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Surnames: Moore
Lawrence Co, Missouri or Greene Co, Missouri, looking for family of James Moore son of Catherine Ann 'Kitty' Moore Porter, would like info or to hear from this side of family, thanks,

J.L Porter/ Mary E Moore

Gladys (View posts)
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Surnames: moore
James Linden Porter married Mary E. Moore -Aug 2 1862 Clay Co. Ill. they only had one child -Lydia who was rasied by Simeon and Kitty Ann Porter . James second marriage was to Polly Oldham in Ill about 1870 .O.B. Porter is Orin B. their son. Orin married Bertha Nicholson Jun 19 1898.
Thomas G is one more of Simeon H. Porter's son.
the 1880 census, not sure about that link. Yes the Catherine Ann or Annie with the Lydia is my the 1900 census there are several I'll have to see if I can find conection. We may have more conection than you think my daughter is married to Gary Cameron ,he comes from the western part of the country. Idaho I believe is his parents home. later this is so great to make a link. get me your address and I can mail print outs of the family.
Yea! Finally

James & Mary Moore, Simeon & Catherine (Garren) Moore Porter

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Your Moores do not appear to be related to any of mine -- yet. Although my paternal Moore ancestral line which also was in Ozark Township, may have lived in Indiana shortly. If you have any information on Catherine's first marriage or where in Illinois or Indiana she lived that would be helpful. As I searched I also found a collateral relation -- one of your Porter-Moore cousins married one of my Cameron cousins.

I would like whatever additional information you might have on this family so I don't spend too much time looking up what you already have. For example, do you have a date of marriage for James L. Porter and Mary Moore?

I will just review what I have found so far, some of which you already know.

Rock Springs Cemetery, Halltown, Lawrence Co., Mo.:

Porter, S. H., Co. W, 117th Ind Inf., Civil War Marker
Porter, S. H., May 14, 1799-Jan. 30, 1887
Porter, Bertha, wife of O. B., Porter, Nov. 30, 1875-Sept. 12, 1898
[don't know who O. B. is]


Elsewhere in the same cemetery are:

Porter, Hansel, son of A. H. & May Porter, July 17, 1902-July1, 1903
Porter, Ace H. Porter, 1878-1954
[don't know who Ace H. is]
and a couple of stones later:

Porter, J. L., Sept 19, 1843-Nov. 29, 1930

Polly Ann, his wife, June 1, 1849-Oct. 4, 1920

Lillie, their daughter, Oct. 30, 1886-Apr. 21, 1947

This is James L., Simeon's son, and Catherine's step-son. his second wife, and their daughter.

Lawrence County Missouri Marriage Record Book ABC, 1845-1870:
Porter, James L., to Polly Ann Oldham, 27 Dec. 1868, by Jackson F. Box, M. G., p. 455.

From this it appears that Mary (Moore) Porter, James's first wife may have died by 1868, and he remarried. There are several Oldhams living by Simeon and James in the 1870 census, but according to the transcription I have Polly Ann, is not listed in the family. I will check the microfilm and see if this might be an error. The Oldhams were also in Illinois at the same time as the Porters.

1870 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Ozark Township, dwelling #29, family #29:
Porter, Simon H., 70, farmer, Ky
Ann, 48, Keeping house, Ky
James L., 26, works on farm, Ind
Francis M., 15, works on farm, Ill
Granvil, 12, Ill
Lydia E., 6, Ill

dwelling #30, family #30 [probable parents of Polly Ann (Oldham) Porter]:
Oldham, Daniel, 48, farmer, Ky
Mahala, 45, keeping house, Ind
Maranda, 16, Ill
Melvina, 14, Ill
Alvin, 11, Ill
Emma R., 7, Ill
Cintha, 4, Ill
Rolla, 1, Mo

dw#31, fam#31:
Oldham, John W., 24, farmer, Ill [probably another son of Daniel]
Rebecca, 23, keeping house, Ill
George L., 3, Ill
Alvia O., 1, Mo.

