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Cherokee Indian

Helen Zwolensky (View posts)
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hello I don't know if this will help but my
grndmother was half Cherokee from Kentucky,
My stepgrandfather was full blooded Cherokee
from Sayersville,Kentucky, I understand that is how they got the name Gibson from the Tribe.
my e-mail


HELEN (View posts)
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Cherokee intermarriage

Helen (View posts)
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Hello, my grandmother was born MAUDE GIBSON,
She came to Ohio and married my grandfather
Hamer Wisecup, she later divorced him and her
cousin Bunk Gibson, my stepgrandfather from
Salyersvills,Kentucky also a Cherokee. My grandmother
was half cherokee, My stepgrandfather was full blooded,
Cherokee. So he told us when we were growing up. I heard
that is how they got the name Gibson from the Tribe.
I hope this helps/ e-mail me

cherokee intermarriages

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dear helen, i, too have gibson's in my family which i cannot seem to get any information on. Nancy Jane Gibson B:1859 or 1860 married James White. Her parents were Hanah Barlow and Levi Gibson. Hanah was born in Mt. Sterling,IL. and she and Levi Gibson were married in IL. I am wondering now, if the reason i cannot find any information on the Gibson side is because it is an American Indian link. If you have any information on them or any suggestions for me, they would be much appreciated. thank-you, betty


Helen (View posts)
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Betty, The only thing I know about the Gibson's
are My grandmother was married to a Wisecup,
Divorced him and married her Cousin Bunk Gibson
My father was a Wisecup his fathers name was Hamer
Wisecup,But Bunk and Maude also got divorced and
he came to live with us. He was the greatest.
he and Maude were from Kentucky and they were
from a Cherokee Tribe in SALYERSVILLE, kENTUCKY.
NAME. Helen e-mail me


Helen (View posts)
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Hello Betty, the only thing I CAN TELL you is
that my grandmother Maude Gibson was half cherokee
She married my dads father HAmer Wisecup, Divorced
him and married her cousin Bunk Gibson which
was full blooded Cherokee Indian from
Salyersville, Kentucky. I understand that is how they got the
name Gibson from the Tribe. If you find out
more e-mail me at Helen

Re: cherokee intermarriages - Gibson-White connections

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There are many Gibson-White marriages in the Gibson branch of my family and I have been transferring what I have in my family lists to a Word 6 document on my desktop which I plan to put on the web somewhere. There are James Gibsons in our Gibson branch and James Whites in the Whites and Nancys and Janes. Would you like me to send you what I have done so far? I am also very interested in the native american connections since a lot of our family connecting to Tennessee, Kentucky, from the Carolinas have been said to be native american, and Cherokee specifically, with some suggestions of Delaware and Shawnee, but no absolute connections have been made. Just too many names for me to compare - would you like to help? Do you have any information that your Gibson may have an ancestor by the name of George Gibson? or that your White may have an ancestor by the name of James M. White? The Gibson, White, Wasson and Elliott families were very close to each other and there were several marriages between those families in our branch, and apparently they knew each other before I have records of our branchs of those family because some stories from family members mention cousins as being from those different families going back into the 1700s in Tennessee, the Cumberland-Appalachian-Smoky Mountains and back in the Carolinas. I sure would like to compare this branch with others who have similar family groupings, maybe connecting to one or more on the 5 Civilized Tribes rolls, or other native family. Some of different people in these families have been described as having hair being "lovely long straight as an arrow", or "beautiful raven black" or "very dark straight", or "black as coal", and many with dark eyes, very little body hair, or that kind of thing which to the people who described them, must have been in comparing those people with others in the family. In our generation, we have people in all our cousins and siblings who are all of mixed characteristics. While I and one other brother have very dark straight hair, he having dark brown eyes and I having dark hazel eyes, our other brothers have blond, red, very wavy hair. My children are also from the myself and one husband, the same parents, both having dark straight hair, and of medium skin tone, but my son has a very tanned skin tone, and brown hair, while my oldest daughter has light skin and very dark brown hair, and my youngest daughter has very tanned skin tone and very dark brown hair with no red in it (like mine), it's kind of like a smoky black color. Of course, there have been many who have brought up the milkman jokes, but we know it's because of the many variations of genes in our family. We also have a gr-grandmother that was full blood native, with hair much like mine, the straight smoky black color, and tanned skin tone, but we haven't been able to connect her with any tribal affiliation because she mentioned so many tribes in her stories, although we do remember that she and our grandad (her son) many times said that her father's family was the Blackfoot (Blackfeet). She gave me my native name, Little Owl, and made me promise to remember and use it, when I was a little girl. She was b. in 1868, maybe in Missouri, and when a young girl, she was taken from her family and put into a boarding school in Missouri, maybe in the Kansas City area. Shortly after getting out of the boarding school, she got together with her brother (or cousin?) Mitchel, who remained a long-time compatriot with her for a long time, even after she was married and then 40 years later when her husband died. She married in 1886, which means she had to have been in the boarding school sometime between say, 1872-5 and 1887. We believe she was given her 'English' name, Martha Alice Eads, when she was in that school, and they convinced her that was her new name and she was never to use her previous name. However, she often said she had tried to be a good white woman, but was never successful at it. She decided that she missed her mother's family very much and wished one day to be rejoined with them (which she wasn't), and that she would always be proud of her parents culture which she was naturally a part of. I have heard there are student records around somewhere that show the date of birth, 'English' name, the 'Indian' name, the parents, tribe of the parents, and other information, and lists of boarding schools and their records. But I haven't found them, yet. These things exist, and could be used to validate those persons' native links and tribe, if only we could find them. The National Archives have many documents which I have tried to research, but they give so much information, and don't say where these lists can be found. My reason for telling you about my gr-grandmother is that even if you do find a person who you know without a doubt is or was Native American, there are many reasons why you may never know the tribal affiliation of them or why they may not be on any of the native census rolls. But no one can fault us for trying - right?

Re: cherokee intermarriages - Gibson-White connections

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Dear Annadella,
I am sending you what I have on our Gibson/White line, which is very little I'm afraid. I would love to see what you have and I would be willing to help in any way I can. The information i have is as follows:
Levi Gibson married to Sarah Moore
son: Levi Gibson married to Hannah Barlow---Levi Jr. was born in Alabama in 1824. Hannah was born in Mt. Sterling,IL. in 1828. they were married in IL., had 4 children that I know of, all of whom were born in Mt.Sterling,IL. the children were:
John B., Jacob, Levi Peter, and Nancy Jane Gibson.
Hannah's parents were James Barlow and Semitha unknown.

Nancy Jane Gibson was born abt.1859 or 1860 and died in Visalia, California in 1938. she was married to James White whom I have no information on, other than he served in WW!
they had a daughter, my great grandmother, Susan Ann White b: 1893 in IL. there were two other children that i know of : Maude Marie and Roy. Susan married Birch Roy Austin who was born in Hartford,Ky. they were married in KY. They had 13 children. susan died in 1954 in Long Beach,Ca. and Birch died in Fresno,Ca. in 1951
If any of this makes sense please let me know.
Sincerely, Betty

Re: cherokee intermarriages - Gibson-White connections

Annadella Paschal (View posts)
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Well, it's pretty large, and it is still in process of construction, but here it is, and as you can see, it has plenty of Whites in it. Another thing I can tell you is that, in researching the Gibsons, Wassons, Churchs, Sons, Murrays, and other related families, the White family is connected many times, a daughter marrying a White or a son marrying a White. This is what I have right now and I'll try to message you with more that has the White family in it when I put some more together.
Apparently the White family, and all the others mentioned above were family and friends for many generations. Well, after I copied it, I see that it's lost its format, and I would try to somehow fix it for you, but it would take me a long time to do it. Maybe you can copy it and paste it into a Word or other text which can be formatted so you can read it better. If you prefer me to try to fix it, and don't mind waiting for the fixed version, just let me know.


Places associated with family listed below: (naturally, most places are unknown as of this time, so cannot be listed)
AK: Anchorage, /AR: Benton Co., Bentonville, Bonneville, Fayetteville, Garfield, Glades, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Westley, / CA: Anaheim, Berkley, Burbank, Concord, Downey, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, unk. / CO: Pueblo / FL: Coral Gables, Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie Co., Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, / GA: unk. / ID: Boise, unk. / IL: Chicago / KS: Cave Springs, Elk Co., Howard, Salina, / KY: unk. / I.T.: Indian Territory, / MN: St. Paul, unk. / MO: Barry Co., Boone Co., Carthage, Cassville, Centreville, Columbia, Crawford Co., Douglas Co., Excelsior Springs, Exeter, Greene Co., Hughesville, James River, Joplin, Kansas City, Lawrence Co., Marionville, Maryville, Mt. Vernon, Neosho, Newton Co., Sarcoxie, Seligman, Spring River, Springfield, St. Louis, Stella, Sweetwater, Verona, Washburn, unk. / NC: Guilford, Jacksonville, Washington, unk. / NV: Pieche, Reno,Rieche, unk. / NY: New York City / OH: Toledo, /OK: Caddo, Chattanooga, Durant, Enid, Medford, Mountain View, Norman, Oklahoma City, unk. / PA: Philadelphia., unk. / SC: Washington, unk. /TN: Campbell Co., Cumberland Gap, Giles Co., Hancock Co., Hawkins Co., Rhea Co., unk. / TX: Austin, Claburne, Cleborne, Clebourne, Cleburne, Edna, Robstown, Ysleta, unk. / UT: Salt Lake City, unk. / VA: Norfolk, Scott Co., Washington D.C. /WA: Auburn, Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver,

NOTE: It has been a long standing Gibson family claim that James Knox Polk , the 11th President of the United States, is a relative through his grandmother, _____ GIBSON, although this writer has found nothing on this grandmother nor on Polk’s mother’s family – his mother was said to be Jane KNOX.

