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Gumlaw and Gamelin

Gumlaw and Gamelin

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Surnames: Gamelin/Gumlaw/Coolaw/LaFountaine
I am related to the Gumlaw/Gamelin from my great-grandfather Frank LaFountaine from Redford, NY. (parents were Mary Gumlaw and Joseph LaFountaine?)I think his mother was a Gumlaw and my mother told me she was a full-blooded Mohawk Indian but I don't know if this is true or not. I know Charles Gumlaw(the basket maker) was born in Vt and listed on the Abenaki census around 1813? and then later moved to the Peru, NY area with his wife and children. Interesting that he was a basket maker because this was an Indian trade. I'm not sure if we are related to Charles or not. My email is if you need more info or have any info.

Re: Gumlaw and Gamelin

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My grandmother was Phoebe Martineau and was married to Frank Gumlaw (Gamelin). I have quite a bit of information on them and would be glad to share it with you. Maybe we are looking for the same lines.

Re: Phoebe (Martineau) Gamelin & Mathilde (Martineau) Bisson -Siblings?

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Surnames: Martineau, Bisson/Besaw, Gamelin/Gumlaw
Phoebe Martineau appears in 1850 & 1860 federal censuses Schuyler Falls, NY w/her parents Joseph and Margaret Martineau (spelling var.) The Drouin Collection of Canadian vital records has a marriage record of a Joseph Lormier dit Martineau marrying a Marguerite Dusseault July 26, 1825, Yamaska, Quebec. (The record states that Joseph Lormier dit Martineau was the child (of adult age) of the late Pierre Lormier dit Martineau, cultivateur, and Catherine Vincent, of this parish of a part. Marguerite Dusseault was the child (of adult age) of Jean Baptiste Dusseault, cultivateur, and Marguerite Grenier, of the parish of St Francois of another part. Witnesses were Joseph Lambert, Paul Laroque beau frère of the groom, d’Antoine Robideau pere, at d’antoine Robidou fils annis de l’epouse qui avec le Epouse n’ont ?? signer.) There are two children, born to this couple in Yamaska, likely the only two born before their relocation to NY and having several other children - - Mathilde b. 1826 and Elizabeth b. 1828. My great great grandmother was Domitilde/Domitille/Mattie/etc. who married a Jerome Bisson in Plattsburgh in 1853 (his former marriage was to Marguerite Couture). Per Redford/Saranac census records, she was born Canada and abt. the same time as the Mathilde born Yamaska. She also was affiliated w/Canada, Plattsburgh and Redford/Saranac as was Phebe (Martineau) Gamelin/Gumlaw. Dom. Martineau was also a Godmother to one of Phebe's children, and several Bisson's were Godfathers to Phebe's children. I therefore presume that my Matilda is the same as Phebe's sister Matilda, but I haven't found any documentation that more solidly concludes that. Might you or anyone else be able to more concretely show that Matilda (Martineau) Bisson is the sibling of Phebe (Martineau) Gamelin? Thanks! [P.S. An elderly woman that stayed with my grandmother Mabel (Lapierre) Peets said that her father and my grandmother's father were cousins. The only way that could be true is both of their paternal grandmother's were sisters. My grandmother's grandmother was Matilda Martineau and Mabel's grandmother was Elizabeth Martineau - - Joseph Martineau and Marguerite Dusseault had two daughters by these names in Yamaska, so this makes another connection.]

10/3/13 update: My maternal grandmother's father's mother was Domitilde (Matilda/Mattie/Martha) (Martineau) Bisson. She was the sister of Phoebe (Martineau) Gamelin (wife of Frank Gamelin/Gumlaw). A newspaper ad for the estate of their mother, Margaret (Dussault) Martineau links them, as well as the oral history noted at the end of the posting above. That verified strong and plentiful circumstantial evidence.

Re: Phoebe (Martineau) Gamelin & Mathilde (Martineau) Bisson -Siblings?

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I will check my records. I have not heard the name Bisson in my research but I will check my records. I have some information on that family line.

Re: Gumlaw and Gamelin

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Surnames: Gumlaw - Gamelin
I am intersted in the Abenaki census of 1813 you referred to in your post. Where did you find this early census? I have not found anything earlier than 1820.

Thanks much,
Rob Gumlaw

Re: Phoebe (Martineau) Gamelin & Mathilde (Martineau) Bisson -Siblings?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Martineau, Bisson, Gamelin, Gumlaw
How exciting to find someone who is the grandchild of Phoebe Martineau and Francis Gamelin. Do you have records of her parents' names, dates and places of birth, and names of all of her siblings? Some trees on this site have names of children, but the dates of birth don't seem to fit with the date of birth for Joseph Martineau in that he'd be in his 70's when he had his youngest children.

