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Louis Pardini

Louis Pardini

Susan McGill (View posts)
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My grandfather was Louis Pardini. His father was Joseph Pardini.

A Louis Pardini lived in Nevada County from about 1890 until his death in 1952. There is reason to believe that this Louis Pardini was my grandfather's uncle. I would like to find someone connected with that family to see if we can make the connection.

Re: Louis Pardini

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Surnames: Pardini, Stagi
Susan- My great-grandfather was Luigi (Louis) Pardini who lived in Grass Valley, Nevada County, CA from 1885 until his death in 1952. He and his wife Caterina Stagi raised five children and many of their decesedants still live there. He came to the US from Sant'Anna, Lucca, Italy. I hope this helps. I have other info which might help depending on what you would like to know.

Re: Louis Pardini

Susan McGill (View posts)
Posted: 1076603835000
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Surnames: Pardini Nardini
Thank you for contacting me, and for your offer of help. I know almost nothing of my grandfather, Louis (Luigi) Pardini. From what little I do know, though, it appears that it is possible that our families are related.

As I understand it, your great grandfather had a half brother named Joseph Pardini. My great grandfather was also Joseph Pardini.

I understand that, when your Louis left San Francisco, he first moved to Towle in Placer County. My maternal grandparents, Arrigo (Henry) and Maria
Nardini, lived in Alta, Placer County, in that same time frame. After that, the Nardini's moved several times, then settled in San Francisco.

My grandparents, Louis Pardini and Rose Nardini were married in San Francisco in about 1915. They had two children.

Rose died in 1920, and Louis took the children to live with his brother or brothers in Larkspur, Marin County. Two months after Rose died, Louis committed suicide. The "informant" on the death certificate was Joseph Pardini.

I believe that Joseph was my grandfather's brother, not his father. As I understand it, there was at least one other brother there as well. I have no idea what that brother's name was, nor if there were any other members of
his family there.

I know that it is tenuous, but it is the only straw I have right now. Does any of this fit with the information you have on your family?


Re: Louis Pardini

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I have to admit I am getting confused with all the double names but...

I have a copy of the History of Placer and Nevada Counties in which my great grandfather, Luigi Pardini has a short bio. The bio includes the info that his father, Giovanni Pardini remarried to Louise Boccia and one of the second set of children is a Joseph. Joseph had 2 sisters, Adele and Angelina, and a brother Benedicto.

As for dates of this all I can pin down from the bio is that Luigi's first wife, Clementina Giorgio died in 1869 or early 1870. So the second marriage would have been in the 1870's. I would be happy to send you a copy of this page.
Unfortunately, all of my great-aunts and uncles are gone, but I have asked a few of my cousins to rack their brains.

I will also go back to my Ellis Island file, because Joseph sounds familiar.

Let me know if this helps.

Re: Louis Pardini

Susan McGill (View posts)
Posted: 1076617171000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pardini Nardini
I have a copy of page 1234 of "History of Placer and Nevada Counties", thankyou. I also have a copy of Louis Pardini's obituary, as well as the obituaries of Caterina Pardini and Bill Cassettari. It is the information gleaned from those sources that indicate the possible connection between our families.

I would appreciate any information you can give me that would help to either prove or disprove that connection.

Re: Louis Pardini

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I am finally back to doing Pardini family research. I came across a guest list from a family reunion we had many years ago (1985) with the names of family who are decendants from the half-siblings of my Luigi (Louis) Pardini. They may help you make the connection to your Louis. Do you know the names of Louis and Rose's children?? It is possible that one of these people can make that connection.
Also, I came across a box of letters from my grandfather (Luigi's son) and I am hopeful that there may be some info there too. I hope this helps. I am very curious about all this. Let me know if you would rather email me directly. Thanks, Francesca

Re: Louis Pardini

Susan McGill (View posts)
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Surnames: Pardini, Nardini
My mother and her brother are Louis and Rose' only children, and they know nothing of Louis' history or family.

His death certificate says that his father was Joseph Pardini, and it lists his mother's maiden name. Her maiden name looks like Balucini, but I have not been able to find any surname like it anywhere else.

Pardini is also mostly unreadable on the certificate also. His mother's maiden name could be almost anything. Her first name looks something like Aalve.

I would really like to hear the results of your research in the box of letters.

Thank you for you reply,


Re: Louis Pardini

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Surnames: Pardini
Luigi's children were Louis (Albert) and Mary Rose. I would be very interested in whatever info you have. My email address is now

Re: Louis Pardini

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Hello Susan
I am Robert K. Pardini son of Albert L. Pardini and Luigi (Louis) Pardini was my grandfather. I was at the family reunion back in the 1980’s in Sacramento. It has been a hard trek to get the family all sorted out. I have a family tree called the Pardini-Ensign Family Tree. Here is what I have put together and if it needs correcting please help out.

Giovonni Pardini married Clementina Georgio they had two children.
Louis Pardini & Angelo Pardini (I am not sure about Angelo)

Giovonni remarried Louise Boccia and they had four children.

Louis Pardini married Catherine M. Stagi they had five children.
Julian Attillo--Lena M.--Edward J.--Rose A.--Adaline.

I am trying to figure out the tie for my Great Grandfather Luigi Pardini.
What I can find is he had a brother and two sisters
Bappino, Marianna & Theresa M.
I can find that Theresa married Giuseppe Stagi and had four children.
John Louis--Anita C.--Julius L.--Josephine.

Theresa Stagi married Joseph L. Mattio and had two children.
Theresa M.--Ninfa C.

For Bappino and Marianna I am unclear. I have some letters and my father’s notes talking about these folks but no links. For Theresa the tie is solid. My father’s info is that Luigi & Nellie went to work in the bakery in Colfax with his sister who was Theresa Stagi. The bakery was a family business and a partnership. Julius and my dad were children and played together. Theresa husband died and she remarried Joseph Mattio. Family history in my father’s letters paints Joseph as a crook and took the bakery for himself as Luigi was still not a U.S. citizen.
Some info shows Angelo Pardini and Cherubina Bianci as the parents of Luigi--Theresa--Bappino--Marianna.

I also show that Luigi went back to Italy to bring back his two sisters.

Albert L. Pardini was the driving force for the reunion.

Robert Pardini

Re: Louis Pardini

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Hello Susan

I have found lots of updates to the original post.

Vincenzo Pardini married Carmelinda Pardini (Pardini Married a Pardini) they had seven children.
Louis Pardini, Alfred Pardini, Giuseppe (Joe) Pardini, Theresa Maria Pardini, Marianna Pardini, Carolina Lorella Pardini and unknown female Pardini.
Louis, Alfred, Giuseppe (Joe), Theresa, Marianna immigrated to the US. Carolina and unknown female stayed in Italy.

Theresa Pardini married Giuseppe Stagi and had four children.
John Louis--Anita C.--Julius L.—Josephine.
Theresa Stagi (Pardini) married Joseph L. Mattio and had two children.
Theresa M. & Ninfa C.

Louis Pardini married Nellie Rambottini and had two children
Albert L. & Ellen

Marianna Pardini married Adolifo Paoli and had one child
Livio Joseph

Alfred Pardini still a mystery
Giuseppe (Joe) Pardini still a mystery
Carolina Lorella Pardini still a mystery
Unknown female Pardini still a mystery

I need the bridge to Italy for Vincenzo Pardini who married Carmelinda Pardini.

Any help would be welcome, Robert Pardini
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