We begin with George GIBSON, whose parents are as of yet unknown by this writer.

George GIBSON was born December 30, 1763, in North Carolina, to unknown (as yet) parents. He moved his family to Giles County, Tennessee, in 1810, then moved to North Carolina and died there August 23, 1836. In North Carolina, he married Ann KNOX, who was born in South Carolina, December 24, 1764, and died February 17, 1849. Their children were all born in Guilford Co., North Carolina, except for Joseph, who was born in South Carolina.

1. (ALP line) George Moore GIBSON, (qv), born September 20, 1780-1790, in Guilford, North Carolina, and died December 28, 1845, in Lawrence Co., Missouri. In 1809, in NC, he married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, b. August 4, 1785, in NC?.

2. James GIBSON, (qv), born July 14, 1792, in Guilford, North Carolina, and died July 28, 1872, assumed in North Carolina.

3. Mary GIBSON, born December 18, 1796, in Guilford, North Carolina, and died January 3, 1878, in Lawrence Co., Missouri. She married (date unknown) in Giles Co., Tennessee, to William RAY (born December 5, 1792, and died July 4, 1856, in Lawrence Co., Missouri). Both of them are buried in Lee Cemetery in Verona, Missouri.

4. William GIBSON, born in abt. 1798, in Guilford, North Carolina, (death information unknown), and married Mahala HUFFACRE in Lawrence Co., Missouri.

5. Joseph GIBSON, born in abt. 1798, in South Carolina, he remained in Giles Co., Tennessee, and did not go to Missouri per family interviews.

6. “Patsy” GIBSON, born in (given name and birth date unknown) Guilford, North Carolina, and died in Giles Co., Tennessee. She married a (given name unknown) DICKEY.

7. Nancy GIBSON, born abt. 1803, in Guilford, North Carolina. Death information unknown. She married Daniel BEAL in Giles Co., Tennessee.

8. Samuel GIBSON, born (birth date unknown) in Guilford, North Carolina, and married Ann KNOX, who was a cousin.

9. Anna GIBSON, born (birth date unknown) in Guilford, North Carolina, and died (death date unknown) in Giles Co., Tennessee. Marriage information unknown.

10. Jane GIBSON, born after 1803, in Guilford, North Carolina, death and marriage information unknown. In 1836, she was willed by her father: “One sorrel Mare, saddle and bridle, two cows, one cupboard and one beauro.”

1. George Moore GIBSON served as a private in Capt. John Dobbins Company, under Col. Thomas Williamson, from September 28, 1814, to April 27, 1815, Second Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen. He received $56 for 7 months pay, $64 for use of his own horse, and $50 as pay for his horse which died from lack of government forage.

In 1809, in North Carolina, he married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, who was born August 4, 1785, and died July 19, 1852, in Lawrence Co., Missouri. Both George and Mary Ann (Elliott) GIBSON were buried in Lee Cemetery, in Verona, Barry Co., Missouri.

In the first week of October, 1831, George Moore GIBSON and James E. WHITE (who had married in Giles Co., Tennessee, Ann “Annie” GIBSON, the oldest child of George M. and Mary Ann (Elliott) GIBSON) moved into the area west of Springfield, Missouri, and settled in the area – WHITE in Verona on the Spring River, and GIBSON about a mile north of there. Area then was Crawford Co. (organized in 1829), then was cut into Greene County (1833), then was cut into Barry Co. in 1835, and into present Lawrence Co., as of February 14, 1845. A tradition, believed to be true, but not confirmed, is that WHITE and GIBSON were in Springfield, Missouri area in the Fall or early Winter of 1830, and were living at that time not too far from “Fullbright’s”, the only store in Springield. At that time, GIBSON ran a smithy and wagon shop, and farmed, with Margaret M. (Gibson) WASSON’s aid when they moved to Spring River. “There was plenty of grain and other feeds for livestock and a supply of meat and dried vegetables for the family.” A shelter evidently had been built previous to the last week in October, 1831.

When Lawrence County, Missouri, was set up in 1845, George Moore GIBSON was appointed a Justice of the Peace and served until his death, on December 28, 1845. Washington SMITH was the first Sheriff of Lawrence Co., Missouri. In May, 1846, Samuel S. WILLIAMS was the County Clerk, and Thomas HARSH (or MARSH) a deputy. Thomas HARSH (?) was the first Circuit Clerk and Ex-Offic____? Order.


On February 3, 1846, George M. GIBSON had not been issued an official Seal and used “my private seal” (“an elongated, diamond shaped paper, which is sound and firmly in place on that deed, in 1958.” The “GIBSONs were “devout Cumberland Presbyterians and annually held a camp meeting at the old “Camp-Meeting Ground” now [in early 1950s] Lee Cemetery north of Verona, Mo.” A new church building has replaced the original across the road from the cemetery. Lee Cemetery is [in early 1950s] an extra-well kept one, lying on the banks of Spring River, with huge old trees shading the older part of the cemetery and the reunion area next to the road.”

When GIBSON and WHITE settled on Spring River, there were many roving bands of Delaware Indians whose main camp was on the James River south of Springfield. They were peaceable and friendly and there were no “accidents.”

Sarcoxie at that time was called Centreville.

[NOTE: Remember that George Moore GIBSON’s father , George GIBSON had married in North Carolina to Ann KNOX who had been born in South Carolina. Ann KNOX’s family was related to the ELLIOTT family, and perhaps her mother was an ELLIOTT. My question here is, does that mean the ELLIOTTs and KNOXs were South Carolina families around the time of Ann KNOX’s birth? Ann KNOX was George Moore GIBSON’s mother. Then, George Moore GIBSON (Ann KNOX’s son) married Mary Ann ELLIOTT [a cousin?, also related to the KNOX family.] I would list the children of George Moore GIBSON’s siblings, but they are unknown to me as of this time (2001).]

(Children of George Moore GIBSON and Mary Ann ELLIOTT, all born in Giles Co., Tennessee) were:

1-1 Ann “Annie” GIBSON, b. 31 Oct. 1810, Giles Co., TN, d. 20 Aug. 1858, Lawrence Co., MO, m. James Madison WHITE (b. 6 Aug. 1809, Giles Co., TN, s/o Sarah GAMBLE and John WHITE of South Carolina. It was James Madison WHITE who in 1888, “was knocked clear off railroad tracks into the fields, with no bodily harm.” Four of Sarah and John WHITE’s children, (b. abt. 1831, 1833, 1835 and 1845) although all born in the same house, were each born in a different county. After Annie’s death in 1858, John M. WHITE married Mrs. Nancy IRWIN.

Children of “Annie” GIBSON and John Madison WHITE were:

1-1-1 John Burton WHITE, b. 11 Oct. 1831, probably in Springfield, MO, and d. 19 Oct. 1889, m. Rebecca ____.

Children of Rebecca _____ and John Burton WHITE were:

1-1-1-1 John Burton WHITE (Jr.), b. ?, d. ?, m. Rose Nettie SMART.

Children of Rose Nettie SMART and John Burton WHITE were:

1-1-1-1-1 Alfred Kermit WHITE, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-1-1-2 Burton Ewing WHITE, b. 29 May 1885, d. 1 Oct. 1950.
1-1-1-1-3 Major Gene WHITE, b. ?, d. ?. m. _____ SULLINGER.

1-1-1-2 Sarah WHITE, b. ?, d. 1868, m. ?.
1-1-1-3 Minnie V. WHITE, b. ?, d. 1875, m. ?.
1-1-1-4 William M. WHITE, b. 23 Sep. 1857, d. ?, m. ?.

1-1-2 Moore Gibson WHITE, b. 7 Sep. 1833, d. 27 Apr. 1854, m. ?.
1-1-3 William Newton WHITE, b. 1834?, d. 25 Apr. 1854, m. Rebecca _______? WHITE, b. 14 Oct. 1833, d. 16 Aug. 1916. (NOTE: it is unclear if Rebecca was wife of William Newton WHITE or Moore Gibson WHITE.)

