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WILLIS H. DEEN or DEAN b. 1844 Leake Co., MS

WILLIS H. DEEN or DEAN b. 1844 Leake Co., MS

Sandra J. Williams (View posts)
Posted: 1151035664000
Classification: Query
Surnames: DEEN, DEAN
My ggf Willis H. Deen/Dean lived in Leake County, MS from at least 1850 to 1865. He was the son of John Deen/Dean and Tilitha Owsley. I believe Willis H. Deen/Dean was married on or about 29 Apr 1864 in MS (probably Leake Co.).
Trying to confirm his marriage and the name of his wife. I had thought it was Susan Redding, but other family believes this was his second wife. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: WILLIS H. DEEN or DEAN b. 1844 Leake Co., MS

Karen Clark (View posts)
Posted: 1151160434000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ousley
I'm sorry that I cannot help with the marriage question. However, I am descended from Telitha's brother Welden Ousley. I didn't find the Dean family after 1862 when Thomas Ousley's estate was submitted for probate. Where did they go? A lot of the family moved to Yazoo County and a goodly number to Wood County, Texas.

Here's all that I have (except some transcribed probate records). I'd like to know anything else you are able to share:
JOHN DEAN was born Abt. 1802 in North Carolina, and died Aft. June 1862. He married TELITHA OUSLEY Bef. 1835 in Probably Mississippi, daughter of THOMAS OUSLEY and UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1810 in Alabama, and died Aft. June 1862.

Notes for JOHN DEAN:
1840 Madison Co., MS
John Dean: 1 m <5, 1 m 30-40, 2 f <5, 1 f 5-10, 1 f 30-40 (close to Hezekiah Day's family)

1850 Attala Co., MS, p. 110b (middle initials difficult to read)
John Dean, 48, m, farmer, $800, N. Carolina
Tellitha ", 40, f, Ala
Mary J. ", 15, f, Miss
Eliza J. ", 13, f, Miss
Martha M. ", 10, f, Miss
Willis H. ", 6, m, Miss
Wiley W. ", 2, m, Miss
Thomas W.", 6/12, m, Miss

1860 Leake Co., MS, p. ___:
John Deen, 58, m, NC
Tilithia Deen, 50, f, Ala
Mary J., 25, f, MS
Eliza, 23, f, MS
Willis H., 16, m, MS
John B., 10, m, MS
Thomas C., 7, m, MS

Marriage: Bef. 1835, Probably Mississippi

Children of JOHN DEAN and TELITHA OUSLEY are:
i. MARY JANE DEAN, b. Abt. 1835, Mississippi.
ii. ELIZA J. DEAN, b. Abt. 1837, Mississippi.
iii. MARTHA M. DEAN, b. Abt. 1840, Mississippi.
iv. WILLIS H. DEAN, b. Bet. 1844 - 1846, Mississippi.
v. WILEY W. DEAN, b. Abt. 1848, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1860, Not on 1860 census.
vi. THOMAS W. DEAN, b. Abt. 1849, Mississippi; d. Bef. 1860, Not on 1860 census.
vii. JOHN B. DEAN, b. Abt. 1850, Mississippi.
viii. THOMAS C. DEAN, b. Abt. 1853, Mississippi.

Re: WILLIS H. DEEN or DEAN b. 1844 Leake Co., MS

Sandra Williams (View posts)
Posted: 1151422647000
Classification: Query
Many thanks for your quick reply. Telitha's name came to me as Housley and I've since learned it is also Ousley and Owsley. There is a gold mine of information on that line but the Dean family has been very elusive. My family has always used Deen but I think Dean is probably more commonly found on the Internet sites where they are listed. Most information I have came from the Internet, so bear in mind I have no idea how accurate it might be.

I also have that John Dean/Deen was born about 1802 in NC, married Telitha Housley in about 1835 in either NC or MS (I suspect MS is correct). I have Telitha as born in about 1810 in AL. According to the Internet, her mother's name was Ann (last name unknown). I know she died after 1880, I assume in Texas as she was living there in 1880.

I have the same list of children for John Dean/Deen. I have the same 1840, 1850, and 1860 census records as you listed. I can't find them in 1870, but by 1880 John Dean/Deen had died. Telitha is on the 1880 Rains Co., TX, census as head of household.

1880 Rains Co., TX:
T. Dean widow age 70, b. AL
Eliza Dean daughter age 40 b. MS
W. P. Dean Gson age 15 b. MS
S. E. Dean Gdau age 12 b. TX
J. W. Dean Gson age 4 b. TX

My guess is that Eliza never married.
The grandchildren are the children of Willis H. Deen/Dean.
W. P. is my grandfather Wiley Philip Deen, S. E. is his sister Sarah Ellen Deen/Dean, and J. W. is a half-brother, John Wesley Deen/Dean (not entirely certain on the middle name).

