of this family were five mulatto siblings who are born in the 1820's and 1830's. Their European forbears were from the British Isles and there are indications that the initial migrants had first settled elsewhere in the Caribbean, before finally migrating to Tortola BVI, where they became established. The siblings' descendants today consist of thousands of individuals, having many different family names, who may be found in the British and US Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, elsewhere in the Caribbean, England and the United States mainland. In addition to Skelton itself, some well-know family names of persons who are Skelton descendants are Stout, Maduro, Penn, Lettsome, Turnbull, Thomas, Todman, Frett and Fahie/Foy.

Most of the early information was found in the church and governmental records of the BVI. The records of the Methodist Churches of the BVI were the oldest and were especially helpful. Supplemental information came from the Mormon's Genealogy Website and other archival sources.

The five Skelton siblings whose descendants (only three have known descendants) have been researched to their current generations are:
Angelina Skelton, Luke Skelton, William John Skelton, Matthew Skelton, Mark Skelton


The following comprise a genealogy of the Thomas Family. The known ancestors of this family were twelve siblings who are born in Tortola, British Virgin Islands from the 1860's through the 1880's. They are of African descent. The Thomas family is a very strong entity in the Long Look, Tortola Community, the oldest continuous settlement of English-speaking free blacks in the Western Hemisphere. The siblings descendants today consists of thousands of individuals, having many different family names, who may be found in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, elsewhere in the Caribbean, England, and the United States Mainland. The "Thomas" name has continued through the present time as seven of the twelve children George "Cobb" Thomas were sons. The original spelling of the name had many variations and there are several different explanations. Descendants in the first generation were recorded as "Tomaw, Tomar, Toma and Tomeau." One explanation for this is that the name was originally French and the other would be attributed to whichever person in Road Town, was registering births at a particular time in the 1800's and early 1900's. I am uncertain why it was later recorded as "Thomas", but it is now the official spelling of the family name. In an effort to present all the related siblings and their descendants in uniformity, I have used "Thomas" throughout this publication.

The twelve Thomas siblings whose descendants have been researched to their current generations are:

George Alexander "Didy" Thomas, John Peter "Sony" Thomas, James Osmond "Bim" Thomas, Isabella Carolin "Bumpa" Thomas, Mary Magdalene "Micy" Thomas, Rachel Elizabeth "Tunie" Thomas, Susan Agusta "Nana" Thomas, Jacob Henry "Pipa" Thomas, Samuel Hezekiah "Sam" Thomas, Joseph Benjamin "Jenal" Thomas, Ellen "Suntie" Thomas, James Edward "Boodoo" Thomas
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