1-1-4 Sarah WHITE, b. 1836, d. ?, m. 1857, to John F. MARBUT, b. 1832, Giles Co., TN, s/o Philip and Ada Thomas MARBUT.

Children of Sarah WHITE and John F. MARBUT were:

1-1-4-1 James Philip MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-2 William Newton MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-3 Thomas L. MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-4 Ada Anna MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-5 John Franklin MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-6 Martha L. MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-7 Ida Alice MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-8 F. Genia MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-4-9 Sarah Mardella MARBUT, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-1-5 Gideon LaFayette WHITE, b. 1836, d. ?, m. ?. He lived in Verona, MO, in 1950s.

1-1-6 Alfred Alexander B. WHITE, b. 28 Nov. 1842, d. 2 July 1922, m. Clarissa E. _____?, b, 27 April 1843, d. 25 July 1922. They lived in Marionville, MO. Gravestones of A.A.B. WHITE family show their deceased children as being:

1-1-6-1 Emma WHITE, b. 3 Jan. 1868, d. ?., died as child.
1-1-6-2 Vendor WHITE, b. ?, d. 25 June 1871, died at age 1 year, 7 months and 22 days.
1-1-6-3 Charles E. WHITE, b. ?, d. 2 Dec. 1871, at age 23 days.
1-1-6-4 Eva WHITE, b. ?, d. 30 Aug. 1875, at age 2 years, 11 months, and 2 days.
1-1-6-5 Freddie WHITE, b. ?, d. 10 Sep. 1877, at age 9 months and 15 days.
1-1-6-6 Kate WHITE, b. ?, d. 4 Nov. 1881, at 3 years, 4 months and 24 days.
1-1-6-7 James WHITE, b. ?, d. 19 Jul. 1882, at age 8 days.
1-1-6-8 Oldson B. WHITE, b. ?, d. 27 May 1884, at age 5 months and 23 days.
1-1-6-9 Joseph (?) R. WHITE, b. 1881, d. 1931, m. ?.
1-1-6-10 Emma (?) P. WHITE, b. 1862, d. 1955.

1-1-7 James G. WHITE, b. 15 Dec. 1844, d. 25 May 1857 (he was not found in the biography of J.M. White, but his gravestone was found with the family graves in Lee Cemetery).

1-1-8 David Gibson WHITE, b. 25 Jan. 1847, d. 1 Feb. 1912, Fayetteville, AR, m. Dora H. (Hansard or Hansford?) WILLIAMS, d/o Caroline GIBSON and John HANSARD (or HANSFORD?). [NOTE: Caroline GIBSON was d/o David Elliott GIBSON, listed above, and who served in the First Missouri Cavalry in the Civil War. He was a Station Agent for the St. Louis – San Francisco Railroad, at Carthage, MO, and in Arkansas.

1-1-9 Leona J. WHITE, b. 1850, d. ?, m. Isaac YOUNG, M.D., of Ohio, (b. 1828, s/o Lydia BOOTH and John YOUNG). Isaac YOUNG was a surgeon in the Ohio 27th Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War.

Children of Leona J. WHITE and Isaac YOUNG were:

1-1-9-1 Ernest YOUNG, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-9-2 John YOUNG, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-9-3 Fred YOUNG, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-9-4 Vinton YOUNG, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-1-9-5 Francis YOUNG, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-1-10 Mary WHITE, b. ?, d. ?, m. William DYER, lived in Springfield, MO.
1-1-11 Finis E. WHITE, b. ?, given in J.M. WHITE biographical sketch, but not otherwise found. He was administrator of his father’s estate.

1-2 Elizabeth GIBSON, b. 25 Dec. 1812, d. 23 Dec. 1889?, m. 1st to Locke Hadson Will LOCKE in TN. She married 2nd time 30 Mar 1841, Lawrence Co., MO, to Lee Marion DUGGER (b. 17 May 1819, Giles Co., TN, d. 25 April 1898, in TX.) Elizabeth and Lee M. DUGGER moved to Texas after 1869. [NOTE: Louisa Adeline GIBSON, orphan daughter of Louisa Adeline WASSON and Eli GIBSON (who had been living with Elizabeth and Lee DUGGER) married 18 Feb. 1869 to William James THOMAS, at the L.M. DUGGER home in Lawrence Co., MO. Lee and Elizabeth DUGGER evidently took in Louisa A. GIBSON after both of her parents died in Jan. and Feb. of 1858. Louisa Adeline GIBSON was born in 1850 in Verona, MO.]

1-2-1 Martha Jane DUGGER, B. 1842, D. 2 March 1862, m. ?.

1-2-2 George Moore DUGGER, b. 15 Mar. 1844, d. 1922, m. 1866, to Permelia Evans LOWDER, b. 26 Jan. 1848, in Verona, MO, d. 1927. (She was d/o Matthew Harrison LOWDER, b. 1802, d. 1875, the s/o Margaret HARRISON (d. 1815, VA) and William LOWDER (b. 1773, VA). This William LOWDER was s/o John and Hannah LOWDER. Permelia’s mother was Alathea DAVIDSON (1809-1887), the d/o Sara Jane ALLEN (1782-1881) and John DAVIDSON (1781-1834). Sarah Jane ALLEN’s parents were Alathea HALE (1772, VA, 1858, TN) and Daniel ALLEN (1764-1834). Sarah Jane ALLEN’s grandfathers were Thomas ALLEN and Richard HALE (1749-1837). George Moore DUGGER served in Co. B 1st Mounted Calvary in the Civil War.)

1-2-2-1 John Wiley DUGGER, b. 22 June 1867, d. ?, m. ?.

1-2-2-2 Walter Allen DUGGER, b. ?, d. 3 Feb. 1909, m. Maggie CALOM.

Children of Maggie CALOM and Walter Allen DUGGER were:

1-2-2-2-1 (TWIN) Raymond DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. Addie GIBSON, Henryetta ___, Tes. _____?.
1-2-2-2-2 (TWIN) Ruth DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-2-3 Eva DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. John BRAGG.
1-2-2-2-4 Mable DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. Ed VAN HOUTON.
1-2-2-2-5 Douglas DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-2-6 Ethel DUGGER, b. 1900, d. ?, m. George JENNINGS, in Long Beach, Calif.

1-2-2-3 Florence Lee DUGGER, b. 10 Feb. 1873, d. ?, m. Harrison E. MIDDLETON.

The children of Florence Lee DUGGER and Harrison E. MIDDLETON were:

1-2-2-3-1 Lee Roy MIDDLETON, b. 1896, d. ?, m. Mary McSPADDEN.
1-2-2-3-2 Lucille MIDDLETON, b. 1899, d. ?, m. V.C. WIGGINS.
1-2-2-3-3 Joel D. MIDDLETON, b. 1902, d. ?, m. Marcia MORTON.
1-2-2-3-4 George MIDDLETON, b. 1905, d. 1911 at age 6 years.
1-2-2-3-5 Florence MIDDLETON, b. 1907, d. ?, m. A.D. TINKER, Edna, TX.
1-2-2-3-6 Ruth MIDDLETON, b. 1910, d. ?, m. Leslie ZIMMERMAN, TOMBALL (?)
1-2-2-3-7 Harrison Ed MIDDLETON, b. 1913, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-3-8 Charles Ewing MIDDLETON, b. 1913, d. ?, m. ?.

1-2-2-4 Charles Matthew DUGGER, b. 30 March 1882, d. ?, m. Mittee O’DANIEL, in Edna, TX.

The children of Mittee O’DANIEL and Charles Matthew DUGGER were:

1-2-2-4-1 Bertha Olivia DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-4-2 Joe Carroll DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-4-3 Mary Elizabeth DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-4-4 Charles DUGGER, Jr., b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-2-2-5 George Lowder DUGGER, b. 1883, d. 1953, m. Ida Sue EVANS.

The children of Ida Sue EVANS and George Lowder DUGGER were:

1-2-2-5-1 Harry Elmer DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-5-2 Malcom DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-5-3 Dats (?) (or Dale ?) Elsie DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. ____? WETTERMARK.

1-2-2-6 Martha Janie DUGGER, 5 Aug. 1865, d. 1932, m. John Applewhite HARRIS.

Children of Martha Janie DUGGER and John Applewhite HARRIS were:

1-2-2-6-1 Janet HARRIS, b. 1911, d. ?, m. O. F. GARRETT, Ysleta, TX. (They lived at 208 Wanda Way in Ysleta, TX)
1-2-2-6-2 John Hauder HARRIS, b. 1921, killed in action during WWII in 1944.
1-2-2-6-3 Florence Lillian HARRIS, b. 1926, d. ?, m. Carleton VAN SICKLE.

Children of Florence Lillian HARRIS and Carleton VAN SICKLE were:

1-2-2-6-3-1 Janet Lee VAN SICKLE, b. 1951, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-6-3-2 John Carleton VAN SICKLE, b. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.
1-2-2-6-3-3 Gordon Harris VAN SICKLE, b. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.

