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Leathers Surname

Leathers Surname

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I'm still looking for information on the Leathers family from Southeast Missouri. My father is a Leathers, my Mother is a Kirkman. I remember my Uncles, as Harold, Lefty, Orville, Alfred, my Grandmother was Elizabeth, My Grandfathers name was Marion or Thomas. Please send any information you have as I would like to get the whole picture of my family. thank You..Donna Green

leathers family

brian (View posts)
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Ozina Jane Leathers born april 2 1855, died march 20, 1900
Inda Catherine Leathers died march 24, 1900
Alfred Edwin Leathersborn july 14, 1878 died june 20, 1914
James McClure Leathers born feb 18, 1853died june 20 1928
Eva Irene Leathers Mausker born aug 6, 1874 died may 21 1934
Nova Estella Leathers White born nov 21, 1880 died april 23 1937
John Carol Leathers born sept 30 1882 died march 28 1955
Josie Leathers Choate born april 5, 1884 died nov 20 1956
Georgia Hallie Leathers Gray born feb 20 1893 died april 18 1964
Lucy Ray Leathers Lewis born nov 19 1895 died 1966
Walter died nov 1976
J. M. Leathers and O J Hyle were married nov 3 1972
Clevlis Effiles Leathers born oct 27 1886
Geoigia Leathers married Leeland Gray jan 16 1912 at Sallisaw ok died oct 18 1976
children were Margaret Neel born sept 27 1915 and Leeland Gray Jr. born may 5 1926
present addres (oct 23 1982)
Margaret 2107 Camino Real Springdale AR
Le 904 Penipsula Ave San Matio CA

that's alls i have right now i just rescived this my self if it helps anyone that's great. and if anyone has anymore info could i get some of it. thank you


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Hi Brian,
Lost track of you, where has the Army sent you this time, did you make MP?
did you ever get that book from your sister on the Leathers Family? I was looking for Edith Arrilla Leathers Crawford, she went by Arrilla in the Ohio census from 1880-1920, that is where I lost track of her. She was Married to William Lewis Crawford, he also used his middle name. They had several children, only 3 reached adults, Nellie, William Jr. and James.
Their son William married in 1931, in the wedding bands Arrilla was not mentioned, I am assuming that she died sometime between 1920-1931, she is a mystery woman, any help is appricated.

leathers family

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no didn't get MP and my sister hasn't gotten me the book yet. but i have compiled some info off the net and i can send it to you if you want.


leathers family info

brian melson (View posts)
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this is what i've got so far there is 17 pages and i'm still working on it.


* Ozina Jane Leathers born April 2 1855, died March 20, 1900.
Inda Catherine leathers died March 24, 1900.
Alfred Edwin Leathers born July 14, 1878 died June 20, 1914.
James McClure leathers born Feb. 18, 1853died June 20 1928.
Eva Irene Leathers Mausker born august 6, 1874 died may 21 1934.
Nova Estella Leathers White born Nov 21, 1880 died April 23 1937.
John Carol Leathers born Sept 30 1882 died March 28 1955.
Josie Leathers Choate born April 5, 1884 died Nov 20 1956.
Georgia Hallie Leathers Gray born Feb 20 1893 died April 18 1964.
Lucy Ray Leathers Lewis born Nov 19 1895 died 1966.
Walter died Nov 1976.
J. M. leathers and O J Hyle were married Nov 3 1972.
Clevlis Effiles leathers born Oct 27 1886.
Geoigia Leathers married Leeland Gray Jan 16 1912 at Sallisaw ok died Oct 18 1976.
Children were Margaret Neel born Sept 27 1915 and Leeland Gray Jr. born may 5 1926.

Present address (Oct 23 1982).

Margaret 2107 Camino Real Springdale AR.

Leeland 904 Penipsula Ave San Matio CA.

* Descendants of Thomas J. Leathers
son of Charles Leathers Nancy Arbuckle

1 Thomas J. Leathers b: 15 Sep 1808 Franklin Co., Kentucky d: 13 Apr 1846 Morgan Co, Indiana wife: Nancy Thacker
b: 02 Jun 1811
d: 13 Aug 1889
2 William Leathers b: 1828.... +Julia Ann Cox m: 11 Oct 1849 Morgan Co., Indiana
2 James M. Leathers b: 1832
.... + Nancy Carpenter m: 10 Mar 1861 Morgan Co., Indiana d: Before 1872 *2nd Wife of James M. Leathers:
.... + Asia/Ary Evans m: 05 Sep 1872 Morgan Co., Indiana
2 Louisa Leathers b: 1835
2 Charles T/F Leathers b: 12 Jul 1837 Morgan Co., Indiana d: 28 Jul 1886
.... +Eliza Ellen Gant
2 Mary Ellen Leathers b: 22 Aug 1840 Morgan Co., Indiana d: 21 Apr 1920
.... +Lewis Hiser
2 John S. Leathers b: 28 Dec 1842 Morgan Co., Indiana d: 11 Nov 1873
.... +Sarah A. Brown

* John William leathers born about 1806-1807 in N.C. His father was born in Kentucky. But I don't know who his father or mother or any brothers or sisters are. He married Sally Ann Rebecca Rodgers on Nov. 13, 1829 in Mecklenburg, N.C. They had Sallie, James, and Nancy, in N.C and twins John F. or John William and Frances A. born in route to Randolph/ Macon County Missouri. Then they had some more children there.
John William leathers born 1806-1807 in Kentucky or N.C.
John William, James Richard, Nancy, Rebecca, Sally, Nancy, Louisa, Charles, and Mary.

