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Ephraim Sizemore

Ephraim Sizemore

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Surnames: Sizemore, Shepherd, Greene
Origin of Name Sizemore

The Sizemores have been in America since at least the 17th century. Some branches spell it Sisemore. The name is cognate with Cismor and other Portuguese Jewish surnames. It derives from Sis(a)mai, a Judahite of the descendants of the daughter of Sheshan and Jarha and is a Phoenician god's name, meaning water crane or swallow. "Sheshan had no sons, only daughters; Sheshan had an Egyptian slave, whose name was Jarha... Eleasah begot Sisamai, and Sisamai begot Shallum" (1 Chronicles 2:34-40). They were Portuguese Jews who blended with the Saponi, Powhatan, Mattaponi, Cherokee and Creek.

“Sismai” in Hebrew (read right to left) is ymss or the letters S-S-M-Y and is transliterated CISMAY.

sizemore-shepard-greene ealry jewish families
Posted by briann hall on 11/17/2003, 4:49 pm

This (hypothetical) Sizemore family tree represents the research and discussion paper of Silas at (September 2003). Some or all of the children listed for Ephraim may be those of his brother Henry Sizemore.
The first Sizemore in America was a Portuguese Jew from Barbados. Sizemore is cognate with Cismor and similar Jewish surnames. It does not occur in England. A William Sismor and wife Martha were counted among the Living and the Dead in Virginia, 1623. He was identified as "Negor." Famous members of the family have been George Goldenhawk Sizemore, George Chief of All Sizemore, John Gourd Sizemore, an Indian doctor, and Old Ned Sizemore. The Sizemores filed over 2,200 applications for the Eastern Cherokee Band in 1907, representing over 7,000 persons and filling the entire vol. 10 in the Guion Miller depositions. 4. EDWARD (OLD3 NED, TORY NED) SIZEMORE (EPHRAIM2 SIZEMORE, WILLIAM (?)1) was born Abt. 1725 in Hanover Co., Va. (?), and died Abt. 1780 in Montgomery Co., Va. (Valley of Virginia), or Wilkes Co., N.C. (?). He married ELIZABETH RACHEL JACKSON, daughter of WILLIAM JACKSON and DORCAS GREENE.

Ned Sizemore probably had more than one wife. Probably the same as the Old Ned Sizemore who was hanged by Col. Ben Cleveland on the Tory Oak in Wilkesboro, N.C. (though witnesses could not remember this Sizemore's last name). The Sizemore family was said to be an Indian family, perhaps Saponi or Mattaponi, who served in a regiment of the Royal South Carolina troops during the Revolution. The ECAs often confuse him with his son George Edward Sizemore ca. 1790 Hawkins Co., Tenn. whose family ended up in W.V. In reality, the Sizemore family was one of the first Sephardic-Jewish families to establish a foothold in the eastern Appalachians. They appear to have come to Virginia and Charleston from Barbados and London. Recent DNA analyses have confirmed that the first Sizemore male was American Indian, matching samples from Panama, Alaska and North America. In 1746 He enters 400 acres at the mouth of Polecat Creek on the South side of Banister River. In 1754 Henry Sizemore enters 400 acres between Polecat and the brances of Sandy Creek. This was in Lunenburg Co. VA. in 1746, Halifax County in 1752, in Pittsylvania Co. in 1767. He lived near the Greene Co., TN. Line.
Ethnicity/Relig.: Halfblood Indian
Fact: 1790, Voter list, Hawkins Co., Tenn.

Fact: Sephardic Jewish surname

the sizemores are jews who mixed with the indians and the remarried back into jewish blood. the shepards are jews shepard means sephardic referring to the jews of spain portugal William Efraim Sizemore + Winifred Greene these were the parents of ned, greene is also is were listed as jews. dna testing now confirms this sizemore,shepard,greene,cooper,blevins all intermarried and were all confirmed to portugese and french jewish families..

Re: Ephraim Sizemore

Silas Begley (View posts)
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Surnames: Sizemore, Greene
I don't know just what you have been smoking, but it sure isn't tobacco! But I will say that you are well versed in the use of propaganda, the art of using just enough facts mixed with fantasy to make the fantasy plausible to the naive. Are you in politics?
Let me make one thing clear, I am proud of all my bloodlines, whatever they may be, but I do not need someone that doesn't appear to have ever done any honest research running around misrepresenting information and telling me that I am something I am not!

You state (I quote) The Sizemore name is cognate with Cismor and other Portuguese Jewish surnames. It derives from Sis(a)mai, a Judahite of the descendants of the daughter of Sheshan and Jarha (end of quote). Could be, but I'd like some proof other than "chin music" if you don't mind! Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll not mind if we continue to consider the English source as fact. The surname is considered English: SIZEMORE = (Eng.) Descendant of Sigmar (victory, great) dweller on the Saxon's wasteland. Smith, Elsdon C.- New Dictionary of American Family Names p. 472. Another English definition: The surname Sizemore appears to be of local origin, being one of those surnames based on the name of a place where a man once lived or where he once owned land. The word Sizemore itself is a corruption of "sis mars" , which is the Old French for "six marks". A mark in this sense was a tract of land held in common by a Teutonic or medieval German village community. In certain parts of England, particularly in the southeast, the Anglo-Saxons constructed Teutonic villages which were largely rural in nature, more like a loose collection of farmsteads than a village. With the redistribution of land that followed the Norman invasion, a mark came to mean a certain measurement of land. In this case, the bearer of the name would have lived in or near an area equivalent to six marks or village commons.