1-2-3 Mary Ann DUGGER, b. 1842, d. 1914, not married.

1-2-4 Allen Miller DUGGER, b. 10 Jan. 1848, d. ?, m. Ella SCOTT.

The children of Ella SCOTT and Allen Miller DUGGER were:

1-2-4-1 Mary Ann DUGGER, b. 1880, d. ?, m. Ernest YOUNG, in Robstown, TX.
1-2-4-2 William Scott DUGGER, b. 1881, d. ?, m. ?.

1-2-4-3 Allen Miller DUGGER, b. ?, d. ?, m. Lela BROOKS, in Los Angeles, Calif.
1-2-4-4 Birdie Alice DUGGER, d. ?, d. ?, m. Leslie FORRISTER, in Austin, TX.

Children of Birdie Alice DUGGER and Leslie FORRISTER were:

1-2-4-4-1 Kappa FORRISTER.
1-2-4-4-2 Douglas FORRISTER.
1-2-4-4-3 Sallie Mae FORRISTER.
1-2-4-4-4 Gussie FORRISTER.
1-2-4-4-5 LaNelle FORRISTER.

(NOTE: The following children are noted as being the grandchildren of Ella SCOTT and Allen Miller DUGGER, and belong to one of their above listed children.):

1-2-4-?-1 Earl
1-2-4-?-2 Birdie Maud
1-2-4-?-3 Allen Lee
1-2-4-?-4 Ernest

1-2-5 Lee Marion DUGGER, b. 1857, d. ?, m. Ada VAN LANDINGHAM, in Robstown, TX.

Children of Ada VAN LANDINGHAM and Lee Marion DUGGER were:

1-2-5-1 Ella DUGGER.
1-2-5-2 Buford DUGGER.
1-2-5-3 Lynn DUGGER.
1-2-5-4 Ada Vivian DUGGER.

1-3 David Elliott GIBSON, b. 29 May 1814, d. 21 Feb. 1888, m. 19 Feb. 1837, to Elizabeth HOWELL, b. 20 March 1816, in Florence, AL, d. 17 Feb. 1899. (Elizabeth HOWELL was the d/o Mary GRIMES and John HOWELL who moved from Giles Co., TN, to Arkansas in 1830.)

1-3-1 (?) Polly Ann GIBSON, b. 14 Jan. 1838, d. 23 Jan. 1889 (no confirmation, only family history notes and nothing else).

1-3-2 Mary Carolina GIBSON, b. 10 April 1839, d. ?, m. John HANSARD on 29 Jan. 1861 (Marriage license, HANSFORD).

Children of Mary Carolina GIBSON and John HANSARD or HANSFORD were:

1-3-2-1 Dora HANSARD, b. ?, d. ?, m. 1st: ___ WILLIAMS, m. 2nd: David WHITE (qv).
1-3-2-2 Harvey HANSARD, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-3-2-3 Charles HANSARD, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-3-3 Sarah Elizabeth GIBSON, b. 20 Dec. 1841, d. ?, m. 19 Dec. 1860, to Joseph FULLERTON.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth GIBSON and Joseph FULLERTON were:

1-3-3-1 Willie FULLERTON.
1-3-3-2 Minnie FULLERTON.
1-3-3-3 Clyde FULLERTON.
1-3-3-4 Carolyn FULLERTON.

1-3-4 Caledonia GIBSON, b. 30 Dec. 1842, d. 24 April 1904, m. 8 Aug. 1866, to Samuel LaFayette ELLIOTT, s/o of Kiziah BELL and Samuel W. ELLIOTT, Jr. (NOTE: was he related to Mary Ann ELLIOTT?)

Children of Caledonia GIBSON and Samuel LaFayette ELLIOTT were:

1-3-4-1 Ora (sp?) ELLIOTT, b. ?, d. ?, m. John CURRY.

Children of Ora (?) ELLIOTT and John CURRY were?

1-3-4-1-1 Lola M. CURRY, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?. (She lived in the 1950s at 514 – 19th St., M.W., Washington, NC or SC (text almost illegible)
1-3-4-1-2 David CURRY, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-3-4-1-3 Robert CURRY, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.
1-3-4-1-4 Elizabeth CURRY, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-3-5 Louisiana GIBSON, b. 23 Feb. 1845, d. 27 Jan. 1928, m. 3 Feb. 1869 to William F. MILLER, b. 1843, in Verona, MO, s/o Rebecca FORBIS and John D. MILLER. His grandparents were Mary WINDHAM and Jacob MILLER.

Children of Louisiana GIBSON and William F. MILLER were:

1-3-5-1 Albert MILLER.
1-3-5-2 John D. MILLER.
1-3-5-3 Archie MILLER.

1-3-7 TWIN SONS, b. 3 MAY 1849, d. 6 June 1849 (at abt. 1 month old, possibly conjoined?)

1-3-8 William Harvey GIBSON, b. 9 Sep. 1850, d. 5 March 1891, m. 1874, to Elmira E. ALLEN, b. 8 Jan. 1854, d. 8 Sep. 1926.

Children of Elmira E. ALLEN and William Harvey GIBSON were:

1-3-8-1 Ida GIBSON, b. 16 April 1876, d. ?, m. ?.
1-3-8-2 Fred GIBSON, b. 31 Oct. 1878, d. 21 Feb. 1909, m. ?.
1-3-8-3 Lake H. GIBSON, b. 17 Dec. 1884, d. 13 June 1941, m. ?.
1-3-8-4 John K. GIBSON, b. 6 Sep. 1886, d. ?, lived in Springfield, MO, in the 1950s.
1-3-8-5 Hallie GIBSON, 31 July 1888, d. 16 Nov. 1917.

1-3-9 Martha Lucretia GIBSON, b. 13 Nov. 1854, d. 25 Dec. 1946, m. Thomas W. ADAMS.

1-3-9-1 Frank ADAMS.
1-3-9-2 Clint ADAMS.
1-3-9-3 Bertha ADAMS.
1-3-9-4 Lucy ADAMS.
1-3-9-5 Gibson ADAMS.

1-3-10 Arnatta (or Arnata or Arneta?) Letitia GIBSON, b. 13 Nov. 1854, d. 22 July 1921, m. Silas REYNOLDS.

1-3-10-1 Lelia (or Lolia) REYNOLDS, b. ?, d. ?, m. Nelson PARRISH.

Children of Lelia (or Lolia) REYNOLDS and Nelson PARRISH were:

1-3-10-1-1 Maud PARRISH, b. ?, d. ?, m. Julian Taylor VAN HOOK. In the 1950s, they lived at 905 Albert, Coral Gables, Fla.

Children of Maud PARRISH and Julian Taylor VAN HOOK were:

1-3-10-1-1-1 John Taylor VAN HOOK, b. ?, d. ?, m. Agnes SIMPSON.

Children of Agnes SIMPSON and John Taylor VAN HOOK were:

1-3-10-1-1-1-1 John Taylor VAN HOOK, Jr., b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-3-10-1-1-1-2 Jane VAN HOOK, b. ?, d. ?, m. ?.

1-3-10-1-2 Roy David REYNOLDS, b. ?, d. ?, m. Maud Frost Ermine SCHOFIELD.

Children of Maud Frost Ermine SCHOFIELD and Roy David REYNOLDS were:

1-3-10-1-2-1 Roy Schofield REYNOLDS.
1-3-10-1-2-2 Roger REYNOLDS.

1-3-11 Rebecca Rhophenea GIBSON, b. 17 March, 1859, d. 25 Dec. 1940, m. Irving LAMBETH, b. 2 Oct. 1858, in Lachedelee, MO, s/o Sarah FRIAR and Joseph LAMBETH.

Children of Rebecca R. GIBSON and Irving LAMBETH were:

1-3-11-1 Laudon LAMBETH.
1-3-11-2 George Gibson LAMBETH.
1-3-11-3 Sally Elizabeth LAMBETH, b. ?, d. ?, m. _____ BARIEAU.

1-4 George Neal GIBSON, b. abt. 1816 or 1817, d. ?, m. ?.

1-5 Eli GIBSON, b. 15 April 1818, d. 3 Jan. 1858, m. 3 Dec. 1840, Rhea Co., TN, to Louisa Adeline WASSON, the sister of Joseph England WASSON, who married Margaret M. GIBSON (1-6), Eli’s sister..

Children of Louisa Adeline WASSON and Eli GIBSON were:

1-5-1 Vesta Marilda GIBSON, b. 1841, d. ?, m. 1858____ BLACKMAN (she married ____ BLACKMAN before the settlement of the Will of her father, Eli GIBSON).

1-5-2 George Neal GIBSON, b. 1843, d. ?, m. 1865? to Mary Margaret HORN.