* William Leathers and Julia Ann Cox couldn't have been married too long because she was married to Jonathan P. Nichols by 1853.
Julia Cox married William A. Leathers b. 9-18-1808 in Franklin Co., KY d. 4-13-1846 in Morgan Co., IND. married Julia 4-13-1846. William's father, was Thomas Jefferson Leathers whose father was Charles M. Leathers who married Nancy Arbuckle. William had six siblings.

Rachel leathers b. ca 1772 in VA. She was the second wife of Benjamin Northcutt, Sr. They may have married 28 Jan 1801 in Woodford Co KY. A son, John Northcutt, was born ca 1802 in KY and died in Pendleton Co KY. Married Sarah Stevens. Another son, Benjamin, Jr., was born 16 Feb 1806 in KY and married Sarah Rector.

* Samuel Henry Leathers (1836-1891) via his son Henry Perley Leathers (1870-1945).

* Joshua Va. married (2) Frankey Stansiffer KY 1800, d.1819, son of John and Elizabeth White Leathers.

* `Leathers around Raleigh, N.C. John William Leathers was born around 1806-1807 in N.C. I think and he married Rebecca Sally Ann Rogers Nov. 13, 1829 in Mecklenburg, N.C. They had Sarah born Sept. in N.C. Nancy born 8-25-1830 and James Richard born 2-2-1830 N.C, Frances A. and John F. or John William born 10=28-1833 on their way to Mo. They joined a wagon train in Yanceyville N.C. and came to Macon/ Randolph County Missouri.

* Sally Ann (John's wife) sometimes went by Sally Ann or Rebecca, Not usually both names at the same time.

Leathers on Dawes and miller rolls


* Larkin may not be the son of John or even a grandson. Larkin was born in Mercer Co. about 1824 or 1827. The tax records don't show John living there. A James Leathers was. Larkin said his father was born in KY and John was born in VA. There are 3 unidentified males living in the area all born close enough to have been brothers. They were William Franklin, Larkin and Granville. We haven't proven whom they belong to. Nicholas Leathers of Orange Co. VA is very probably father of John Leathers of Anderson Co. KY. Nicholas's parents were probably John and Sarah Leathers of Spotsylvania Co. VA. There is a big age gap between John of Spotsylvania and the preceding John of Lancaster Co. It is more likely he would have been a grandfather. These people lived in the same area and were associated with the same people leading to the theory that they were descendants or related in some manner.
John and Polly Lampton had several children born before her death about 1806-07. They were married in about 1793. Sarah Juliann was born about 1797 and James M. about 1800, John W. about 1804, Rebecca not known but she married about 1816, and Eliza about 1805. They could have had more.
John married Eleanor in 1808. There was a Mark L. Lampton killed in the Mexican War that probably belonged to them. Eleanor had a brother named Mark. The 1820 census isn't available for John so we just don't know how many children they had but I would suspect there were more then one. John remarried to Barbara Lewis and had a girl at home on the 1830 40 censuses that is probably Jeanette Leathers. She married Travis Davis and they named a son Mark.
William Franklin, Larkin and Granville all named a son William. Only two of them named a son John. None of these children are on the 1830 or 1840 census with John and Barbara Leathers which doesn't prove anything as, not belonging to her, they may have been living with relatives.
Larkin was probably living with Nicholas Leathers wife Frances in 1840. Also he named a son Alfred. There is a Richard Leathers living with them in Washington Co. in 1825. He may be John R. son of Charles or an unidentified son of John or Nicholas. Happy hunting.

* Marriage records give John as the father of Rebecca and Eliza or Elizabeth. The Leathers came to KY in 1796, Charles, Nicholas, John and Moses. From the tax records of Orange Co. VA, Moses returned to VA the following year. Sarah Julian Leathers was born in Mercer Co. KY 1797 (from her family's records). Neither Charles nor Nicholas married until the following year so John is the most likely to be her father. During the 5 years from 1800-05 John, Charles, Nicholas and 2 of John Leathers sons Charles and Moses were paying taxes in central KY. The children of the latter 2 men are accounted for in the estate of John Leathers in Orange Co. VA.
Nicholas's son John was born in 1802 and Charles's son John was born in 1807. Going by the tax records for Nelson, Franklin, Washington, Scott, Fayette, Lincoln, Mercer and Jefferson Co. and other surrounding counties, no other Leathers were paying taxes. Therefore John is the most likely to be the father of John W. The other possibility is John, Nicholas and Charles had a sister who gave birth to an illegitimate son. I've not run across any sister other than Sarah who married William Bickers but John Leathers of Orange Co. VA had two daughters who gave birth to illegitimate children so it wasn't unheard of in the Leathers family. It's to bad Larkin's wife had an Alfred as I had rather hoped Larkin had grown up with some of Nicholas's family particularly since the two Larkins were almost the same age and probably named after the same person.
John probably had more children during 1810 and 1820 but the census for 1820 does not have the page he was suppose to be on. By 1830 he had a son and a daughter probably being Mark L. and Janette. Mark died in the Mexican War and Janette married Travis Davis.
William F., Larkin and Granville are the ones that I can't find a parent on. William F. first appeared in Franklin Co. but the tax books from about 1834 until after he was of age have disappeared. Most of the records for the nearby counties are also gone for that time.
There is a possibility that a James leathers was in Mercer Co. in 1821 1825 but he could also have been James M. Leathers son-in-law of Charles or James the son of Nicholas. The father of William F. was probably born before 1800 and again John of Nelson co. KY was about the only one who could have had a son old enough to be the father or have been the father himself. John could have been the father of William F. and Granville but Larkin gave his father's birthplace as KY and John was born in VA. (Right now it's a mare's nest but hopefully more information will come to light on John's children and grandchildren).