You further state (I quote) They (Sizemores) were Portuguese Jews who blended with the Saponi, Powhatan, Mattaponi, Cherokee and Creek (end of quote). I agree that they very well could have mixed with those Native American tribes, and probably did. But if your statement is true, how is it that NONE of the Sizemores that have had DNA testing show a J2 haplogroup? The Jewish Cohen haplogroup is found among the J2 haplogroup, but not all J2's are Jewish. It is more properly considered an indication of Mediterranean ancestry. Additionally the Cohen marker is found in Kurds and other Middle Eastern people.

In a post to: sizemore-shepard-greene early jewish families Posted by briann hall on 11/17/2003, 4:49 pm=20 you state (I quote)
This (hypothetical) Sizemore family tree represents the research and discussion paper of Silas at (September 2003). Some or all of the children listed for Ephraim may be those of his brother Henry Sizemore.
The first Sizemore in America was a Portuguese Jew from Barbados. Sizemore is cognate with Cismor and similar Jewish surnames. It does not occur in England. A William Sismor and wife Martha were counted among the Living and the Dead in Virginia, 1623. He was identified as "Negor." Famous members of the family have been George Goldenhawk Sizemore, George Chief of All Sizemore, John Gourd Sizemore, an Indian doctor, and Old Ned Sizemore (end of quote).
This is a complete distortion and falsification of fact! My working/discussion paper (September 2003) was plainly labeled as unconfirmed data with people placed in groups for control purposes only, and contained NONE of the statements above. Then you went so far as to post a cut and paste family tree that is based on very little reality, or research, that has been adjusted to fit your fantasy, and made it appear to be my work. This type thing does not speak very highly of your creditability as a researcher, or honor as a person. I highly recommend that you insure that all reference to me or my work be disassociated from any of your messages, or postings, as I have no desire to be classified in the same category with this trash.

You make the statement that: Recent DNA analyses have confirmed that the first Sizemore male was American Indian. That is completely untrue, if you have proof show it! You also state that George "All" Sizemore was a "half-blood" and that he was on the 1790 Hawkins Co, TN voters/tax list, neither of these statements have been proven. And you state that Shepherd is a Sephardic Jewish surname. Would you please show me some proof, DNA testing of Shepherds from NC and KY showing J2 haplogroupings will be considered. And you reference a William Efraim Sizemore and Winifred Greene as parents of old Ned Sizemore. I challenge you to show me where a William Efraim/Ephraim Sizemore of that time frame existed, and if you will do a slight bit of research you will find that old Ned was older than his supposed mother Winifred Greene. And your statement that the Sizemore, Shephard, Greene, Cooper, Blevins families are all confirmed jewish families. Confirmed by whom, and how? A little proof might help, all I'm seeing is possibly, or could have been. The world could have been flat and standing on edge too.
Silas Begley -

Re: Ephraim Sizemore

brian (View posts)
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Surnames: Sizemore
Smoking something? thanks for the insult!
Silas, i apologize if i have offended you . Im just stating my believe and opinion. Why did you have to try to mudslinging and attack me? You seem the one bent on expressing your beliefs and pushing them on others. I again apologize but i was just stating info on what i have found.

Everything you stated above i already have read and is common knowledge. The Sigmor and sixmore and other English anglo spellings are correct. But let me show you how they fit in to the Jewish linieage. Fact most Sephardic Jewish families take the surname from whatever country they are lving in.
in israel sisamai or cismai in portugal it was changed to Cismor In England it was changed to an Englishized surname sisemore and Sizemore...Which was common Jewish practice....
The first Sizemores in america are listed as portuguese jews
In Jamestown and Barbados

Many jews fled spain and Portugal during the late 1400s and 1500s several fled to England during this time! read this from Beth Hirschman......
Hi Listers,
I've been reading with interest the discussion on the Sizemore Board
(which was recently moved to the Sephardic board) and wanted to make a couple of

First, regarding surnames in Britain, I think the posters would be on
firmer ground regarding the English/Saxon origin of the Sizemore name, if they
could trace it to documents prior to the 1300's or at least 1400's. In fact the
most secure source for insuring the Anglo-Saxon or Norman origin of the name
would be the Domesday List put together under William I as a tax/census list.
This list was composed around 1100 and had all known surnames in Britain at
that time. If Sizemore were Anglo-Saxon or Norman, it would likely be listed
Conversely, if the earliest documents listing Sizemore (or variants) as a
surname in Britain are from 1490 onward, then Brian Hall may have the stronger
case. By the 1500's and certainly by the 1600's many Portuguese, Spanish and
French Jews had entered Britain to escape the long arm of the Catholic
Inquisition. Often these Jewish immigrants would overtly claim to be Protestant
even Catholic) in order to enter Britain, but would actually practice Judaism
in their homes. Britain did not offically allow persons openly practicing
Judaism to enter the country until around 1650 (under Cromwell). It was fairly
known to most British rulers that these Portuguese, French and Spanish
"Protestant" immigrants were actually Jewish, but the rulers did not care -- the
arrivals were usually skilled in medicine, finance, international trade,
science and navigation and these talents made them valuable to the Crown.
Second, with regard to Jewish DNA haplogroups, Sephardic Jews are much
more diverse in DNA ancestry than are Ashkenazic Jews. Ashkenazic Jews are
around 50% J haplogroup in y-chrom DNA, the balance being E3b, R1a, and small
amounts of R1b, G and some other haplogroups. Sephardic Jews, conversely, have
about 30% R1b, 30% E3b and 30% J with the remaining 10% being other DNA
haplogroups. Further, these percentages for Sephardic Jews reflect only those
currently known to be practicing Sephardic Jews --
many Sephardic Jews became Conversos/Marranos/Anusim (secret Jews) and
immigrated to Holland, Britain, Germany and the Americas. The figures I have
among these Converso Sephardic Jews show them to be around 50% R1b.
All the best, Beth