Willis H. Deen/Dean (son of Telitha Housley/Ousley/Owsley and John Deen/Dean) was born about 1844 in MS. According to my notes (and I'm really sorry I didn't write down where I got this information) he was married 29 Apr 1864 in MS, probably Leake Co., as that is where my grandfather was born on 19 Jan 1865.

On the 1870 Wood Co., TX census:
Dean, W. H. age 26 b. MS
Susan age 22 b. GA
Dean, W. P. age 5 b. MS
Sarah E. age 2 b. TX

My grandfather's death certificate did not list his parents' names, but Sarah Ellen Deen/Dean Cornelius' death certificate listed her mother's maiden name as Redding. So I went on a search for Susan Redding. Via a wonderful lady in Texas, I found her to be the daughter of Robert Redding and Mary Willis. So I felt confident I had found my ggrandmother (mother of Wiley Philip Deen/Dean) until I was contacted by a descendent of Sarah Ellen Deen/Dean Cornelius. According to her family lore, she said Sarah's mother died when Sarah was only three weeks old, thus, Susan would be a step-mother. She said Sarah Ellen was possibly named after her mother so that would indicate (if Willis had been married previously), that his first wife may have been named Sarah or Ellen. (Why is it that geneaology creates more questions than answers?). That is why I posted my query.

Then to stir the pot even more...I have a note that says Susan died in possibly November that would mean (A) Susan was his first wife and didn't die when Sarah Ellen was three weeks old or (B) both his first wife (?Sarah) and Susan died young, and (C) he has yet another wife, the mother of John W.

According to my family lore, Susan was his first wife, then he remarried and had the son John W. Because of the gap in ages between Sarah Ellen and John W., I think it makes sense that there was a death/remarriage in there.

Now here's another wrinkle in the fabric...My uncle told me that after Wiley Philip and Sarah Ellen's mother died, Willis remarried to a "McKay" searching the McKay aspect, I discovered this:

Martha Dean (daughter of John Dean/Deen and Telitha Housley/Ousley/Owsley and sister of Willis) married Rev. Allen Cain McKay; Allen McKay's brother Thomas McKay was married to Martha Caroline Redding, the sister of Susan Redding. Thus, because of this McKay connection, the family lore my uncle related to me might have assumed Susan was a McKay not a Redding. (Are you confused yet?)

So...I am a descendent of Willis' son Wiley Philip Deen. He and his wife Lou Ellen Martin had eight children:
James William
Charlie Barton
Fannie Mae
Essie Pearl
Andrew Edward
Elmer Clarence
Clara Estelle
Gracie Marie

All of these children have died except for my mother, Gracie Marie; she is 93 years old and lives about 8 miles from me. Unfortunately, she has never known anything about her family history. She said they just never talked about it.

One more thing..You mentioned a probate record of Thomas Ousley..can you tell me where I can get a copy of that?

If you prefer, please feel free to contact me via my email if I can be of any further help to you. Again, thank you so much for your interest.


Re: WILLIS H. DEEN or DEAN b. 1844 Leake Co., MS

Karen Clark (View posts)
Posted: 1151450345000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ousley
I found what you wrote to be very interesting and not confusing at all. You laid it out very clearly. Thanks for sharing that. I’m always interested in the siblings of my ancestors. I'll write to you off-board, but am posting this in case someone else can connect.

Well, there are many Thomas and Weldon/Welden Ousleys and Ousley is often spelled differently than that. The Thomas Ousley who was the father to your Talitha Ousley Dean and my Weldon Ousley had two wives that we know of: by an unknown wife were born his children – apparently he had no children by his second wife, Priscilla (her first name is known because of various land deeds).

My mother and her brother and my older sister worked on this Ousley line back in the lates 1870’s and early 1980’s. After my mother’s death in 1986, I began to help my older sister, Susan, and that included looking through a lot of deeds and other records over at the MS Archives (I live in MS). We were able to prove Thomas’s children through land deeds and probate records in Leake County. Thomas’s will was offered for probate in August 1857 by another son, Nixon. Because of protests by Weldon Ousley and others, it was not accepted, but Nixon Ousley was appointed administrator of the estate. The disbursement of the estate to his heirs list Welden Ousley, Andrew J. Ousley, Talitha Dean, Martha Dumas, Sarah Morgan, who ‘reside within this state’ and Elizabeth Dailey who ‘reside without this state.’ Sarah Morgan and Elizabeth Dailey are referred to as ‘only being half-heirs’ (in other words, they were not his children – maybe they were granddaughters by a deceased child of Thomas’s).