Children of Mary Margaret HORN and George Neal GIBSON were:

1-5-2-1 Eli GIBSON, b. 9 June 1866, d. 28 Jan. 1891, m. ?
1-5-2-2 Infant GIBSON, b. & d. 1 Dec. 1871.
1-5-2-3 Iva GIBSON, b. 6 June 1870, d. 26 Nov. 1872.
1-5-2-4 Dora GIBSON, b. 20 Nov. 1872, d. ?.
1-5-2-5 Johnny E. GIBSON, b. 18 July 1869, d. 9 Aug. 1873.
1-5-2-6 Louisa GIBSON, b. ?, d. 1880.
1-5-2-7 Henry GIBSON, b. ?, d. 1891.

1-5-3 John W. GIBSON, b. 1845, d. ?, m. 27 May 1864, to Cynthiann TARTAR.

1-5-4 Sarah Jane GIBSON, b. 1847, d. 1860? As of her parents deaths in 1858, she went to live with her uncle, John A. GIBSON, in Jasper, CO. (1860 may have been the date she went to live with her uncle, or the year of her death.)

1-5-5 Louisa Adeline GIBSON, b. 1849-5-, in Verona, MO, d. ?, m. William James THOMAS, 18 March 1869, at the home of Elizabeth GIBSON and Lee Marion DUGGER (her aunt and uncle) in Lawrence Co., MO. When her parents died in 1858, she went to live with this aunt and uncle. ‘Children of Louisa Adeline and William James THOMAS’ are buried in Zion Cemetery, Verona, MO.

1-5-6 Thomas GIBSON, b. 1851, d. ? (unk. if he died or, if lived, who he went to live with after his parents death in 1858).

1-5-7 Eli GIBSON, b. 1853, d. 1854, at about 1 yr. old.

1-5-8 Charles Edin GIBSON, b. 1855, d. ?, (unk. if he died or if lived, who he went to live with after his parents death in 1858).

1-5-9 William M. GIBSON, b. 1857, d. 1858, at 1 yr. old.

1-6 (ALP line) Margaret M. GIBSON, b. 23 Nov. 1820, d. 33 March 1907, (was a tall red-head with fair skin), m. 2 Jan. 1845 (then Barry Co., now Lawrence Co., MO), to Joseph England WASSON, b. 4 July 1813, in Rhea Co., TN, d. 11 July 1891, s/o Vesta Zipporah ENGLAND and John WASSON. His sister, Louisa Adeline WASSON, married Eli GIBSON (1-5).

( NOTE: The GIBSONS had moved from Giles Co., TN, to Crawford Co., MO, in 1831. That land was part of Greene Co. in 1833, then part of Barry Co. as of 1835, then as part of Lawrence Co., MO, as of 1845. John England WASSON, with his brother, John Addison WASSON, served in the Tennessee Mounted Volunteers under Capt. Miles Verson and Col,. William Lindsay, from 12 July 1837 to 12 July 1838. This battle was called the “Florida Indian War.” The soldiers’ job was to round up Indians for removal to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. The WASSON brothers served at Ft. Cass, Ft. Poinset, Ross Landing, etc. Joseph E. WASSON said it was the most brutal thing anyone could imagine, and he was sorefully ashamed to be a part of such things done to the Indians. He said that he respected the Creeks, Seminoles and Cherokees for their honesty, intelligence and their general respect for everyone, that any intelligent person would understand why anyone would try to defend their land, especially after having given up so much of it already, and he and a number of other soldiers actually got together and decided to help the Indians in anything they could do. They became informers to the Indians, and even were put in the situation of fighting the government soldiers, on the side of the Seminoles, a few times, and were very lucky to get away from it with only a little damage. “In the many confusions and lost companies of the government, probably because a good number of the soldiers were quite sickened by having to fight on behalf of such evil, so many were genuinely good men, and got lost on purpose, the government officers actually ordered their own men murdered if found, for not following their orders explicitly, that is, to find and murder as many Indians as possible, so they would not have to take hostage so many as they could not control them. I was taken prisoner by the military and threatened with such murder if I did not report to my officers and tell them what I knew. I claimed to have been very ill due to dissentery and the heat, and requested to be discharged and allowed to go home. That request was denied, but I then was assigned with my company to move north with some of the captive Indians in ropes. We were on horses and leading these battered and terribly abused Indians by ropes as they walked. Some had been loaded into wagons and I would have preferred to have driven one of those wagons. I could not help but cry and ask forgiveness from Heaven for what I had become part of. The abuse and torture and thievery and such extreme evil heaped upon the Indians – Creeks, Seminoles, Cherokee. Most Cherokees were smarter than any army officers. I have known many bloodthirsty white men, with no reason to be so cruel as they were, but known none Indians that were even half so.” Joseph and his brother had been mustered into service after being taken to the “Cherokee Agency,” and heard what would happen if they did not join the military. But, after going North to Georgia, he stopped and could not stop from crying. He refused any more to be a part of it, and said his religion and God would not let him serve the military any further. He couldn’t eat nor sleep and he was in line for death’s door. Many a man in the same position had been shot through the head and body by a troop of his peers for what Joseph England WASSON had done and said. He knew inside that his own family was part Indian and he had known more fine honest Indians than he had ever known as many white men to be. For the sake of his family, many who had lived as whites for years, having intermarried with them, and being fearful of just this kind of thing happening, he could not now claim his Indian kinships as reason for his disheartened condition. He was discharged with not so favorable a record, but he didn’t care, and did not have to join the military in the removal of the collected Indians to the Western lands in Oklahoma. He went home by way of some other homes of his family along the way to tell of what he’d seen and to find out if any family members had been known to be seized by the government. The whereabouts of Joseph England WASSON is not known now for the years from 1838 to 1844. His brother, John Addison WASSON with whom he had army service, and who was likewise discharged for similar reasons, moved to Illinois in 1844. Other family had memories of stories of him traveling to visit various family branches and relaying his stories to them. In the Fall of 1844, Joseph England WASSON appeared at Verona, MO. An annual camp meeting was going on at the site of what is now known as Lee Cemetery. Margaret M. GIBSON was leading the singing and he later reported to various family that upon seeing her, he felt as though a spell had been put upon him and just had to marry that tall red-haired beauty. He did on 2 JAN 1845. Their marriage license was bought at Cassville, the seat of Barry Co., MO, the Lawrence Co. seat at Mount Vernon was later set up on 14 Feb 1845. Joseph’s sisters, Sarah and Louisa Adeline, were in the Verona area at the time. Sarah married Sam FERGUSON, and Louisa Adeline married 3 Dec. 1840, in Verona, MO, to Eli GIBSON, and the older brother of Margaret M. GIBSON had moved to MO with Sarah and Sam (FERGUSON). So they enjoyed family get-togethers quite often during that time. In 1866, Joseph England WASSON moved into Cassville, and bought Lot 46 from John and Jane Packwood, and lived there until 1868, then they moved back to “Section 10.” (24 Dec. 1845, George M. GIBSON and Mary A. GIBSON deeded to Joseph E. WASSON, W2-SW417-27-26. Joseph WASSON sold it to James Johnson, 27 Aug. 1853, and moved to Newton Co., MO.

1-6-1 Francis Marion WASSON, b. 1845, d. as an infant.

1-6-2 (ALP line) James Monroe WASSON, b. 21 July 1847, in Verona, MO, d. 17 May 1904, in Seligman, MO, of pneumonia, m. 2 Sep. 1869, to Rachel Ann SONS, b. 8 April 1847, Hancock Co., TN, d. 4 Nov. 1912, in Seligman, MO.d/o Matilda Jane CHURCH and James England SONS.

(NOTE: James England SONS was b. 28 Jan. 1823, Scott Co., VA?, d. 3 Dec. 1909, in Seligman, MO. He was the son of _____ GILLIAM and Benjamin SONS, who brought their young family from VA to Hawkins Co. and Hancock Co.,TN, where they had more children. - Matilda Jane CHURCH was b. 11 MAY 1827, in Hawkins Co., TN (that area became part of Hancock Co., TN in 1844), and she d. 15 Sep. 1875, Seligman, Barry Co., MO. Her parents were Mary Olive “Ollie” SURGINER (b. 25 April 1796, d. 9 Aug. 1853, parents yet unknown), and Henry C. CHURCH (b. 17 Feb. 17?9, d. 7 Nov. 1844, s/o Eleanor ____ and Christian John CHURCH, from ?). James Monroe GIBSON enlisted July, 1864, in Capt. Green Stott’s 15th MO. Cavalry, USA troops, and was discharged on 1 July 1865, in Springfield, MO. He was a Baptist, a Mason, and known as a “good neighbor.” He was described as being over 6 foot tall, lanky build, very dark hair and eyes, and tan skin. Rachel Ann SONS was described as being a “real beauty with dark eyes and very long straight shiny black hair, which she usually wore pinned up on her head, and as a young woman, she weighed about 100 lbs., and was about 5 foot 2 or 3 inches tall. Their children were all born on their farm North of Seligman except Lela who was born in Clebourne, TX. For more on the WASSON and related families, see the WASSON part of these papers.)

