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Austrian Ancestors

Austrian Ancestors

Lynn McDonagh (View posts)
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Searching for info. for my grandfather, George Brajdich, son of Joseph Brajdich and Catherine Stazluhar, emmigrated to Canada in 1910 or 1911 from Vienna.

Help me Find Please....

Barbara Morley (View posts)
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Surnames: Bradkovic, Bratkovic, Bratchkovic, Bartkovich, Bajkovic
Whom ever it may concern,

I 've had a problem finding the geaneolgy of my friends Grandmother family. She was put in an orphanage at the age of five. We believe that the last names provided to us are Austrian in origin. We wish to get any information including family history, possible family crests if any if you could please! We have hit a dead end on our search for information on her grandmother. Please help us find her past?!


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Surnames: BAJKOVIC
I am searching for information on Bajkovic. My records indicate that my relatives are from Rosina, Slovakia. But, there are Bajkovics residing currently in Zagreb, Croatia. The information I have suggests that Bajkovic is Croatian. I would be interested in exchanging any other information.

Re: Help me Find Please....

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Last name that you are looking for is from Montenegro Yugoslavia. I am from that family and there are only 2 families with that last name and both families are from Montenegro. If you want more info contact me at

Re: Bajkovic

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Last name is from Montenegro. There are only 2 families with that last name. let me know if you would like more info.

Re: Bajkovic

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Surnames: bajkovic
I would like all the information I could get. I don't have much to go on right now.

Re: Bajkovic

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Hi! I am from Granada,Spain .My name is Eva Fernández Montenegro.I would like to know something about my last name.If you know any information, please, let me know.My email is

Re: Brajdich, son of Joseph Brajdich and Catherine Stazluhar

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BRAJDIC immigrants came from Croatia or Slovenia... and a few from Bohemia (perhaps descendents from the Ottoman invasions of Croatia)and BRAJDICS from Pecs Hungary but then Croats live in that part of Hungary.


Re: Austrian Ancestors

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Surnames: Brajdich

My name is Joseph Brajdich and my grandfather was from Rakovica, Croatia. He came from Podstene, Austria (Croatia ?) to Calumet, Michigan in 1906 to work in a copper mine and my father was born there in 1913. My grandfathers birth certificate listed his name as Anton Carl Brajditch. My father and his only sibling (brother Albert) were orphaned in 1918 when his father died in a mining accident. The orphanage was in Marquette, Mi. and he later moved to St. Paul, Minn. where I grew up. They were some relatives in Eveleth, Minn and some in Cleveland, Ohio but I never met them. I have 5 brothers and sisters and my father is still alive (94 yrs.).

I would be curious what kind of responses you have received to your inquiry.
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Well if the original poster ever got a reply she certainly has not been back to post anymore messages... that was the last time she was here.

The current online phone book finds 228 BRAJDIC listed in Croaita, with 68 in Karlovac County (where my family is from) with 0 in Rakovica (translated means crab) but there are many in Brajdić Selo (selo means village). The name Podstene is not found in Croatia...but there are several living in a village to the north of Rakovica... Podcetin (pod means below or beneath Cetin(grad) is a town.

There are several listings for BRAJDIC/BRAJDICH/BRAIDIC in NE Ohio. May I help you find someone?

What happened to the boys mother? Are you certain they were they did not die in the Spanish Influenza pandemic in 1918. I have helped research numerous Croatian families where one or both parents died in that horrible outbreak.. origins of which have been traced to an Army barracks in Kansas.

Robert Jerin
Croatian Heritage Museum
Cleveland Ohio

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