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Ancestry public trees

Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329262447000
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How would I contact someone at Ancestry if I don't have a paid subscription?

There are a number of Public member trees there that have my G-Grandfather but I'm not sure if their details are correct and badly need to contact at least one of them -

Any advice greatly appreciated

In Fellowship


Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329277143000
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Edited: 1329310186000
I have a subscription to Ancestry and have found several of the public trees with "my family tree" have very wrong information.
It has been my experience that the owners of the trees with the wrong information don't really care whether it is right or not. They are just name collectors. I have tried to make connect with quite a few of these people and none have replied to my queries.
It seems to be a snowball effect. One person takes info from several trees to add to their own tree not bothering to confirm that the information is correct. Then someone else will come along and take info from that tree, believing it to be correct and they add it to there own tree.
When I first put my trees on Ancestry they were public but after I realized that information had been taken from it and put on the wrong tree I made all my trees private.
I can't understand why someone wouldn't want the correct information on their tree.
Sorry I don't know how to make contact if you are not a subscriber. But thought you might like to know that even if you do make contact they likely won't reply.

Best Wishes,
denise V

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329300822000
Classification: Query
I agree with everything Denise said....have had exactly the same experience and now my tree is private. To see my grandparents names on 5 trees in the USA where we have no connections whatsover really annoyed me but as Denise says, they don't really care, even though a glance tells you the dates and locations just don't fit. I no longer have a paid sub so cannot contact other members direct....if a full member contacts you, you can reply to them. You are more likely to be contacted if your tree is private because they can see all they want to see if you are public.


Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329313229000
Classification: Query
Try logging on to (a sister site of ancestry) and finding the trees of interest there. You can then send a message to the tree owner through that site.

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329314571000
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1-800-262-3787 Ancestry's toll free number in the USA
0800-404-9727 in the UK. You could call and see if they can help.
When you look at the tree do you see a username? If so you could see if they have any posts on the message board and contact them that way. Just a thought.

Good Luck, I wold be interested to know if you get any results.

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329350568000
Classification: Query
You have correctly stated the mostly erroneous nature of internet-hosted trees.

For some of my lines, long-ago published wrongnesses are in dozens to hundreds of trees. For a few of these lines I have attempted to inform the tree-posters of the correct info and evidence for it for many years. But there is always some clicker who comes along and again copies the Widely Held Mistaken Beliefs.

On the internet, bad genealogy lives forever. Usually the best you can do is make your corner of the web as accurate as you can.

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329366045000
Classification: Query
"Use of long ago statements": When I first met my now hosband over 54 years ago he told me that his family history included Robert Fulton of steamboat fame. When I started doing research about 15 years ago I got a copy of a history that was written more than 100 years ago that included the Robert Fulton data. Try as I might, I cannot substantiate that and from what I have read, there is no way that they descend from Robert Fulton's sister. There is no telling how long this history has been going on, the one I found was written more than 100 years ago as I said. Of course, there is no way his family or he believes me because they were told that all their lives as a fact. Just goes to show that some of these erroneous family histories have been repeated over and over for many, many years, and way before the internet started spreading them exponitially.

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329386019000
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LOL mbmjlm ,
People that long ago wanted to be connected to fame....of course...
The harder times are the more some people want to mention a "name" to get some recognition...
After that family do not wanna admit gr gr grands may have been fibbers...

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329393278000
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Edited: 1329393508000
"It has been my experience that the owners of the trees with the wrong information don't really care whether it is right or not. They are just name collectors."

Denise, I think we all agree with that sentiment but complaining to Ancestry about this is equally a waste of time. Similarly, Ancestry could be described as "tree collectors"! The more they have on their site (regardless of accuracy), the more they are likely to tempt new subscribers?

The best solution is to keep them private!

Re: Ancestry public trees

Posted: 1329446588000
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I agree with the comments of the other posters regarding the validity of information posted in many public member trees. As suggested, accessing the Mundia site, which is free, may help you find someone researching your family name.

But, if you want to ensure contact on Ancestry (ACOM) I suggest you post an inquiry on the appropriate surname board and ask them to post a response on that board. If you believe that you have a mutual interest in the same family line, you may suggest that person contact you through Ancestry Private Message Service or provide them with your email address for further sharing of information.

Hope this helps you. Good Luck.
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