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capt. edward Worthington kentucky

capt. edward Worthington kentucky

linda Henize (View posts)
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looking for any information on the worthington family that originally came from shelbyville Ky. came from north carolina with danile boone and had the first general store in louisville Ky.

Capt. E. Worthington

SAM (View posts)
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Hi, have a Captain Edward in my line. Have a will from Perry Co. Indiana c 1833 by his brother/father? leaving estate to his children. This Captain Edward was from the Virginia line of the Illinois Regiment of the American Revolution. Is this your Captain Ed? SAM

Capt. Edward Worthington

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It is said that Capt. Worthington recrited
the men for his company. Do you know where
he recruited for the Ill. Regiment? Was he
still in NC?

Thanks for any help.

Capt. Edward Worthington/Kentucky

Linda (View posts)
Posted: 977270536000
Please Email me at or
We may be researching the same Worthington line. I need to now more about the people you are seeking.

Capt. Edward Worthington/Kentucky

Bev (View posts)
Posted: 977270954000
Referenced Message was posted by Bev not Linda. It should be addressed to Linda. Sorry,
I was trying to do to many things at one time.

Capt. Edward Worthington

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Recently when going over some old papers of a deceased aunt, I found a letter from a woman in FL, written over 20 yrs. ago, seeking info on decendents of Capt. Edward Worthington. I had never heard of him before. She described him as having fought in the Revolution and as an early settler in KY. I had been doing research on a Worthington line - John Worthington, dates unknown, who married Amanda Bates and lived in Daviess Co., KY, at least in the early 1820s. They had at least two children, Methethlum (known as Madie), born circa 1825, and George, born circa 1827. Madie was my great-great grandmother.
But this woman believed my family line to be decendents of Edward Worthington. Would you have any info on his decendents that would verify this? If so, any info on his ancestry?
Thanks, Cathy Neal,

Re: Capt. Edward Worthington

Daniel Simmons (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Worthington, Bowman, Clark, Todd
Edward Worthington Was living in Kentucky as early as 1775 living on Bear Grass Creek and Growing Corn.

On Dec. 29th, 1776 Capt. Edward Worthington was one of only 20 men defending McClellan's Fort when it was attacked by about 50 Indians. McClelland and two of his men were killed and four wounded, two of those wounded were Colonel Todd and Capt. Edward Worthington, both men of prominence and worth.
In January 1777 McClelland Fort was abandoned and it's residents, along with Capt.Ed.Worthington went to the stronger settlement of Harrodstown with Col. George Rogers Clark.

On May 27, 1778 Col. Geo. R. Clark landed on Corn Island in the Ohio River. In addition to his aprox. 150 soldiers there came with him about 20 Kentuckian families who stayed on the Island and built a blockhouse which was the first tiny settlement that grew into the City of Louisville. Edward's family was one of the 20 families. His wife Mary, son Charles and Edward's two sisters Mary & Elizabeth are named.

On June 24, 1778 Capt. Worthington left Corn Island w/ Col. Clark and headed into Illinois.
On July 4, 1778 he was there with Col.Clark when they Captured the British Fort Kaskaskia.

On July 17,1778 Captain Edward Worthington was given command of a Company of Cavalry in the Illinois Regiment under Col. Geo.R.Clark in the Virginia State Service. That went till Jun. 1st, 1779. On that same date he was recommitioned with a Company of Troops untill Jun. 1st, 1780. and on that same date he was again recommitioned with the same company of troops untill Nov. 30, 1781.

Capt. Ed. Worthington was also with Col.Clark when they marched mid-winter through 180 miles of ice-cold swamp water seldom less than knee deep to attack the british Fort at Vincennes in Indiana. When the british commander Hamilton surrendered, two of Col.Clarks Captains: Joseph Bowman and Edward Worthington were securing the fort when there was an accidental magazine exposion near one of the cannons. Ed. Worthington suffered Power burns on his face and Joseph Bowman inhaled it into his lungs, which lead to his sickness and eventual death.

On April 24, 1779 Edward Worthington drew lot # 96 of the first 116 lots laid out to form the new settlement of Louisville.

Oct. to Nov. 1782 Capt. Worthington served with Col. Geo.Rog.Clark on the Expidition against the Shawnee Indians in Ohio.

