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Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

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Surnames: Nance and Kepler and Howard
Lewis Henry Nance is my 3rd great grandfather from his union to Anney Caldwell.

I am trying to put this Nance family into a timeline.

First Problem: Lewis' father, William Miles Nance (1755-1826) was married two times. However, his first marriage is in 1784, which is after Lewis is born. Something is probably wrong since this was rare in the late 1700s.
Mary Thorne Howard (1759-1804) is supposed to be his mother. She died in childbirth having Miles Alonzo Nance (1804-1883)
In 1818, William married Sarah Alcorn and they had more children.

Second problem: Lewis Nance was married at least once before he married my 3rd great grandmother Anney Caldwell. He and Lucy Kepler (born 1795 and married 1812) had two sons, James and Ezekiel (born in 1812 and 1816).
Lucy (or Susan) Kepler was said to have deserted her family in 1823 and Lewis divorced her in 1827. This was all announced in the "Arkansas Gazette".
Why would a 32 year old woman desert her husband and children? Where would she go? She was never heard from again. Some pages show Lucy's death date around this time. I find this very strange and the official word is desertion, but I question this.

Re: Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

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In response to your 'First Problem':
While on a research trip to Wilkes County, NC this past April, I located the recorded 'William Nance Will' which he signed, sealed and acknowledged on 11 February 1826 by his mark (he died in 1828). In this document he clearly names his wife as Sarah and his children as William, Miles, John, Ester and Susannah. It appears that your Lewis Nance was NOT a son of this William Nance.
I've seen where a lot of people have attached themselves to this William Nance without documented proof thus creating a great deal of confusion. I'm only hoping that by citing this actual document, it will eliminate much of the mis-information that is out there.
Diane Winters
3Xgreat-granddaughter of Miles Alonzo Nance son of William Nance.

Re: Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

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Did you copy his will? I'd love to see it.

I have always noticed that Sarah Alcorn was his second wife..

Thanks so much.

Re: Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

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I believe Eleanor Stewart to be Lewis' mother father unknown Nance

>From Eleanor's papers: "...appeared before me, Mr John Stien, who declared that Eleanor Stewart Widow Drake departed this life on the 25th of April 1818 at her residence on the River Ouachita and intestate named heirs in this State and else where to inherit. To wit: Elizabeth Nance wife of this declarant; an infant child of Thomas Nance and Elizabeth Coleman his wife named Louis Nance; Lewis Nance now in the Missouri Territory, and John Nance in the Mississippi State who are legal heirs of the said Eleanor Stewart Widow Nance and Widow Drake..."

Re: Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion

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I have found references to this on the internet. I cannot find the Nance (Nantz) she married.

Re: Lewis Nance (1780-1855) Confusion - sorry so long

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Surnames: Nance, Nantz, Stewart, Drake, Caldwell,
We have no information on this man. Birth date is a guess and we are guessing that he was dead before 1810 as Eleanor was married to Mr. Drake in that census. Some early family recollections state that his son Lewis was working as a very young man for a rich plantation owner. I believe he was probable around 17-18 years old then. A family story states that he went to visit his Mother during this time and she wanted him to stay home with her but he left and went back to work. This story makes me think she was single.

In the VA/KY cenus 1782 Heads of family were:

Giles Nance of Amelia Co
William Nance of Halifax Co
Zachariah Nance of Halifax Co
Tarvan Nance of Halifax Co
John Nantz of unknown

Not sure which, if any, was our Unknown Nantz. Some researchers have John and some William, but no good proof for either. (I have recently ruled out William, as he did not have a Lewis as a child). Also I have found no proof that Lewis' middle name was Henry, if someone has proof to anything let me know.

Back in this time in history the first son was named for the Father's Father and the second son for the Mother's Father. This family did have a son named John Nantz.

At some point in Kentucky half this family changed their last name to Nance.

Thomas B Nantz and John Nantz kept the spelling and so did there decendants to some degree. Lewis for a while in his life went by Nantz and then changed to Nance. Remember few people at that time could read and write English, due to lack of education. Those that could, spelled names the best they could, usually by sound.

Eleanor Stewart:
1810 Concordia Parish, LA next to her son, Louis (Lewis) Nantz (Nance).

Enoch Drake 1 male over 45 and 1 female over 45, Ou Par Succn #A-791 and probate book B p. 187

Eleanor left a will at death, her heirs: daughter Elizabeth Steen; infant child of her son, Thomas and Elizabeth Coleman Nantz by name of Louis/Albert; our Lewis Nance in the Misoury (Missouri) Territory and John Nantz in Mississippi. Inventory of her estate was made at the home of John Steen on Bayour deSiard by John Dewitt and David Gleason and included 4 slaves, 10 cows, crop of wheat, corn and potatoes, 14 years old horse, etc.

On the American Genealogy Biograph Index it says of her vol 169, pg 44 reference Dl, Rev.War {813}:1195

Janet Nantz Woodard (lives in Houston, TX) decendant of Thomas B Nantz, provided the information from Louisiana.

Succession papers are in Monroe, Ouchita Parish LA courthouse, under Eleanor Stewart, widow Nantz, widow Drake. They show four children: John in Mississippi, Thomas in Louisiania, Lewis in Misoury (Missouri) Territory and daughter Elizabeth Stein (Steen) in Louisiana.

Info from Encyclopedia of Individuals and founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana from 1785 to 1850 by E Russ Williams Jr. on pg 343
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