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New Overview page design is awful!!

New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350538843000
Classification: Query
Wow, what a bad design change -

The larger print has expanded this information so it no longer fits on one browser screen - have to scroll down twice to get to the bottom of most people. This one change makes this view twice as hard to use. The white background is also too bright - please restore option to use previous format ASAP -

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350543131000
Classification: Query
Couldn't agree more!

I'm not normally one to complain about changes to site design, all sites need to evolve. But this is unpleasant and more importantly means less information is visible without scrolling on small netbook machines.

Is it not possible to have several layout options for different users to select should they have specific preferences?

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350555459000
Classification: Query
Agree fully!

The text is far too large and involves too much scrolling down the page when you have a lot of information on a person.
Can I revert to the previous style?

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350561619000
Classification: Query
I completely concur. There is waaaay too much white space and the contrast is waaaay too high. VERY hard on the eyes.

So very bad, in fact, that these changes will really limit how much time I spend on the site - I love, but nothing is worth the headache I getting right now from trying to view it. (Quite literally, I'm getting a headache.)

Terrible, terrible.

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350561836000
Classification: Query
With all due respect to the programmers, and having been one I appreciate the time and effort involved... Did you and/or your team actually sit, ponder, tweak the code and say "HEY - this looks terrific, let's go LIVE?"

Would it be at ALL possible to allow paying members to 'opt out' of the new format (much like the new search feature launch)?

Again, I truly appreciate that programming can be quite frustrating on a good day.

Please reconsider keeping this change or implementing an 'opt out' option.

Thank you.

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350562666000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1350563273000
Are you seeing a difference in the overview page? Are you talking about the tree overview or the person profile page overview? My tree overview is still the same pale green and seems the same.

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350563737000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1350563801000
Can we say *UGLY* ??? !!!

How do I hate thee- let me count the ways...
Too much white space.
Too Bright
Font too large
Font too faint

Just *TOO* ugly!

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350563755000
Classification: Query
We're talking about the person profile overview.

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350564208000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1350564394000
Andy, you are pretty up on the newer technologies. Is there any reason for this change for the phones or pads or something?

I am not understanding why they have changed just two pages to the white and blue and the other pages are still green. Do you think they are going to switch over all of the pages? Does this reflect new ownership or something along that line?

When they don't make annoucements then we have to try and guess...what is the purpose of this?

Re: New Overview page design is awful!!

Posted: 1350564357000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1350564554000
I do welcome disappearance of ancestry-ugly-green.

But 'waaaaaaay too much wasted real estate, and the rearrangement does nothing constructive.

I suspect this part of the effort to remove stuff from trees to reduce server loading. In this case, the color blocks, the 'calendar' graphics, a few other things. The change might also ease viewing on handheld devices.

But there is nothing user-helpful at all about the added white space which is because they eliminated some of the line and color-block graphics.

Note there is a "feedback" link at right above the sidebar.
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