Jan. 4-13, 1783 Edward Worthington was one of 17 Militia men on horseback guarding the commitioners to the Falls of the Ohio so they could settle military accounts.

In 1779 Edward Worthington also established "Worthingtons Station" aprox. 4 miles S.E. of Danville.

There is extencive records of his land ownership; acquiring as well as selling.

Re: Capt. Edward Worthington

Daniel Simmons (View posts)
Posted: 1083297988000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Worthington, Bowman, Clark, Todd
Edward Worthington was a Captain during the Revolutionary War. I have found several variations of his wife's name: Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth, Betsey, Elizabeth Stephens, Mary, and now you add Elizabeth Jefferies.
They had 7 children:

1.Elizabeth Worthington married Edward McKendry Jul.14,1791
2.Mary Ann Worthington 3rd husband was James Sproul
3.Catherine Worthington married Rankin Chandler Dec.26,1793
4.Nancy Worthington married Luke Johnson Jun.8,1799
5.Margaret Worthington
6.Charles Worthington married Elizabeth Bates Aug.5,1806
7.Edward Jefferies Worthington married Elizabeth Weyland

Notice the middle name of the 7th child is Jefferies, so you may have something there. Where did you get your information?

Edward Worthington was the son of Thomas & Ann Worthington.
Thomas Worthington was Christened Apr.24 1720 in Dublin, Ireland and died march 1, 1778 in Wheeling,West Virginia.

Thomas worthington and his wife Ann ______? had 6 Children:

1.William Christened Dec.16,1752 in Cork,Macroom,Ireland
3.Edward ** married Elizabeth (jefferies)?
4.Elizabeth married Jacob Reager
5.Mary Ann married James Graham
6.Catherine married Samuel Hawkins

Thomas Worthington was the son of John Worthington and Mary.

Re: Capt. Edward Worthington

Posted: 1167173804000
Classification: Query
I'm descended from Captain Edward Worthington. I believe his wife was Elizabeth/Betsey Stephens for the following reason(s):

(1) According to Elizabeth Thomas' statement to R.B. McAfee, as recorded in the Draper Manuscripts (4CC85). "I knew Capt. Edward Worthington. He was an Irishman and had a wife or rather a woman by the name of Betsey with whom he lived as such and when he marched with General Clark against Vincennes in the fall of 1778 he left her in Harrodsburg, and an amusing anecdote took place between her and Evan Shelby (Jr.) who had a sham wedding with her which she insisted was good and it cost him some trouble and money to get clear of her. She afterwards met Capt. Worthington at the Falls of Ohio and they returned to Harrodsburg in 1781 or 2 and lived there for several years and he then moved into Lincoln County near Danville on Clarkes Run and some years after he went to New Orleans and died there. He came to Harrodsburg with his wife in the year 1776. He was a good soldier and hunter, about 5'10" high and a heavy square built frame, always ready for any enterprise."

(2) In 1776, Elizabeth Steavens settled Kentucky and was later given 400 acres of land and a preemption for 100 acres for early settlement. Land located on the East Fork of the Licking on the head of Summers Run. See Virginia Land Commission Certificates of Settlement, #8402.

(3) 5 March 1783, Lincoln County, Ky. court records. "The grand jury appeared according to the adjournment and were sent out of Court and after some time returned and Presented, Elizabeth Stephens alias Elizabeth Shelby for committing fornication with Edward Worthington. Edward Worthington for committing fornication with Elizabeth Stephens alias Elizabeth Shelby." (Defendants did not appear in court to answer the charges, and they weren't the only ones who were called into court for this reason. Apparently, not everyone was legally married on the Kentucky frontier.) 6 March 1783, Lincoln County, Kentucky, court records. The Attorney General orders that the presentment made by the grand jury yesterday against Edward Worthington for living and cohabiting with Elizabeth Stephens alias Elizabeth Shelby, in adultery are quashed. Edward Worthington fined 500 lbs. of tobacco for failure to appear.

In all primary records, her first name is consistently Elizabeth or Betsy. I believe she was with Captain Edward from 1776 or before, was one of the original settlers of Ky., and that they were never officially married but she was the mother of all of his children and she subsequently inherited his land (and sold it) after his death in 1804 in New Orleans.

Re: Capt. Edward Worthington

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I think he recruited from Kentucky. No evidence he ever was in NC.
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