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Photo privacy

Photo privacy

Posted: 1349735177000
Classification: Query
I have several invited people on my private family tree and share images ok. I now want to add a few images I want to keep private. I don't see any way to set privacy for individual images is this possible?

The only alternative I see is to duplicate the tree and keep a personal version.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349739986000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1349740857000
This is a very frequent request and there are many threads on this. Some of these threads do include some workarounds but use caution. Even when you use these there are some ways that people can access some items. Anything that someone sees they can copy although not always through ancestry's copying methods. There is a difference between items for ancestry's copying method. Some items can be viewed but not copied through their method. If it is really private don't post it.
Otherwise here are some options from least secure to most:
1. Public tree not attached to anyone living
2. Public tree attached to someone living
3. Private tree not attached to someone living
4. Private tree attached to someone living with invitees
5. Private tree attached to someone living with no invitees

You can chose to attach any photo to a living person. You can also attach a photo to more than one person and make one person you attach it to private (living). This becomes very complex but also provides different levels depending who it is attached to and how many.An extra word of caution with this because these may be viewable to someone for whatever access of privacy you have for that profile and there are clever people here who can probably copy those, although not using ancestry provided methods.

Once something has been public it will probably show up public no matter what you do.

The one thing you cannot do is block a particular person from viewing or copying an item. I realize this exists on other sites but I do not believe there is any workaround for this here other than a private tree with control over your invites.

None of this is foolproof so if it is really private don't post it.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349743511000
Classification: Query
The bottomline is don't post the photo(s) to your private tree to which you've invited people if you don't want them to see and/or copy your photos. If the tree is a "research" tree, I wouldn't put photos on it but keep them on my own computer genealogy program.

I don't know what you're wanting to do so can't advise you without more info. If you'd like to share photos with some, but not all, your invitees, the best way would be by email rather than posting photos to a shared tree. Even then, the person you share your cherished photos with could easily upload the photos to their own tree after getting them from you.

Hope this helps.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349778984000
Classification: Query
Thanks for the replys

I use FTM and sync it with my online tree. I like to flick through the ipad app and see the photos, I also like to use the ipad via apple TV to show (bore) interested visitors the photos & tree on my TV.

I guess I can merge my updates into a new tree & keep totally private and see if that works.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349784738000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1349784871000
There is a private media option in the latest patch to FTM 2012. I have not tried it yet.

From the update description:

"2. Private Media - Media items can be marked private and will be excluded from TreeSync."

Edit: if you post on the FTM board, you might get help from the power users who frequent that board.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349788267000
Classification: Query
Thanks for that - just updated and tested and works fine :)

Doesn't fix my wanting to view via app problem as that uses the online tree. But still happy I can add them without them showing !


Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349795442000
Classification: Query
I would like to repeat what one person said previously.


This included text and pictures, and images of documents.

The bottom line is that if you want something to be private DO NOT PUT IT ONLINE.

Re: Photo privacy

Posted: 1349796027000
Classification: Query
Cheers Keith,
The info is not online. If you mark it as private in FTM then it is not uploaded at all, it stays on the computer within the program.

I've tested it and thats how it works.

I'm happy with this as I can still add my personal images to FTM and they are not uploaded online.

I then did a re-sync with the same image marked as public and it uploaded. It gave a warning first before uploading it. I assume this would stop you uploading stuff accidentally as you can check each file being changed/uploaded.
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