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May Burton Sr.

May Burton Sr.

Bob Burton (View posts)
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Surnames: Burton, May, Wisdom, Medley
I am willing to share information on the family of May Burton Sr. and related families from Orange County, Virginia. May was the orphaned son of John Burton of Caroline County who died in 1735. May Burton chose Dunkin Bohannon as his guardian. It is thought that John Burton and Dunkin Bohannon were brothers-in-law, both marrying daughters of John May. May Burton married Hannah Medley in Orange County in 1751. They had the following children; William, May Jr., Ambrose, James, Joseph, John, Mary, Frances and Elijah.


BARBARA STONE (View posts)
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Surnames: WISDOM


Cindy May (View posts)
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Surnames: May, Hiatt, Burton, Satterwhite, Shields
Do you have any additional information about the John MAY family in your query? My GGGGGrandfather's daughter Mary (Polley)MAY married a John BURTON in Orange, VA on or about 27 July 1807. Joel MAY (relationship unknown) was bondsman and testified that they were both over 21. If you have any information about which John BURTON this is, or about the May family that married into the Burtons earlier, I would be very grateful.
Thanks, Cindy

May Burton

Bob Burton (View posts)
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Surnames: Burton, May
I think we have visited before. I do not have any information about the May line that old John Burton married into. It is speculation that he even married a May. We base the May connection on the fact that two people mentioned in his will, Dunkin Bohannon and John Pickett were married to May women. May Burton, the orphan, chose Dunkin Bohannon as his guardian. The name of "May" has been used in every generation of the Burton family up to the present! I was hoping that someone from the May line could help me make the link. I have not heard of a John Burton and Mary May from 1807.


Amy (View posts)
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Surnames: Wisdom
There is a message board for Wisdoms on that mentions some of the names you have hear. Have you looked there?

Re: May Burton Sr.

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Bob, do you have additional information about John, one of the sons of May Burton Sr? Several sources I have seen only list 3 sons by name, May Jr, William and James. I am very anxious to know all there is you and others can tell me about John.

Re: May Burton Sr.

Bruce D. Burton (View posts)
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Surnames: Burton
Hello Bob,

Could you tell me where May's son John lived, and who his son's were if he had any?

Re: May Burton Sr.

Bob Burton (View posts)
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John Burton Sr., son of May Burton Sr., was born in the 1750’s in Orange County, Virginia and died prior to 1824 in Oldham County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth Hudson, the daughter of Rush Hudson from Orange County, Virginia around 1771. Records indicate they were in Jefferson
County, Kentucky in 1802. John’s will was written Dec 19, 1809 in Jefferson Co. KY, but was not probated until 1824 in Oldham County, Kentucky. The will was witnessed by
Ambrose, William and Thomas Buckner. He must have accumulated significant holdings, as his will mentions his plantation, a saw mill, grist mill and several slaves. Prior to 1830, John Burton Jr., Reuben Burton, Mary (Burton) Snell and John Snell, and Polly Burton (widow of Jeremiah Burton) migrated to Ralls Co. MO. There are census records of two
John Burtons in Jefferson Co Ky in 1810 and 1820, as well as records of a John Jr. and John M. Burton in Ralls Co. MO in 1830. There are also several other John Burtons
scattered throughout Kentucky and Missouri during this period.

During the Revolutionary War, there is mention of a Lt. Col. John Burton of the Virginia Militia. I don’t know if this is our John Burton. There is also a record of two petitions
signed by a John Burton, of Orange Co. VA concerning colonial taxes during the war. This is probably our John, since his father and several brothers also signed the petition.

The following Virginia records were found concerning this John Burton:
On June 27, 1771, Joseph and Elizabeth Wood sold 350 acres to John Burton, for 49 pounds, the land formerly belonging to James Littlepage, gentleman, deceased, late of
Hanover Co. VA. John Burton witnessed the sale of land between Joshua Stapp Sr. and Thomas Burbage on April 23, 1772. On July 26, 1781, John Burton and his wife
Elizabeth sold 330 acres to his brother Ambrose for 5000 pounds! (Note the difference in land prices from 1771 to 1781, due to inflation during the war) This was a part of the
Brookesby Tract in Orange Co., VA. At the same court session it is recorded that Ambrose and Catherine Burton sold 546 acres to John Burton for 5000 pounds! This was
also a part of Brookesby tract. It sounds as if they were merely trading land in the same area, since the price for both transactions was 5000 pounds.

