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Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Surnames: Jungreithmayr, Jungreithmair
My Jungreithmayr (Jungreithmair) family lived in Kremsmunster during the mid 1800s. I'm not having much luck with searches and wonder if it's because I can't get the two dots above the u when I type. Not sure if there is a way to do this.

They were Roman Catholics and I have birth and death records which my mother had for my grandfather and greatgrandfather from this city but I'm not able to find anything else from over there. I've tried for over twelve years have not found anyone else searching this name.

I would appreciate any tips to point me in the right direction. My german is limited but the determination is high. Thank you

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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really upper-austrian names. ;)
phonebook for austrian states:
Oberösterreich (46)
Salzburg (3)
Oberösterreich (20)
Salzburg (2)

-> Zu den Matrikelbüchern ...
-> Akzeptieren
-> AT Österreich / Austria
-> AT-OOeLA Oberösterr. Landesarchiv
-> J-M
-> K23 Kremsmünster
take the book and year you need
Taufbuch - baptisms
Trauungsbuch - marriages
Totenbuch - deaths

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Thank you so much for your help. You're right they do seem to be only from upper Austria. I wonder if they might have come into Austria from Czech Republic way back when. Would you say this isn't a very common name? As long as it is, it doesn't seem like they shortened it any. ;) Thank you again for your time.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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it´s a german lastname, if was in Czech Rep., former Bohemia so was in any case of later sonamed Sudeten Germans. why do you note the czech theme? do your Jungreithmayr have connections there?

and yes phonebook shows most in state Upper-Austria. and looks to be also a VERY usual name .
for Austria quite a few in relative to the size of the country.

name word by word
Jung = young
Reith, think about reit(en)= ride
Mayer would be also an own lastname, comes about = tenant of a farming

no idea what really meaning ALL in one word or came about. often some parts of a name can have an old dialect meaning, so not always clear or just not in same expression in present days like in old times.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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In many surnames, the term Reith (or Reutt) and similar stands for a forest clearing, i.e., removing all trees and stumps to make room for grazing and agriculture. Today's spelling is "Rodung" and "roden." A synonym is "Schlag." Reithmayer would be the domain's tenant on land recently cleared for farming.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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ah, ok - thanks
Gereuth = gerodete Stelle, Rodung is meant.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Unfortunately, the digitized records available from Matricula seem to be of little help due to the restrictions placed on which records could be filmed and which ones could be viewed. Kein Ruhmesblatt für Österreich! it is a mess. However, the scans themselves are of high quality.

I did browse the Matricula records for Kremsmünster, mostly the indexes for 1750 - 1900. It was surprising how few the records were for your key name Jungreithmayr and its variations. The birth index mentions Johann, born 1883, Katharina, born 1883 who died in 1890 or 93, Franz, born 1885, Rosina, born 1886 who died 1887, and Anna Maria, born 1889 who died in the same year.

The death index shows Anna Maria and Rosina, interestingly with addresses, i.e., Kremsegg 26 for Rosina and Kremsegg 12 for Anna. This may indicate that the births happened in two families, or that the family moved houses.

The marriage index mentions the wedding in 1860 of Klara (or is it Maria?) Jungreithmayr to Johann Aichinger. Unfortunately, the record itself has not been digitized (same thing with the birth index entries mentioned above).

However, there was one marriage for which the record is also available. This was in the year 1783. The groom was Georg Jungreithmayr, a widower. The bride was Elisabeth Edlbaum or Edelbaum. Best men were Johann Jungreithmayr and Philipp Jungreithmayr. It appears to me that the towns where the witnesses came from are mentioned but reading them is difficult. The marriage entry seems to say - although the record is in the Roman-catholic records - that the wedding took place in the (Lutheran) prayer house in Schaden and was officiated by a Lutheran preacher who came from Eferding. (The Tolerance Edict allowing Lutherans and other religions had been issued in 1881 by Emperor Joseph II.) Therefore, it seems that at least some branches of your Jungreithmayrs in the Kremsmünster area were Lutherans. This would explain the gaps in the indexes.

What are the details you have about your ancestors? It might be best for you to order the LDS microfilms of the duplicates of the Roman-catholic records of Kremsmünster which cover the time back to 1811. Also, try to find out where the Lutheran records for Kremsmünster and Scharten are kept.

The indexes mentioned another family name, Jungmayr, which may well have some meaning (in its possible relation to your name).

Kremsegg is a village near Kremsmünster.

As for spelling variations, the Kremsmünster matrikels have Jungreithmayr and Jungreithmair. I may have overlooked others.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Thank you for your suggestions and the german translation of the surname Jungreithmayr. I wondered if it was an uncommon name since I've never found anyone researching the same name. Again, thank you for taking the time to help me.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Interesting. Thank you.

Re: Researching Kremsmunster, Austria mid 1800s

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Thank you for taking the time to check this for me. I do appreciate it so much. The only name I recognize for sure is Johann Jungreithmayr b 1883. Although, since there aren't many Jungreithmayrs in the area but they lived there so long, I wonder if the others aren't mine also...just unclaimed at the moment. You asked what the details were that I had for my ancestors. I will list the main parts below:
Ignaz Jungreithmayr (great-grandfather)
B 15 Aug 1855 in bie Wels
D 24 Mar 1933 in Kremsmunster, Oberosterreich
Married Rosina Hieslmayr
B 10 Jul 1861 in Bad Hall, Steyr-Land, Oberösterreich
D 09 Mar 1933 in Kremsmunster, Oberosterreich
her father: Georg Hieslmayr
her mother: Katharina Baumgartner

children (may be others, I only know of:

Johann Jungreithmayr is my grandfather.
B 18 Nov 1883 in Kremsmunster, Oberösterreich his address was Kremsegg Nr. 12
D 22 Feb 1953 in Sierning, Oberösterreich
Married Angela Wurm
B 27 May 1895 in Waidhofen An Der Ybbs, Niederösterreich
D 15 Nov 1957 in Sierning, Oberösterreich

Franz Jungreithmair
1885 – 1952 buried Kremsmunster, Oberosterreich

Josef Jungreithmair
1898 – 1962 buried Kremsmunster, Oberosterreich
(My uncle took me to see their gravestones in 1993)

Johann & Angela's children were:

Johann Jungreithmayr (my uncle)
B 30 Sep 1922 in Kremsmunster, Oberosterreich
D 17 Jan 2009 in Sierning, Oberösterreich
Married Berta Schnitzhofer
B 07 Aug 1920 in Sierning, Oberösterreich
D 21 Jan 2009 in Sierning, Oberösterreich

My mother: Herta Jungreithmayr
b. 30 Apr 1931 Linz
d. 29 Nov 2012 S. Haven, MI USA

This information came from original birth and marriage records of Johann Jungreithmayr 1883. Also the dates of his brothers Franz and Josef came from their gravestones.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me figure this out. You have given me some new names to check into and I really appreciate that so much.

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