several other of my family members came down with fmf familia medeteranian fever!Please take your time and read all this before you email me back! You will see ive been doing my research!

here is a link on the disease

Familial Mediterranean Fever is a rare disorder that affects more males than females. The symptoms generally begin during childhood or teen years. Episodes of symptoms typically continue throughout life. Most affected individuals have ancestors who lived in areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Shephardic and Iraqui Jews, Turks, Levantine Arabs, and Armenians are at a higher risk for this disease than other populations.

this has been diagnosed in several of my family members!

this is a link from 1700s up on sizemore history!

read this on the melungens
Sir Francis Drake brought many of these Portuguese, Armenian, and Ottoman Turks to America after he freed them from the Spanish in 1587. Genetic studies now also indicate Jewish lineage in the Melungeon people as the Portuguese Jews were fleeing persecution.
Dr. Kennedy also writes about the ancient Hebrew and Roman coins kept for generations as Melungeon family heirlooms. Geee i wonder where these Hebrew coins come from? Did appalchian metal smiths make them! tell me they did and i will be the one laughing
presence of the Sizemore name at the British empire's Jamestown colony, listing a "Portuguese-Jewish" indentured slave suggests an admixture of bloodlines that was not entirely Native. A few other Sizemores are said to have been Scots-Irish though I have not found evidence of this. Therefore, I would guess that most are the mixed-blood descendants of remnant tribes of the Powhatan - pronounced "poh-haw-tin" - which was a confederacy of many smaller tribes, and of Portugeuse, Jewish, English, Scottish and Irish indentured slaves.One Sizemore family tree shows direct descent from the Powhatan princess Matoaka (Pocahontas) and John Rolfe through the Bowling family, in six different family lines. I have my doubts as to whether we are descendants of Matoaka, as I think people generally like to be of some type of "royal" ancestry, but I strongly believe that this story is evidence that Sizemore Metis were founded and nurtured into existence by a number of different Powhatan women and their communities.
Barbados Link to Melungeon Surnames

This List, which is reprinted in P.F. Campbell's "Some Early Barbadian History", published Barbados, 1993, appears to be part of an old publication which Campbell reproduces in its entirety, and which is entitled: "Memoirs of the First Settlement of the Island of Barbados and other the Carribbee Islands, with the Succession of the Governors and Commanders in Chief of Barbados to the Year 1742, extracted from Ancient Records, Papers and Accounts taken from Mr. William Arnold, Mr. Samuel Bulkly, and Mr. John Summers, some of the First Settlers, the last of whom was alive in 1688, aged 82. Also some Remarks on the Laws and Constitution of Barbados." by William DUKE, the clerk of the House of Assembly, who first published the 100 page book in Barbados in 1741.
Shaw John
Stallange Roger
Stirring George
Stringer John
Sandiford William
Secretarie Mr.
Sisemore Richard
Sisemore John
Stokes John
Smith William
Sawer Richard
Sheratt David
Sackley Francis

oops here is documentation for sisemore in Barbados!!!

Second edition London 1743. Reprinted in Bdos 1891. For more details, see Handler's "Guide to Source Materials for the study of Barbados History", page 30.London, Printed for E. Owen near Chancery Lane, Holborn, MDCCXLII.

LIST OF THE NAMES of the Inhabitants of Barbados, in the Year 1638 who then possess'd more than ten Acres of Land.

Melungeon ancestry possibilities have expanded to include significant numbers of "English" and "Scotch" settlers who came to South Carolina in the late 1600s and early 1700s,
but not from England. Although these people held English citizenship, their actual ethnic make-up was far different from the prototype Anglos of that period. These settlers were from Barbados, ethnically mixed people seeking better lives in the mainland colonies.

These so-called "freedmen" tended to be a mixture of English and Scotch, native Barbadians (i.e. Indian), Portuguese Jews, other Mediterranean people, and Africans. And,
most telling, their surnames match those English names that most commonly show up among the earliest Melungeon populations. It would seem likely that, over time, these ethnically mixed "Englishmen" would have indeed moved northward and admixed with Melungeon ancestral groups in the Carolinas and Virginia. There are many related documents detailing the movements of these early settlers, but one will suffice for this first announcement (this document kindly provided by Angela Andrews of the University of Virginia). John Camden Hotten's work on the Barbados settlers provides the following astonishing surname list of "English" settlers from Barbados: (see below for Library of Congress citations)


Portuguese Jews

im sure you have a seperate opinion then mine .. And i respect that. And i will not bash you for it. Or will i put out my propoganda for it.... only to those who agree with me...]
question if there is no link to the jewish people then why have so many of my close Sizemore realtives have Jewish diseases! Diseases that are only linked to the Mediterranian.
Again Silas I wish you well ... and god bless