The information about this Thomas Ousley and his descendants that appears on line is usually from work that my sister Susan shared decades ago with the Ousley family organization. Those were the days of the IBM Selectric and no computers, but if you want copies of the microfilmed and/or transcribed probate records, etc., that I still have, send me an address and I’ll make you copies. I haven’t gotten around to putting them in my computer.

The marriage record of Willis H. Deen (the way it was spelled on that record) and Susan Redding can be found in Hunting for Bears, Mississippi Marriages (1776-1935) – a compilation of records from various counties. The MS Archives has that book (several other places do, too). The original courthouse records still exist, too. You’re lucky that was Leake County instead of nearby Attala (that one burned several times).

Good luck with those Deans!

Re:Thomas Ousley

Posted: 1153314983000
Classification: Query

I am descended from Martha Ousley Dumas. Her dtr, Amalivia, was my gggrandmother. Amalivia married Henry Thomas Miller whose brother, Aaron, married Martha Day.

I have their genealogy if you are interested.

Rayedene Seal Graves

Re: Re:Thomas Ousley

Karen Clark (View posts)
Posted: 1153316440000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ousley
I am extremely interested in what you have. I had amassed some information on the Dumas line but that was mainly through census records. If you prefer, I'm at Thanks.

DUMAS & BABB in Leake County, MS

Bill King (View posts)
Posted: 1153319956000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Dumas, Babb, Dorsett, Brooks
Will be happy to share details of the following DUMAS family if you are interested.
Bill King

Descendants of William A. Dumas

1 William A. Dumas b: 21 Jan 1842 in AL d: 21 Jun 1911 in MS
..+Sarah E. Johnson b: 14 Jan 1841 d: 01 Sep 1912 in MS
....2 Henry Lamar Dumas b: 08 Mar 1876 in Leake Co, MS d: 23 Feb 1957 in Leake Co, MS
........+Carrie Gertrude Babb b: 01 Jun 1883 in Leake Co, MS d: 23 Jun 1969 in Leake Co, MS m: 15 Feb 1899
........... 3 Lovie Mae Dumas b: 12 Apr 1901 in Leake Co, MS d: 13 Nov 1995 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
............... +Willie Edgar Halford b: 16 Nov 1896 d: 07 Jan 1978 m: 23 Dec 1919 in Leake Co, MS
.................4 Cecil Ray Halford b: 03 Dec 1920 d: 24 Aug 2001
.....................+Virginia Erline White b: 09 Jul 1923 m: 25 Jun 1950
........................5 Rosa Love Halford b: 05 May 1952
............................ +William Edward McIntyre III b: 23 Sep 1950 m: 23 Feb 1983
.................4 Wilbert Edgar Halford b: 11 Nov 1922
.....................+Inez Johnson b: Jun 1924 m: Jun 1951
.................4 Vivian Corece 'Sis' Halford b: 30 Oct 1927
.....................+Donald Dorsett b: 26 Sep 1917 in Putnam Co, IN d: 29 Jan 1991 m: 05 Dec 1947
.................4 Betty Sue Halford b: 15 Jan 1932 d: Unknown
..................... +Cecil Caldwell b: 08 Jan 1931 m: Jun 1954
...........3 Infant Son Dumas b: 07 Aug 1902 in Leake Co, MS d: 07 Aug 1902 in Leake Co, MS
...........3 Addie Lucille Dumas b: 28 Jul 1905 in Leake Co, MS d: Mar 1995 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
............... +Christopher Earl Martin b: 1907 in MS d: 16 Jul 1958 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS m: Bet. 1924 - 1925 in Rankin Co, MS
.................4 Barbara Jean 'Bobbye' Martin b: 11 Nov 1933 in Madison Co, MS
.....................+Albert Wayne Hickman, Sr. b: 04 Oct 1935 in St. Clair Co, IL m: 18 Aug 1956 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
........................5 Albert Wayne 'Bert' Hickman, Jr. b: 18 Feb 1964 in Pensacola, Escambia Co, FL
........... 3 Arye Vardie Dumas b: 13 Mar 1909 in Leake Co, MS d: 13 Feb 1995 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
............... +Charles Earnest Walters b: 17 Mar 1907 d: 1974 m: Jul 1934
........... 3 Leslie Lee Dumas b: 18 Jan 1913 in Lena, Leake Co, MS
............... +Raymond Jewell Dorsett b: 05 Dec 1911 in Cloverdale, Putman Co, Indiana d: 03 Sep 1989 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS m: 27 Jan 1934 in Raymond, Hinds CO, MS
.................4 Leslie Ray Dorsett b: 25 Jul 1935 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS d: 14 Apr 1991 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
.....................+Ann Wilson b: 09 Apr 1937 m: 29 Aug 1956 in Durant, Holmes CO, MS
.................4 Michael A. Dorsett b: 18 Jun 1951 in Jackson, Hinds Co, MS
.....................+Faulba 'Fab' Joyce Ball b: 18 Sep 1953 in Port Gibson, MS m: 23 Aug 1985 in Vicksburg, MS
....2 Zachary Taylor Dumas b: 18 Aug 1882 in MS d: 23 Jun 1970 in MS
........+Katie Halford b: 21 May 1888 in MS d: Unknown in MS
....2 Sallie Dumas b: Abt. 1886 in MS d: Unk
........+Robert M. Brooks b: Abt. 1886 in MS d: Unknown m: Abt. 1904
...........3 Zola Brooks b: Abt. 1906 in MS
...........3 Nora Brooksb: Aft. 1910 in MS

