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Surnames: Juli
My great great grandfather is from Austria and I am at a dead end of where about he came from. I know he was born about 1883 in Austria and then moved to the United States. I have his name as Andrew Juli but I have seen it as Andro
Also I have a great great grandmother from Austria she came the United States about the time she was 11 (1901), her name is Tianka (Lanka or Tinka) she was born around 1890. I do not know her surname.

Thank You
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Surnames: juli
No. I have nothing. The only reason why i know he came here is because of the information i got from his obituary.
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Lets start from the beginning:
What religion? What language did he speak?
When did he come to America?
When did he pass away?
Did he marry in America?
The 1940 census is the latest out.
If he had social security numbers than his SS-5Form should have a place of birth as well as parents names.
You might look into a naturalization intent & petition, if he was naturalized citizen.

Re: Juli

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1910 Cayuga NY has Andrew and Tinka enumerated. If this is your Andrew, birth information which is sloppy, looks like Austria-Ruthermia--prob Ruthenia.

ZlaticaBeca: Galicia, perhaps?
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Thank you jbgr56
I suspect the research for this descendant will be in Galicia.Austria.

I need a "location" for either of the ancestors to help further. Both of the mentioned ancestors were naturalized citizens so the poster should try to look for the intent & petition.
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What religion? i have no idea
What language did he speak? i dont know
When did he come to America? i dont know..
When did he pass away?
Did he marry in America? he did

I dont know really anything about the man... i am trying to find out... no one really knows anything in my family. i only have grandparents on that side and they are in their 80s
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Unfortunate but not impossible task in front of you. It will take some time and money, of course. Have you contacted all the family members? Someone must know something. Where is these ancestor buried? Have you seen their tombstone?

You need to start from yourself going backwards locating documents on each generation.

You say he married in America. Try locating the church marriage record and state marriage application.

Re: check on our posting history, please

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Please check on your posting history [above site] I have read thru and posted some hints to further your research.
As I do not have a paid subscription to Ancestry, can only help when someone who does have subscription help with providing an information about your ancestor.

Re: check on our posting history, please

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Thank you!
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