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ann wilson/richard parry price

ann wilson/richard parry price

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On familysearch two people have Charles Wilson (1766) and William Wilson (1781) as the children of Ann Wilson and Richard Parry Price (Overton,Flintshire). I know they were not married but can't find any historic proof of their indecent liason. Any help please?

Re: ann wilson/richard parry price

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Surnames: Wilson Price
Hi! This one interests me too as I'm descended from William Wilson (great-great-greatgrandfather).

There are a lot of public family trees on Ancestry which include this couple, but 90% of them have Ann married to Richard. I don't think this can be right (and it probably results from indiscriminate copying)
a) because the children have the mother's surname
b) because Richard had ecstatically married the heiress Anne Puleston only a little over a year before Charles was born - "Richard Parry Price married Anne Puleston of Brynypys, Flint. 23rd October, 1764, at Biddulph, in Staffordshire, by the Rev. John Gresley. In Mr Parry Price's diary, this event is thus recorded: " Made the happiest man in the world by being married to my dearest Nancy at Biddulph"
c) so far as I can judge, Richard Parry Price and Ann Wilson were of rather different social classes (e.g. William's son George became a groom and coachman in Rochdale)

Of the few public family trees on Ancestry which do state that Ann was Richard's mistress, I picked that of Kara10New as she seemed to have the most detail, even including a nickname 'Lady Jane' for Ann Wilson - sounds like sarcasm on the part of the villagers! I have recently contacted Kara asking how she got this info; she has acknowledged but not given her sources yet.

The only scenario that I can think of (and I stress this is speculative!)is that Richard could have been much distressed if Anne Puleston, his second wife, had died in/after childbirth as did the first (Dorothy Byrne, m.18/11/1758 son born Nov 1761, Dorothy d.11/12/1761). He could well have turned to one of the servants for comfort without commitment.

I'll happily send my family tree in its current state of progress if you want info on William Wilson's descendants, but it's in pdf format (not accepted on this system) so I'll need your email address. Mine is

David Wilson
Chichester UK

Re: ann wilson/richard parry price

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Hi, I am also very interested in this family and the records and quite agree with comments that Anne was more than likely his mistress - quite possible he loved her having given her 2 sons Charles and William.

Now I can understand the Lady Jane, as Catherine Wilson (my Grandmother has a sister Jane wondered if those records had been mixed, just goes to show public views.

William was my 3xgt grandfather and even though the wrong side of the sheets we would not be here if not for them, so put it down to fate.

Must admit though the history of the family has taken a new turn and making very interesting reading.

My son Paul Murphy was fortunate in getting further information for me as I had only got as far as Richard Parry Price -now have the Irish/Welsh connection.

I would love to contact you in relation to family members, and thank you for you post in clears so many questions I had been asking myself, and maybe the truth will come forward I hope so.

Anne Francis - nee Wilkinson

Marriage of James Wilkinson-Catherine Wilson

Re: ann wilson/richard parry price

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wilson/Price
Thanks Paul

This thread may help quite a lot, have sent a reply to message you sent me, and agree all kept so quite,or not soquite as the case may be - oh gentry and hush hush, but it did go on such a lot and a blind eye was turned, but there was only Anne and that says a lot, so he must have thought a lot of her -let us see where the records take us.

Got a lot of work to do now, it takes ages putting all the people into the family tree, and the new ones on dads side I was not expecting - Lilian dads younger sister is hoping I can complete and send her the details.

Good site Ancestry so much info. cannot afford to be a full member,but at least it gives you this access which is brill.
Enjoy you weekend.

Love mum x
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