Re: Ephraim Sizemore

Silas Begley (View posts)
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Surnames: Sizemore
Yes Brian, you offend me, and most other serious genealogical researchers that have any creditability, for you are breaking many of the cardinal rules for good genealogical research, and true historical type publishing. Yes, I understand that in today's computer world with its ease of access to information, many have a tendency to forget, or ignore these rules. But there is no excuse for this other than ignorance, laziness, or complete indifference to truth. Perhaps we should review a few of these rules:

Rule Number 1: It makes no difference who said it, gave it to you, published it, or where you found it, it remains UNPROVEN data, and therefore NOT FACT, until YOU have gathered, and can provide the hard EVIDENCE to PROVE it to be fact sufficient to justify a statement of fact as to truth. (Note: Hard Evidence is Official Certification, such as Birth, Death, Naturalization Certificates, Military Discharges, etc. Family Bible entries may be acceptable, when the entries have been made within the timeframe of the event, and preferably by the same hand. Certain circumstantial evidence may be acceptable when the preponderance of this evidence indicates the same thing, and is clearly identified.)

Rule Number 2: When utilizing preponderance of evidence for proof, state up front that your information is based upon a preponderance of evidence revealed during your research and, clearly identify the sources, such as, publication Name, Volume, Number, Date, Author, Page, and Paragraph. On census identify: Year, State, County, District, and Household number. (Note: Many researchers will provide a long list of publications as source documentation without providing required Page and Paragraph identification for ease of use to other researchers, this is usually a very reliable indicator that the researcher DOES NOT have the PROOF, and the listing is being used as a smoke screen.)

Rule Number 3: When providing information, never provide your beliefs, opinions, assumptions, or thoughts as fact, or on the information unless you can provide HARD EVIDENCE to support such assumptions, otherwise they are only unproven opinions, and have no basis in fact. When utilizing information from another source, in full, or in part, after identifying the source, and providing the information to be utilized, it is permissible to insert notes in pertinent areas of the data (Note: In my opinion John is not the son of Joe, but rather the younger brother of Joe because___________. But I have no proof). But, you NEVER EVER identify a source, modify that sources document to match your opinion, then leave it to appear as if it is the source's original document. That is falsification of information and not only does it impact upon the integrity of the source, but it reflects very negatively on your personal character. (Note: It makes no difference what credentials a source may possess, or how popular a source may be, if they cannot, or will not provide the hard evidence, under the above guidelines to support their statements of fact, it places the integrity of their genealogical research, and genealogical information in serious doubt).

There are others, but this is enough for now, if you'll learn to live by these three rules genealogy wise, the rest will fall in place.

You state (I quote) Fact most Sephardic Jewish families take the surname from whatever country they are living in. in israel sisamai or cismai in portugal it was changed to Cismor In England it was changed to an Anglicized surname sisemore and Sizemore...Which was common Jewish practice....(end of quote). Brian, I am very familiar with hide and seek tactics utilized by oppressed people in order to survive under oppressive governments, I come from a long line of Chickamaugan Cherokee, northwestern Irish, highland Scots, and Palatine German, and I grew up in those hills at home. No need to quote that to me again, unless it breaks your train of thought while reciting.

You state (I quote) The first Sizemores in america are listed as portuguese jews In Jamestown and Barbados (end of quote). Now lets see, is that Portuguese from Judah, or Judahites from Portugal? Are we speaking of people with a Judaic bloodline, or those that practice the Judaic faith? I would hope we are speaking of those with the bloodline, as we were discussing genealogy when you came in blowing all this smoke. Prove your statement, provide document, page, and chapter! No need to repeat this either, you sound like a stuck record.

You reference: http://w Brian, you have to be kidding, almost everything on Jason Adams web page has been disproved, and discredited a dozen times over. All he ever had on there was a collection of beautiful old hill country mythology, seasoned well with, in my opinion, I think, I feel, maybe, and could have. Would you like to see some good circumstantial evidence to back up that statement of fact? You also reference: Is this the author of your recital? I love Brent dearly, but there are times that I think he needs to provide some "hard evidence" also. Of course that's just my opinion. And you reference: I respect Don and hope I get a chance to work with him, I've been on his site several times, and while I must say that Don is an excellent "gatherer" but, he often leaves much to be desired when it comes to genealogical research. Perhaps he needs to work with those three rules that I provided?

Beth's statement has some very good points, but she seems to forget one major thing, we have the documentation to back up our claim as to date, place, and timeframe. And you have diddly squat, other than some chin music to support your claim.

You state: several other of my family members came down with fmf familia medeteranian fever! Michele Miller replied to this when it appeared on SIZEMORE-L (I quote)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:22:57 EST From:
To: Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: [Sizemore] Re: sizemore Sephardic jews
In a message dated 11/29/2003 1:17:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I have photos of our sizemore family for generations back all had dark semetic features not resembling Indian or English persons. My first cousin was diagnosed with a genetic disease the doctor said only people with mediteranean blood contract this disease. Its a jewish disease! Yes there were Sizemores in England and throughout europe its because during the Spanish inquistion they fled Spain and Portugal because jews were hunted and ran out of Iberia! Thats why the ended up in England and Barbados and america !

