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Holmes in Arkansas

Holmes in Arkansas

Angela (View posts)
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I need some help. If any info for about my Family e-mail at

Jim F Holmes he was born in Perry County Arkansas. his dad was John Holmes his mom was Martha Mitchell. he was married to Essie May Holmes. day birth 7-22-1903
death Jan 29,1968

Holmes in Ark

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I have a Phoeba Louiza Holmes born in Clinton, Ark. DOB Aug 15, 1851 to Olive Hollis and Absolom Holmes. She died in 1939 in Claypool, Arizona. Is there any connection?

Holmes In Arkansas

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I have a John Porter Holmes from Arkansas...It could be a match..I have to check my records...I can be reached at

Holmes in Ark

Dave Ford (View posts)
Posted: 982296835000
I only have 11 children for Absolom and Olive Holmes. Can you tell me who I am missing? I need to correct Pheb. information as census data had her born in 1853. You can look under Rootsweb database "dhford" for the information I have. Thx Dave

Holmes in Ark

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Hi Dave,
I don't know to much about going into the data base. Could you e-mail the info about Phoeba. I don't have any info on her at all and would love to have it. I have all the children of Phoeba and Samuel Daniel Sain tho if you would like to have that. I also have info of lots of decendants of Samuel and PhoebaSain.
Thanks in advance,Linda

Phoeba Louiza Holmes Sain

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Hi Dave,
I did find your info and I'm not sure they are the right ones. My Phoeba is the daughter of Olive Jane Hollis and Absolom Holmes. She was born in Clinton, Ark Aug 15, 1851. It shows your Holmes to be from Mo. If this is the same family then they moved to Ark for my Phoeba to be born. I know the spelling of Phoeba is right as I have a book written by her of the genealogy of her family but it just lists her Mom and Dad and nothing else about her family on her Mom and Dads side.. Maybe with finding out the madien name of Olive it might give you more info to research. I do hope we find out more about her. There is also rumors in the famiy that Phoeba was also a Crosby(Cosby,Cozby) along with Holmes and Sain. She is my Greatgrandmother married Samuel Daniel Sain April 2, 1870. They married in Shiloh, Ark.
Thanks for your post maybe it might lead each of us in the right direction. Who nows.
Regards, Linda

Holmes in Ark.

Dave Ford (View posts)
Posted: 982335832000
The Holmes that I have listed moved from Tenn to Ark appx 1850 then on to MO. Pheby was listed as born in Ark on the MO census. What other brothers and sisters for Pheby do you have? Do they agree with mine? I am not sure we are talking about two different families.


Phoeba Louiza Holmes Sain

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Hi again Dave,
The only info I have about Phoeba is about her family with Samuel Daniel Sain. I don't have any info on her siblings to compare with yours. I noticed that the dates were different on the birthday of Phoeba. Maybe you have the dates wrong on her birth date. I do know that my info was written by Phoeba herself.
I would love to have your info and I will go back to your input on the data and research it. I didn't know the family had moved to Mo. I have been searching for info about Phoeba and am hopeing that what you have belongs to me too.
Do you have any idea if there is any American Indian in this family. We have been told that Phoeboa is Cherokee but that the Holmes is associated with Choctaw. This is very interesting. I am wondering if Phoeba might have lived with a relative and that is where the Crosby came in on her name. Any information you can supply me with on her family I would sure thank you as I have said info about her is very little.
Thanks and I do hope we have a connection.I have her as being born in Clinton, Ark on Aug 15, 1851 and her parents to be Olive Jane Hollis and Absolom Holmes. She married Samuel Daniel Sain in Shiloh, Ark on April 2, 1870. She and Samuel are my GGrandparents.My Grandfather is Robert Gardner "Bob" Sain. They had 15 children which I have a list of 13. I assume that maybe some were not listed as they might not of survived.
I would love to share any info of Samuel Daniel and Phoeba Louiza Sain's family.
Regards, Linda

