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Surnames: Bondy Gerber
Can anyone help please, my great grandfather was a Charles Bondy born around 1874 in Vienna on his marriage certificate his father is recorded as Gottleib Bondy a distiller, I cannot trace Charles after the 1911 census in England even though he married and had children and I cannot find any record of him entering the UK. A witness on the marriage certificate is an Otto Gerber who had a lodger called Trac Bondy who may be relative of Charles. Any ideas of how I may be able to trace him and/or his wife (she also appears to have vanished after the 1911 census. Thank you.

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32 hits for Bondy at Vienna-gravesearch:

Tracing your Ancestors in Vienna - Some Guidelines
A service of the Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna


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The 1911 Census gives him, wife and nine children. Start with checking Free BMD for the marriage certificate which will give wife's maiden name and father, then for the children's birth certificates. This search gives hints for other records so you can move on to, the childrens' marriages and deaths. At least one, Robert seems to be on the UK Roll of Honour for WW2, Charles died in Croydon when he was 4. Percy seems to have had an obituary notice in the Times (check index) having died in 2002, Joseph seems to have married in Croydon in 1934, ref. 2a 712. Plenty of information if you work methodically from what you know - the 1911 census.

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On re-reading it appears that you do have the marriage certificate, June quarter, Marylebone, Ref: 1a 1267? Working from this you can obviously trace children's marriages which would give addresses etc and show where the parents, if alive, were living at that particular time. If the father was deceased it would give a clue as to the date of death for further tracing.
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Thank you for your help, I have managed to trace Joseph who is my grandfather and was now trying to find out what happened to Charles and Florence my great grandparents, as there appears to be no record of either of their deaths. If you have any ideas on this I would appreciate them. Also I was interested in tracing the Austrian roots but that appears to be somewhat problematical.
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Thank you for your help, I can see it might be quite difficult and I will have to employ google translate or my sister in law who is German.

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You do have a problem because at the time Charles entered the country there was no comprehensive recording of aliens entering the country. He could have returned to Austria in 1914 when anti-German/Austrian feeling was very high, but I think I would dismiss that - with an English wife and nine children? My suggestion of trying to trace some/any of the children's marriages is because it might pin down that Charles was "deceased" on mc, or indicate a place where they were living so you could go to electoral rolls, trade directories, general directories etc. There is one other thought dependent on when he died., have you looked at naturlisation records? He would have been about 65 at the outbreak of WW2 and if he was not naturalised I think he would have had to register as an "enemy alien" I suppose the basic idea was sound but this ended up being a bit of a farce - because it included many poor souls who were actually refugees from the Nazis. They were all sent to the Isle of Man (the famous Amadeus Quartet was formed there by four professional musician refugee aliens!) and obviously there are complete lists. Long shot, but if he died there presumably that would also be recorded. It does not explain Florence though. Have you looked at ancestorsonboard? They might have moved on elsewhere? If I think of anything else |I'll come back.

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a "Charles" (Karl) Bondy at Vienna grave-search, but he is born 1885.
Titel Dr.
Vorname/firstname Karl
Nachname/lastname Bondy
Geburtsdatum/birthdate 20.11.1885
Lebensalter/age 63
Bestattungsdatum/burialdate 16.11.1949
Wiener Zentralfriedhof/Vienna Central-Cemetery
Gruppe/group 4
Reihe/row 75
Nummer/number 36
Grabnutzungsrecht bis/right for grave until 21.12.2019
Weiters in diesem Grab bestattet/buried in same grave
Bondy Emma age 68

maybe you ask at Historical registry-dates Vienna/Historische Meldedaten Wien if for the stated time-period someone is to find. no idea if they can find without an adress, but make attempt. maybe they do about an index....
the e-mail-adress of Municipal and Provincial Archives of Vienna/Wiener Stadt-und Landesarchiv is to find at Zuständige Stelle.

8 hits (in fact only 7) for Bondy in austrian phonebook in 3 states:
Vienna (5)
Lower Austria (2)
Styria (1)
it would be worth to write them all!

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Vorname Emma
Nachname Bondy
Lebensalter 68
Bestattungsdatum 21.12.1959

were they jewish?
8 pages for jewish Bondy at Jewish-Cemetry-Database Vienna, some can be the same like at the other gravesearch (Central Cemetery Vienna has a jewish part also):

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some to find for a Gottlieb (Bohumil) Bondy 1832-1907, who was from Prag and others of the family.
look if you find connections! not easy to find out - who is who.....

it´s stated that Bondy came about Bonus Dies (lat.)accurate from Bon Dia (catalan language in Spain). a family Bondia lived at 12.century in Aragon, Spain. the first Bondi in Bohemia is stated in 1592.

Philipp Bondy(1830-1907) war der erste Rabbiner, der auf Tschechisch predigte. Oder Bohumil (Gottlieb) Bondy (1832-1907), der als Eisengroßindustrieller auch Präsident der städtischen Handelskammer, Gründer des Prager Kunstgewerbemuseums, Hauptorganisator der Prager Jubiläumsausstellung von 1891 und Herausgeber eines Standardwerkes über das tschechische Judentum war.

Philip Bondy(1830-1907) was the first rabbi to preach in Czech. Or Bohumil (Gottlieb) Bondy (1832-1907), who as an iron magnate and president of the city Chamber of Commerce, founder of the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts, the main organizer of the Prague Jubilee Exhibition of 1891 and editor of a standard work on which was Czech Judaism.,%20Kupfer,%20Ku...
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