John Carrell sold 188 acres to Richard Lamb for 26 pounds in October of 1782. Mr. Carrell had purchased the land from a Mr. Brooke. It was a part of the Brookesby Tract
bounded by the lands of Robert Sanford and John Burton. Joseph Wood sold 450 acres to Andrew Johnson that was a part of the James Littlepage estate bounded by the lands of
John Burton, Peter Rucker, Mr. Sanford and Mr. Brook. On June 25, 1794, William Laprade of Chesterfield County, Virginia , executor for the late Andrew Johnson, sold 450
acres of the Johnson estate to William White and his heirs for the sum of 450 dollars. This land had formerly been owned by James Littlepage, who sold it to Joseph Wood. This
land was bounded by the land of Peter Rucker, Mr. Sanford, Mr. Brook, John Burton and Mr. Stapp. Witnesses to the sale were May Burton Jr., Jessee Plunkitt, Gideon
Underwood, James Collins and Willis White.

John Burton is listed in the 1782 Orange Co. roster of VA Head of Families as having eight whites and four blacks in his houshold.

Children of John and Elizabeth Burton:

1.) Elizabeth Burton m. John Cravens in Jessamine County, Kentucky.
2.) Mary (Polly) Burton was born about 1772 and died sometime after 1810. On December 31, 1789 she married John Snell in Woodford Co. KY John was born around 1766 in Orange Co. VA. and died Sept 26, 1844 in Calloway Co MO. He was the son of ___ Snell and Elizabeth
Watts. Sometime prior to 1830 they moved to Ralls Co., MO. John was sherriff of Calloway Co. MO. After Mary’s death he married Barbara Roth of Indiana. I have information on six children for Mary Burton and John Snell. He was reported to have had 26 children between his two wifes with only half of them living to adulthood. Children of John Snell: ( I’m not sure these are the children of Mary and John, since they were born 20 years after they married.)
a.) William Snell, born around 1791, in KY, died March 20, 1853 in Knox Co MO. He married Lucy Wymore (1796-1888) on April 7, 1813 in Jefferson Co., KY. He served as a corporal in the War of 1812.
b.) Garrett Snell, born August 19, 1795 in Owen Co KY, died June 4, 1844 in Knox Co MO. In 1812, he was a farmer in Indiana?? He married Nancy Jones on March 1830 in Owen Co., KY. In 1850 he was in Knox Co. MO.
c.) Lucy Snell, born around 1797, died _________ . She married William B. Tompkins on July 1819 in Owen Co. KY. In 1835 she was living in
Randolph Co. MO, according to her father’s settlement of the estate.
d.) Greenup Christopher Snell, born September 20, 1800, died July 16,
1867 in Calloway Co MO. He married first Lucinda _____, second
Sarah Ann Mackentire.
e.) Warfield Snell, born around 1805 and died around 1861. He married
first Nancy Baker on July 29, 1824 in Owen Co., KY and second Jane
Steers on October 20, 1840 in Ralls, Co., MO. According to Ralls Co.
records, he owned two tracts of land, one of 63 acres and one of 40
acres. His estate was not settled until 1880.
f.) Elijah Snell, born around 1809
g.) Mariah Snell born 1826 in MO, died circa 1879 in Calloway Co MO
She married Isaiah Goodman, born 1826 in KY, died 1906 Calloway
Co. MO. Their children were: John, Mary, Frances, Stephen, Sterling,
Emma, Moriah and Melcena.
h.) John Snell born 1813 in Calloway Co MO.