* A Judith leathers who married John McLaughlin/McGlothlin. John was a Revolutionary War Veteran whose record indicates he lived in and joined the war effort from Mecklenburg Co, NC (the county in which you find Charlotte.) After the war he continued to live in Mecklenburg Co for "3 or 4" years and then moved to Randolph Co., NC where he is found for the 1790 Census. Judith indicated that she and John were married in SC in 1785 (North Carolina/South Carolina -- she was very old when she gave her widow's deposition.)

* John William Leathers married a Indian lady (more that likely a Cherokee) by the name of Sally Ann Rebecca Rogers in Mecklenburg North Carolina in the year of 1829...
The only thing known is that they left for Missouri just before the Trail of the Tears and that she was very proud of her Indian Heritage.
John William Leathers was born in North Carolina 1808...he married in 1829 and moved to Randolph County Missouri around 1834.

* Daniel Tuttle Leathers. b. 1800 Etna, Penobscot, ME. Married Harriet ________?
He was son of Enoch Leathers and Mary Cilley or Cilly. Enoch b. 1762/3 Dover,
Strafford, NH, Enoch Leathers son of Thomas Leathers and Merebah Jackson of Dover. Merebah apparently daughter of Joseph and Hannah Jackson, she b. 1741 in Dover.

* Jacob Leathers, wife Elizabeth Houser, of Ohio c 1800. Their daughter Mary Magdalena "Molly" Leathers married John M. Smith of Fairfield County, Ohio, in April of 1823.

* George Leathers was Born 2-1-1875 died 10-30-1957.George married Jessie Windsor who was born 1-5-1881 and died 2-18-1965.
George had a son named Russell who was born in Cuba ILL in 1901.
George leathers born to John Leathers and Parlee Chapman. John and Parlee were married 02/09/1868 in White County, Illinois.
One sibling listed for George, Frances Leathers.

* Aurelia 'Dickie' LEATHERS, b. about. 1845, TN. Moved to Poinsett/Cross Co., AR, and m. Thomas Jesse SHARP, there on 30 Jul 1864. Children: (1) Thomas Jesse SHARP (Jr.), 4 Dec 1869, Cross Co., AR; (2) Martha C. SHARP, abt. 1865, Cross Co., AR; (3) Sydney L. SHARP, abt. 1867, Cross Co., AR.
Thomas Jesse SHARP (Sr.) d. before. 10 May 1875, Vandale, Cross, AR, and Aurelia LEATHERS Sharp may have followed shortly thereafter. I have found a biography which says that "Mattie Sharp, a daughter of T.H. [sic] Sharp of this State, who died at an early day, his wife's death occurring in 1880" married in 1882 Thomas P. TAYLOR of White Co., AR. (Eastern Arkansas Biographies Historical Memoirs)

* Olivia Ann descends from Jacob LEATHERS [son of Fredk. III] Ann Eve/Eve Ann HAY [daughter of (John) Adam HAY/HOH (Anna) Mary BOYER]. They lived in Wayne Co., OH, moved in 1833 to Bloom T., Wood Co., OH, to Richland Co., IL. His will also mentions land in Kosciusko Co., IN.

Children of Jacob LEATHERS Ann Eve HAY:
John, (1806 - 12 Mar. 1851, Wood Co., OH, buried. Bloom Chapel) married. 11 Jan. 1831, Wayne Co., OH, Eliz. SLATER (1808-July 1855, Wood Co., OH).
Susanna, married. 19 July 1827, John HARPSTER.
Jacob (1809 - 6 Jan. 1879, buried. Bloom Chapel, Wood Co., OH) married. 14 Mar. 1833, Wayne Co., OH, Mary EWING (1811 - 11 May 1877), daughter of John.
William (2 Mar. 1811 - 16 Jan. 1875/6? Claremont, Richland Co., IL, buried. Mt. Olive) married. 3/30? Oct. 1833, Wayne Co., OH, Ann/Nancy ORME/ORUM (20 Mar. 1810 - 26 Aug. 1856, Claremont, IL) Wm. m2. Ann/Nancy HUNT.
Elizabeth, married. 5 Feb. 1835, Jacob BAKER.
Mary Ann, married. 9 Jan. 1845, David HERALD/HARROLLE.
Silas (21 Apr. 1821, Wayne Co., OH - 23 May 1885, Richland Co., IL) m. 15 Jan. 1856, Richland Co., IL, Marinda RANSOM.