Hi, I'm just poking my nose in for a moment, but are those photos you mentioned online anywhere? I am curious exactly what line of Sizemore's you are claiming since my line is Sizemore as well. Would love to see some old Sizemore photos :)
Since I am only a novice and know only the most rudimentary basics, I must at least ask, Can you please tell me what standard of methodology you used? I'm curious, that while your cousin may have inherited a gene that has caused this disease, you do not mention the disease (or maybe I missed that in another post?) I would like to know if you investigated whether or not this medical condition has appeared elsewhere within the branches in other families elsewhere in your lines, is there a pattern? If so, which lines? Since they are Sizemore's and this is a Sizemore list, it would indeed be helpful information, more so than what you have written. Especially so Sizemore's may want to ask their doctor to test them. Consider it a public service to your Sizemore "kin".
I trust you are an expert on genetics and ethnicity (or you have employed one on your behalf) and have documented all the genealogical data? I am very interested in hearing your findings since you must have massive amounts, even of disproved ones. If you could post a synopsis of your findings, (in 5000 words or less for starters) it would be greatly appreciated since for one to make a statement as you have, one could just not go on a rumor, or a couple of census records to make the claim that you have, so I know you must have plenty to share :)
Look forward to you posting the traceable lines on this list. Just think, you must have all the spouses names, dates, and documentation!
Oh, also, can you explain how the DNA results that have been taken so far from several different Sizemore lines have nothing shown for Jewish lineage? Look forward to seeing your info on the list soon. Have a good day. Michele Miller (end of quote).

Brian, we appreciate the lessons on history, religion, genetics, etc. We really do, but we were seriously trying to work genealogy when you came in blowing the smoke around. Genealogy is based on established fact (couldn't tell it from looking at the Internet), not opinions, beliefs, assumptions, or possibilities. But established facts that can be proven. If you cannot produce the reference by title, page, and paragraph, then do not make a statement of fact, for he that makes the statement, bears the burden of proof. Working the genealogy of appalachian families is rough enough, so please don't go on crusades spreading smoke screens and causing more problems. If you can come up with a Sizemore line showing a Jewish bloodline for which you can produce "hard evidence" not a list of publications and web sites, he said, she said, but "hard evidence" I'm sure we'll all welcome it with open arms. Until then it is just more "bull crap" garbage in, garbage out!

Silas Begley

Re: Ephraim Sizemore

brian (View posts)
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Surnames: sizemore
I guess you finally put your foot in you mouth. you want hard core evdince then here it and i got more coming and i retract my apology you are the most rude individual i have ever seen!
You say Jason Adams has been proven wrong and Brent Kennedy has to? that is just your opinion.

Hazen-abseneur a (french jewish man) who is portguese jewish expert and researcher. His works are from Gravestones and synagoge records all undisputed sources. he has no knowledge of brent kennedy , Jason Adams or any of us. He lists Sizemore as a comfirmed Sephardic Jewish surname.what are the odds huh? He doesnt know we exist and has no ties to us. i
I have a copy of his work in my hand as i am typing it now.
"attention to jews from rhodes and Turkey"
June 24 2001 ce
By Laurence abensur-Hazan
Paris France

here are the listings page 7 of 8...
....Siva, Sivan, Sizemore,skajoa, skala
Here is a fact for you proven.......and cited! I have a copy in my hand.
Oh that isnt enough huh? well i also have tons more.
Not all the sizemores went to Englad when they fled , some went east. As far as Russia. Here is your proof. Some made it to America in the 1900s unlike the first wave who came to england and america several hundred years prior. oh ya you want proof. Ill show a village where they made it to in Slovak. fully cited

VRBOVCE: From Past to Present
Translated by Slovakia University Graduate: Tanya Koluncova
Edited by: Ed Maul
This publication was published by the Municipal Hall of Vrbovce on the
occasion of the 600th Anniversary of the first written mention about Vrbovce.
There was one sawyer, two cabinet makers, two coopers, one wheeler, five smiths, one trader with metal goods and four traders with grocery stores. The tax list from 1752 contains the surnames of all families, which were living in the village at this time, page 13 in the book shows:

Abraham, Adamek, Adamicak, Adamov, Andrls, Bacany, Bacik, Bajza, Bakos, Balas, Bartos, Bednar, Bernasek, Blanar, Blaskuv, Blazej, Blazek, Bobcik, Bobsik, Bohus, Brindza, Briza, Bucek, Cech, Cernak, Cernin, Cerveny, Chmula, Chodnik, Chodor, Chodurik, Chodurny, Chojil, Cihak, Cizmar,(sizemore) Curikaj, Curnbal, Dinderak, Dobovy, Dudik, Durcak, Durena, Elias, Fak, Filus, Folt, Freska, Frlik,
This town was full of people who came from the west in it are italians,Germans.pols and many others. it was a haven for refugees.
There were 4,489 evangelists, 285 Jews and 110 Catholics. According to the social position there were 189 peasants and 578 tenants, 38 "below" tenants, 3 servants and 46 craftsmen.
Here is where a cizmar(sizemore) was listed. they came from all over europe it was a haven for fleeing imigrants.
Here is were Cizmar was listed in Ellis island imigration as a jew on the jewish passenger list. They were leaving europe do to rising anti semitism. Before world war 1.
This from the Jewish passenger list.
Cizmar,Michal Koledluke, Cz. Slovak 1921 25 Passenger Record

Cizmar is the slovac pronounciation of Sizemore.
Sizemore coming from Sigmar is themost illogical thing i have ever heard!

