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Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Surnames: Copeland
I am searching for information of the plantaion of William Copeland, Sr. of Harris County, GA. William Copeland, Sr. died in 1859 and left his slaves into 4 separate lots for his relatives. My great-grandfather Allen (age 10) and his little brother Tim (age 4) were sold away from their parents from this plantation. I am trying to locate the will of William Sr, and any other inventory or plantation records which might help me in my family search. Does anyone have any information of the family or plantation of William Copeland, Sr?

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Is this what you are looking for? I have no other info on the slaves.

Harris County

Division of the Negroe property belonging to the Estate of Wm Copeland Decd.
By virtue of an order from the Honorable Court of Ordinary of said County when sitting for Ordinary purposes; on the first Monday in December Inst to us directed, authorizing and requiring us to make distribution of the Estate of the late Wm Copeland (Sr.) Deceased among the distributees entitled to said Estate; We proceeded this day to the performance of that duty, there were five distributes to with: Baldwin Copeland, William Copeland, Alexander Copeland, Martha Mullins, the children of Peter Copeland decd to Wit: John T. Copeland, Ann E. Trammell and Pinkney A. Copeland all of full age – the shares were numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and were assigned to the distributes in the following manner to wit—the names of the distributes were written on a piece of paper and placed in a Hat – the numbers were written on another piece of paper and put in another Hat – The Hats were both well shaken, a name was then drawn from the Hat containing the names, then a number was drawn from the Hat containing the numbers and in that manner continued till all were drawn – the following is the result –

No. 1 Baldwin Copeland
--- 2 Martha Mullins
--- 3 Alexander Copeland
--- 4 the Children of Peter Copeland decd.
--- 5 William Copeland

No. 1 Consisted of a Negro Woman Lizzie and her children Irvin and Jane, Ben a Boy, Harry, Burrell, a girl Puss, a woman Polly Value of $ 6740.00

No. 2 Consisted of a Negro Woman Sallie & her two children Sam & Henry, four boys Martin, George, Little Will, Levin, two girls Hannah & Lillie Valued at $ 6750.00

No. 3 Consisted of Catharine and her two children Lee & Amelia and six boys Stuart, Thadeus, John, Joe Old Harry and Spence Valued at $ 6800.00

No. 4 Consisted of four boys, Tom, Phil, Allen, Ben & two Girls Ann and Alsey
Valued at $ 6825.00

No. 5 Consisted of five boys, Ben, Black Tom, Charles, Old Will and Bill and two Girls Liza & Julia Valued at $ 6800.00

No. 1 Receives Cash $43.00
No. 2 Receives Cash $33.00
No. 3 Pays Cash $17.00 Wm C. Johnston}
No. 4 Pays Cash $42.00 Dennis Miller }
No. 5Pays Cash $17.00 E. Brakefield }Commissioners
George Murrah }
December 21—1859 G. W. Cooke }

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Bob- Thanks for the information. If in your research you find any pictures of Peter or Alexander Copeland and/or any information about their home life could you share them with me?

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Surnames: Copeland, Jarret (Jarrot), Mullins, Whitehead, Haley, Trammel
Hello - I am wondering if you have record of what part of India the ancestors Julia Jarrett (Jarrot) daughter of Ben (born 1814) and Lizzie (Elizabeth b. abt. 1816) of the Copeland plantation came from.

I am one of their descendants and have photos of them. According to Julia she was an indentured servant and her family were partly descended from people that came as indentured servants from India through England. According to Julia who died in the early 1900s they were given money by the plantation owner Mr. Copeland to start their new lives. Elizabeth's father might have been a Copeland. The other people in your record also appear to be my relatives. They were peoples of African, Native American, East Indian, European descent and possibly Potuguese origin. They are linked to the Jarrett family who may have originally been French-Dutch Huguenots. The father of Julia's children was named Gaorg and he may have been a cousin.

If you have any record of Copeland connections to the East Indian Trading Company or other plantations these people may have been connected with please let me know.

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Good Morning: I am John T. Copeland and I have been researching my family. I can provide the following additional information regarding Wm. Copeland's children and the distribution of the slaves. Listed are the primary residences (counties) of his offspring's. Baldwin - Greene County; Martha Mullins - Talbot/Troup; Alexander - Talbot; John T. - Harris; Anne E. Trammell - Hamilton, Harris; Pinkey - Harris; and Wm Jr - Greene and Heard. Wm. Sr. when purchasing slaves travel to Virgina. Regarding the the East India Company, I would suggest checking records in Virgina or South Carolina.
To dmariche, I did live in California for more than 30 years prior to moving to Florida. I am not sure if we ever made contact.

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Surnames: Copeland, Jarrett, Mullins, Trammel, Whitehead
Hi there - I think you may have confused me with the wrong person on the message board. I've never lived in California so there isn't a way we could have met.

Thanks for your response though. I will take your advice and check into the Virginia and South Carolina records for the East India Company. I didn't see any additional info. in your response and wasn't sure if you had intended to send some. Were Ann, Martha and Baldwin etc. the plantation slaves?

Our Copeland family also married people with the surname Trammell and Mullins. The Mullins name in particular is related to the Melungeons of North Carolina and Virginia. The related Whitehead family also on the plantation also has melungeon roots and the early ones like Levi (Levin?) were Jews probably Moorish or Sephardic.

But, I am particularly looking for the ancestors of an Elizabeth Copeland-Jarrett whose mother or husband, Ben Jarrett's mother may have come from India. We have photos of their daughter Julia born in the 1850s and her children which definitely show they were of parly east Indian descent.

This East Indian ancestor were supposedly an indentured servant that came by way of England. Elizabeth born 1816 and Jerry Copeland are listed as mulattos (like most of my Copelands in the later censuses) and supposedly they were given money from their ancestor who owned the plantation.

By the way, from what I understand William Sr had some connection with the area of Chowan North Carolina one of the homes of ancestral people called melungeons.

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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I am sorry for the mis communications, I have spoken to so many people I was only indicating that I had lived in California. Those individuals were the relatives of William Copeland, Sr and I provided the counties that they resided in because it good provide a lead for you. Good luck on your quest.

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Surnames: Jarrett, Copeland, Whitehad, Mullins, Trammel
Thanks again for your help.

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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I saw your posting and was wondering if the Whitehead's you referenced were from Waverly Hall, Valley Plains or Ellerslie in Harris Co., GA?

Re: Plantation Documents of William Copeland Sr. Harris County, GA

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Hi I know they were from Valley Plains and Waverly Hall. I don't think I've seen the name Ellerslie yet.
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