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Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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Surnames: Taylor, Fulton, Casey,Jackson, James, Janis, Murphy, Kelley
I'm looking for any family members of the Taylor, Murphy,Fulton, James, Jackson,Swink, Janis,Kelley or Casey Families that came from the MO counties of Jefferson, Washington, or Ste. Genevieve Counties of MO.

Re: Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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I'm researching my famliy and Have found Swink's and Cayce listed. All are considered cousins. which Swink are you lookin for and is it possible that the casey is spelled cayce

Re: Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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I am related to J.R. Swink/Swank, W.P./William Patrick Swink, Alice (Bryant) Swink, I believe,the daughter of Caeser Bryant, Amos, and others from the Farmington, Mo and St. Francois County, Mo area. The Swinks came from Ark. to MO and were in Slavery in the area of Ste. Genevieve, MO.

I have a site on with more info. It is The Taylors From MO/ Our Family Tree. I have many photos, stories,etc. and I'm proud of the site. It's still a work in progress.

Yes, the Casey/Cayce Family are relatives! I have seen their last name spelled several ways. This includes, Cacy, Casey, and Cayce. I am related to Simon, Harrison, his wife Belle or Nellie Belle, their 4 children. If you have any info I would love to share more!


Re: Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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We may be related. Back in 1986 during a family reunion I met a woman who said she was my Great Grandmother's cousin. She gave me two pages of scribbled note. The first page noted that a redman a cherokee Indian no first name came from oklahoma and marries a negro woman name Betsy. Their children were Patrick, Ralph or Raphe and Charolette because he gambled and drank he sold them after which they took the slave name of Swink. Patrick who lived to be 105 married a woman named Alice Bryant she was half Irish they had 7 children, Ed, Mary Ralph (Doc) Tom, Bell, Jennie and Elizabeth. Patrick's name is shown as Patrik William Redman Swink. On another note it was shown a W. Patrick Swink. My Great Gran's half brother Joseph (Joe) was married to Genieveive (Jennie) Swink.

I I'm relate to the Cayce's by marriage. My Great Aunt married Harry Cayce. I don't know much in regards to the marriage except that the had a daughter. I found out that Annie Cayce was the daughter of Amos Swink.

I'm still trying to match up everyone but the one thing I have found out is that Swinks married Doughit's, Matthews, Jackson, Galvin.

Are any of these related if so somewhere along the line we may be related for sure.

Re: Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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Dear Cousin:
Nice to meet you! Yes, those names are familiar and contact me at my e-mail address please. I would like to hear all the info you can share. My sister had talked to members of the Swink/Swank Family before, and they seemed to have quite a bit of info on their extended family. Were they also of Black and Native American descendants? Do you have any photos?

I am related to Simon Casey, by his son Harrison who married my Great Grandmother, Nelle Belle (Murphy), daughter of Patrick and Louvenia (Martin) Murphy, Gram Belle's daughter was Marie Casey, who married Lon/Alonzo Taylor, son of Jerome and Mary F.(Fulton)Taylor. Gram Belle also married again to Ferdinand/Ferd Taylor and had no children of their own, but he helped raise her 4 children, her grandchildren, my father and his sister (Ray and Mabel Taylor).

My brick wall for years was who was our great-grandpa Jerome's father. His death certificate listed a Frank Taylor. I just recently found more info on Frank Taylor/Tyler who was suppose to be Jerome's father.

Do you have any info on-line I can view?

Thank you for the additional information. If it is o.k. I would like to send this info to my sister for review. I would also like to ask you to check out our website, but I will need your e-mail address to add you to my list of people that can view my tree. I have seen a lot of our info on the public viewing section of, but to see everything you may need to be listed as a guest or contributor.

Bye Cousin!


Re: Lost African American/Native American/ Family Members

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Hello Cuz nice to know others are out there doing research. I have been trying to connect the dots for the past couple of years. I don't have any Photos just the two pages that was given to me at our first family reunion in Farmington. I asked my mother about Nelle, she said she reconized the name and that she used to live in the house were my Great Uncle Lon (Alonzo Kennedy) lived, she belives she was family but can't remember. since I have your e-mail address I will try and scan the two pages of Info I have. trust me it is a scrambled mess I have been trying to de-scramble.
my email address is and it is ok with me if you share the information I sent with your sister. I'm in the mist of planning another family reunion on the 28,29 and 30th of July 2008 next year. you would be more than welcome to come.

I will try to scan the documents this week hope they come through. Part of my problem with contecting everyone is all of the elders have past and when the were alive they did not want to talk about the family ties they kept telling to let things alone and not stir up questions. doing a little more research this evening have another mystery to pop up a woman by the name of Eliza Blackwell one of my Great Aunts who past away years daughter found a picture of her we think she may be related also.

Have a blessed week

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