* William LEATHERS had
Mary Ann, b. 1834, m. 3 Apr. 1856, Richland Co., IL, Albert HILLIS.
Samuel (31 May 1836 - 8 Jan. 1888) married. 22 Jan. 1857, Sarah EAGLE, 2nd marriage. 12 Apr. 1860, Roxanna BUNN, who d. 20 Jan. 1904, Claremont, IL.
Silas W., (1839 - 1885) m. 29 July 1862, Richland Co., IL, Dency Almira BUNN.
Jacob (6 Jan. 1841/2? - 2 Aug. 1878), m. 4 Feb. 1859, Martha J. BIRD.
William Wesley (2 F 1847 - 4 Jan. 1923) m. 4 Oct. 1874, Sophia STARCHY.
Child of second marriage:
William Bentley (6 Mar. 1861 - 22 Jan. 1922, Lawrenceville, IL).

* Silas LEATHERS Marinda (19 Mar. 1825, Hamilton Co., NY - 19 Oct. 1915, Wilburn, AR) had
Olivia Ann (27 F 1857 - 31 Jan. 1930, Little Rock) m. 25 Feb. 1876, Thomas Alfred STAGGS.
Mary L. (21 S 1859 - 14 Aug. 1860).
Etta Jane (20 F 1862 - 1924, Alton, IL), m. 10 Feb. 1898, Samuel GOLDMAN.

* Will of Jacob LEATHERS, Richland Co., IL, 14 Dec. 1843, 10 Jan. 1844, 5 Feb. 184[], p. 128. To wife. Ann Eve. To son Silas, tract in Kosciusko Co., IN. To daughter. Mary Ann LEATHER_. To grandsons Wm. HARPSTER, Jacob LEATHERS, Jacob BAKER.

* Alice J. Leathers born about 1832. Married Shepherd Mitchell, born about 1823, They had four children that we know of, namely (1) Frances born about 1848,
(2) Lizetta born about 1850, (3) Christopher born about 1853, (4) Commadore born about 1858.They were located in either Franklin or Hamilton County, Illinois in the late 1800's or early 1900's.

An Alice Leathers, born 1856, died 1890, married Shepherd Ray Mitchell March 23, 1872 in White County, Illinois. Shepherd was born in 1845.

* Alfred Eugene leathers b.10-11-1860 but he m. Elizabeth Wright Kirkham on 3-27-1887 in Carroll Co, AR. They had several children but not a Victory Perilee. There were a lot of Leathers in AR so maybe a brother, cousin, etc.

Descendants of WEST LEATHERS alias WESTWIND LEATHERFACE - Full Cherokee


1. WEST LEATHERS was born in 1775 in [Casa Grand, OK? This info passed on to me, but history does not place Cherokees in OK at this early date]. He died? In Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He was full Cherokee. He was also known as WESTWIND LEATHERFACE. A Cherokee chief, he came to Illinois around 1790-1800 [St. Clair County then] with 6 sons and one daughter. He lived around Wayne City and Fairfield, Wayne County, Illinois. He supposedly left OK because he and a brother had a falling out. He dropped the last part of each name and became WEST LEATHERS.

When he was ill he told his sons a skin with a map and deed on it was buried under a rock around Antlers, OK, near? A large valley and it was supposed to be his property. A city is built there now. His grandson OSCAR LEATHERS, son of JAMES LEATHERS went to OK but could not find where the rock was.

West married a Cherokee woman in OK, date? Wife was born? WEST LEATHERS and CHEROKEE WOMAN had the following children:

WESTLEY LEATHERS was born Unknown in Casa Grand, OK or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co.
LOU-EYE-SA LEATHERS was born? In Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, Ill. She died? [Over 107 years] in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. She was Cherokee. She never married. She stayed with her brothers and took care of their children. She liked to stay with ALF and his wife, EVA, the best.
UNKOWN son LEATHERS was born Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He was Cherokee.
UNKOWN son LEATHERS was born Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He was Cherokee.


3. JOHN LEATHERS was born? In Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, Ill. He died? In Casa Grand, OK, or
Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, Ill. He was full Cherokee. He was married to UNKNOWN.

4. RAY LEATHERS was born Unknown in Casa Grand, OK, or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co.? He died Unknown in Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, Ill.?. He was married to UNKNOWN in Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, and Ill.

5. ALFRED [ALF] MARION LEATHERS died in 1888 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne Co, Illinois. He was born 1808 approx. in Casa Grand, OK [not on any present maps], or Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He was full Cherokee. Nicknamed "ALF". He was well over 80 years when he died. He was hauling logs on a wagon, fell from the wagon and died. He had black curly hair and kept it short. Never shaved. He had 6 children.

He married LUIZU [EVA] BULLARD /MELTON/ HERLT in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. EVA HERLET was born Unknown time in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. She died in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois; Wayne Co. EVA HERLET was also known as MELTON-BULLARD. She was Irish...had two children from previous marriages

WILLIAM MELTON was born in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died in Hymas, Missouri. EVA'S first child by another marriage...WILLIAM married a VINNIE? They lived in Hymas, Mo.