Children of Rachel Ann SONS and James Monroe WASSON were:

1-6-2-1 (ALP line) Dora Belle (“Dodie”) WASSON, b. 15 Sep. 1871, d. 3 Jan. 1926, in Garfield, AR, m. 21 Dec. 1889, to Oliver Perry MURRAY, b. 23 Sep. 1866, in Campbell Co., TN, d. 23 Jan. 1938, Garfield, AR. He was the son of Marilda SILER (b. 1832, KY, d. 1917, MO) and John Franklin MURRAY (1824-1892), and was the grandson of Mary RUSTIN (1804-1886) and James Shadrack MURRAY (1803-1864), and of Lucinda EVANS (1800-1875) and John Wesley SILER (1794, NC-1864, KY).

Children of Dora Belle “Dodie” WASSON and Oliver Perry MURRAY were:

1-6-2-1-1 Anna Lillian MURRAY, b. 16 Oct. 1890, Seligman, Barry Co., MO, d. 1963, Ft. Pierce, FL, m. #1 abt 1908-9 to Floyd MYERS, had 1 child: Howard Joseph MYERS, last name later changed to MURRAY. They divorced in 1912. She m. #2 to Elijah (Elza) George PASCHALL, b. 1893, Pea Ridge, AR, d. 1965, Ft. Pierce, FL., m. #1 to Mary Edith ROYSTER, had 1 child: Arvis Spencer “Sonny” PASCHALL (lived in Salt Lake City, UT) (Elza PASCHALL was the son of Azariah Thomas PASCHALL and Martha Alice EADS, of Benton Co., AR).

Children of Anna Lillian MURRAY and Elijah (Elza) George PASCHALL were:

1-6-2-1-1-1 Daniel Murray PASCHAL, b. 15 Aug. 1915, Garfield, AR, d. ?, VA, m. Purnell KELLUM, Norfolk, VA.

Children of Purnell KELLUM and Daniel Murray PASCHAL were:

1-6-2-1-1-1-1 Elwood PASCHAL, b. 4 Sep. 1945, Norfolk, VA.

1-6-2-1-1-1-2 Peggy Jeannette PASCHAL, b. 13 Dec. 1949

1-6-2-1-1-2 Lawrence George PASCHAL, b. 27 Feb. 1919, d. ?, VA, m. #1 in 1946, Ft. Pierce, FL, to Peggy WALKER, and m. #2 to Mary Nell MOON, ?, GA?.

1-6-2-1-1-2-1 Patricia Aileen PASCHAL, b. 26 Oct. 1947, Ft. Pierce, FL, d. abt. 1999, West Palm Beach, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-2-2 Larry Allen PASCHAL, b. 25 March 1949, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-2-3 Daniel Charles PASCHAL, b. 11 June 1950, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-2-4 Gary Steven PASCHAL, b. 25 Feb. 1953, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-2-5 Cheryl Elaine PASCHAL, b. and d. 4 March 1954, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-2-6 James Terrell PASCHAL, b. 9 July 1956, Ft. Pierce, FL.

Children of Mary Nell MOON and Lawrence George PASCHAL:

(NOTE: Mary Nell MOON already had from previous marriages: (1.) William Robert Woods, b. 6 Sep. 1949; (2.) John Reid, b. Feb. 1953; (3.) Robert Graham Reid, b. 8 Oct. 1957, and Rose Marie Reid, b. ?.)

1-6-2-1-1-2-7 Donna PASCHAL, b. 3 March 1961, FL? GA?.

1-6-2-1-1-2-8 Joy PASCHAL, b. 1 Oct. 1962, FL? GA?.

1-6-2-1-1-3 Norville Charles PASCHAL, b. 13 Feb. 1921, in Garfield, AR, m. Beatrice FLOOD.

1-6-2-1-1-3-1 Richard (“Ricky”) PASCHAL, b. 11 Feb. 1952, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-3-2 Jo Ann PASCHAL, b. 15 June 1958, in Norfolk, VA.

1-6-2-1-1-3-3 Debra Susan PASCHAL, b. Jan. 1960, Norfolk, VA.

1-6-2-1-1-4 George Perry PASCHAL, b. 1 April 1923, Garfield or Glades, AR, d. 25 Nov. 1985, Ft. Pierce, FL, m. #1: 1945, Jacksonville, NC, and Norfolk, VA, to Agnes Lucille NOBLES, divorced 1956, Ft. Pierce, FL, m. #2: 1957, Vero Beach, FL, to Mary Elizabeth JONES.

Children of Agnes Lucille NOBLES and George Perry PASCHAL:

1-6-2-1-1-4-1 (ALP) Annadella Lillian PASCHAL, b. 25 Oct. 1946, Columbia, Boone Co., MO.

1-6-2-1-1-4-2 George Perry PASCHAL, b. 12 March 1948, Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie Co., FL.

1-6-2-1-1-4-3 Charles Howard PASCHAL, b. 28 Aug. 1850, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-4-4 Andrew Edgar PASCHAL, b. 3 Feb. 1953, Ft. Pierce, FL.

Child of Mary Elizabeth JONES and George Perry PASCHAL:

1-6-2-1-1-4-5 Joseph David PASCHAL, b. 17 Sep. 1961, Ft. Pierce, FL.

1-6-2-1-1-5 Wilda Jane PASCHAL, b. 3 Feb. 1925, Excelsior Springs, MO, m. John BECKMAN, no issue, adopted a brother and sister in 1956 (Jena and William) and a baby girl (Debra) in 1963.

1-6-2-1-1-5-1 Jena Ann BECKMAN, b. 1949.
1-6-2-1-1-5-2 William John BECKMAN, b. 1961.

1-6-2-1-1-5-3 Debra Jane BECKMAN, b. 1962 in Washington, D.C.

1-6-2-1-2 James Lawrence MURRAY, b. 2 Dec. 1892, Cave Springs, Elk Co., KS, (6 miles East, 3-1/2 to 4 miles North of Howard, Kansas), d. ?, , m. 9 Nov. 1919, to Pansy Rea BAKER, b. 8 Jan. 1893, Osborne, AR, , d. 3 Aug. 1844 (?), in Garfield, AR. (She was the d/o Eliza ROGERS, b. 1866, d. ?, and John W. BAKER, b. 1868-d. 1953.)

Children of James Lawrence MURRAY and Pansy Rea BAKER were:

1-6-2-1-2-1 Jimmie Rae MURRAY, b. 19 Oct. 1923, Rogers, AR, d. ?, m. 28 March 1947, Oklahoma City, OK, to Horace Eugene COMBS, b. 19 June 1922, Enid, OK, s/o Carrie _____ and H. E. COMBS, Sr. . (NOTE: Jimmie Rae MURRAY received her B.S.R.N. from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, in 1946. In the 1950s, Jimmie Rae and H. Eugene COMBS lived at 4612 N.W. 11th, Oklahoma City, OK.)

1-6-2-1-2-2 Betty Jo MURRAY, b. 8 Oct. 1925, in Garfield, AR, d. ?, m. 31 July 1946 to Edgar James REYNOLDS, b. 25 Dec. 1922, in Mountain View, OK, s/o Gladys BARNEY and Elbert REYNOLDS, of Rogers, AR.

1-6-2-1-2-3 Peggy Louise MURRAY, b. 8 April 1927, Garfield, AR, d. ?, m. 13 July 1948, Columbia, MO, to John Elmer FICHTER, b. 23 Nov. 1923, in Hughesville, MO.

1-6-2-1-3 Rachel Marilda MURRAY, b. 28 May 1894, Pueblo, CO, d. ?, m. Everette R. JOHNSON in Westley, AR.

1-6-2-1-3-1 Lillian Ruth JOHNSON, b. 29 Sep. 1916, Fayetteville, AR, d. ?, m. Bruce HAWKINS of Fayetteville, AR.

Children of Lillian Ruth JOHNSON and Bruce HAWKINS were:

1-6-2-1-3-1-1 Denna Lee HAWKINS, b. ?, Bentonville, AR, d. ?, m. ?.
1-6-2-1-3-1-2 Sharon HAWKINS, b. ?, Fayetteville, AR, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-1-4 Serena Griffith MURRAY, b. 5 June 1896, Douglas Co., MO, d. 6 Aug. 1906, Pueblo, CO, (some say she died of a brain tumor, but my grandmother Anna Lillian MURRAY, her oldest sister, said Serena came down with Scarlet Fever, went into a coma, and died within a couple of weeks from being diagnosed by a doctor who also quaranteened their house.

1-6-2-1-5 Samantha Jane MURRAY, b. 28 April 1898, Douglas Co., MO, d. ?, m. 1918, to Dr. Charles Arthur BRAKE, b. 10 Oct. 1919, Medford, OK, d. 7 Oct. 1947, in Norman, OK.

