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Drouin Collection unsearchable due to ongoing index reformatting.

Drouin Collection unsearchable due to ongoing index reformatting.

Posted: 1340330250000
Classification: Query
50 millions records are now unsearchable.

This is getting worse by the day, old or new search, take your pick.

I spent 15 mins trying to figure out what some Ancestry genius thought "St-Mathias" was; a location or place of worship. (it's a place of worship), and technically located in Pointe-Olivier. Nope, to Ancestry, "St-Mathias" is a location.

Whomever is tinkering around with these db's needs to study this guide to understand what is a parish and a location.

I performed and exact (new) search for a common name, Richer, I know to be in this parish, wildcarding it, a 20 year span, and got one return. There should be 50+ returns.

I've tossed in a couple of examples of geographically challenged, error ridden indexing.


I'm including a page of old search results that make the point the indexing changes are horrendous. 2 out of 10 returns are indexed correctly. I did this search on 4 Jun 2012, and was unable to get the same return today using the same parameters today. I'm guessing Drouin and old search are no more? I can't wait for tomorrow.

-I'm getting member connect alerts of alternate names to records in this collection I've made alternates to. In all cases, the new alternate is identical to mine. When I go to the page and look at my alternate, it's either garbled or incomplete.

-There's a new format for entering alternates, again not an improvement. I want to know why someone is making an alternate, the pre and suffix are not needed in FC genealogy. It's now set up to create a bunch of clutter on every record. I will no longer waste time making alternates that transcribers couldn't read in the first place.


I posted on the Ancestry Improvement board about how the collection is now attaching to event in a profile in a member tree.

You'll have to make this uniform and consistent. If the system insists on not attaching a bap record to a birth event, but creates a bap event, then MAKE THE SEARCH FORM read BAPTISM, not BIRTH.

Conversely, the burial record attaches to the death event, but again, the search form reads that it's a search for a death record.

As it stands, I can search faster by hand, which can be done for free on I'm paying for service that no longer works, and spending time pointing out why it doesn't.

I don't want to contacted by Ancestry via email, particularly one that is not familiar with the phrase, "drill-down". I've posted a link to this message on the Quebec-mail list, hoping the more experienced researchers join in my plight to get some resolution.


Re: Drouin Collection unsearchable due to ongoing index reformatting.

Posted: 1340445032000
Classification: Query
It's not only Quebec.

The so-called Acadian group, including New Brunswick, is also a mess. All of the records are labeled "Catholique," which they are not.

The indexed locations are not all in the drop-down menu on the search form. None of the "places of worship" are indexed, only the County seats (say, Woodstock or Fredericton) and Parishes. Woodstock, Carleton County, is not in the drop-down menu on the search form, and neither is its Kent Parish. "Carleton (County), New Brunswick, Canada" is in the dropdown list of the search form, and Carleton Comte is in the browse list, but nothing is indexed by Carleton.

The method of choosing a place is completely counter-intuitive. It should be arranged by Province, then by County, then more specifically by registration locality or parish.

Still in the Acadian group, I tried to browse "Fort Duquesne" under letter F; the spinning daisy went 'round and 'round for 30 minutes with no "place of worship or institution" appearing to click on to browse records. "Fort Duquesne" is not in a drop-down list either. I did a search with no names and "Fort Duquesne" as keyword, and got zero records. I used my keyboard backspace key to return to the search form and found that the daisy had stopped spinning, and in its place, under "Place of Worship or Institution" was a link to "1753-1756". Hunh??? This is, of course, the Fort Duquesne that became Fort Pitt (now part of Pittsburg, PA) after the French and Indian War, but it was actually considered part of **Quebec** until 1763. It was never considered to be part of "Acadia."

This is a mess.

Re: Drouin Collection unsearchable due to ongoing index reformatting.

Posted: 1340632661000
Classification: Query
John, tripthrutime,

Are you reading this thread?

"Exact" NEW SEARCH is not working with this collection. Before I spend more time posting examples, please acknowledge someone has the least bit of interest in the many issues with the Drouin Collection .

frost and I are not imagining this mess.
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