ELIZABETH BULLARD married TOM COX. They lived around Beecher City, Ill.
Children: BUD, HARVE, JOE, and CHARLIE


ELLA LEATHERS was born in 1867 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. She died in 1925/28? In Anna, Illinois, Union County at age 55. She was half Cherokee half Irish. Never married. She had some sort of illness which resulted in hearing loss and unable to speak. Supposedly died in an insane asylum. So called "deaf and dumb" often were place in asylums in those days if they had no one to care for them. Always took care of brotherÂ’s children



9. JAMES A? LEATHERS was born June 2, 1873 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. According to his death certificate he died in Union County, IL. March 17th 1931, of "gangrene of lung, plural effusion". He was a helper on a coal truck. He was 6' 21/2" tall. He is buried in Taylor Cemetery, near Essex, Mo. in Stoddard County, Mo. He married ADA JANE? WOOTEN in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co? Or Malden, Ill., East Alton? ADA JANE? WOOTEN was born in Southern Illinois, Wayne County. She died in Southern Illinois, Wayne County. JAMES A.? LEATHERS and ADA JANE? WOOTEN had the following children:

a. OSCAR LEE LEATHERS was born Jan. 12, 1888 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Wayne County, Ill. He died in 1978 in Malden, Missouri. He had 4 girls and 2 boys, Ruby Eugene LEATHERS-LONG, Oscar Lynamn LEATHERS, Bonnie Lucille LEATHERS-CLARK, [married Frank M. Clark], Betty LEATHERS [married Sam MILLER], Jean LEATHERS-MORGAN [married Wiley MORGAN]. His son, CLARENCE LEATHERS died in Carbondale, Il, June 1974.

B. CHARLIE LEATHERS, place of birth and date unknown. CHARLIE LEATHERS died in 1975 in Malden, Mo. He married MINNIE BORDERS Unknown in Malden, Mo. First marriage married 40 years. MINNIE BORDERS was born Unknown in Unknown. She died Unknown in Malden, Mo. CHARLIE LEATHERS and MINNIE BORDERS had the following children:

a. JAMES LEATHERS was born in 1913 in Malden, Mo. 6' 3" tall, weighted 200 lbs.
b. MARIE LEATHERS was born Unknown in Malden, Mo. She died Unknown in Malden, Mo. Her husband killed her and then himself
c. CHARLES LEATHERS was born in 1933 in Malden, Mo. He died Unknown in Marshall, Mo. He was a Minister, Assembly of God in Marshall, Mo?
D. IMOGENE LEATHERS alive? In Memphis, Tenn. She was born in Malden, Mo.

10. NATHAN LEATHERS was born in 1865 in Wayne City, Fairfield,
Illinois, Wayne Co. He died Unknown in Wayne City, Fairfield,
Illinois, Wayne Co. or East Alton, Ill. He was = Cherokee = Irish. He married VINA in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co/or East Alton, Ill. She died in East Alton, Illinois.

NATHAN'S second marriage was to PET BARNS in East Alton, Illinois. . Had two daughters with PET, MRYTLE and GOLDIE

NATHAN LEATHERS and VINA had the following children:

a. ARTHUR LEATHERS was born Unknown in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. or East Alton, Il. He died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.
B. EVERETT LEATHERS was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois. He died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.
C. GRACE LEATHERS was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois. She died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois?
D. BESS LEATHERS alive? In East Alton, Illinois. She was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois?
E. PEARL LEATHERS alive? In East Alton, Illinois. She was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.

NATHAN LEATHERS and PET BARNS had the following children:

a. MYRTLE LEATHERS was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois. She died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois? . b. GOLDIE LEATHERS was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois. She died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.

12. JOHN BAPTIST LEATHERS was born on Nov 22 1869 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died on Apr 22 1950 in Peoria, Illinois. He was = Cherokee = Irish. Always lived in Peoria, Ill. He was left-handed.

JOHN BAPTIST LEATHERS was married to a NELLIE MAY BURRIS on Apr/Sept? 22 1892 in Liberty, Ill. NELLIE MAY BURRIS was born May 31,1871 Beecher City, Illinois. She died Sept. 1936 in Ill. JOHN BAPTIST LEATHERS and NELLIE MAY BURRIS had the following children:

a. ROY WILLIAM LEATHERS was born Aug 23, 1893 in Beecher City, IL. He died July 12, 1977 of Cancer in Beecher City, IL.
B. ORVAL LEATHERS was born 1895 in, Illinois. He died 1896 in Beecher City, Illinois.
C. ALICE VERA [DAISY] LEATHERS was born May 6 1897 in, Illinois. She died Unknown in Peoria, Illinois.
D. JOHN RALPH LEATHERS was born Unknown in Peoria, Illinois. He died Unknown in Peoria, Illinois.
E. BEATRICE MARGARET LEATHERS was born Unknown in Peoria, Illinois. She died Unknown in Peoria, Illinois.
F. EVA MILDRED LEATHERS was born Unknown in Peoria, Illinois. She died Unknown in Peoria, Illinois.
G. LILLIAN MARIE LEATHERS was born Unknown in Peoria, Illinois. She died Unknown in Peoria, Illinois.

13. THOMAS MARION LEATHERS was born on Jan 22 1879 in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He died on Apr 13 1950 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County. He was 1/2 Cherokee 1/2 Irish.

He married ELIZABETH BRUCE [LA BRUCE] on Sep 1 1900 in Huntsville, Mo.? Randolph County. ELIZABETH BRUCE was born on Oct 2 1885 in Huntsville, Mo. She died on Sep 29 1968 in Cape Girardeau. She was French.