3.) Reuben Burton was born around 1774. He died __________- . He married
Mary (Polly) Head, daughter of Hadley Head. They later moved to Ralls Co.,
MO. On September 20, 1824, Reuben gave his son, John M. Burton, power of
attorney to settle the estate of his father-in-law, Hadley Head. Mary and
Reuben later sold 63 acres of this estate to James Head for $126. This was
probably, Mary’s share of her father’s estate. Reuben is listed in the Jefferson
Co Ky census in 1810 and in Ralls Co MO in 1830. I do not have a listing for
the 1820 census.
Children of Reuben and Mary:
a.) John M. Burton, born _________, died _____________ .

4.) Jeremiah Burton was born about 1776 and died in 1829. He married Mary
(Polly) Bohannon. There is a record in Woodford Co., KY., May 1798, of
Elliot Bohannon giving permission for his daughter, Mary, to wed Jeremiah
Burton. On June 13, 1829, Oldham Co., KY records indicate Mary Burton
of Ralls Co., MO. was the executrix of the Jeremiah Burton estate. Witnesses
were John Burton and Jacob Whittenberg of Missouri. On July 21, 1829,
William Taylor deeded 21 acres to the heirs of Jeremiah Burton for land owed
him. Two days later, Mary sold Joseph Swindle 179 acres from the
estate for $1200. Jeremiah is listed in the 1810 and 1820 Jefferson Co KY

5.) Frances (Frankey) Burton was born around 1779 and died ______ .
She married George Bohannon in 1795 in Woodford Co. KY. According to
internet source- (, George Bohannon is the GG
grandson of Duncan Bohannon, who was gaurdian for May Burton Sr.

6.) John Burton Jr. was born around 1782. On February 5, 1809 he married
Eliza Bohannon.

7.) James Burton was born around 1785.

Internet info from Scott Burton, who is trying to connect with Burtons buried in Middle
Grove Christian Church Cemetary in Monro Co MO- John Burton Jr, John N Burton,
Elliot Burton, FrancesBurton, Jane Burton, Nancy, Charles, and Jeremiah Burton-
David Lynch ( also contributed information on this family

Misc. information on various John Burtons from Kentucky and Missouri:

Kentucky Records- War of 1812 by Minnie Wilder 1931
John Burton, KY, PVT in Capt Peter Jordon's Company- Barbee's Regiment - Aug 23, 1812
John Burton, KY, PVT in Capt Samuel Harrison's Co.- Ky Mounted Volunteers Aug 25, 1813,
and Nov, 1813
John Burton, KY, PVT in Capt John Yates Co KY InfantryWar of 1812- Feb 27, 1813,
and Aug 27, 1813
John Burton, KY, PVT in Capt Wm Rice's Mounted Infantry War of 1812- Aug 15, 1813,
and Nov 19, 1813
John Burton, KY, PVT in Capt Robert McAfee's KY Mounted Infantry War of 1812- Aug 15,1813,
and Nov 19, 1813

John Burtons mentioned in Census Records:

1810 John Jefferson Co.KY
1810 John Jefferson Co.KY
1820 John Jefferson Co.KY
1820 John Jefferson Co.KY
1820 John M Henry Co. KY
1820 John Sr. Pulaski Co. KY
1830 John Sr. Washington Co. KY
1830 John Ralls Co. MO
1830 John Shelby Co, KY
1830 John Washington Co. KY
1830 John A Callaway Co.MO
1830 John Jr Ralls Co. MO pg 376- union township
1840 John Cooper Co. MO
1840 John Howard Co. MO
1840 John Monroe Co. MO
1840 John VanBuren Co. MO
1840 John M Daviess Co.MO
1840 John O. Barry Co. MO
1850 John M Hickory Co. MO 37th district- pg 69
1850 John Boone Co. MO
1850 John Cedar Co. MO
1860 John Daviess Co. MO Benton twp
1860 John G age 47, Howard Co, MO. w/ wife, Caroline age 32, Inarcis (23 y/oson),
William (19), Adeline (18), Levi (13m), Joel (1m) MO Chariton twp pg 518
Listed as Farmer $800 property value, $800 personal. There is a John G.
Burton with 23 slaves in the 1860 Slave census)

Misc. Cemetary information:

John Burton, died 1834 Feb 1, age 53y, Howard Co. MO,Burnham Cemetary- Off Howard county
road 116 on O to BB.