[Incidentally, my 3-greats uncle Harden Cameron and his family are #35]

And possibly your James Moore is:
Moore, James F., 23, farmer, Ind
Catherine A., 29, keeping house, Ind
Mary E., 1, Mo
Mathews, Willis F., 36, farmer, Ind [perhaps a brother of James's wife?]

Another possible son of Simeon is:
dw#56, fam#56:
Porter, Thomas G., 28, farmer, Ind
Rebecca L., 21, keeping house, Ind
Lora E., 2, Ill
Lauora E., 1/12, Mo

1880 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Ozark Township, family #6:
Porter, F. M., 25, Il, Ky, In
M. E., 28, Mo, Tn, Ky
G. N., 6, Mo, Il, Mo
R. M., 4, Mo, Il, Mo
S., 2, Mo, Il, Mo
Ray, James, 24, Mo, Tn, Ky

I did not find any of the other Porters nor James Moore in Lawrence Co. in 1880; maybe they slipped over into Greene Co. I have some Greene Co. records that I will check tonight.

I believe that the Annie Porter, age 78, in the 1900 census is your Catherine Ann (Garren?) Moore Porter, living with her granddaughter, Lydia Ella (Porter) Owens, daughter of James L. and Mary (Moore) Porter. The names, dates, and states of birth seem to fit. Close by is Catherine's step-son and Lydia Ellen's father, James L. Porter, who is living with his second wife, Polly Ann, and their children. Looks like the Owens family moved to Oklahoma/Indian Territory for awhile just before the 1900 census because the youngest child was born there.

1900 Census, Missouri, Lawrence County, Ozark Township:

376. Jerry M. Owens Apr 1863-37 Yr. M-15 Mo. Tn. Oh. Farmer

Ella Mar 1864-36 Yr. 7-6 Ill. Ind. Ind.

Mary B. (f) Oct 1884-15 Yr. Mo. Mo. Ill.

Rich L. (m) Jun 1889-10 Yr. Mo. Mo. Ill.

Louis (m) Nov 1892- 7 Yr. Mo. Mo. Ill.

Nellie (f) May 1894- 6 Yr. Mo. Mo. Ill.

Earl (m) Jan 1896- 4 Yr. Mo. Mo. Ill.

Nancy E. (f) Jun 1898- 1 Yr. Ind T. Mo. Ill.

Annie Porter (f) May 1822-78 Yr. 4-3 Ky. Va. Ukn. Wd.G/Mother

381. Jas. L. Porter Sep 1843-56 Yr. M-32 Ind. Ky. Ind. Liveryman

Polly A. Jun 1849-50 Yr. 6-6 Ill. Ky. Ind.

Oscar B. (m) Aug 1874-25 Yr. Wd. Mo. Ind. Ill. Farmer

Asa H. (m) Sep 1878-21 Yr. Mo. Ind. Ill. Farmer

Pearl M. (f) Oct 1881-18 Yr. Mo. Ind. Ill.

Lillie May (f) Oct 1887-12 Yr. Mo. Ind. Ill.

Ollie (f) Nov 1889-10 Yr. Mo. Ind. Ill.

This is where we connect. Jeremiah M. Owens and Lydia Ella Porter's son, Richard L. Owens, b. 27 Jun 1889, married Anna Dean, who was the daughter of Alva Dean and Mary Elizabeth Cameron. Mary Elizabeth Cameron Dean was the daughter of Barton Cameron, the son of my great, great, great uncle Harden, mentioned above. But more on that later.
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Surnames: Moore
First off thanks for responding- Catherine Ann Kitty wasburied in Rosehill cemetery just outside of Springfield ,1907, was 87 years of age,making her born about 1820,a guess Orange Co. Indiana ,she was married to Simeon Hall Porter in 1853 ,she was married prior to this to a Moore and had two children, James /Mary . Mary Moore later married James L. Porter a son of Simeons,after they were married they move to Clay Co ,Illinois 1860. then to Lawrence Co ,Missouri aroumd or by 1870. James and Mary's birth are only a guess 1842/1846, Simeon and Kitty had two sons- Grandville and Franklin (my Ggrandfather) who came to Okla in land run 1893.Simeon is buried at Halltown ,Kitty went to live we guess with James after Simeons death and thats why she 's at Rosehill. We also think from marriage record found her maiden name was Garren not Green as so many think. Also James and Mary Moore Porter had a daughter Lydia . would like to know what happened to her .think she married an Owens? Any info if you have on this line would be very helpful need family bible , having trouble finding Simoen Hall's parents .,all we know is he was born in Kentucky,
can't wiat to hear back. will sent info or family file if you want, I do have lines on Family Tree maker in computer,
there about 2500 of us in Okla now from Grandville /Franklin.