THOMAS MARION LEATHERS and ELIZABETH BRUCE had the following children:

a. LEWIS ALVIN LEATHERS was born on Dec 5 1901 in Huntsville, Mo.? Or Dexter, Mo.? He died on Jul 15 1963 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County. He was 1/2 French 1/4 Irish 1/4 Cherokee. He played violin.
B. FLOYD LEATHERS was born on Sep 26 1906 in Huntsville, Mo.? Or Dexter, Mo.? He died on Oct 2 1986 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County.
C. ONIA LEON LEATHERS was born on Sep 26 1906 in Huntsville, Mo.? Or Dexter, Mo.? She died in 1907 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County. Fell off a porch and broke her neck
d. ALFRED NEWTON LEATHERS was born on Jun 20 1908 in Huntsville, Mo.? Or Dexter, Mo. He died in 1979 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County.
E. ORVILLE CLEO LEATHERS was born on Oct 7 1912 in Huntsville, Mo.? Or Dexter, Mo.? He died in 1985 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County?
F. HAROLD CLIFTON LEATHERS was born on Apr 20 1914 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County.
G. PEARLINE LEATHERS-KRUSE was born on May 16 1918 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County. **Main historian**
h. MARION EUGENE LEATHERS was born on Nov 20 1921 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County.
I. RAYMOND EUGENE LEATHERS was born on Jan 21 1924 in Dexter, Missouri, Stoddard County. Missouri, Stoddard County?

14. ELMER LEWIS LEATHERS died in 1968 in East Alton, Illinois. He was born Unknown in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co. He was 1/2 Cherokee 1/2 Irish. He married IVA ANGELO Unknown in Wayne City, Fairfield, Illinois, Wayne Co., or East Alton, Ill. IVA ANGELO was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois? Or Wayne County, Ill. She died Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.
ELMER LEWIS LEATHERS and IVA ANGELO had the following children:

a. PANSY LEATHERS was born in 1907 in East Alton, Illinois. She died in 1920 in East Alton, Illinois.
B. VIOLET LEATHERS in Woodriver, Ill? She was born Unknown in East Alton, Illinois.

* Elizabeth Leathers (daughter of Frederick Leathers III and Eva Barbara Shirk). Elizabeth married Jacob Sells/Gesell. Their son, Obadiah Sells b. 1804 was born in Fairfield County, Ohio. He also resided in Pickaway County, Ohio.

Listing for children of Jacob Gesell [1770-1855] and Elizabeth Leathers [1781-1869], 1.Obadiah Gesell [1804-1871]; 2. Susanna Gesell [1806-]; 3. Catharine Gesell [1816-1900]; 4. Jacob Gesell [ca 1810/15- ]; 5. Elizabeth Gesell [ca 1810/15 - ]; 6. Martha Gesell [c1820/25- ]; 7. Mary Barbara Gesell [c1820/25- ]; 8. Anna Gesell [1830-1907]. Jacob Gesell died 10 Mar 1855 in Fairfield Co., OH and Elizabeth Leathers Gesell died 15 Dec 1869 in Pickaway Co., OH.

A little history of Fred k. LEATHERS. This shows Elizabeth "Betsy" LEATHERS married 11 May 1802, Fairfield Co., OH, Jacob GASELL/GASSELL. The marriage date is confirmed in Fairfield Co. OH, Marriage Vol. A: Jacob GASELL m. 11 May 1802, Elizabeth LETHERS (sic).

* The Index to the 1790 Census of Pennsylvania has in Lancaster Co.: Cocalico T., GESSEL, Christen, 1-2-4, Warwick T., GESSELL, Wm., 5-4-4.

* James Anderson Leathers married TOOKA Harggis. They lived in Chelsea, Rogers Co. OK and Boone Co. OK. James Anderson leathers was born on Mar. 4, 1874. I think they were married on July 19, 1902. This is the same TOOKA that is on the dawes rolls.

children of James and TOOKA Leathers:

Eva Leathers a daughter of James McClure Leathers a brother A. E. LEATHERS of Carroll Co., AR. These Leathers came from Rutherford and Bedford Co., TN. Their land was on the border of both counties. Eva graduated as valedictorian from the Green Forest, AR high school just before they moved to the Cherokee Indian Territory near Marble City. Some Leathers children attended the Old Dwight Mission Indian School near their home. AN apple orchard was planted on what is called LEATHERS Mountain there. Several of them are buried in the Dwight Mission Cemetery there.

James died in 1838 and probate rec. are in Rutherford Co., TN also many land records. Margaret ? moved on into Carroll Co., AR with her youngest children. It is believed that some remained in TN.

Westwind Leatherface born in 1775

Thomas Marion Leathers, married to Elizabeth (LaBruce)Bruce in Sept.1,1900.She was French. He was Cherokee and Irish. He died on April 13, 1950. She died Sept. 29,1968. Thomas had the following brothers, Harold, Marion, Orville, and more and also a sister. don't have all the information. They also lived and died in Dexter, Missouri.

information on James Leathers married to Elizabeth Forrester. James and Elizabeth had 12 children. a James William Leathers b, 1897 d.11-19-1881 who married Frances A. Kitchen b. 2-16-1816 d. 7-7-1889 in Macon County, Missouri?

Samuel Leathers m. Mary/Mari Selsor before 1773 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Samuel may have been from Orange County (now Madison).

