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Shoe Box issues...

Shoe Box issues...

Posted: 1355428848000
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Please double check your shoes!!!

Recently (on a few occasions) I noticed that certain records were not saved in my shoe box.

After spending hours looking for something - I found it and saved it.. in hopes that I could reply to the person who had been looking for it.


The first couple of times.. I thought it was just me...

Even going to my past searches.. last items viewed... it was not there...

Just yesterday, I saved a record for someone (I do volunteer research).. and purposely went back to my shoebox to see if it was there. It wasn't.

and no... I didn't hit the "back" button that might delete it all together...

I went to a new window to check... not there...

So people... as a precaution.. SAVE YOUR LINKS IN A WORD TEXT FILE AS BACK-UP.

Quickly go back to the Ancestry document and re-check... and make sure it says "saved"...

Then go back to your shoe box to make sure it's there.


Re: Shoe Box issues...

Posted: 1355430979000
Classification: Query
Rather than save links to Shoebox, I save the doc. to my computer. That way I always have it no matter what happens online and can even work with it offline if needed.

Re: Shoe Box issues...

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1355435675000

I frequently use word documents to type out my stuff before I post - especially when there are links involved... not just the link, but the data and the source. I know this takes more time, especially when you are trying to help someone. Sometimes I don't back up... and that's when all hell breaks loose.

There are people trying to build their trees without a subscription and count on those who pay... that's another thread all together... :(

I do like to use both - shoe box and text documents...

And did you know that your Shoe Box is not at all private?


Further.. re-read your post.

I no longer save documents to my computer unless I really have to - since the majority of my work is volunteer.

Because of the area I live in, we lack "unlimited" internet service choices... I think we only have one provider that offers unlimited, but it's not well known in our community and deemed unreliable. Set up is also complicated.

These monopolistic service providers put a cap on how much you can download.. and if you exceed the limit, the charge can be hefty.

Thank you for your quick reply, appreciate your input.
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