James Moore

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Surnames: MOORE
I have two ancestral and two collateral Moore family lines in Lawrence County. So I am related to most, but not all Moores in Lawrence County. I have compiled a lot of data about all Moores in Lawrence County, mostly 19th and early 20th century, but it is not all computerized yet. There are several James and Catherine Moores. If you can provide a date or approximate date of birth or the time period that they lived in Lawrence County, I will check my files.

Moore, Porter, Owens, Greene Co.

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Did you receive the message I sent directly to you yesterday? It has not yet been returned as undeliverable. If so, we can continue this directly rather than on the Query Forum.

In yesterday's posting I gave the marriage record of James Porter and Polly Oldham in Lawrence Co., Mo., in 1868 rather than in Illinois about 1870 as you state.

HERE IS WHAT I FOUND IN GREENE COUNTY RECORDS. Again, I don't know if you already have this data or not.

Greene Co., Mo., Marriages, Vol. F, 1881-1883:
Owens, J. M., under age, and Lydia E. Porter, mother of J. M. Owens gave consent, mar. at bride's home on 24 Oct 1883, by Clark Smith, M. G., p. 390

Greene Co., Mo., Marriages, Vol. D, 1874-1879:
Porter, Granville, Mary R. Buler, mar. 11 Feb. 1877, at residence of bride's father, by John W. Bell, M. G., p. 222.
[Your great, great uncle. See cemetery records below which indicates this name was probably Buhler and was changed to Biellier.]

Greene Co., Mo., Marriages, Vol. C, 1866-1874:
Porter, Franklin M., and Mary Ryan, mar. 29 Sep 1872, by James Squibb, J. P., p. 415
[your great grandfather]

1880 Census, Missouri, Greene Co., Center Township, dwelling #93, family #93
Porter, Granville, 21, head, mar., farmer, IL, --, --
M. R., 22, wife, mar., keeping house, IN, PA, IN
A. J., 2, son, MO, IL, IN
C., 1, son, MO, IL, IN
[Your g-g-uncle]

1880 Census, Missouri, Greene Co., Pond Creek Township, dwelling #25:
family #27:
Owens, Nancy, 58, head, widow, farmer, OH, NJ, NJ
Napoleon B. 23, son, single, farmer, MO, TN, OH
Sampson B., 19, son, laborer on farm, MO, TN, OH
Jerrimah, 17, son, laborer on farm, MO, TN, OH
Owens, Mary, 12, granddau., not employed, MO, MO, MO
Meldon, Mary, 10, granddau., not employed, MO, MO, MO
[Lydia Ella Porter Owens' husbands family before they wed]

family #28 [same dwelling]:
Porter, James L., 36, head, mar. in year, farmer, IN, KY, IN
Mary A., 37, wife, mar. in year, keeping house, IL, IN, IN
Mary E., 16, sda, MO, IN, IL
Orin, 6, son, MO, IN, IL
Ace, 1, son, MO, IN, IL
Chastine, Thomas, 14, adopted, laborer on farm, MO, MO, MO
[This is James L., but the married within the year is a puzzling. "Polly" is a nickname for Mary, so I thought this was still Polly Ann Oldham. And according to her tombstone, Polly Ann died in 1920. So I am not sure what this means. However, the fact that there is a stepdaughter (sda) indicates that perhaps this is a different wife who has a daughter from a previous marriage. Then Orin and Ace are their sons whose names were in yesterday's message. I would guess that it is likely that the Thomas Chastain here is the same one in the cemetery records below and that he is probably somehow related to James L. Porter or his wife.]