Oh several Stayed in france- already cited before from Hazan listed above . the french pronounciation of it is Cismar from sisemore Hazan even found the spelling sizemore!
here is a listing in the jewish passenger lists form ellis island
Cismar,Wolf france 1906 42 again listed as a full blooded jew.
they were able to keep their faith and their jewish identity. the sizemores fled to Portugal to England,France and Slovak and America.

Oh ya several Sizemores that left the Eastern part of the United states in the early 1800s were able to keep practicing their faith several in California. there their names are listed in several Synagoge rolls as Jews. Not converted jews but as jews. I have several emails from sizemores claiming to have kept the faith! I will not give you their names or the synagoge lists for their security protection. Oh but you need proof! Here is one of them from California her photo is on the sight I will only send this because she has publicly showed herself on a websight the rest shall remain nameless for their protection. i guess you will need to tell helen she isnt Jewish Laughs. and tell her life is a quote from you "bull crap" We know what we are! Helen in the article is discussing the Jewish tahara!
Helen Quotes Helen:
What I like about the Jewish Renewal Movement is that I can go to a very old tradition and pull out pieces to practice today. Some things are being reworked because they don’t resonate with us any more or because they disempower us. But there is a strong energy among women to revisit the Jewish path, and to renew certain very old traditions and to bring them into the twenty-first century.
Helen Sizemore is a recognized Jew in the jewish comunities. Along with many other Sizemore Jews.(like me!)Helen is not the only one i am not the only one i am on the other side of the states from Helen the sizemore judians are in several places.

Oh ya on the Disease the Sizemores were diagnosed with. Were the doctor said You must be linked to the Mediteranian
this was published by
cited from....
Jewish Genetic Diseases
A Mazornet Guide
Familial Mediterranean Fever is an inherited rheumatic disease that occurs most commonly in people of non-Ashkenazi Jewish, Armenian, Arab and Turkish Background living in the United States and abroad.
Incidence and Carriers
As many as one in 200 people in these populations have the disease and as many as one-in-five to one-in-seven carry the mutated Familial Mediterranean Fever gene.
A person must inherit two mutated copies of the gene, one from each parent to get Familial Mediterranean Fever.

Its a recesseve gene both parents must pass it on to their kids. The gene first mutated in Palestine.It was passed down from there to the rest of the world through the Jewish populations.
More Information and Resources
Drs. Avi Livneh and Deborah Zemer
Heller Institute for Medical Research
Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer, Israel
FAX #: 011 972 3 530 7002

Center for the Study and Treatment of Jewish Genetic Diseases
at UPMC Health Systems
Contact: Erin O’Rourke, M.S.

National Foundation for Jewish Genetic Diseases Inc.
250 Park Avenue, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10017

Contact these people for more info. This the disease that my Jewish Sizemores have got
So please try to argue against all this.....and trust me ive got more info. laughs And i will not apologize again you are the one who is rude. Not me!
See if you can answer these straight questions!
1. Forget Jason Adams and Brent Kennedy! Hazan Recorded Sizemore as jewish .. He is a professional. Making his lists from information found on Synagoge rolls and cemetary records.He is in france and has never heard of us.But he knows the Sizemores to be Sephardic Jews in Europe.I have full documantation.
2.what about the ellis island records i just typed above listing Cismar, Cizmar as jews. this proves the known conugates of of Sizemore,siesmore and cismor. Hazan listed as they were read in france Sizemore later changed to Cismar. Just as Englsih records siesmore to sizemore. The slovak is Cizmar who i also listed above as known jews from Ellis island documantation. Hazan did use the spelling Sizemore!
3. What of me? and other Sizemores across the US claiming to be Jewish and being recognized at it by the Jewish communities. Why dont you tell helen she is a white anglo wanna be jew! Thats what you are telling me. You border line on racism.
4. what about the jewish disease i listed it above. Several Sizemores have come down with this totally diagnosed! It is a recessive Gene passed down.
1 in 200 jews have this
1 in 500,000 non jews may carry this
Do the math! I known three known Sizemores (relatives) whao have it. and know of more wha are quite distant cuzins. do the math. with just 3 that is 1 in 1,ooo,500,000 chance of us getting that and being non jewish! contact the above centers for listing of my info! it is cited!
there lare iving sizemores i have produced that are still practicing jews.records outside the us listing them as jews(Hazan). Ellis island records them as jews. and genetic matching through disease listing them as jews.
all my info adds up.
You never once shown me a document listing sizemore as any ethnitcy. U simply referd to where they are such as records of countries.That doesn't prove me racial documents of them to support your claim.Other then that you are just listing location.
5. My last point show me a sizemore in England before 1500. There are none. They came there when the jews were being ran out of iberia in the 1400 and 1500s. Produce it for me.with citations so i can look it up.Funny how they just magically apear there!

and do you have an email adress i will email the photos i have to you personally and you only. If you tell me they are white I will die laughing.

