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Delgado from Humacao/Naguabo area Puerto Rico

Delgado from Humacao/Naguabo area Puerto Rico

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I recently found out that I'm supposed to be a Delgado, not a Pérez as I've been all my life. Turns out when my grandfather was registered they registered him with his mother's surname then his dad's. So instead of Andres Delgado Perez, they wrote Andres Perez Delgado. Now for my search...
My grandfather's parents were Ulpiano Delgado and Blasina Perez from the Naguabo/Humacao area. They had three children: Rafael Delgado Perez, Beneda Delgado Perez, and my grandfather, Andres Perez Delgado. I know nothing about Beneda Delgado, but I do know that Rafael Delgado Perez married someone by the name of Esperanza and had two known daughters. One of the daughters was named Sylvia/Silvia Delgado (whom we are searching for)...the other daughter's name no one ever got to know. But I hope this is enough information for anyone out there to be able to help find her.
If anyone knows any information on Beneda Delgado Perez, please e-mail me as well.
My grandfather, Andres, married Elisa Peña and had 8 children: Awilda, Angel Luis, Carmen "Carmiña", Jaime, Jose Derlis, Lucy, Mirta, and my dad, Orlando (born Sergio). They all want to find the "lost" Delgados.

Delgado Family from Naguabo, PR

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I am researching the family history for the enclosed surnames from Naguabo, P.R. This is what I have so far. I am especially interested in your Delgado descendents. If you would be kind enough to send me information regarding your Delgado family, I would really appreciate it. You never know, ......

Santiago Soto Rios, Born 1/14/1905 and Died 5/18/97 (SS# 582-03-7323); married Felicitas Soto Delgado, Born 6/18/1911 and died 9/00. They were cousins and they had six children:

1. Luis Pascual Soto Soto - 4/22/35?
2. Daughter 1 - Stillborn
3. Daughter 2 - Stillborn
4. Santiago Soto Soto - 6/3/44
5. Julio Soto Soto - 7/4/46
6. Carmen Soto Soto - 8/29/48
Santiago Soto Rios' parents were Deogracia Soto Gonzalez* and Luisa Rios Torres. They had nine (?) children:

1. Victoria Soto Rios
2. Santiago Soto Rios
3. Faustino Soto Rios
4. Carmela Soto Rios
5. Isabel Soto Rios
6. Lucia Soto Rios
7. Rosario Soto Rios
8. Elifio Soto Rios
9. Ramon Soto Rios

Felicitas Soto Delgado's parents were Eulogio Soto Gonzalez*, born 3/11/1886 and Died 8/1973 (SS#581-44-7991) and Zenona Delgado Marquez. They had seven (7?) children:

1. Felicita Soto Delgado
2. Gabriel Soto Delgado
3. Simplicio Soto Delgado
4. Leonidas Soto Delgado
5. Francisca Soto Delgado
6. Carmen Soto Delgado
7. Olga Soto Delgado - (mother died at her birth and she was raised by her aunt Victoria Soto Rios and Celestino Nieves - She may have carried that name - not sure yet.)

*Eulogio Soto Gonzalez and *Deogracia Soto Gonzalez's (brothers) parents were Felicita Soto and Gabino Gonzalez. [Note: When parents were not married in those times the children bore the name of the mother first then the name of the father. I am still looking into this. Can you confirm this?] They had three (3?) children:

1. Deogracia Soto Gonzalez

2. Eulogio Soto Gonzalez
3. Faustino Soto Gonzalez

Zenona Delgado Marquez's parents were Simplicio Delgado and Saturnina Marquez and Luisa Rios Torres' mother's name is Teresa Torres.

Good luck in your search and God bless.

Delgado Name

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My husband's grandmother was Francisca Delgado Beltran (I'm not sure of the second name's accuracy) She lived in Humacao until she died about 11 years ago.
I don't know if this will help. I have very little information and in the process of researching my husband's lineage.

Delgado from Naguabo, PR

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Do you know her date of birth or approximately how old she was when she passed away?
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Any information yet?????

Francisca Delgado Beltran

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I, unfortunately, have not been able to obtain any other information. I put a call into the relative I know in Puerto Rico but have not received a response.
Happy New Year.

Beltran and Delagado

Migdalia (View posts)
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My grandfather Natalio Beltran, Perez was born December 24, 1912 to Zoila Perez in Salinas P.R. Zoila Perez husband was Modesto Beltran. Natalio's father used to work For Ramon Gonzalez,Hernandez in Aguirre P.R.
There is alot of our families of mine who are Beltran especially in salinas and who are still living there. Also I am a Beltran and my sibilings there is more in New Jersey.
However reference on Delgado on my mother side is My great grandmother Francisca Delgado I do not know her other last name she was from Barranquitas and she was married to Carmelo Perez they had a daughter name Maria Isaias Perez,Delgado she was born in Barros Hoy Orocovis Puerto Rico please let me know if this is the same Francisca Delgado it would be ironic to find out she is a Beltran too. And please let me know if there are any connections.

Thank you


Migdalia (View posts)
Posted: 979854581000
Hello Carol,
I am trying to search more on my great grandmother Francisca Delgado she was married to Carmelo Perez in Barranquitas, They had a daughter name Maria Isaias Perez,Delgado and Ramona. Maria was born July 6 1894 in Barros, hoy Orocovis and I think also her sister Ramona too. My grandfather Carmelo and family moved to Bo. Canabon Barranquitas and had his own Buisness. The only thing is I do not know when and Where Francisca Delgado was born it does not say here in Maria's Social Security copy I want to learn more about my grandmother this is all in my mother side. My surnames are:Perez,Delgado, Rivera and Aponte all from Barranquitas and My father is Beltran, Gonzalez and Hernandez we are still searching for my grandmothers tomb were she is buried Ramonita Hernamdez, Gonzalez and they came all from Salinas. I hoped this helped

Thank you for
your patience

Francisca Soto Delgado

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I am not positive that my Francisca Soto Delgado came from Naguabo, Puerto Rico but I will be visiting the LDS History Center soon and I will be able to confirm for sure if she originated from there. Have you visited the LDS History Centers? If you haven't you should -- they have so much information.
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I am not familiar with the LDS. What does it stand for?
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