Descendants of Samuel Leathers

1 Samuel Leathers 1750 -
.. +Mary Selsor 1753 -
...2 Elisabeth Leathers 1776 -
...2 Maria Leathers 1778 -
...2 John Leathers
...2 Abraham Leathers
...2 Paul Leathers
...2 Jr. Leathers Samuel
.............+Mary Swafford
...2 Margaret Leathers
...2 Benjamin Leathers
.............+Nancy Smitherson

Tombstone seen in Amanda, Ohio (Presbyterian Churchyard, E Church St). The stone is one of the tall flat ones and is broken off at the base so lying on its back, but in very good condition otherwise.
Elizabeth wife of Frederic Leathers
Died July 4, 1846
aged 61 years 4 months and 16 days

Annie E. Leathers, age at death 90, born: 1876, date of death: 1966, nephew Alfred Carter Farris, III.

Nancy Leathers, born in North Carolina between 1811-1814 and buried in Missouri, Polk Co., after 1860. Married Andrew Wesner/ Wasner in Davidson, NC 13 Nov 1828.

Charles Leathers m. Nancy Arbuckle, 1798, KY.
Frances (Fanny) Leathers m. John Deer, Franklin Co., KY, 1823. 10 children.

Winfield Leathers says Charles Leathers Married Nancy Arbuckle 20 Oct 1798 in Franklin County Kentucky. She was the daughter of Samuel Arbuckle. Charles was a brother of Nicholas Leathers and they represented the fourth generation. Frances (Fannie) was a niece of Charles and the 6th child of Nicholas and Frances Moore. He has her birth date as between 1815-1820 with no record found of her after the 1830 census.

Nicholas Leathers, who was age 63 when he died 12 Mar 1838 thus was born in early 1775 or the 1st nine months of 1774, in Orange County, Va., was apparently the oldest of Nicholas' eight children. He was married 4 Oct 1798, Franklin County, Ky., to Frances Moore (born Nov 1779 in N.C. and died 1 Sept 1844), daughter of Joseph Moore. Bondsman for the marriage was Charles Leathers, apparent brother of Nicholas. Charles was married 16 days later on 20 Oct 1798 to Nancy Arbuckle, daughter of Samuel Arbuckle. Nicholas and Frances had seven children
1. James b 5Aug 1799 and d. about 1834), married 5 Aug 1820, Washington County, Ky. to Nancy Gest (18May1801 d. about 18340;
2. John (12 March 1802-16 Nov. 1871) married 17 Sept. 1824, Washington County Ky., to Rosa A. Burgine (Burgen) (18 Dec.1802-5 Aug. 1884);
3. Sallie (29 Feb. 1804- Dec. 1839) married 9 Dec. 1822,Woodford County , Ky. to Reuben Searcy (June 1799-8Aug. 1892);
4. Mary (Polly)(22 July 1806-23 June 1868) Married Jacob Snider (28 June 1805-12 July 1865);
5. William (20 May 1810-1 May 1832);
6. Frances (Fannie) (born 1815 or 1820) no record found after 1830 census:
7. Alfred (27 Nov 1820-12 Aug. 1892) married 1st. 5 Dec 1839, Spencer County, Ky., to Lucy Searcy, (born about 1820 died before 1845) married 2nd, her sister, 27 July 1845, Spencer County, Ky., to Eliza Searcy (30 Nov. 1829-27 Oct 1912)

Frances Leathers, daughter of Nicholas married Samuel Demaree as his second wife and Frances Leathers daughter of Charles and Nancy married John Deer. Frances Leathers Demaree died young with no children.
Nicholas wasn't the oldest son as John Leathers was born in Orange Co. VA in 1769, Charles was born 1770-1774 and Nicholas wasn't born until 1775.
Also Sarah Leathers Bickers was a spinster when she married in 1794 making her older then 21 and therefore born before 1773. As John, Charles, Nicholas, Morgan, William Jonathan (from tax records) were at various times all living together in one household it would be reasonable to conclude they were a family and composed the 10 white souls in the household of Nicholas Leathers in Orange County, VA.

In the Demarest Family Book I found this following entry in regards for Frances Leathers - Thought that is you be a use to you.

Page viii-113 - Demarest Family Book - 1964

8-1152 Samuel b. July 30(4), 1816 d. Nov. 24, 1893 m. (1) Frances Leathers b. Sep. 13, 1825 d. Mar. 1, 1848 (2) c. 1850 Louise Forsten b. Dec 30, 1834 d. Oct. 2. 1859 (3) Racie L. Smith b. July 22, 1846 d. Sept. 11, 1889. Samuel with Racie is bur. Hebron Church, Salvias Ky., Frances and Louise at Mt. Hebron Cemetery. Mercer Co. He was a Methodist Minister

Child by Frances Leathers
9-1605 Alonzo b. July 4, 1845 d. Nov. 19, 1863 bur with mother

In the Demarest Family Book - 1938 edition:

Samuel of only common school education was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church; also owned a farm.

Samuel Arbuckle signed the consent for Nancy Arbuckle as her guardian not as her parent. There are some Arbuckle researchers out there who are currently trying to find the father of Nancy. One fact that has surfaced is one of the Arbuckle's was married to a sister of one of the Taylor families that John Leathers Sr. worked for in Orange Co. VA. This is helpful as the Leathers boys apparently came out in 1796 to Woodford Co. with John Sr. son Moses Leathers. John had been out earlier to Hubbard Taylor's land in Woodford Co. and it is probable that this is where they were located. Nicholas Leathers of Orange Co. VA had died owing a debt to the British Mercantile. John may have sent them out to avoid being made liable for the debt. Although this is suppositional it is borne out by the fact that any land.