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Surnames: Sizemore, Hall, Hanks, Knight
Good Morning Brian and Silas,
Brian what are your Sizemore lines? I am interested in the family of Nimrod Sturgill Hall s/o Lewis and Sarah Hanks Sturgill. Are you kin to Nimrod and Mary Hall Sturgill of Wise Co. VA.?
Silas what is your Sizemore lineage? Posting Sizemore lines would be a great help to fellow researchers. Are you kin to Earl and Faye Knight of Pike Co. OH.? They are descendents of Ned Sizemore of Harlan Co. KY.
For DNA Results please see:
For Information on John Sizemore who participated in the Melungeon DNA Project please see:
For Information on the Sizemore Family DNA Project please see:
Thank You,

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Joy King (View posts)
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Surnames: Sizemore
Who is James Sizemore?
The results of James Sizemore’s

The pedigree of John A. Sizemore can be viewed (as can others) by clicking on the Pedigree of #0000 at:


Re: Ephraim Sizemore

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Surnames: Sizemore, Green, Griffin
Hello Joy,
The information on James Sizemore is on the site.
"The results of James Sizemore’s Y-STR test shocked many but simply confirmed what others in the family had known all along. Most Sizemores are Native American. Q3 is the only haplogroup exclusively associated with American Indians. Subsequently, three other Sizemores/Sisemores matched our subject and a large Sizemore Surname DNA Project was undertaken. This project found several distinct Sizemore lines, with the apparently largest being ours. James Sizemore traces his lineage back to a William Ephraim Sizemore born about 1700 who married Winifred Green, the daughter of Henry Green (whose will William Sizemore witnessed in 1761) and Elizabeth Griffin. According to family tradition, the family always lived on the frontier, which moved, beginning across the river from Jamestown in Surry County and later becoming fixed in Pittsylvania County, finally in Kentucky."
You can read more on the Sizemore DNA Tests Here:
I hope this helps.

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Surnames: Sizemore, Green, Bolling, Elam, Jackson, Marshall, Brown, Griffin

I believe you'll find the JAMES Sizemore, referred to in the site you gave, is in actuality the JOHN A. Sizemore whose pedigree can be found on our Sizemore Surname Y-DNA project site. I do think the compiler of this material should have known the name of his DNA participant.

When visiting our DNA results page & pedigrees
you'll also see we have one other participant (#7649) that traces his line back to the same George Sizemore of Ashe Co., NC.

The majority of our participants, with the NA markers, trace their lines back to the KY Sizemores with George "All" Sizemore being the earliest documented ancestor of the group.

In addition there is another documented George Sizemore line of SC that also has the NA markers. All of these men were born in the same time period.

There are numerous Sizemore lines that have not yet been tested and we feel we have just scratched the surface.

As for the William Ephraim Sizemore & Winifred Green, I posted the following to the Sizemore-L on 9/12/03.


I did finally see the site but (as I suspected) he has just collected undocumented info from other sites like his. As I said before, this George Sizemore and his wife Lydia (Sizemore) Sizemore are ancestors of Jack Goins. From that point down, it does appear to be your line so PLEASE contact Jack for additional information. His documentaion shows Lydia *was not an adopted Hagey*. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss the question concerning your Thomas' middle name. I can tell you that nothing is known about the parentage of this George, and there is nothing in any of the records that name the parents, wife, or children of the earliest Edward.

I have been explaining the mistakes in this material since going online in 1997 but will try one more time.

My *records* start in 1619, but the earliest record for the William Sizemore Mr. Allen is apparently talking about is found in VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS VOL. XXI HENRICO CO., VA- SOUTHSIDE, by Beverley Fleet,

P.2- PREFACE: . . . The records are of persons who lived in Henrico on the south side of James River. This became Chesterfield County in 1749. And also records of persons who had properties or business in that section.

P.21 Phillip JONES. Dr.1736. 5 Levys. 1064A. To Col'o Robert BOLLINGS fee for 1 survey for WM SIZEMORE. Amt due 2 yrs ago. Paid by Mr WILSON in tobo. "SIZEMORE pd his Survey to me himself".

Note JK: According to VA law William would have to be at least 21 when he applied for a warrant to have land surveyed (1734) so born by 1713 or earlier.

P.29: WILLIAM SIZEMORE Dr.1736 to Col. BOLLING for 1 survey. Pd by cash and an Inspector's note.

P.45 Acc't of Surveyors Fees rec'd Dec'r 17, 1736 of Col'o Rob't BOLLING to collect for him of Persons in this County (Viz)
John ELAM 500 - Jos JACKSON for Ralph JACKSON 500
Ralph JACKSON 500 - Laurance BROWN 1000
Jno NASH for Francis RICE 500 - Capt. Em. WORSHAM 1000
Tho's CHILDREY 500 - Mr. Rich'd ROYAL 1000
Joseph FARLEY 500 - Lewis TANNER 1000
Ralph JACKSON [sic] 500

P.48 1736 Acc't of Surveyors Fees belonging to Colo Robt BOLLING against Persons that have no Acc't in this Booke (Viz)
WILLM. SIZEMORE 500 lb tobo Carr'd into PHIL JONES account.
Thos CHILDREY 500 lb tobo to Wm FULLER
Wm MARSHALL 500 lb tobo Carr'd into his Fathers account

He received the grant and the land was located in Amelia Co. which was formed in 1735 from Prince George & Brunswick counties.
P.130- PB 17 p.263: WILLIAM POWELL of Caroline Co., 500A Amelia Co., both sides of Mayes's Br. of Flatt Cr., upper side of the Fort Br. adj. WILLIAM SIZEMORE & LEWIS TURNER £2 17 March 1737

P.156- PB 17 p.510: WILLIAM SIZEMORE, 200A Amelia Co. on both sides of the Fort Br. of Mayes's Br. of Flatt Cr. £1. 9 February 1738.
A copy of this can also be found online at
GRANTEE Sizemore, William. grantee.
DATE 9 February 1737.
NOTE Location: Amelia County.
NOTE Description: 200 acres on both sides of the Fort branch of Mayes's
branch of Flatt Creek.
NOTE Source: Land Office Patents No. 17, 1735-1738, p. 510 (Reel 15).
OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.
Note JK: It appears the transcribed books are using the new style year and the online version using old.

