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Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1355770128000
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I thought maybe I would start a new thread here about multiple concerns expressed in various posts on this board about the administrator of the DNA board removing or deleting posts. People are surprised to find DNA posts moved here when they are clearly related to using's new DNA test and its interface with trees. Most posts raising concerns about deletions and terse comments from the DNA board administrator are deleted immediately; hopefully since some (but not all) are moved here, we can have a discussion here about what is happening on the DNA board; apparently this "censorship" on the's DNA message forum is being discussed in forums on other companies as well. Hopefully, an staff who reviews this specific board on comments will review these complaints and intervene as it is limiting peer-to-peer discussions on the new (and exciting) DNA test.

Update: see my post at end of this thread (12-19 in a.m.). The DNA board was subdivided this am as many had suggested to address this issue. Yippe and thank you

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356054697000
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If you have questions about posts being moved or removed, the first thing to do is contact that board's administrator.

From Board FAQ:

"I posted a message to a board, and now I can’t find it! Where did it go?
"Your message was either moved or deleted by the board administrator.

"Posts may be moved to another board by the admin if it is off-topic for the board it was posted on. Please refer to the Community Guidelines for reasons why a message or thread may be moved. Contact your board administrator to find out which board your message was moved to.

"Messages will be deleted by board administrators if they violate the Community Guidelines. If you feel your message was deleted or moved in error, please contact the board administrator by clicking on the 'Contact Board Admin' link."

The only posts that were deleted from the DNA/General board were deleted by staff or me because the post violated Community Guidelines by either promoting a commercial company or including a commercial URL, or because the post was off topic for any board.

Some posts were moved because they were off topic for the general board, such as those that mentioned problems with Ancestry DNA technical issues that could be addressed by staff.

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356119665000
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We'd like to thank all of you for voicing your concerns.

We, and the volunteer admin, have taken your complaints into consideration and we believe we're heading in the right direction. The admin in question has posted on this thread about the appropriate methods for contacting her and other admins and her explanations for moving or deleting post. We agree that if there is an issue with an admin that it isn't appropriate to post on the board or on another board. Such threads, unfortunately, result quickly into name calling and insults. That is why we've removed the rest of this thread. The appropriate way is to use the Board Information link on the board to email the admin. If you feel your concern isn't being heard by the admin then you need to email us at or We generally get back to you within three days (holidays and weekends extending response time slightly).

With regards to the DNA boards. We've added new categories to help focus thread conversations. It is our hope that this will help the community as a whole have a specific place to go to discuss the test they've taken instead of one big board where topics can get lost in the traffic. The whole point of the boards is to foster communication and cooperation between all of our members. So our admins try to keep posts strictly on subject to help the discussion go along. We're fine with comparing products but if the admin feels that a post is becoming too much like an advertisement they may remove the post. We encourage you to continue to discuss the tests on the boards and would like to remind you that we're always open to creating new boards on specific DNA topics such as a board for those that have a specific marker in their results. You can request a new board through the Request New Board link at the bottom of every message board page.

Please continue to address any specific concerns first with the admin of the board and with us privately through email. We are all a community and we at love how active you all are in researching and helping each other solve problems. Please also remember that many Technical Support specific questions are best answered by calling Support.

Happy researching!
Message Board Admin, Inc.
RootsWeb Support

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356158841000
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I feel the deletion of most of the posts on this thread is insulting to the posters who voiced their concerns about posts being moved and/or deleted on other boards (and not just the DNA board). These posts were on-topic for this particular board "Ancestry Site Comments" as the posters felt the ACOM community should be aware of the situation. Your requesting these issues be kept quiet and "private" prevents the community members from being aware of particular board issues and make an informed choice as to whether to use ACOM message boards or find other avenues on which to discuss genealogy topics.

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356389361000
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I did thank you for the comments but as we don't allow personal attacks on the boards I had to remove it. It's clear you all want the admin removed. But we're not going to do that because the admin is willing to work with the community. We only remove admins who are unwilling to work with the community. So you can get new boards and a new understanding from the admin but not a new admin.
And in reference to the Facebook discussion, I didn't say it was all baseless. But too many people were personally attacking the admin and claiming that she was censoring because of where she lived and couldn't take the test. That is what I claimed was baseless. She wasn't trying to hurt anyone or censor specific issues. She, like many admins, are very particular on what they keep on the boards. So there is no need to assume an admin is out to get you. Admins are required to have a valid email listed so you can contact them with questions. But they, like you, are just volunteers and regular people. Not paid staff. So they aren't always by their email and responses may take time. If over a week has gone without hearing back from the admin then by all means email us.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356392834000
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I for one am ready to drop this for a month or so and see how it goes. Although I think the DNA boards had real issues with way more deletions and removals than reasonable for what is to be a peer-to-peer forum rather than a forum belonging to any one person, when i looked extensively at other posts by the administrator on other boards, i started seeing someone who might be "terse" in communications as an administrator, but also someone very helpful particularly to beginners, offering suggestions on various resouces etc.

We may have a clash on these DNA boards partly because so many are experienced and knowledgeable about DNA at other sites and for the most part beta users of ancestry.coms new test -- beta users being generally more active and involved.

So happy holidays to all and let's start anew next year!

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356395464000
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I think our concern lies in the fact that the admin does not seem to be knowledgeable enough about DNA testing to know what is "on topic." She may well be a good administrator on some boards, but she has definitely moved or deleted posts that were helpful and were about DNA. I do think the fact that our posts were incorrectly moved and deleted needs a public forum, but it seems we are not going to get that at ancestry. But it seems that the posts on this board are now disappearing again as I expect this one will also.

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356396973000
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Edited: 1356400492000
The issue is NOT about "hearing back" from you. It's about constructive change that results from our feedback. You have given us none, with regard to this administrator.
He/she is NOT "willing to work with the community". Furthermore, "willing to work with the community" is a low standard. Competence should also be a requirement. Perhaps some of the speculations about the administrator's actions and motivations are unsupported (i.e, that this person lives in a country in which the test is not available). This is irrelevant. Indeed, the administrator is "particular", but his/her decisions about what to move or remove make no sense if the goal is to foster communication. Replace this person.
Cora Lou Montgomery Sherburne

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356397240000
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Edited: 1356669414000
RWAdmin - "She wasn't trying to hurt anyone or censor specific issues. She, like many admins, are very particular on what they keep on the boards."

"Particular?" Not the first word that popped into my head.

These people are not children and I hardly think the DNA boards need a nanny.

Cora - Better check your spelling of "test".... although it's much funnier with the "a".

Re: Message Posts on DNA board moved or deleted

Posted: 1356399084000
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Edited: 1356401004000
Just did, talbotrail. Thanks! :) I'm also taking screenshots to document these posts, as they are likely to be deleted soon.
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