family #29 [same dwelling]:
Porter, Cimeon, 81, head, not employed, KY, VA, VA
Catherine, 57, wife, not employed, KY, KY, KY
Liddy E., 16, granddau., housekeeper, IL, IN, IN
[Simeon H., Catherine Ann "Kitty" and Lydia Ella]

family #30 [same dwelling]:
White, William, 32, head, farmer, IN, NC, KY
Nettie E., 31, wife, keeping house, MO, KY, MO
Ida, 10, dau., MO, IN, MO
Weldon, 7, son, MO, IN, MO
Carry, 2, dau., MO, IN, MO
[This family is living in the same household as the three families above and so may be related, but I don't know how.]

1900 Census, Missouri, Greene Co., Boone Township, dwelling #288, family #289:
Moore, James E., head, male, Nov 1867, 32, mar. 9 yrs., IN, IN, IN, farmer
Manda, wife, female, Jul 1872, 27, mar. 9 yrs., 4 ch. - 3 liv., MO, Tn, MO
Nora, dau., female, Nov. 1891, 8, single, MO, IN, MO, at school
Dora, dau., female, Apr. 1896, 4, single, MO, IN, MO
Granvil, son, male, Sep 1899, 8/12, single, MO, IN, MO
[This is the only James Moore I have found, but he is too, young for James Moore, Catherine "Kitty" Porter's son. However, with a son named Granvil, I thought it worth noting as he may be related somehow.]

Greene Co., MO., Cemeteries, Vol. VIII, Garoutte Cemetery:
page 24, Section B, Row 2:
Chastain, Andrew J., 18 Nov 1844 - 7 Feb 1871 [ssw/Isabella]

Isabella, 24 Sep 1844 - 25 Jul 1882, my wife [ssw/Andrew J.]
Owens, Richard W., 16 Feb 181_ - 15 Jan 1861, age 45 yr 11 mo
the following footstones are against Chastain stone: N. O., D. L., A. L. O., I. L.
Chastain, Thos. J., died 31 Jan 1894, age 27 yr 6 mo 8 da
[I think this is the same Thomas Chastine in the 1880 census and his parents are Andrew and Isabella, above. Perhaps Isabella is a Porter or Moore or ?]

page 25, Section B, Row 3:
Owens, Jerry M., 1 Apr 1863 - 17 Jan 1949, Father [ssw/Ella]

Ella, 27 Mar 1864 - 1 Apr 1949, Mother [ssw/Jerry M.]
Owens, Nell, 1864-1983, in ground vault
Owens, Nell Florence, __ Jun 1894 - 29 Oct 1983, Ayre-Goodwin Funeral Home metal marker
[The two Nells above are probably the same, just an incorrect date on the ground vault transcription]
Owens, Sam B., 5 Feb 1861 - 5 Mar 1945
Owens, Richard W., died 16 Jan 1864, age 45 yr 10 mo 29 da [ssw/Nancy]

Nancy, 9 Apr 1822 - 29 Jan 1901, age 78 yr 9 mo 20 da, w/o Richard W. Owens [ssw/Richard W.]
Owen, James L., 1843-1862, Pvt. Co. E., 3rd MO Cav, CSA, military headstone
Owens, Richard W., died 6 Aug 1873, age 23 yr 5 mo, 9 da [ssw/Ambrose & Richard W.]

Ambrose, died 9 May 1894, age 19 years [ssw/Richard W. & Richard W.]

Richard W., 16 Feb 1818 - 16 Jan 1864, age 45 yr 11 mo [ssw/Richard W. & Ambrose]
[I believe that the 3 stones above for Richard W. Owens, 1818-1861/1864 are probably all the same person with different stones erected at different times and differences in dates are either transcription errors or errors "corrected" in later stones.]
fieldstone marking grave: G. B.
Likins, Mary A., 1854-1917
fieldstone marking grave, no information
Owens, Pearlie J., 2 Sep 1900 - 2 Oct 1900, d/o J. M. & L. E. Owens
Owens, Sampson Guy, 22 Aug 1887 - 1 Feb 1888, s/o J. M. & L. E. Owens
Owens, Edrie Lee, 26 Sep 1904 - 3 Aug 1922

The following tombstone inscriptions are for Buhler/Biellier and I think the first couple are probably Granville Porter's wife's parents.]
Section B, Row 13
Biellier, C. D., 14 Jul 1832 - 11 Oct 1906 [ssw/Margaret J.]