Re: DUMAS & BABB in Leake County, MS

Posted: 1153411316000
Classification: Query

I do have a Wm Dumas in my db, but he was b 1845 in MS. His father was Obediah and mother was Martha Ousley. I have never really found (for sure) Wm in later census. I found a Wm Damas the right age in Attala 1880 with wife Martha and dtr Frances. I never found them again.

Do you have your Wm's parents?

Thanks for the post,

DUMAS & BABB in Leake County, MS

Bill King (View posts)
Posted: 1162311057000
Classification: Query
Surnames: DUMAS & BABB
No, I do not have names of the parents of William A. Dumas.

Below are my notes on William A. Dumas:

1910 Leake Co, MS Census
Fam # 54 Lena Village, Beat #4
Robert M. Brooks 24/MS Farmer Mar. 6 yrs
Sallie 24/MS Wife 1child/1living
Zola 4/MS Dau
Wm A. Dumas 68/AL/wid Boarder/Own Income
<Wm A. Dumas was the father of Henry Lamar Dumas>
Wm A. Dumas, Age 68, born in Alabama appears on the 1910 Leake Co, MS Census (Lena).
Census indicates him to be a 'lodger' (with his own income) with the Robert M. Brooks family # 54.

Cedar Grove Cemetery Gravestones, Leake County, MS
William A. Dumas 21 Jan, 1842 21 June 1911
Sarah E. (Johnson) 14 Jan, 1841 1 Sept 1912 w/o W.A.

Henry Lamar 8 Mar, 1876 23 Feb, 1957
Trudy Babb 1 June, 1883 23 June, 1969 (Carrie Gertrude)
Inf s/o HL & CG 7 Aug, 1902

Zachry Taylor Dumas 18 Aug, 1882 / 23 June, 1970 (s/o WA)
Katie Halford Dumas 21 May, 1888 /_____ (wife)
Madine d/o ZT & Kate 21 May, 1911 / 20 June, 1913

Re: DUMAS & BABB in Leake County, MS

Posted: 1162316282000
Classification: Query
We have two different Wm Dumas'. They are related but a couple of generations back.

I believe your William is the son of David Dickerson Dumas who was the son of Zacheriah Dumas.

Zachariah DUMAS (5.David3, 2.Benjamin2, 1.Jeremiah1) b. 4-Apr-1776, NC, m. 1796, Elizabeth LUCY, b. 1774/1778, d. 28-Jun-1861. Zachariah died 17-Oct-1846, Richmond Co NC.

David Dickerson DUMAS b. 7-Jan-1800, NC, m. (1) Eleanor McLENDON, b. 17-Oct-1819, d. ca 1847, m. (2) Catherine "Katie" EVANS/AVANT, b. 10-Jan-1811, Marion Co SC, d. 29-Jan-1861, Leake Co MS. David died Jun-1877, Leake Co MS.

Children of DAVID DUMAS :
i. FRANCIS J.3 DUMAS, b. Abt. 1829, Alabama.
ii. ELLINOR DUMAS, b. Abt. 1835, Alabama.
iii. BARNEL L. DUMAS, b. Abt. 1837, Alabama.
iv. JEREMIAH DUMAS, b. Abt. 1840, Alabama.
v. WILLIAM DUMAS, b. Abt. 1842, Alabama.
vi. ADELINE DUMAS, b. Abt. 1848, Alabama.
vii. DAVID D. DUMAS, JR., b. Abt. 1849, Alabama.
viii. MARY A DUMAS b abt 1853 AL

This family is in Wilcox AL 1850/1860 and then in Leake Co MS 1870. He is with Catherine on the 1850 & 1860, in 1870 there is no wife. So, I guess Eleanor McLendon is the mother of the first 5 children and Catherine the rest. But some dates must not be right. If Ellenor was b 1819, she could not have had a son by 1829.

The first Jeremiah b ca 1681 France, had a son Benjamin b 1705 VA who had sons David and Benjamin(2). David had a son Zacheriah who would be the above Zacheriah. Benjamin(2) had a son Silas, who I descend from.

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