I have a lot of additional info concerning the below mentioned Margery prior to the move to present Halifax Co., VA where we see the others showing up in the land entry book. I probably should also say that I *do not* believe Margery is our female connection to the male NA DNA results we have. I think that occurred much earlier.

In 1741 WILLIAM had land surveyed in present Halifax Co., VA.

In 1743 MARGERY (transcribed as Mary but additional records show it was probably an abbrivation of Marg.) has a survey entry.

Also in 1743 HENRY & EPHRAIM have surveys and since this is the first mention of them they too would have to be 21 so born by 1722 or earlier.

In 1744 WILLIAM sold the Amelia Co. land and he is said to be "of Brunswick Co., VA" (the parent Co. of present Halifax).

In 1746 EDWARD & JAMES are mentioned for the first time in land surveys so born by 1725 or earlier.

1747/16/Mar. ERB p.49 (16 March 1746.7 Survd P.F.) GEORGE SIZEMORE enters 200 Acres of Land on the Lower side Line of his Mother MARY [MARGERY] SIZEMORE's Survey on Wynne's Cr. beginning at her lower Corner W.O. thence up and down.
GEORGE was born by 1726 or earlier.

Prince George:
P.307 Dorcus, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Green born 27 Sept. 1726
P.308 WINIFRED, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Green born 17 Mar. 1731
P.306 Mary, daughter of John & Abigale Green born 9 Aug. 1722
P.308 Jemima, daughter of John & Abigale Green born 28 July 1731

I think we can all do the math on this!

Elliott- EARLY WILLS 1746-1765 LUNENBURG CO., VA, p.9, DB.1 p.477:
1748/15/Oct.- Will of HENRY GREEN, SR., rec. before June 5 1749.
Eldest son JOHN- plantation where he (John) now lives plus 157A more.
Second son HENRY- 157A to include the plantation where ABIGAIL GREEN, relict of my brother JOHN GREEN, now lives.
Third son STEPHEN- 157A to include an old field whereon John RUSSELL formerly lived.
Fourth son FREDERICK- 157A to be laid off at the lower end of the tract I now hold.
Land to wife ELIZABETH, during her widowhood, remaining 157A including plantation where I now live.
In case my wife die or marry, said tract is to go to youngest son RICHARD.
Personal estate to remain in hands of my wife and, at her death or marriage, to be divided among all children excluding sons John and Henry and daughter DORCAS who are sufficiently provided for.
Exec: Brother-in-law RICHARD GRIFFIN, son John GREEN

Btw, Brother-in-law *does not* necessarily mean his wife's brother. It could also mean a husband of a sister or a half brother by different fathers!
[I neglected to include the possibility of a step-brother as well. JK]

Winifred would have been 17 yrs. old when Henry wrote his will and I believe she has already died. Henry names everyone, including his brother's wife, I seriously doubt he would have excluded Winifred if she was alive.

Hope this clears things up,


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> Mr. Allen's website shows the following descendancy of my branch:
> Generation No. 1
> WILLIAM (OR EPHRAM)1 SIZEMORE was born Abt. 1715 in North Carolina or
> Virginia. He married WINIFRED GREEN, daughter of HENRY GREEN and ELIZABETH
> GRIFFIN. She was born Abt. 1725 in Mecklenburg Co., Va.
> i. EDWARD2 SIZEMORE, b. Abt. 1738.
> Generation No. 2
> EDWARD2 SIZEMORE (WILLIAM (OR EPHRAM)1) was born Abt. 1738. He married
> UNKNOWN Abt. 1754.
> Children of EDWARD SIZEMORE and UNKNOWN are:
> i. GEORGE ALL3 SIZEMORE, b. Abt. 1755; d. 1822.
> ii. OWEN SIZEMORE, b. Abt. 1757.
> iii. EDWARD SIZEMORE, JR., b. Abt. 1759.

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Surnames: Sizemore, Cole, Gross, Davidson
Whew! You're really taking this thing personal. Why don't you just let the guy say what he thinks and get on with it? I can read the animosity between the lines. We all have opinions that we try to prove. Some pan out and some don't. You talk a lot about rules of genealogy. Well, how about the one where we respect the other guys opinion. You don't have to agree with it. How about focusing on your own ideas and leave others out of it, since you can't seem to tolerate differing views. I would be proud to have Jewish ancestry.
I connect to the Sizemores through Mima Sizemore Cole who was the daughter of Tom Sizemore and Peggy Davidson. Tom died by a gunshot. Tom Sizemore was the son of Russell Sizemore and Susan Gross. Any info. on these from anybody?
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