Children of Samantha Jane MURRAY and Charles Arthur BRAKE were:

1-6-2-1-5-1 Charles Murray BRAKE, b. 10 Oct. 1919, Medford, OK, d. Nov. 1975, m. Betty HESS in Oklahoma City, OK. In the 1950s, they lived at 3610 N.W. 46th, Oklahoma City, OK. (He received his M.D. from University of Oklahoma.)

1-6-2-1-5-1-1 Michael BRAKE, b. 28 July 1947, Oklahoma City, OK, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-1-5-1-2 Richard “Ricky” BRAKE, b. 24 Feb. 1949, Oklahoma City, OK, d. ?, m. ?.

( NOTE: These children belong somewhere around this Brake family area, but were listed as children of Charles Arthur Brake, which couldn’t be since he died in 1947: (1.) Deborah Jane BRAKE, b. 25 Aug. 1957, Oklahoma, OK, d. ?, m. ?; and, (2.) Peggy Ann BRAKE, b. 22 Jan. 1960, Oklahoma City, OK, d. ?, m. ?.)

1-6-2-1-5-2 Margaret Emily BRAKE, b. 10 Jan. 1923, Medford, OK, d. ?, m. Edward Washburn YATES, b. 23 Jan. 1920, Antlers, OK. (NOTE: M.A.U. of Okla., and as of 1956, Professor at Univ. of Nevada School of Art.)

1-6-2-1-5-2-1 Charles Lewis YATES, b. 14 Dec. 1945, Oklahoma City, OK, d. ?, m. 19 March 1967, Rieche or Pieche, NV, to Patricia Lynn ORR. (NOTE: He enlisted in U.S. Navy, Dec., 1966.)

1-6-2-1-5-2-2 Edward Kenneth YATES, b. 10 July 1947, Bonneville, AR, d. ?, m. ?. (NOTE: He enlisted in U.S. Navy in 1965.)

1-6-2-2 Cora Jane WASSON, b. 4 Feb. 1873, Pueblo, CO, d. 6 Dec. 1907, m. 7 April 1887, to Richard B. BALDWIN, OF Seligman, MO, b. 15 Mar. 1866, d. 1 June 1907, Pueblo, CO.

1-6-2-2-1 Gartrel BALDWIN, b. 23 July 1889, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. 22 Nov. 1910, to Lessie FARNSWORTH. They lived in the 1950s at 1926 Monterey Ave., Burbank, Calif.

1-6-2-2-1-1 Richard Gartrel BALDWIN, b. 10 Jan. 1914, d. ?, m.#1: 1 May 1944, to Betty STEARUS, later divorced, m#2: ?.

Children of Betty STEARUS and Richard Gartrel BALDWIN were:

1-6-2-2-1-1-1 Jeffrey Stearus BALDWIN, b. ?, d. ?, m. Lucille LOVELETT.

1-6-2-2-1-1-2 Keith Richard BALDWIN, b. 7 March 1950, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-2-1-1-3 Craig Gartrel BALDWIN, b. 8 Feb. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-2-1-2 Robert Orville BALDWIN, 5 MAY 1916, d. ?, m. 29 Dec. 1946, to Margaret MAGNUSSON.

1-6-2-2-1-2-1 Kathleen Lou BALDWIN, b. 9 Oct. 1948, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-2-1-2-2 Pamelia Leigh BALDWIN, b. 15 March 1950, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-2-2 Otto BALDWIN, b. 2 Feb. 1891, d. 14 June 1940, m. Anna P____?, b. 1876, d. 1952. No issue.

1-6-2-2-3 Cleo BALDWIN, b. 19 Sep. 1893, Seligman, MO, m. #1 in 1910 to C___ PRICE, in Maryville, MO, and m.#2 27 May 1935, to Thomas R. MERRELL, b. 17 Jan. 1892, Toledo, OH. No issue from 2nd marriage. In 1950s, they lived at 611 so. Ruch, Anaheim, CA.

1-6-2-2-3-1 Marjory Mae PRICE, b. 25 March 1914, d. ?. m. 1934, to Lawrence KREBS of Toledo, OH. They later divorced. In 1950s, Marjory lived in Long Beach, CA.

1-6-2-3 Laura Edith WASSON, b. 10 April 1874, d. 13 Dec. 1948, in Stella, MO, m. 5 July 1890, in Indian Territory, to Isom Henry COLLIER, b. 12 Nov. 1869, d. 13 Jan. 1950. In the 1940s, they lived near Sweetwater and Stella in Newton Co., MO.

1-6-2-3-1 Hughlett COLLIER, b. 31 May 1891, d. 15 Aug. 1925, m. “Dutch” _____

1-6-2-3-1-1Herman COLLIER.

1-6-2-3-2 Lewis H. COLLIER, b. 6 July 1892, d. 8 Feb. 1906, m. ?.

1-6-2-3-3 Beral Niece COLLIER, b. 11 Feb. 1895, d. 23 July 1947, m. ____ CARROLL. No issue.

1-6-2-3-4 Marion Monroe COLLIER, b. 9 Sep. 1896, m. Lola BARNETT.

1-6-2-3-5 Wilbur Lee COLLIER, b. 9 July 1898, m. Pearl ____.

1-6-2-3-6 Horace COLLIER, b. 17 March 1900, d. 13 March 1956, Springfield, MO, m. 14 June 1930, to Flora POOPER (or PEEPER), b. 1904. Divorced 1945. She lived in 1950s at 8845 S.R. 29, Oklahoma City, OK.

1-6-2-3-7 Ralph COLLIER, b. 1 Nov. 1903, m. Cleta _____. In 1950s, they lived in Neosho, MO?.

1-6-2-3-8 Jewell COLLIER, b. 15 Jan. 1906, d. 8 Feb. 1906.

1-6-2-4 John Edward WASSON, b. 7 May 1875, d. 23 Nov. 1876, Clebourne, TX, (at 1-1/2 yrs. old).

1-6-2-5 Lela Mae WASSON, b. 12 April 1877, Cleburne, TX, d. 31 Dec. 1950, Joplin, MO, m. 18 Feb. 1904 to John Wiley BRISCOE of Exeter, MO, b. 20 Feb. 1877, d. 1 Dec. 1951, Joplin, MO. All BRISCOEs buried at Exeter, MO.

1-6-2-5-1 Bonnie (or Bobbie?) Beryl BRISCOE, b. 10 Dec. 1904, d. 17 Sep. 1956, Seligman, MO. (NOTE: “CA” (?))

1-6-2-5-2 Donald Duncan BRISCOE, b. 30 Jan. 1906, d. ?, m. 2 March 1930, Carthage, MO, to Mildred HODGES, b. 19 July 1912. In 1950s, they lived in Boise, Idaho.

1-6-2-5-3 Wiley Wasson BRISCOE, b. 12 April 1909, d. ?, m. 20 April 1930, Carthage, MO, to Hazel HAMILTON. They divorced in abt. 1940-41. In 1950s, he lived in Downey, CA.

1-6-2-5-3-1 Kenneth Wiley Wasson BRISCOE, b. 6 Jan. 1931, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-2 Donald Carl BRISCOE, b. 21 Jan. 1932, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-3 Merritt Lee BRISCOE, b. 21 May? 1933, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-4 Melvin Eugene BRISCOE, b. 9 Oct. 1934, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-5 Claude Kermit BRISCOE, b. 15 Jan. 1936, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-6 Bobby (Robert?) John BRISCOE, 1937, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-3-7 Katherine Joyce BRISCOE, b. 1940, died as infant.

1-6-2-5-4 Lela Lucille BRISCOE, b. 9 Oct. 1910, Chattanooga, OK, d. ?, m. 31 May 1930, Carthage, MO, to George ROGERS.

Children of Lela Lucille BRISCOE and George ROGERS were:

1-6-2-5-4-1 Tommy ROGERS, b. Aug. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.
1-6-2-5-4-2 _____? ROGERS, b. 1955, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-5-5 Mary Maureen BRISCOE, b. 14 Sep. 1912, d. 19 June 1935, Purcell, MO. Never married.

1-6-2-5-6 Floyce Fay BRISCOE, (TWIN to Royce), b. 29 March 1914, d. 27 March 1949, St. Louis, MO. Never married.

1-6-2-5-7 Royce Rae BRISCOE, (TWIN to Floyce), b. 29 March 1914, d. 29 July 1914, Exeter, MO, at 4 months old.

1-6-2-5-8 Jeanne Josephine “Josie” BRISCOE, b. 20 April 1915, Chattanooga, OK, d. ?, m. Howard FRETWELL of Joplin, MO. In 1950s, they lived at 10417 So. Forest, Chicago, IL.

1-6-2-5-9 Paul Perry BRISCOE, b. 15 Nov. 1916, d. ?, m. 7 March 1948, to Mary DIPLEY of Neosho, MO. No issue from this marriage. In 1950s, they lived at RFD #2, Salina, KS. (NOTE: Paul was badly disabled from fungi he contracted during the 4 years in the Navy, as a machinist, served in the Pacific during WWII.