Charles and Nicholas owned they immediately put into someone else's name. Nicholas put his land in his brother-in-law's name and secondly in his son James's name. Charles apparently left his in the name of the previous owner. Only the land taxes show differently. This may not be very helpful but explains why they came to KY. John Sr. and Nicholas Leathers of Orange Co. worked for the large plantation owners in Orange Co. If you ever get a chance read the Diary of Francis Taylor. James Madison (the Pres.) attended barbeques at Leather's spring. These families were all interrelated which makes me wonder if ours in some way were also. John and Nicholas were probably sons of Sarah and John Leathers of Spotsylvania.

LEATHERS family who resided near the Illinois River in Tahlequah, Cherokee Co. OK., around 1907. Mr. Leathers name was possibly Rolleigh (Ralligh or Raleigh). He had a daughter, Loduska (sp?) who married James Tipton REYNOLDS, 14 MAR 1872 in Boone Co., AR..

Jonathan and Mary Jane (Cannon) Norris. Jonathan's eldest sister was Frances (Frankie) (Norris) Lipps, born 1802, died 1893. She was married to James M. Lipps. Their daughter, Margaret Rachel P. Lipps, 1835-1919, buried Tahlequah. She was married to Raleigh Harvel Morgan Leathers 22 Nov 1852 Carroll Co., AR. He died in 1907, Tahlequah. I have been looking for a descendant of their daughter, Loduska.

LODUSKA P. LEATHERS, born about 1854 Carroll Co., AR. I believe she died about 1877 in Boone Co., AR. I believe James was remarried in the 1880 Boone Co., Census.

additional info on Lodusky P Leathers. She was b. 9-7-1853 and d 12-28-1875, both Carroll Co, AR. She m. James Tipton Reynolds on 3-21-1872 in the Baptist Church in Boone Co, AR. They had 3 children that we know of: Joseph Rolly Reynolds b 2-12-1873, d. 12-30-1940 in Forestburg, TX; Mary V Reynolds b. 1874 d. 1904, and William Reynolds b. and d. 1875. Joseph m Nancy Ellen Wells and they had a daughter, Esther Lena Reynolds, b. 1910. Not sure of the death date (1893)of Francis Norris Lipps? I have 3-11-1839. Looks like the numbers could be inverted.

Raleigh Leathers was son of James Alfred Leathers b 1775 in SC and Margaret Vinson. They married in 1816 in SC and moved to Rutherford Co, TN.

Raleigh (Rolla) Harvel Morgan LEATHERS was born in Rutherford Co., TN to James A. and Margaret (VINSON) LEATHERS, both born in SC.
Alfred O. LEATHERS older sibling of Rolla

Rolla H. M. Leathers had the following children:
Locusca b. 1854, AR married James T. Reynolds on 21 March. 1872 in Boone Co. AR
Leonora C. b. July 22, 1858, AR, M. Albert L. Hulsey Apr. 4, 1877, Boone Co. AR
Frances Margaret b. Feb. 22, 1860 AR M. Jim Yeager
Zoia H. b. July 22, 1862 m. B. J. Mitchell
Julia Bell b. Sept 6, 1867, married Alexander L. McCurry.
Elizabeth b. 1870
John Riley b. July 24, 1872, AR M. Jennie Pearl Smith on Dec. 26, 1897
James Anderson b. Mar. 4, 1874 AR married Tooker ? July 19, 1902

Rolla Harvel Morgan Leathers, born Dec. 22, 1833 in TN. Married Margaret P. Lipps on Nov. 22, 1852, died Feb. 14, 1907 at Tahlequah, Cherokee Co. OK. Their son, John Riley Leathers, b. July 24, 1872 Carrollton, Carroll AR, died Dec. 1, 1941 at Tahlequah, OK; daughter Walsie Cleo Leathers, b. Nov. 13,1900, Tahlequah, OK. She married Everett Parks Turney in Tahlequah, however they moved to Pawhuska, OK where all 7 of their children were born.

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Good to hear from you, and yes I would appreciate any information on Leathers, one never knows when they might link up, thanks again Brian.
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Thanks for posting all of this. I have some more information on Aurelia M. 'Dickie' Leathers:

I have found a 'Relia' LEATHERS living in Fayette Co., TN, in the 1850 census:
Charles D. Leathers, 37/M/Farmer, $800, b. NC
Margaret S. " , 15/F, b. TN
Jane " , 13/F, b. TN
Susan " , 9/F, b. TN
Citty Ann " , 8/F, b. TN
Relia " , 5/F, b. TN

I'm willing to bet next week's paycheck this is our "Aurelia".

Apparently after Thomas Jesse SHARP passed away in 1875, Aurelia m. William Porter BEST, a three-time widower, on 2 Apr. 1879, White Co., AR. She d. 23 Jan 1881, Judsonia, White Co., AR, and is buried at the Evergreen Cemetere there. William Porter BEST d. 11 Nov 1913, same place.

Aurelia's daughter, Martha 'Mattie' SHARP m. Thomas P. TAYLOR, 20 Mar 1882, White Co., AR. They had two children:
Irma TAYLOR, 22 Sep 1884 - 13 Aug 1887
James D. TAYLOR, 25 Apr 1888 - 8 Feb 1891
No descendants.


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Charles Leathers,son of Charlie Leathersfrom Malden,Mo is still living. He is pastor of theAssembly of God church in Campbell, Mo.ButI understand he has cancer pretty bad.

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