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FYI - Adobe Reader Exploit

FYI - Adobe Reader Exploit

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From PC World (Feb 14, 2013)...


A recently found exploit that bypasses the sandbox anti-exploitation protection in Adobe Reader 10 and 11 is highly sophisticated and is probably part of an important cyberespionage operation, the head of the malware analysis team at antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab said.


Adobe is working on a patch, but in the meantime users of Adobe Reader 11 are advised to enable the Protected View mode by choosing the "Files from potentially unsafe locations" option under the Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) menu.


When I checked my own Adobe options, I discovered that I did not have that option selected. You can read more here...

Re: FYI - Adobe Reader Exploit

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I don't use Adobe, I use another PDF system, so I've never had the problems with back door malware and such that has been prevalent with that software for years. But, I have noticed that lately, everytime my own anti-virus (Avast) does an update, they make little announcements about issues that are happening online along with the advice that everyone should keep their av up-to-date since they are protecting us, and yesterday, they started advising about this same Adobe issue you mentioned. Must be pretty bad when they're getting all of this publicity.

Re: FYI - Adobe Reader Exploit

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I think that this like many other problems with male-ware can be prevented by going to reputable websites. You should never download from an unknown website or from a link in an email receive from an unknown sender. From the article if I were offered the download I would reject it as it seems like spam just from the sender and subject.

There are places that you can check the validity of websites, McAfee, Avast, etc.

Re: FYI - Adobe Reader Exploit

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Thank BrklynBridge! I rarely wish I a phone that could send text messages or tweet but PMing everyone is a pain in the butt also.
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