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DP Camp (Displaced Persons camp) SALZBURG

DP Camp (Displaced Persons camp) SALZBURG

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Surnames: Wasserman, Wermut, Jarcajg, Jarcaig, Yarsike, Yarzig, Sweig
Anyone else have family that was born in a DP camp in Salzburg at the end of WWII? Would love to gather information. My mother was born in one of these camps, but she is not sure which one. My family lived there for several years before taking a boat to Canada in 1951. I have family members who died there as well before they were able to emigrate.

Many other family members also left to New York from Germany around 1951, so I am also interested in others whose family emigrated from there around this time.

Our family is from the Tomaszow Lubelski/Lublin area of Poland. Our surnames at the time were Wasserman, Jarcajg (Jarcaig/Yarsike/Yarzig/Sweig), and Wermut.

Re: DP Camp (Displaced Persons camp) SALZBURG

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DP Hosp. (U.S. zone).
In the town of Salzburg were five DP camps:

Riedenburg (Machne Yehuda) on the "Neutorstrasse, Ecke Moosstrasse."
Camp Herzl (Franz-Josefs-Kaserne) between Schrannengasse and Paris-London-Strasse.
Camp Mülln 6 DP in Müllner Hauptstrasse 38.
Beth Bialik in the part of Salzburg, called Maxglan.
Beth Trumpeldor in the part of Salzburg, called Gnigl, and
New Palestine (called later Parsch) in the Wiesbauerstrasse 9 in Salzburg-Parsch (Parsch is also the part of Salzburg)

Other DP camps in the country (province) of Salzburg, outside the city of Salzburg were called:
Puch bei Hallein and
Lager GIVAT AVODA (in the Wallnerkaserne*) opened in summer 1946 in the small village called "Saalfelden" am Steinernen Meer.
*Kaserne means barracks

Salzburg now has it's own page.;

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Try the German/Austrian Red Cross - they have many records themselves as well as links to a lot of international records.

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I have just seen your post and your question on Ancestry (some time ago, in November 2012). I was born in the Bet Bialik Camp in Salzburg. My parents were originally from Tomaszow Lubelski. On my father's side I am a Wertman, on my mother's side, Aker.

My parents survived the war by fleeing into the Soviet Union. After the war, after returning to Tomaszow and not finding any of their relatives alive, they continued west until they came to the DP camp in Austria. We emigrated to the U.S. in 1951. I now live in Canada.

If you have any additional information about your family in Tomaszow, I would be most interested. Also, if I can be of any assistance to your search, please let me know.

Paul Wertman
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