1-6-2-5-10 Neva Bell? BRISCOE, b. 10 Aug. 1918, Chattanooga, OK, d. ?, m. never married. In 1950s, she lived at 401 E. Connor, Joplin, MO. For a long time, she was a long distance operator for S.W. Bell Co.

1-6-2-6 Elbert England WASSON, b. 23 Nov. 1878, d. 30 Oct. 1950, San Francisco, CA, m. 20 June 1901, to Mabel JOHNSON of Monett, MO. In 1950s, she lived at 1298 Haight St., San Francisco, CA.

Children of Mabel JOHNSON and Elbert England WASSON were:

1-6-2-6-1 Cecil Reyford WASSON, b. 24 june 1902, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m.#1: 25 Nov. 1926, to Grace Alice GARDNER, divorced in 1932; m. #2: 7 July 1934, to Francis Bonita MARVIN of Minnesota.

Children of Francis Bonita MARVIN and Cecil Reyford WASSON were:

1-6-2-6-1-1 Nancy Lorraine WASSON, b. 24 May 1935, San Francisco, CA, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-2 Mildred Chastine WASSON, b. 29 May 1904, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. 4 April 1927, to Orlan A. HENSON.

Children of Mildred Chastine WASSON and Orlan A. HENSON were:

1-6-2-6-2-1 James Curtis HENSON, b. 14 Nov. 1935, San Francisco, CA, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-2-2 Susan Ann HENSON, b. 28 March 1940, San Francisco, CA, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-3 Morris A. WASSON, b. 4 April 1906, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. 8 April 1927, Oakland, CA, to Agnita FREDERICKSON, divorced in 1935.

Children of Agnita FREDERICKSON and Morris A. WASSON were:

1-6-2-6-3-1 Leslie Laurel WASSON, b. 12 Dec. 1927, d. ?, m. 4 July 1950, Reno, NV, to Raymond L. ELLIOTT, Jr.

Children of Leslie Laurel WASSON and Raymond L. ELLIOTT, Jr. were:

1-6-2-6-3-1-1 Steven ELLIOTT, b. 18 April 1951, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-3-2 Richard England WASSON, b. 14 Jan. 1930, d. ?, m. 1948, Reno, NV, m. #1: Janet PAGE, later divorced before 1950; m.#2: Aileen E. (SYCE) NAGEL, who died 27 Dec. 1954.

Children of Richard England WASSON and Janet PAGE were:

1-6-2-6-3-2-1 Nancy Laurel WASSON, b. 18 March 1949, d. ?, m. ?.

Children of Richard England WASSON and Aileen S. (SYCE) NAGEL were:

1-6-2-6-3-2-2 Stuart England WASSON, (TWIN of Carolyn), b. 11 Dec. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-3-2-3 Carolyn WASSON, (TWIN of Stuart), b. 11 Dec. 1952, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-6-4 Josephine Emily WASSON, b. 15 Oct. 1918, d. ?, m. 12 Nov. 1943, to Lloyd S. SEAGRAVES. In 1950s, they lived in Concord, CA.

Children of Josephine Emily WASSON and Lloyd S. SEAGRAVES were:

1-6-2-6-4-1 Donald Joseph SEAGRAVES, b. 24 July 1947, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-7 James Elmer WASSON, b. 30 Jan. 1880, d. 7 Sep. 1937, Oakland, CA, m. 5 Aug. 1900, to Nota ROLLER, b. 15 Nov. 1879, Seligman, MO, d. ?. (NOTE #1: Nota was daughter of Daniel ROLLER, a pioneer settler in Barry Co., MO. NOTE #2: In the 1950s, she lived at 2819 Georgia, Oakland 2, CA.)

1-6-2-7-1 Paul WASSON, b. 19 Aug. 1901, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. ____? DENTIST.

1-6-2-7-2 Joseph Monroe WASSON, b. 21 May 1905, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. ____?.

Children of ____?__ and Joseph Monroe WASSON were:

1-6-2-7-2-1 Robert Monroe WASSON, b. 12 March 1927, d. ?, m. ____?.

Children of ___?__ amd Robert Monroe WASSON were:

1-6-2-7-2-1-1 Karen Diane WASSON, b. 18 March 1956, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-7-3 Fred WASSON, b. 12 April 1907, d. ?, m. ___?__.

1-6-2-7-3-1 Diane WASSON, b. 25 Sep. 1942, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-7-4 James Elmer WASSON, Jr., b. 2 Nov. 1912, Maryville, MO, d. ?, m. ___?_. In 1950s, he was Superintendent of Berkley Jr. High School, and was living in Berkley, CA.

Children of ___?__ and James Elmer WASSON, Jr. were:

1-6-2-7-4-1 James Eugene WASSON, b. 14 April 1940, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-7-4-2 Carol Lee WASSON, b. 21 Jan. 1946, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-8 Serena Amner WASSON, b. 6 April 1881, d. ?, m. ?, to Benjamion Y. GREGORY, b. 1876, in Minnesota. (NOTE: In late 1940s, they lived at E-1427 5 Ave., Spokane, WA.)

1-6-2-8-1 Margaret Ruth GREGORY, b. 17 Sep. 1919, Vancouver, WA, d. ?, m. 29 Nov. 1940, to Richard COOK, b. 7 June 1918, Auburn, WA.

Children of Margaret Ruth GREGORY and Richard COOK were:

1-6-2-8-1-1 Alexandra Susanna COOK, b. 12 Jan. 1943, St. Paul, MN, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-8-1-2 Rebecca Ann COOK, b. 31 Aug. 1948, Anchorage, AK.

1-6-2-8-1-3 Margaret Elizabeth COOK, b. 1950, Seattle, WA.

1-6-2-9 Margaret Leona WASSON, b. 27 March 1883, d. ?, m. 2 Jan. 1901, Washburn, MO, to Harry Rayl WINDES, b. 1879, d. 1942. (NOTE #1: According to Harry WINDES, the WINDES name came from Alsace Lorraine, and the family was originally called "The WINDESHEIMS”, from their manor, WINDESHEIM Manor, England. NOTE #2: In the late 1940s, Margaret Leona Wasson Windes lived at 1009 Cherry, Springfield, MO.

Children of Margaret Leona WASSON and Harry WINDES were:

1-6-2-9-1 Russell Rayl WINDES, b. 5 Jan. 1902, d. ?, m. Bess Ruth CARTER of Oklahoma.

1-6-2-9-1-1 Margaret Jane WINDES, b. 25 March 1924, Caddo, OK, d. ?, m. ?. (NOTE: She received her B.S.R.N. degree from Kansas City, MO, Class of 1956.

1-6-2-9-1-2 Russell Rayl WINDES, Jr., M.D., b. 11 July 1926, Durant, OK, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-9-1-3 Patricia Ann WINDES, B. 22 Aug. 1936, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-9-2 Kenneth Wasson WINDES, b. 6 July 1903, Washburn, MO, d. 19 Oct. 1953, Oklahoma City, OK, m. 6 Sep. 1937, Martha “Inez” CARTER. (NOTE #1: Inez was a Home Economics teacher. NOTE #2: Kenneth was a dentist, and was in the Dental Corps in the U.S. Navy during WWII.

Children of Martha “Inez” CARTER and Kenneth Wasson WINDES were:

1-6-2-9-2-1 Joe (Joseph?) Rayl WINDES, b. 17 June 1938, Rogers, AR, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-9-2-2 Vina Margaret WINDES, b. 28 March 1941, Philadelphia, PA, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-9-2-3 Patty (Patricia?) Ann WINDES, b. 27 Sep. 1944, New York City, NY, d. ?, m. ?.

1-6-2-10 Myrtle Blanche “Barney” WASSON, b. 21 March 1885, d. 8 Aug. 1957, Spokane, WA, m. #1: ?, Seligman, MO, to Michael McDonald WARDLAW, b. 21 Nov. 1882, d. 31 Oct. 1906, of typhoid fever; m. #2: ???.

Children of Myrtle Blanche WASSON and Michael McDonald WARDLAW were:

1-6-2-10-1 Ruth WARDLAW, b. 17 June 1905, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. 25 Jan. ????, to Harry M. BROWNE. (NOTE: In 1950s, they lived at 12046 – 4th Ave., NW, Seattle, WA.)

Children of Ruth WARDLAW and Harry M. BROWNE were:

1-6-2-10-1-1 Frederick McDonald BROWN, b. ?, in Seattle, WA.

1-6-2-10-1-2 Harry M. BROWN, (Jr.?), b. ?, in Seattle, WA.

1-6-2-10-2 Mack Bryan WARDLAW, b. 12 Aug. 1906, Seligman, MO, d. ?, m. ?, to Louise ______.

Children of Louise ______ and Mack Bryan WARDLAW were:

1-6-2-10-2-1 Marilyn Ann WARDLAW, b. July 1930, San Francisco, CA, d. ?, m. ?, to Phillip RICH (?). In 1950s, lived at 204 White _____, _____, ___.
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