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John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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John Scramling's Will notes his wife Huldah, dau. Sally, Naomi, Laury, & "another" dau. Also sons John, Amos, Joseph. Does anyone know:

1. What was wife Huldah's maiden name?

2. What was the name of the "other" daughter? Was she the youngest? Do you know who she married?

3. Who did dau Naomi marry, please?

Checking a possibility of a connection with my family at that time. Thanks.

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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There are a number of this family in Mendon in the 1818-1851 newspaper indexes: Two daughters appear in this:, a cross index to married daughters for early Monroe County wills. (Amy Scramling Wright and Mary Scramling Young). From the on;ine woll extract at

Scramling,John, Mendon, died June 20,1851, ae.65, Will made,Sept.22,1824. Widow, Huldah Scramling, Children, Naomi Canavan, Lamy Wright, Mary Young, John Scramllng, Jacob Scramling, Amos Scramling, and Sally Moe, Sally Moe and Amos Scramling being of Michigan,and all others of Mendon.

Try the Mendon burials:

The brand new available census at, shows a number of Scramlings, albeit in Victor NY very near Mendon.

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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Thank you for your information. I could not access the files you suggested at the library - not sure why.

From what you said, I believe I have an answer to one of my questions - about Naomi Scramling, who m. 1) (date?) Jacob Sanford who d. 1817, then Naomi m. 2) John Canavan, who also was named Guardian of Jacob/Naomi's two children.

I had hoped the Scramlings had named one of their daughters Huldah, but apparently not? Or would that Hulda be married, and at a distance, so she wasn't included in the Will?

I would like to know how to access the Library data. Perhaps my Dialup service is too slow. Thank you again for finding what I needed. Patricia

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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Definitely if you have dial up it will be difficult or impossible to get those big PDF files to load. That's a decision that was made in order to keep so many files from being tiny little ones, with hundreds of parts.

The entries from the newspaper index are only that, index entries, and not the actual articles. But you can inter library loan the newspaper microfilms from the state library in Albany to your local library and see what they say. Those are not online yet.

If someone wasn't included in the petition for the will, it might be that she died before the will was proven and left no issue.

And perhaps the Mendon historian, Diane Ham, has some information about the family., which is a web page that should load quickly.

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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I have received help from her since about 1990- now and then when working on Monroe County names. When I have made progress beyond what she had, I have filled her in so she would have that. That way, there is another source for the information.

I have been through "Pioneers of Mendon" by Anah B. Yates, looking for references to surnames and given names. Both volumes were available to me here via Heritage Quest.

I still will hope to find information about:
The maiden name of Mrs. Huldah (John) Scramling
Whether John & Huldah Scramling, or another Mendon or Bloomfield couple, had a daughter Huldah b. 1797.

Thank you for your help and encouragement! Patricia

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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Would it be possible for me to request another reading of the date of death for John Scramling? I realize records can be difficult, with blurring, etc.

I have his death as 30 June 1831, but there also is a different mention of the year 1830. Can you clarify this, please. Patricia

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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I just took a look at it, and it reads, that the will was made Sep 22, 1824, and that he died Jun 20 1831, ae 65. The zero is smudgy but the first number is quite clearly a 2. Then again, the book is a copy of a handwritten extract. Who know what the original reads!

From Wills of Monroe County, New York Vol.1 B – 1821-1863, M-Z

Re: John SCRAMLING/SCAMLIN d. 1824 near Honeoye Falls

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So, according to the "Wills of Monroe County, NY Vol 1 B, 1821-1863, M-Z" the date of death for John Scramlin is 20 June 1831, ae 65.

Thank you for verifying this. One of the other 'possible' dates was from"Pioneers of Mendon" - so even that could have been mistyped by the newspaper, leaving the author upset...

Thank you so much for this assistance. Regards, Patricia
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