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brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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hoping to find descendants of Peter or Adam Stroud
who resided within the Braxton Co., VA area in
the 1770's and beyond.

Peter Stroud's family was murdered, supposedly
by Indians living within close proximity to
his home during the time of the massecre, while
he was away.

These descendants may have gone into surrounding
counties, such as Lewis Co., Fayette Co, Kanawha
Co., and others.

Has anyone researched these two Stroud men and
know the names of their children?


Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Surnames: Stroud
I believe that Adam Stroud's brother of Peter) son Adam Stroud left Hardy County WV about 1797 with Rev. Badgley and went to Illinois. One of his daughters married a Badgley. Adam Stroud and the rest of his family came to Arkansas. They were here before 1810. He had a brother Peter Stroud who did not leave IL for Arkansas until later (1830?)
Children of ADAM STROUD and MARY are:
i. ADAM2 STROUD, d. 1824, Arkansas.
ADAM2 STROUD (ADAM1) died 1824 in Arkansas. He married EVA HAND

Children of ADAM STROUD and EVA HAND are:
3. i. PETER3 STROUD, d. Unknown.
ii. SAMUEL STROUD, d. Unknown, Jersey County, IL.
iii. SUSAN STROUD, d. Unknown, Jersey County, IL; m. ? GOACHER.
iv. POLLY STROUD, d. Unknown.
v. ELIZABETH STROUD, d. Unknown.
4. vi. CATHERINE STROUD, b. August 01, 1776, Hardy Co., VA; d. July 31, 1868, St. Clair Co., IL.
5. vii. REBECCA STROUD, b. Abt. 1778; d. Unknown.
6. viii. ADAM STROUD, b. Abt. 1790, Virginia; d. Abt. 1860, Clark County, Arkansas.

Children of ADAM STROUD are:
15. i. NANCY4 STROUD, b. Abt. 1808, Clark County, Arkansas; d. Bef. 1854.
ii. ELIZA STROUD, b. Abt. 1810; m. ARCHEBOUL H RUTHERFORD, August 18, 1836, Clark County.
16. iii. ELISHA A. STROUD, b. 1812; d. Abt. 1866, Clark County, Arkansas.
17. iv. ISHAM L. STROUD, b. Abt. 1816, Arkansas.
v. REBECCA STROUD, b. Abt. 1818; m. (1) THOMAS H. PROCTER, June 21, 1836, Clark County; m. (2) JOSHUAH I. LITTLE, October 27, 1847.

Occupation: 1836, surveyor of Clark County

18. vi. JOHN PERKINS STROUD, b. August 08, 1819, Clark county Arkansas; d. February 12, 1875, Excelser Arkansas. MY Great Grandfather.
19. vii. SAMUEL R. STROUD, b. 1821; d. Unknown.
20. viii. ASCHNORD H. STROUD, b. 1825; d. Unknown.

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Thank you,

I am researching a Mark Stroud b. abt. 1775 VA; d. aft. 1850
Lawrence Co., KY....

A majority of his Stroud relations have ties to Fayette, Wayne, Lincoln and Logan Co.'s, of WV. I had hoped
for some familial connection, being that the surname
of STROUD is not that common for that time.

Could be a different set of Stroud's....

Thank you for the information.

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Surnames: stroud
There was a John Stroud and a Michael Stroud in Agusta County Va before 1770. Se Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settelement in Va. Agusta County covered all of the area west from Va to the Miss. river in 1770s. There may have Brothers of the Adam and Peter Stroud who went to IL who stayed in WV.

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Thank you,

That will be most helpful in
my search for Mark Stroud's

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Do you have any records of who Adam's Stroud's parents were? Other siblings? I heard he was a Revolutinary War hero and from Scotland. Do you know anything about that?

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Was Mark Stroud a sibling of Peter and Adam? Do you have any records on him?

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Surnames: Stroud, Nelson
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Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Wow!!! No wonder why I couldn't figure out if they were from Germany or Scotland! There were two of them! Did you get anything further back in Scotland or Germany?

Re: brothers Peter & Adam Stroud, 1772 Indian Massacre

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Surnames: Stroud
Well, perhaps I was wrong... After I dug some more I found that this line is most confusing. Have you ever searched on They have some marvelous online histories. I was reading some of the previous posts and everyone seems confused.
Apparently, Adam and Peter Stroud came from Germany and settled in Webster County, now West Virginia. Peter built his cabin (he and wife and children) on Indian land, the Indians raided and killed them all. Brother Adam lived closeby, saw the smoke and went to check. After discovering this horror and burying the dead, he went to the nearest outpost for help. He and four others tracked the Indians. What happened next is sad, but understandable. They attacked and killed the first Indians they came upon, sadly not the Indians responsible for the massacre. A famous chief called Captain Bull was killed.
Laterr this Adam Stroud moved to the Scotch-Irish settlement in Augusta Virginia and was naturalized. He fought with Dunmore in the Indian wars just prior to the Revolution. This Adam Stroud is listed as a patriot and there is an application for Sons of Amer. Rev. I am not sure when he married Eve Hand, but the family went west to Ill with the Bagley family, also from Virginia. I couldn't figure how the family could be in Arkansas and Ill, but found an oral history from Adam Bagley dated 1887:
"Stroud Family, my grandparents on mother's side. The old folks names were Adam and Eve. They came from Virginia. They raised a family of 8: Adam, Samuel, Peter, Catherine (my Mother), Rebecca, Susan, Polly and Betsy. They owned a tract of land in the bottom of Monroe County North of Fountain Creek. They died there, then the children left there and went to Arkansas and never sold the land. I believe two of the heirs sold their undivided interest. The place has been sold for taxes time and again. His son Adam kept a Post Office somewhere in Arkansas for a long time. Susan and Samuel came back. She married a man by the name of Goacher. They, two, and Sam died in Jersey County, Illinois. She had no children."

From John Stroud - 5 May 2007
The more I look the more confused I seem to be. Adam had Adam b 1790 in Virginia, he had Adam b Ark 1825, he also had Samuel b 1822 Ark, Samuel is my link. Are you crazy yet??
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