Margaret J., 10 Aug 1840 - 30 Apr 1917, w/o C. D. Biellier [ssw/C. D.]
Buhler, Margaret J., 25 Jan 1871 - 20 Dec 1872, d/o C. D. & M. J. Buhler
Buhler, Ester A., 22 Nov 1861 - 17 Jan 1880, d/o C. D. & M. J. Buhler
Biellier, Anna May, 3 Sep 1870 - 13 Mar 1882, d/o C. D. & M. J. Biellier
Biellier, Infant, born & died 11 Feb 1888, s/l Wm. & N. E. Biellier
Biellier, Sylvia F., 26 Nov 1898 - 1 Feb 1901, d/o C. D. & D. V. Biellier
Biellier, C. D., 1877-1937 [ssw/Dora]

Dora, 1878- [ssw/C. D.]
and others

Note on p. 31 following "Additional information from plat of cemetery" states:
"The name Buhler was changed to Biellier about 1882 Section B, Row 13
Researched by Irene Redfearn, O. G. S. member"


Do you have an 1860 census record for Simeon and Catherine (Porter)? Where are they living? Are the Porter and Moore children in the household?

Have you checked for an obit for Kitty in the Spgfd. newspapers?

Where did she marry Simeon Hall? Illinois or Indiana? What county?

Have you found Simeon Porter or Kitty Moore's family in the 1850 census of Illinois or Indiana?

From your statement, I presume that you have found the Porter/Moore family in Clay Co., Ill., in 1860 census? What data is there?

Have you looked for Moore or Garren families in Orange Co., Ind. in 1820-1850? What makes you thing "Kitty" was from there?

Based on his age, Simeon Porter would likely be a head of household in the 1830 and 1840 censuses? Have you found him?

I found no record of probate for Simeon in Lawrence county. Have you looked in Greene county?

If you think Kitty was living with her son James Moore when she died in 1907, do you know that he was living in or near Springfield? Is he buried at Rosehill, too?

James L. Porter would have been prime age for Civil War duty since he was married in 1862 at about 18 years old. Have you looked for or found any Civil War service or pension record for him?

I would be interested in your son-in-law Gary Cameron's ancestry. I have a lot on my line. My own g-g-g-uncle Harden came to southwest Missouri about 1838-39. His nephew, my g-g-uncle William joined him there about 1868-69. My great grandfather Hardin did not leave Grainger Co., Tenn., and come to Lawrence Co., Mo., until 1894. A cousin came about the same time, got married in southwest Missouri, and soon went west. I will have to check on that but it may have been Idaho.

I will send my snail mail address to you directly by email.

Re: James Moore

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Surnames: Moore, Briggs, Caples
Hi -- this is just a shot in the dark, but I am looking for information on my grandfather and his ancestors. My grandfather is James William Moore who died in St. Joseph, Missouri on 20 April 1918. He was married to Hattie Jane Caples. My greatgrandfather's name was Joseph Moore and he was married to Rachel Briggs, and they lived in Bolckow, Andrew County, Missouri. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Re: James Moore

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Sorry, I have several James and Joseph Moores in my Lawrence County, MO, Moore families and their descendants who moved to other places, but not your ancestors.

Re: James Moore

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Surnames: Moore /Porter
Ross I sent you info on my line a year or so back . I still can't find anymore on Catherine ( Kitty ) Katherine Ann Moore who married Simeon Hall Porter, She died May 1 1907 and buried at Rose HIll Cemetery , Greene Co, Mo. she was born about 1820 in Indaina. Also still trying to get info on Gary Cameron family for you. Thanks , Gladys
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