Holmes in AR

Dave Ford (View posts)
Posted: 982343027000

Let's look at we do know.
1. 1850 Van Buren Co, Hartzogg Twp AR census lists Absolom & Olive Holmes with the following children; Narcissa, Martha, Gardner, Susanah, Nancy Ann, Sophrona, Sary, and James.
2. 1860 Franklin Co, MO census now adds the following children; Pheby, Elizabeth, and Samuel. Of which Pheby is listed as born in AR.
3. You have documentation showing Pheby born in Clinton, AR which is in Van Buren Co. just like where Absolom was living.
4. Census workers are infamous for spelling names like they sound, which dosen't go along with how they were actually spelled.
5. Absolom daughter Narcissa married a Benjamin Holmes and they stayed and lived in Van Buren Co. This is from 1860, 1870, & 1880 Van Buren census. And yes we can only hope like hell Ben Holmes wasn't related.
6. Pheby's son your grandfather's middle name was Gardner. Could this name have come from Pheby's brother Gardner?
7. 1870 Van Buren Co, Valley Twp, AR lists Ben and wife Narcissa with the following children; Absolom, George but also listed a 1/2 sister Phoebe Louisa Holmes and a 1/2 brother James K. Polk Holmes.

So I think I can confidently say our families are connected. My email is Let me know you think.


Holmes in Ark

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Hi again Dave,
I think you might just be right. I am so excited to connect with someone who might know about my GGreatGrandmother's family.
The name Gardner goes a long way in the family. I am going to send you a list of the children I have on my papers.
Children of Phoeba Louiza Holmes Sain and Samuel Daniel Sain:

1. James Thomas Sain b. Feb. 8, 1871 married Hope.
a. Jim Ben Sain
b. Zela

2. Sarah Olive Sain b. July 31, 1872 married June 18, 1893 in Ultimathla, Ark ( Seuier Co.) They had 13 children. I do have their names.

3. Geoffrey H. Sain b. April 27, 1894 Nashville, Ark married Bernice DOD Jan 23, 1964 Globe, Arizona Pinal cemetery central Hights Arz.

4. infant

5. infant

6. infant

7. Maude Ellen Sain b. March 23, 1878 d. June 25, 1907 at age of 29 y/o married Samuel Provence had 4 children I have their names too

8. William Andrew Sain b. Jan 23, 1880 d. Aug 28, 1901 at the age of 21 accidently killed in hunting accident. married Madie White one child
a. Verna Irene Sain b. Feb. 18, 1901

9. Matthew Absolom Sain b. Dec. 23, 1882 d. Dec. 21 1909 at age of 27. He was unmarried and died of phenumonia in Morenci, Arz

10. infant

11.Samuel Elisha Sain b. Feb 11, 1885 d. 1970 burried in Hot Springs , Ark married Cora Ethel Goodard had 3 children

12. Phoba May Sain married Dr. J. B. Chase d. 1933 at age of 26 4 children

13. Richard Holmes Sain b. Aug 20, 1888 d. Dec 14, 1969 age 81 in Melrose, N. M. married Frances Ada Bailey Dec. 25, 1910 in Cerrogorda, Ark b. Jan 5, 1895 d. Dec 14, 1970 buried Melrose, N. M. they had 10 children

14. Robert Gardner "Bob" Sain b. April 26, 1891 Ultimathulia, Ark (Sevier Co.) DOD Feb 11, 1981 Amarillo, Texas buried in Odema Cemetery just outside of Eldorado, Okla. Married Cora Ethel Cabaniss March 26, 1911 in Cerragoda, Ark Little River Co.. They had 8 children as far as I know all children but one which was my Mom were born on Eldorado, Okla. Mom Vera Marie Sain was born in McNight, Texas Feb 19, 1929 and is still living here in Amarillo, Texas where I live also.
Dave I will write you on e-mail also. My e-mail addy is
I would love to have more of your info also.
Thanks, Linda
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