John Burton, died 1941, born 1864, Mercer, KY Ebenezer Church of Christ Cemetary
Cemetary Records of Mercer Co KY Vol 1-4, Harrodsburg Historical Society,

John B Burton, died 1911, born 1830 Davies Co. KY buried Burton Homestead, Rt 23, 5 miles
S. of Owens Co, KY , (From John of Longfield line)

John J. Burton, died 1920 Apr 27 and born 1888 Sept 17 in Mercer KY Ebenezer Church of
Christ Cemetary-Cemetary Records of Mercer Co KY Vol 1-4, Harrodsburg Historical Society

John Burton Jr. , Monroe Co. MO Middle Grove Christian Church

John N. Burton, Monroe MO Middle Grove Christian Church- Monroe Co MO

John S. Burton, died 1840 May 16 in Howard Co. MO, buried Burnham Cemetary- Off Howard
county road 116 on O to BB. age 14y1m17d

John W Burton died 1862, and born 1839 Chariton Co. MO Benett Cemetary-5 miles NE of
Keytesville, MO- died age 23

Re: May Burton Sr.

Bruce D. Burton (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Thanks again Bob,

I appreciate all the help you have given on this family - I am still trying to find the source of my Burton family of Shelby County Kentucky.

I have been tracing my line back through Garret Burton (his first name has been spelled several ways in the listings). He owned 85 acres of land on Fox Run, and both his and his wife's first name were spelled differently each time they were recorded, on the land records, marriage, as well as the will book. My records show five children for Garret and his wife Jannett (Porter) Burton: James, Jane, Martha, Polly, and John, through whom I came. My Father has shown me the property on Fox Run where he grew up, but I don't remember him saying anything about from where his ancestors came. I notice a similarity of family names throughout your listings, and was really encouraged to see that one of Mary Burton Snell's chlidren was named Garrett, but there I go again grasping at straws.

The following is a listing of information we have gathered:

[p.5] Kentucky Counties in 1790
page 17
Burton, Jarrot Bourbon 3/1791

August 13, 1797 The Shelby Co Deed Bk B1 409 lists 85 acres on East Bank of Fox Run Granted to Jarraed Burton by Sam'l Shennon (sic)

1801 The Shelby Co deed Bk E 17 Jarred & wife Jennet Granted to J. Green % Shannon Land

1804 The Shelby Co deed Bk F 389 Gerrard granted to Wm Henton 50 acres

1805 The Shelby Co deed Bk G 21 Jerrard granted to Jane Porter "Chattels & Household items"

1824 The Shelby Co deed Bk T 471 Jennett, etc. Heirs of Jarred granted Heirs of Wm Henton 50 acres on Fox Run

1825 Probate Shelby Co Jennett-Porter, wife of Jarred Burton devised land and money to 5 children: John, James, Jane Redman, Martha(Patsy)Miller and Polly Hughes

Re: May Burton Sr.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Burton, Buckner
My great-great-great grandmother was Hannah Burton Buckner, wife of Thomas Buckner, who was probably the man who witnessed the will mentioned in your post. Here is some info from Buckner research that you might find helpful:

"Thomas Buckner (1765-1827) married Hannah Burton in 1787.
When about 30 years of age, in 1795, Thomas convinced his wife that they, with their children, should leave the Old Dominion and take up life and fortune in the new state of Kentucky, then but two years old. Boone's Wilderness Road, which had been and was the route of so many to the new country, safely carried the Buckner family from Spottsylvania to Charlottesville, Lexington, Catawaba, Abigdon, through Cumberland Gap, and on to within 20 miles of the small, but fairly safe, village of Louisville. Louisville offered the newcomers the best of schools, culture, refined society and settled community that the new country afforded. On a large and well managed farm some 20 miles from Louisville, Thomas and Hannah raised a family of 20 children.

"In later years Thomas and Hannah moved into their town house at Louisville, where he continued to live until his death in 1827."

A town, Buckner, is located about the same distance (20 miles) from Louisville today. Could it be the site of the old Buckner home? Is the town named for Thomas Buckner? This is info I'm trying to find -- any help?

Tom Buckner
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