In the hopes that I may help you, and knowing that you may already have this, I note the following information that I found in the NNYACGS publication of records from the Assumption of Mary Parish, Redford, NY. Might I have one of your parents listed? Am I missing any of Phoebe's children?

Phebe Martineau d. 4/12/04 [1904] at age 68 Vol. 3, page 374 Spouse of Francis Gamelin

Gumlaw, Phoebe d. Mar 10 1904 ae 67 yrs Geo LaPIER d. 22 Mar 1894 ae 11 d B

BIRTHS (Children of Francis Gamelin and Phoebe Martineau)

Mary Gamelin
born: 3/23/1874
bapt.: 5/10/1874
Sponsors: Oliver Bisson, Dom. Martineau*

*I believe she was my great great grandmother, married to Jerome Bisson, and the sister of Phoebe Martineau and Elizabeth Martineau. Joseph and Marguerite Martineau were married in Yamaska, Quebec, in 1825. They had two daughter, Matilde and Elizabeth, born 1826 and 1828 respectively. A Joseph and Margaret Martineau are in the U.S. census with children born in New York, one being Phebe. I believe this Joseph and Margaret are the same couple who were the parents of Matilde and Elizabeth, unless there is another couple of the same name and background. Matilde and Elizabeth are not listed in the U.S. with the parents, but they were older and may have been boarding elsewhere or in Canada.

Rose Anna Gamelin
born: 5/12/1885
bapt.: 8/23/1885
sponsors: George Bisson, Julia Gagner [married each other 6/23/1868]

Ward Gamelin
born: 10/11/1877
bapt.: 10/21/1877
sponsors: Alexis Bisson and Celanise Tremblay (spouses, marriage date?)

MARRIAGES (Other children of Francis Gamelin and Phoebe Martineau)

Gamelin, Lillie (parents: Francis, Phebe Martineau)
m. 9/12/1887
Pierre Lapierre (parents: Peter (dead), Betsie Martineau)
Witnesses were Paul Gagner, Francis Gamelin.
= Is Betsie a nickname for Elizabeth?
= Were Lillie and Pierre 1st cousins?

Gamelin, Pierre (parents: Francis, Phoebe Martineau)
m. 4/6/1891
Fontaine, Adele (par. Seraphin, Merentie Lacaille)
Witnesses were William Gagner, Louise Gamelin.

Gamelin, Louise (parents: Francis, Phebe Martineau)
m. 10/22/1894
Polydore Pelletier (parents: Narcisse, Mar Gadoua)
Witnesses were Narc. Pelletier, Francis Gamelin.

I hope we can share some info that helps each other out, as well as others who are researching these people!

Submitted by Pamela Wright,

Re: Phoebe (Martineau) Gamelin ...Correction re. Terms Fils Majeur, etc.

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The terms fil majeur/mineur and fille majeure/mineure refer to a child being of majority age or under age (requiring parents permission) at their time of marriage. I don't know what the majority age was at this time in history. I erred when I interpreted these French terms as meaning eldest or youngest child.

Re: Gumlaw and Gamelin

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Surnames: gamelin gumlaw
Hi Rob,

I found this information a few years ago on an Arcadian website. Now I think the Gumlaw came from my grandfather's grandmother on his maternal side. So it would've been a Brault(father) married to a Gumlaw (mother's maiden name). I have heard through some oral history that the Gumlaw/Gamelin name was either Mohawk, Micmaq, Metis or Abenaki although I have found no exact proof of this.


Re: Gumlaw and Gamelin

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Surnames: Gamelin Gumlaw Brouillet
Hello Sue and Rob, I am also looking for info on the Gamelin/Gumlaw side. My Grandfather's Grandmother was Virginie Gamelin (they called her Jane) and appeared to be the daughter of Joseph Gamelin (in some places the last name is Jerome) and Aurelia Brouillet who were married in Keeseville in 1859. From what confusing info I've found Joseph is the brother of Charles Gamelin (who married Aurelia's sister Phillomene) and son of an Antoine Gamelin. I have heard there is some Abenaki connection in Swanton from other very old posts online but haven't seen it yet for myself. Any info?

Re: Gumlaw and Gamelin

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My father just told me that my grandfather's mother Louisa Brault's (maiden name) mother was full blooded Abenaki...her maiden name was Gumlaw and would've been born around the 1850's or 1860's. She then married a Brault circa 1880's.
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